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Producing Results Online

What I'm going to do first is remind you that and one of the things about, uh, being a master at producing the results is that you're going to need still that pencil and paper, and I want to remind you that the software that I'm going to be demonstrating it showing, which creates the e's today of howto be a master producing results, is also available on the creative live web page, specifically for and at the best year yet dot com website. So get out your papers and pencils were going to show you how to do this, and I'm going to demonstrate what the software program looks like, what's, unique about all of this, as I said, it's one thing to make your plan, but the production of the results the entire year in showing you how you created those monthly goals that we did at this last session and tracking the activities, there's one very, very important element, and the important element is scoring yourself, scoring your progress that you make to produce and progress your plan, and not about ...

having yourself kick yourself for not doing things. I really, if if there's, anything I could leave you with right now is to shift that mindset, something of a habit that we've done in our culture for year after year after year in our lives, which is really berating ourselves for what we didnt dio instead of what we are doing, what we've done is we've taken lin be creative and we put lin be creative into our software program called producing results online producing results online we have an acronym for it pro and don't you think that's just perfect pro because you're going to be a pro at producing the results, producing the best year yet plan that you've you've created for yourself and making sure that it does become a reality so what I'm gonna walk you through is some of the tips in the tools and the even some bells and whistles consider it like a test drive a test drive for if you were going out and shopping for a car we like to think that this really is a luxury addition over the pencil and paper now I want to remind you that for years and years and years we did all of this with pencil and paper well you can you can still continue to do that. But why do that when it's so easy when some brilliant programmer put this together for the best year yet organization and best year yet said yes let's do what our clients want they want this easy they want the access easy and they want this to be effortless for them and that's what we've done here with the pro system so when we're signing in into pro you can see that we have the best year yet. One page goal review right here in the middle here for lin be creative and let's just get right into accessing lin be creative plan we were looking at the one page plan earlier that I gave as a demo let me see if I could get this mouse to go for me if I would want it there we go uh pro stands for p r o p r o pro stands for producing results online thank you so producing results online and you are a pro at pro when I finished today oh let's do that. So when we come to this we've we've got the plan completely entered and I've done that for lin be creative we have lin be creatives guidelines of taking time to recharge of focusing on priorities first exceeding client's expectations lin be creative is a videographer and lynn be creative says that the destination they intend to be at and go to at the end of this year is that they are the videographer of choice for speakers and trainers in the west pretty clear cut you know where they're going that their major role focus was thie inner coach that champion of taking care of themselves and those top ten goals so when we get to this we look at at everything being loaded and it's pretty simple here where we're entering the annual plan and we can edit the annual plan to when we first start off here in the plan set up the option of answering the ten questions or viewing your results of the ten questions it's one of the things I love the most because year after year after year this is archived so your questions and you are your answers to the questions the ten questions do don't change they don't change and so here remember we started yesterday morning with questions zero we started with what would it be like for it to be a best year for you? And so as you take your workbook and you load it into here then you can take a look at what your answers were especially next year when it's time when it's time to say well, hey, what did I accomplish last year and more importantly, let me talk about this one our disappointments what I like about seeing my disappointments ever since pro the producing results online program came about is I can match those two previous years and a couple of years ago I did that I sat with thie uh the pages from pro when it existed in the pages I kept before pro existed and I matched them up I matched up all my disappointments and what I did was I started to take a highlighter through the years and I notice where I had a theme going through? Wow, look at that! I still haven't learned a lesson here I'm still playing the same lesson over and over that's creating the same disappointment I haven't quite nailed the guideline that's going to bust the pattern of disappointments and maybe that one wass as you can tell from today's, uh, announcement of what my guidelines were this year trust the flow. So year after year after year, I had a disappointment in there, and it was mostly, uh, connected with either things not going right things not going as planned, uh, things disappointing me because they didn't occur the way I thought they should you noticed how that's all the same flavor? Maybe it was a disappointment with somebody else or a disappointment with the client and I go well, wait a minute that's still smells of the same thing, and as they match those up year after year after year, I noticed that whoa, I am not trusting the flow that's what I need to dio I need to I wouldn't have had that disappointment or I wouldn't have created that stressful moment that became a disappointment whatever the situation was it's so clear and evident to see it when your matching these up over the years and you say ha ha, because remember I said, your lessons learned and both from accomplishments and disappointments there's some really jim's of advices here for yourself the advice is who do I have a pattern of disappointment that keeps growing and growing and growing that I really need to shift and how would I shift it? You shift a behavior of habit by replacing it with a new behavior of habit. So eye opener good reason to keep something like this in the archives or at minimum, please keep it in a folder and look at it. The the question number one is the same concept. So the accomplishments wow, I keep having these accomplishments and look what it what it is I did year after year, each one look at this, when I was trusting the flow, it was trusting the flow, it was trusting the flow so they can come out of the disappointments and they can come out of the accomplishments and the the opportunity to look at all of them they go that is a good one. That's I think that came from our internet yesterday. Somebody was asking about our commenting on that. We have lifetime, don't we? Don't we have some lifetime guidelines? I believe so and not only do we want to drill down to this year, but let's look, is there a lifetime guide lin guideline that needs to be included in your top three? This is another great manner to do that to measure yourself and to reflect back and say what's going on the other one I like year after year after year is looking at your personal values and seeing your personal values which ones over the years flowed up which one takes number one which ones did you want to turn up the volume? Is there one that's consistently showing up that you're constantly needing to to focus on and make a priority? I'm going to talk about the goals over here these measurements excuse me the values in a moment but I just wanted to explore a little bit of what we're doing with the product instead of having to go back through it is old fashioned reams of paper and and and shuttering at your handwriting and trying to figure out did I really write that and what's that word much easier in this so down here we're asking ourselves when do I want to measure and track my progress? What I've done for lin be creative is I've entered in dates and this date is going to be associate id with an email reminder that says hello it's time for you to measure and track and set your new goals so just kind of ah um treat here which is to set those up and we're going to do that in a moment but first let's get into the actual plan so I've selected just for you lin be creative the last day of each month throughout the year if it were truly me I would be looking at my calendar and I say ups I'm on vacation this day and I'm at a place where I won't have internet access so I'm going to move the date I make a date with myself using this I'm very serious about doing our plan now so we again we have the plan here and what's the next step for me and with my clients I like to go straight into a quarterly plan in accordingly plan setting milestones for what would tell you that you've been progressing your plan and that you're on tracked do you notice that this is really no different then what we do in big businesses in strategic planning but those of you especially who have worked in a large organization and you have strategic planning so the quarterly milestones that I selected for lin be creative annual gold number one right plan monthly a date with my spouse in each of my children for special alone time together so how will lend be creative know that they are on track and that they are progressing? That goal first quarter we selected will be ending may thirty first and we've put in a couple of things there what I'd like the internet audience to do and what I'd like our in studio audience to do to is I'd like you right now to select a page in your workbook in the back there and start writing some of the quarterly milestones for a couple of your goals there while I chat about the examples up on the screen, what the way that I'd like those written as as if they've happened, you would know that they've happened example here with lin, be creative. Three dates with jan and the kids individually have occurred that's that's a clear indication that this goal is working and in progress. Uh, this kids, the kids are having the kids are having fun and looking forward to the selecting a slip for the date idea jar and adding also to the jar. So let me give you a little coaching tactic there when it involves others, and it involves something like this, like a date or function with others, maybe not to be too autocratic and telling them, well, this is what we're going to do. We're going to go to the zoo, we're going to go to this play, I think it's a great coaching tactic, you go get a jar, make it a cookie jar of yuan or a nice glass jar, something fancy of pretty in this case, there's colored slips for the spouse and for the different children, and on it, we all right, what it is we think would be fun to dio the assumption here is everybody's engaged in this and they do want teo go on a date with lin be creative they want that alone time so with that the slips get pulled out and wella mine's green hers is pink that person's is yellow and on it is the slip oh wow there's a surprise this is what we're going to dio so that's just a little bit of ah detailed background into that a little coaching fund there for you and then here's the better one look at this jan remarks that the best year yet go planning thing I'm doing is terrific keep doing more I guess the spouse likes it. So think of your milestones in and not just the tangible but also the things that are intangible like that that that yes, they can be measured but they might be something that, uh, is coming as a perspective from outside of you you say well, okay that's it I'm doing that for clients, and so what would happen in return clients are referring me to others let's look att annual gold number to repurpose my website kelly like this one social media and marketing materials tow line with my desire nish of speakers and trainers resulting in six new contract so milestone for just that first quarter purchased and watched creative lives social media boot camp workshop if you haven't done that, do that it's a great workshop, it's a great place to get a lot of ideas, asked for referrals for website designers and reviewed their portfolios. Now it doesn't say that I've actually selected, unless in fact, I really think I could do it by then. Another caution is the smorgasbord effect too much, too much. Make sure that you can do what you feel is palatable for you on your plate researched the national speakers association chapter in san francisco and the associations and organizations where trainers post their services, set up my customer relation management database my serum with speakers and trainers I'd like to have on my roster there's that red velvet rope policy and maybe even a stretch goal included in there because I want that person to engage me as their videographer. We're getting the concept here? Yes, okay, increase my sense of financial security by earning one hundred fifty thousand or more and contributing ten percent to my roth ira. Well, maybe just for this one, one semester this one quarter excuse me, it's, I'm willing, and I think that it'll be opening a roth ira with the credit union that will tell me that I've progressed the goal. Create a community of like minded people by starting a videographer meet up group. We're talking about that earlier, too, with fifteen or more members by september one, but for this first quarter, a milestone that will tell me that I am progressing this and it would make me feel good to that I've done this amount. I've selected a name for the group and and it's creative it's attractive it's clever, I learned how others air doing meet ups successfully, and I've designed an outline for the first three meet ups because I want some structure in with this meet up, ask for referrals from clients at the project in so that'll be looking at what kind of projects might be ending for this videographer for this first quarter at monthly send value added articles with incentives to pass clients to generate a renewed business from eight former clients. So in this one, lin be creative looked for information in professional journals that would be considered value added to the clientele and started a directory of them started saving, um, saying up this one rings a bell, this one would be good created in sin a for the first quarter, and spoke with jane speaker after a catch up call and offered it to her, well, that's. Pretty specific it may be that that might be two or three spoke to two or three, but in this case this was a laser beam zero in I want jane speaker I want jane st speaker back in my portfolio on my roster expecting the att and t project to end with the management training department I asked peter for a referral, so ask peter for a referral with within another unit of eight and tea again another measurement stick to say this is I did this we're not sure which month it would end up would it be february? Would it be march? Would it be april? Would it be may remember that goal of of uh, planning and taking a vacation to kayak and zip line in new zealand, which ann well, an indication that I'm on tracked a milestone would be that I'm contacting the travel agent I'm contacting and receiving recommendations and maybe some brochures and I've put time on the calendar for the ve okayed the vacation probably in the fall gross our visit mom weekly to help her transition to her new living in retirement community. So a regular day has been created for her grow spiritually and select a spiritually retreat to attend and also through daily meditation was goal number eight on the best year yet one page plan this one touch base with dan peterson about edges retreat this year using paul she lee's para liminal tze on a regular basis and it's now part of my regimen select a new asset exercise regimen that increases the stamina my stamina improves my physical exam results and has me wearing my favorite bathing suit in july attend that zoom by class determine if it's for me the blue bathing suit is hanging next to the treadmill and I'm visualizing myself in it it's giving me daily inspiration to use the treadmill so we'll see at the end of the quarter how that is did it work are did I make these milestones and again scale back my volunteering at the end of alison's mentorship advised thie academy of arts university program coordinator of my one per semester this year there might be other milestones you have that are above and beyond and an example I have I have the hang of pro producing relight the presumed le producing results online and I'm using it monthly with ease there might be other things that come in under other milestones they may fit your values that you selected they may fit your guidelines so mostly though were using these for our um our quarterly plan so each quarter you'll set more and you're just dropped down into the obvious which is the next quarter in the next quarter here's where let's go over here what we were doing in paper and pencil in the last module was we were creating goals and putting them in our book for the first month in pro we do this every month and it's very nice I like my my client's doing this um within the pro system because there's another uh advantage to this when you are buddy coaching uh let's say you both have a pro plan a best year yet plan using pro you get a chance to share your plan we can put your coach's name innit ginny and I coach and the four hundred fifty other coaches we coach all over the world with people with a headset with skype by having each of us on uh the client's pro plan and we're going right in and we're checking well how are you doing what's your score this month what are your activities planned for this next month? How simple is that it keeps things so focused on what it is that you the client intended to produce and what you said was most important to you with the buddy system you could do the same thing you can plug somebody else in the case of the couple dumb of my husband and I and a marriage we have a couple plan and we both share it if he's on business travel if I'm in a studio like san francisco and I'm outside of my house and it's time for our date night of best year yet and when we say best year yet date night it's specific too what are we intending to do next month and how did we do this last month? Then what we're doing is we're online together and in real time were updating our plan. This is brilliant for people who are cells teams when you were in a partnership, maybe your company you have co photographers owning the same studio and it's a joint venture uh, law partners do this quite a bit, so to be able to share it is helpful that way and and go in and score um, when we're doing this with teams there's there's another addition to best year yet, and it involves a much more elaborate type of including the producing results online, which is focused on organizations they're teens maybe your an entire ah business and a business like dental practices. I've worked with law firm cpa firms or the biggies like wells fargo, yahoo kaiser and we're taking their teams and now the team comes together and we're going to enter the goals. Can you imagine nine different people twelve different people sitting around a table and trying to agree on these? Ah leader can do it. You can do it as the department later the team leader and a coach can do it too and help you do them so back to showing you how we're doing the how we're entering the goals in gold number one remember, for the first month, so here, way saw the milestone. But what has to come before the milestone, the activities, the activities and the activities are in this case for the first month? Asked jan and the kids if they are interested in participating in the entire b y y goal that I have created. And now, maybe the milestone will happen because first I have to ask the other people. Now, if jan and the kids say no, we had to go back to the drawing board on this one, and the milestone are changed, too. Create an ideal, create an idea date jar and ask for submission slips. It's. What I was talking about earlier, something fun.

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Join executive coach Dory Willer to learn how to use the successful Best Year Yet® system to create a strategic plan for making your personal and professional goals a reality.

Dory guides you through setting goals and crafting step-by-step plans for achieving them. Dory is joined by Best Year Yet® founder Jinny Ditzler, who explains how to crash through your own obstacles to personal and professional success and access your greatest strengths.

By the end of the course, you will have a clear plan that motivates and inspires you to make the changes and delivers the results you’ve always wanted. You’ll also make a plan for the first month to make sure you leave the workshop, knowing “I can do this!” This course is a must for anyone who wants the clarity and confidence to transform their life.



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This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


She has very good ideas and technique, as do most coaches. But the amount of promoting her business was such a turn-off and so distracting. The best way to promote yourself is to just showcase your work, not sell yourself every few minutes.