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Make Sure You Achieve Your Goals

Are you ready to do the real work because that's what session this session is about and we're going to roll into question number ten of the best year yet program how to make sure you achieve your best year yet plan so let's take a look first at what a sample of a plan looks like the one page plan it's simple there it isthe it's one page it has your guidelines your new paradigm the vision of what your new reality is going to be your major role focus and your top ten goals so what do we do with this type of plan? How are you going to make sure that it doesn't collect us or sit on that desks shelf as I mentioned taking a look a little bit closer at what it provides so that you can actually read this especially live on on the internet there I have lin be creative one of our phantom phantom excuse me audience members sitting right between the two of you kelly and erica so lynn be creative created guidelines take time to recharge focus on priorities first and exceed my client's expectations ...

you could kind of feel where that may have come from regarding the list of accomplishments and list of disappointments that created the lessons learned yes and then the new paradigm revision that lin be creative suggested or created was I am the videographer of choice for speakers and trainers in the west wow, I can feel that that is not where lin be creative is today, but there is the pen point on the map of at the end of this year where lin be creative is intending to be and the major role focus len be created in her couch, that person that that rule that takes care of them. I've highlighted a couple of of the top ten goals of lin be creative just illustrate again who are in studio audience member is that where we're pretending with and playing with plan a monthly plan monthly excuse me plan monthly a date with my spouse in each of my children for special alone time together create a community of like minded people by starting a video ah gopher meet up group with fifteen or more members by september first I think I used that earlier is an example and then how about this one scale back my volunteering selecting one pro bono agreement and two mentorships one each semester with the academy of arts college clear distinct we can see where they're going with this and that's ah now that we said that's the plan what do we do with it? Let's roll into question number ten how can I make sure I achieved my goals? Well that's a good question how can we make sure what are you intending to do with your plan what are some things that will keep it in front of you? Let me give you some of my props and tools. One of them, I choose a pretty frame that matches a decor item in my bathroom. And I have my best year yet plan each year framed into this. And we have lin be creative in this one. So the plan is they're so I see it every morning. It has a prominent place on my bathroom counter as jae ko was talking about. This is where I brush my teeth. This is where I do my grooming. This is where I retire at night prior to retiring. Is I'm looking at my plan. I'm reminding myself what it is that oh, yes, this is what's going to happen for me this next year. And I would encourage you to do something like this too. He's put it in a very pretty frame because it's an important part of your life. It is your plan hanging on the wall. But as long as it's going to be on the wall somewhere that you see it, I like to put mine also on the refrigerator only because it doesn't fit on the microwave I stand in front of the microwave, I do open the refrigerator, but what's fun about it being on the refrigerator with a magnet over the years that I've been doing this toe watch the people who visit the house especially family and friends who walk in and they know that we've just created our best year yet plan the one for my husband and I they'll run up to it they take a look at it they're eager to see an eye on your plan this year are you on there and we talked about hiding a goal I had one one year because one of my goals wass wife hidden several but for four family and people to view I hid this one on purpose because it was to create a very memorable um heartwarming sabraw surprise celebration for my mother's seventieth birthday I didn't want her to see it they don't want her to know it but I did have it in front of me where I put my plan in a software program that we call producing results online that I'll talk about it a little bit later but when you put your plan up there you're generating support from people some of it is just simply what's that and then you walk him through it I'm really blessed that this type of process has a bit of an osmosis as people as friends have seen it develop in my life my husband's life us as a couple and they see it producing results the people affected by it like grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Oh, um, I'm on the plan this this year. What? What is it that anti door is going to do for me this year? Because it maybe take my nieces and nephews on life, um, adventures that will lock a memory in their mind and so they're looking ah, what are we going to dio? But the blessing is how many in a circle of life here have taken on the best year yet program the process and they do it themselves. That's it's always a joy to see people connected with you going I want the results like you're doing how do I get a best year yet planned to but let's talk about again how can you make sure you achieve your goals? Share your goals, sharon with your manager, your spouse a partner? How about your best friend? Best friends to you're not asking for their input, you're not asking for their opinion, you're just sharing it with them and say, I need your support. I would like your support in helping remind me that this is the new paradigm I'm headed towards or can you help remind me on my guidelines to use, employ and be those guidelines share your goals as we were talking about it helps toe let them know where your intentions are this year and where your time is going to be focused and devoted and when somebody tries to shake you off that platform of, uh, the intention to purchase that new car to open that new business and the time that it's going to take uh perhaps then you could say, well, wait, wait, wait. We remember the best year yet plan I shared with you that's, my goal number four and I really ask for and request your support to help me achieve that, be accountable to somebody else higher coach ah, coach is going to to bring you the the perspective and help you over some of those obstacles. We have four hundred fifty coaches around this globe there's one in russia, there is one in italy, they are in holland, they're all over to be able to help you. And in coaching, the brilliant nature of the profession is that we do it by phone by skype, not just in person higher coach, post your plan where you will see it often, as I suggested here with my prop and also with the microwave or the, uh, refrigerator posted in your cubicle I dare you to do that, do that so that your colleagues can see, oh, purposeful, deliberate, maybe post some goals and not others break your annual goals down into monthly goals were going to talk about that now to somebody on the internet came in and asked us, how do I not get overwhelmed with this and not to get overwhelmed is is to do exactly this process of breaking your goals down to monthly goals so that you have chunks of them so you have activities it's it's ah it's a way of like project management when we have a big project to dio the project management is the title of what we're going to do. We're going to produce this creative live experience with best year yet, but what are all the fractions that have to occur? So project management is breaking down the chunks monthly in a time base with dates what we're going to dio how we're going to do it sometimes what the delivery bubble is well, the promised date is and what the outcome is so ah little bit of that great oh wonderful time management tool is built into our process here paper and pencil is fine to do that. So the most important thing, though, is to learn the lessons of producing your results of knowing what's working what didn't work, what might need a detour, some refinement, maybe even shifting and maybe even one of those results is that I just learned that's not for me that's not what I that became a should and it's snuck on to my plan and I'm finding it and I'm crossing it off fascinating when you're working a plan what happens? A friend of mine co author of mine said, well, you know it's funny dori when you make a plan life happens no matter how good that plan is, life is goingto come in and toss you a curveball and it does it does we've created a plan, we've done it from today's perspective with the vision we have today with the information the knowledge and experience we have today but we don't know with one hundred percent certainty what's going to happen three months from now six months from now, but I can promise you it'll only upright set an uproar a little bit in your plan that would be your top ten goals, possibly your guidelines, your new paradigm rock solid they're there for the year there's nothing that needs to change nothing that needs to shift about them just remember that when we're planning and going through the year so best year yet we've learned that people who succeed track their plans they plaque they tracked the progress they tracked, the results they measure themselves, they also use a process of learning what matters most and what to do first and things so there is a cultural shift here and the cultural shift is not kicking yourself like we typically dio with I didn't do that I should have done that I could have done that and literally slapping yourself on the hand it's a cultural shift to take you in your your place to say what did I do? What did I accomplish? What progress did I make and better what am I going to do next month? What can I do more way different than the way we normally do life or the majority of us do life it's kind of hard for me to even pop back into the mindset of of slapping myself or or or berating myself for something I didn't do well because I'm so conditioned now to say well the past is the past I can be in the present more and as I'm in the present more what is it I get to do in the present? I get the plan the future so this concept here is a very important part of how to make sure you achieve your goals and as you're breaking them down to monthly monthly goals and weekly plans off keeping the perspective that it's what did I do? What can I do better not what I could've should've would've done we're going to go ahead and create your first month's go lt's so answering that question again of not being overwhelmed with too much with that beautiful one page plan you have let's go on over to page twenty eight and on page twenty eight in your workbook, I'm going to ask you to start beginning to put down your first month's activities that progress your top ten goals on let me give you some examples here so internet creative live internet I'm going to need you to start writing down and so that you can go into our chat rooms you can write it in the chat room if you'd like teo to follow this because I'm very, very interested in hearing some of yours too. We have our in studio audience giving you some fine, wonderful, solid examples, but you are a broader audience and you're going to help the entire experience reach ah better level of exp well examples petition for us first month goals here's a great example organize your tax documents and book an appointment with your c p a that's an activity and you're saying I'm going to do that because it furthers my goal number you associate it with it the visit the local gym and find out about their family plans. You can kind of figure out what that goal might go too car that activity for the larger top ten goal call three former clients and tell them about your booking discounts for the spring now this is associate it all with lin be creatives plan that I have up there as an example for you another first month goal buy some tickets to take leslie to the timber or justin timberlake concert and purchase birthday cards for the month of february so each of your goals are going to have very specific activities that you are willing to commit teo as we're looking at the day here it is february fourth and we have twenty eight days in this month last looking at the calendar I think of what can I do in twenty eight days not only what can I do in twenty eight days but what can I do in twenty eight days? That is something that I'm willing to dio that I'm wanting to dio another caution watch out for the should sze watch out for those smorgasbord effects so many of us in life will pile it on and if you've gone through one of those buffet smorgasbord lines when you come at the end and you're ready to pay and sit at your table you look wow that's a lot of food but generally because you have the ability to put on your plate what it is you want in that from that smorgasbord line you're only going to put on your plate what it is that you want same principle here just be careful of the amount this isn't about rushing and reaching the end it's about looking at the calendar and saying what what can I and what am I willing to do to progress my top ten goals on some of those goals for some of the months there maybe two or three or four or five or twenty things be careful on those twenty things maybe it's three, four or five that give us enough activity to progress the goal maybe some of those goals are going to have absolutely nothing that month remember the one I said about our told you about regarding planning thea surprise seventieth birthday or a memorable seventieth birthday whatever it was it may be that that birthday's not till march and there's nothing to be done in february some of your goals air timed with a date in the future it's not that also we want to go through the year and wait till the month of november december january say pull ups I haven't progressed that goal I need to do something now and pile it all on same thing would happen like the smorgasbord you've got too much and in your first month I want you to be conservative with the activities that you're willing to dio that you're willing to commit tio because right him out list um as many as float through you try not to noodle it with the brain too much let that which floats to the top come to you and come out on your paper because that is probably what you're going to dio it's inspired and if it's inspired from the inside out, you generally will do it so I know our in studio audience is working diligently on this. Do any of you? Are you ready for a couple of examples? Tell me first the goal and then tell me the activities you're planning for the remainder uh, february that you're willing to dio erica, it looks like you're ready first have a question going, and I'm happy to go through that. So, for example, the first goal I have is have a clear minded and low anxiety life by journaling twenty minutes and meditating fifteen minutes daily. And so one goal I have with that is selected meditation cd and download it onto my phone. Okay, um, but, uh, no, but my question is for the journaling twenty minutes and the meditation fifteen minutes daily. Um, those air actionable items that are in that goal do I also include that in my month legal, but it doesn't put that down. This is your monthly goal that we're talking about. So even though it's in your big top ten goal, right, this is what you're willing to do in the month of february. Okay, so my monthly goals that pertain to that big goal would be selected meditation, cd and download it onto the phone and then also journal twenty minutes a day and meditate fifteen minutes that's true let's back it up a little bit do you already own the journal? Do you need to go by the journal? I have the journal I I have my special pen and so that's all ready to go so those activities can get very, very specific. Go purchase the journal at the abc store um go shop for a journal uh online that's purple you know that's how specific we can get with this um what is the specific activity that you are willing to dio now? There's also something that comes involved here I look at the calendar for february and I say, uh oh, I've got a vacation coming up or I've got an out of town business trip and I'm not going to be able to do this not as an example with your example, but if there was going to the gym I got all I'm going to miss seven days so I might even get so specific to say, uh go to the gym. Well first selected jim sign up at a gym that gives a friend a discount so I'd be the referral telling you a little bit of the values your values they're going to come in here notice a value of contribution and compassion and how I worked it into an activity which was which was sign up with a friend so that they get a discount or they get some kind of kudo some kind of cha cha that comes back for them so that's bringing in my value because it's going to help me do my activity it fuels may then it might be go to the gym on the this state monday, wednesday, friday except for the week of la blah that's how if you really take some time and do this and I'll tell you I do this on the ipad sitting in the car on the first or the last day of the previous month and I just boom, boom, boom, boom boom! There I go! I've been doing this for a long time this very first month you may spend ah lot of time thinking about because number one it's your first plan, it happens with me with my first plan of each year I put some some really good thought into it because it's a brand new planet go, what is that I'm really willing to dio this is where we're getting down to the how twos the who's the what that's going to help progress it, but after a while it just becomes so second nature, I'm going like this into my pad and it's in in probably five to eight minutes for all my goals and to be very cautious there again that not every goal has tohave an activity every single month to progress it if I don't have an activity in there on some of them the ones that are could have an activity every month and I'm missing something it's a question going on there what's happening is that old limiting paradigm coming back sitting on my shoulder talking in my ear and telling me something did a goal snake in that's a should that's enought to and I didn't catch it when I made my plan it happens even to pros who have been doing this for a while what's another activity you've got lined out um get fit and lose twenty five pounds by new nutrition and exercise programs so that's the big goal okay um one goal I've put down is determine which days I'll follow the couch to five cook a program okay um I haven't written any other stone for that, but the other one would be um make sure I remember my log and information for weight watchers on dh then um track my information before after each meal good good before and I mean very specific you're going to be able to measure yourself and when you do that, what kind of progress will you haven't thean of this month erica towards the big goal forward progress you will yeah, you will now can you feel yourself if we're at the end of the month and you did half of that can you feel what that might be like that would definitely be a disappointment and I would hear my gremlin coming back in with my limiting beliefs that well you said you wanted to do this for the last three years and nothing's new this time so can we shift that absolutely yes fifty percent percent I fifty percent more than last year look what I did fifty percent fifty percent closer to this than where it wass and it's better than thirty percent is better than gaining weight yes oh yes yes but focus on what it is you did teo and what you were capable of doing and as I said, life may happen let's say you had a back injury let's say something happened that month and oh boy did that one throw out but then that's just involving some detours and we get in that's what's wonderful about creative types we have creativity right there at our fingertips and we're able to say okay I got a back injury but what can I still dio even with that limitation that really physical limitation to still progress this goal in some way well I can be going to physical therapy I could be reading some books on this and I can reduce my calorie intake than what my plan says there's so much get creative that's that's another thing that I love about this and this is why I know this is gonna work so well for all of you in creative live land because you have an exceptional amount of creativity you're watching this program you're watching creative live tap into that becky how about you let's get one of your monthly a top ten goal on a monthly goal for february um well so one of the top ten goals was to sit down every morning and make a plan for the week okay um um just I guess I wouldn't mind getting kind of a cool journal for that so finding that online on and just I guess figuring cornering out that carving out that time to make sure that I think it's important to kind of just understand what's in front of you I don't do that now and I think but I'm doing it today I'm beginning it today soon as I walk out of here and there's no more guessing because it's it's no I know that that's part of our fit and feel like you got it word's out gone uh it is uh something that will say and we really don't mean it because you don't have to guess on that it's either do I want that are done I want that okay I do want that or I don't want that you weak were a coach I'm a coach, we're going teo eventually polite and then we'll start nailing it because we all know you have inner coaches within you and within you is the answer that's ideal for you, it's not the right answer is not a wrong answer. It's the best answer and you'll have it any other activities? Um but I was more looking at, um, because more looking at kind of some more maintenance once that I have on my top ten, like leaving the house earlier every morning. So kind of figuring out a bus schedule for where so I can get downtown just kind of starting to evaluate some of that stuff. Okay. Uh, just a routine in the mornings, the routine in the morning creating a routine in the morning. Yeah, so? So that one is, um, creative routine in the morning. Um, that I like and it might just maybe or try out this routine when I had the goal of wanting to do something, uh, to exercise the body more uh, one month I said, okay, I want to try we the wii system zimba I want to give it a try. I tried it a go that's not it. The next month I said, okay, try, um a jazzercise class so I went there and I go, oh, that would hurt the knee that's not it alright next month let's try so it's it's all about if you're going to find a regimen that works for you the whole process for the until you nail it and you find that regiment you go it's all going to be about trying it's about so if I when I was getting ready for that marathon um it was trying to find what would be my rhythm for walking there's incredible walking and jogging type of practices you have two d'oh that that gets you in it you know what's it going to be the morning was it good to be the evening was it going to be with somebody I learned quickly that it couldn't be with the person with dogs it just didn't work and and then I also found what my sweet song was when I found that sweet zone that regimen came in and that was it I ah and it works that's when we're creating routine in our lives remember the routine is only as good as the moment that it works in your life until a new routine is needed yes yes those are excellent wonderful evey are you ready for ah goal the goal of your top ten and then an activity for january for january for february sure um I had one of my goals was to write a letter of gratitude to someone in my life one time a week and um one of my monthly goals is tio create a list I get boggled down like you're saying don't do too much so I want to create a list of everybody I can think of right now okay? Not that that's limited to that list, but that way I have it down on paper so I don't keep thinking oh, I'm gonna forget that I'm gonna forget to do that kind of thing um and I have a lot of month giggles well, let's stay with that one for a moment because that's a really fun one too. So you're going on your first going to identify some of the people that first come to mind that that are going to get the gift of your gratitude and and I say that with all, you know, heartfelt that is such a huge gift, so it is also incorporating one of your values I can tell yes, and when we share our values as a talent um oh, wow, you just popped our world. All right, so how are you going to do that? Because we can write we could right email facebook we could write on beautiful stationery how's it going to be done? What specifically like to avoid the elektronik medium unless it's absolutely necessary for some reason, I think I heard that you hae and so is there a particular type of paper of notes or something, you know, I may want to be going over to my favorite print dot com place and and have a picture of something that reminds me of gratitude or have my own note cards created because it it adds another special move and and pleasure to what it is I'm going to be doing and don't forget that other end when we close her eyes and we visualize that person receiving it, the intention I have for them to receive it, I want him to be filling exactly the way I'm feeling as I'm writing this, I'm sending it off with love, I'm sending it off with energy, so maybe something along I'm just sparking some ideas for you. And when do you think you'd be riding these that's another time? Set yourself up for some success. Oh, wow. I love sitting in my chair with the ottoman and the fireplace going and the afghan across me and my little pillow and just riding on my desk and having my african music play put it in, it helps you. It helps you with the activity to do it and set the stage. The lights, camera action for it, give me another one um, I have a lot of research on here in terms of, um I've only been living in san francisco for just about six months so a lot of the things where I used to live I just knew where to go or a class or this or that I don't know anymore so I have a lot on here researching various things so that I know where to go so you guys like my first step cole um and how how much research will you be doing per day? I may want to break it down a little bit more for you is it a daily thing? Is it a weekly thing it's a little it's a little more it's I might have gotten a little too detailed in that because it's it's not necessarily needing of a great deal of research just necessarily knowing where to go. Okay, so you may have that categorize okay that's great. Be careful. We only have twenty four more days in the month so be careful of the smorgasbord unless unless again we're bringing in the realism here that you really do have a lot of time to devote to this. And remember you made another conscious effort that you said I'm going into gold time I'm going to take out maybe some surfing for those favorite boots on the internet and give that up this month because besides, I rather wait for the sale and then I'm going to use that time for this activity yeah um yeah that's great. I need to do some of that with these um I have on here teo to start the writing because the the whole concept of doing this block you know, I write pieces and then I just save them somewhere and so the concept of just writing something with the intention of being the very first post and getting that okay started well, you've you've mentioned you've written a lot of things and they're somewhere but there you look like an organized person. You have them somewhere in a file on yet you want a new post written that's going to be your first poster? Will it come from the archives of, I believe, a new post with the intention of it being the very first with this, um, clear, concise a vision of what this bog is and that's always been my problem? I can't start the project cause I don't know what the clear purpose of it would would have been ok? And I found that so now it's like right this first one that that starts it off with a very clear path, ok? And which guideline is going to help you do that? Um, I think that what I had uh, written and I would like that's something I wanted to create social awareness and give a voice to empowering organisations and people that make a difference but which one of your personal guidelines that's on your card oh I'm sorry oh which one of my guidelines will incorporate I think in that stick to it how about that how that that that one too and maybe it wasn't eat the frog no that was erica it's ok but what we could borrow a little bit of that one that's there's ah there's another one you had to get the role forget the rules that's it that's it forget the rules because I think that you're holding yourself back a little bit from this one on biff you forget the rules and you just right so forget now what I am asking you do to do though is to remember the intention of that first blogged which is your new paradigm to bring joy yeah so you go there then forget the rules and just right away right right right away and just let it flow and then go back and edit then go back and and do something with that and I'll bet you'll get off of the start line and you'll definitely be in to go on that one yeah good one okay kelly okay um well I had to snag number organize your tax documents the way all the way right yes for business owners which fits in with major focus business owner guideline focus on goals so and um one of my hats wass caretaker of home and so there we go do that and then um uh rebranding so going back I had tried out one website means that's not working out very well so I go back and kind of start fresh with uh I guess probably a wordpress template or a different port folio someone who researched those so we're going to research and it might be even more than just researching it maybe asking people it may getting involved with a little bit of referral networking uh hey, I like what you have over there becky who do you use or I notice you maintain your own site do you like what you're using and where did you find your template? I mean, all of this when we talk about research I wantto caution us because so many times what we'll do is I will bury something on the word of research and then again then again we have another big thing because we go where do I begin with the research if you break it down chunk it down a little bit more. Well, thankfully I have a lot of that research already done you live? You mean mourner classes? Yes, yes, but I have a lot of that research done. I was trying an alternative method to uh try to avoid another wordpress sight not for any particular reason then okay and in an event so that is what I have to do and I'm not bogged down by the thought of that clarity good kind of have a clear cut based on work I've already done um so yeah that on do you see those air goals that have been percolating in you for some time way before you came here if you have a goal that uh circulated came up and blossomed when you were here um try to find an activity for that one yeah richard to do or let's just play with it verbally well, that may be a lot of minor kind of already lingering things that I have just voiced here okay or things that have already been in the back of my head we've been wanting to take the dance classes actually doing it and lining it up um and finding a studio in classes that work and may I what is the dance you're going to take? What kind of dance classes? Uh not sure I mean yeah, a lot of that depends on my husband. Yes, it does. That's what that's what I wanted to hear I thought you were talking about that. So so maybe one of the first activities is start exploring what type of dance classes and if he's willing it sounds like he's willing you know, sometimes they're not so maybe that very first activity is okay put on my persuasion jacket let's go watch dancing with the stars and see if he likes the tango did you like that? You know we've already eliminated not tango but I tried it out okay? And the wedding coming up is his daughter's wedding so now his daughter's got pressure on him to sew so it's all good he's willing in game for her but uh um so yeah that's the dance class um and then going back to the business owner well, I can't do that yet because I don't have the website yet to share with former clients so there's no activity this month on that one right kiss um so I see a lot of yes ah sorting out specific I have a list but they're they're not anything new that I hadn't thought of before but actually what will execute yes and and so you want to be very careful here again about smorgasbord because you're already in life living life. This isn't brand new that you're going to, you know, put your foot on the pedal and bring it to the medal uh, you're doing this deliberately you're doing this consciously you're doing it within the parameters so that you're not setting yourself up for disappointment you're setting yourself up for shift in uh your perspective that what is it that I can set myself up to dio that would be successful and if we come from the inside out of what we're willing to dio again, we blend it with our values, which is our petro, our fuel that helps us do things motivates us to things I mean, the tax man, unfortunately, is more of that hammer on the head uh, it I'm not an accountant, so I'm not motivated to do the organization and goodness knows not the numbers. So how do I get into it? Because I can't get out of it remember yesterday's quote, if you can't get into it, get out of it, if you can't get out of it, get into it, I can't get out of paying taxes or organizing it. I don't like a jail suit doesn't look good on me and orange e I got to get into it. So how can I get into it? All right? I'm going to chunk it down, I'm going to first give myself a deadline by creating an appointment with c p ay because now I'm accountable to them that they're expecting me to come, I'm going to make sure I've got their packet, I'm going to see how easy it would be hey, that high school neighbor over at the corner there told me she's working with quickbooks that wonder she'll come in and do my reports. I hate doing that matching up my receipts, making sure I've got everything so it's breaking everything down and doing it in chunks so you can go okay what's first what's next what's after that what's after that and that's enough and then giving attention to all ten things or all eight things whichever ones that you're choosing your going to progress this month because remember as you progress it you're one step closer than where you were on february fourth, which was back here and keeping this motivation keeping this this incentive going this way we'll help you do it but I want to go before I continue with this process I want to go over to the internet and let's see what the chat rooms air coming up with and what some of their brilliance is here says it really well there really clear concise thanks to you goal moved by the end of the year monthly goal target businesses in the new area to start getting known and gaining clients and die longer and his chakra says whoa everything doria says has really hit me it's about deliberate creation of our best year yet this is what we are in the process of doing she's finding this really deep stuff so I'm not exactly gold but it's really empowering her and absolutely and stunning elements it seems like that big goal is to spend more time with family so the goal is aligning with checking in with both parents at least twice a month so I was talking virginia the break actually because she was asking me where I am on my way planet earth I've got to email her by tomorrow apparently wait we're talking michaels this year are very personal it is about you know I think I've achieved what I wanted to do last year business why said this year my focus needs to be completely different I'm going to be my plan right? I still got business things I want to do I'm not putting that aside but gotta shift my focus of it and I found that with all my plans it's I save him I love going back through them I love taking a look at him to see what has happened year after year after year and because life will have us shifting and certain parameters when when my dad was ill ah lot of my focus went on over to the family and and where was my business? It was still operating it was still going but the type of growth goals it wasn't time for that it was time for me to take my attention over here and my goals were associated with that on my activities and I had to make ah lot of room ah lot of room for those crisis and urgency situations because how could I know what's going to happen this next day this next month, in those type of life situations.

Class Description

Join executive coach Dory Willer to learn how to use the successful Best Year Yet® system to create a strategic plan for making your personal and professional goals a reality.

Dory guides you through setting goals and crafting step-by-step plans for achieving them. Dory is joined by Best Year Yet® founder Jinny Ditzler, who explains how to crash through your own obstacles to personal and professional success and access your greatest strengths.

By the end of the course, you will have a clear plan that motivates and inspires you to make the changes and delivers the results you’ve always wanted. You’ll also make a plan for the first month to make sure you leave the workshop, knowing “I can do this!” This course is a must for anyone who wants the clarity and confidence to transform their life.



I bought this course a couple of month ago and I'm glad I did; it has given me such clarity and a great toolset which has already lead to the first great results. Thank you so much Dory Willer and the CreativeLive Team for making this course available.

a Creativelive Student

This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.