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Quarterly Milestones

Before I keep going a little bit more, I've given you ah lot of time here to enter some milestone goals for the milestones excuse me for your top ten goals and I seen you furiously riding on those and I'm going to ask the internet too to be sharing some of those in our chat room especially because chris karen and I mean chris karen the why why coach chris and b y y coach karen are there to help you with those let's find out from our in studio audience here what some of the milestones are that you came up with and I want to compliment you you did a great job riding while I was talking terrific it's hard to do that, okay, erica, what are some of the milestones that you came up with? So what I thought was interesting as I was excited all of my milestones like, for example, my block I was just writing away and then I thought, okay, wait a second if this is just the first quarter or that means I have two months from now to get it done and then I'll be on vacation for three weeks of that, so...

I was so I have a bunch of goals and they're going to be moved to sort of the next quarter maybe, but the ones that I I believe um are attainable for this quarter are um ah first draft admission a first draft of the mission and purpose has been to find for the blawg social media accounts have been set up and I have a plan in place um to figure out how to create the web page and that's just for the first quarter right it's a full write those air just yet okay quarter gold good, good. And do you see that that's as if it were done and those are your markers that's also your place card that says ok, I am on track, things were going and things were progressing I'm doing good here. Um these are the signals I like to equate it to signs of land all right, how do I know I'm getting close to land segal's birds you know that are showing up something else because I may not be able to see it there in the horizon, but there are signs of land that tell me that land is close by use those milestones in that way and make those milestones something that have a little bit of that maybe not quite giggle factor but definitely endorphins and feels good. Yes, good job, kelly I went with the yoga and begin healthier for my quarterly milestone um I'll be happy if I have attended to classes per week for yoga that I've eaten salads at least seven a week let me one today uh I could do plank pose for three minutes and fifty crunches or fifty squats put a number on it you know, you just gave me another idea to about, uh I've been using this for so long that sometimes I, um you know, I look over some things that what it's like to be a first year user a best year yet um I take us two milestones first after we've made our plan for this very reason that you gave me kelly which is when you go to that place of milestones it's so much easier to back up and then oh yes I'm getting the yeses it's so much easier to back up and then start looking at the month's I take you to the months because I want you to think of all right congratulations you've got your plan but what are you going to do with it? I mean, it is important to start thinking about the chunking it down, but now when we go to the milestones, those quarterly things you can go to milestone to milestone three milestone for milestone for is is is of course the full plan and the goal in its reality it's actuality coming true but there might also be some things that show up especially those things from the outside such as wow there's a picture of my me and my blue bathing suit hanging on the vacation wall ok so back in to it that way if that's comfortable it certainly works for me sometimes those milestones are wow they may be heavy so then don't do it that way go the other way and just start with the monthly so let's find out where evey when since he was the break out of the rule of the place um I was ah I'm having trouble differentiating my quarterly milestones from my first month's goals um I was thinking of it in terms of the first quarter only um so you know but I had of took a cooking class with ryan because I had a goal to do something it's for him I hate cooking and he seems to be a fun activity so to me that's ok, I did something that he would enjoy and I find some some fun in it myself on day also had um but that my website is updated and reflects the upcoming blogged you know reflects the way tio keep everything together so I have that on there as well and uh I'm not sure I did it right, but so what was the difficulty? Because I didn't hear anything that was wrong okay, good, good I was confusing it I was having trouble differentiating it from my first month's goals um, so I wasn't sure if it was different or well, it's it's different in one month is one month and quarterly is three months. So if you're intending to do all those things already in your first month and then what's gonna happen a month two and three, right, that makes sense. Okay? Yeah. Okay. So month, when we're having the date night, we're having a date night, the very first month. Oh, wow. Well, unless you're planning and scheming to make it a secret and just kind of slide it in there, okay, that that now that's a different perspective. But if it is something that you're going to involve another person and you want them to agree with you, it's, I have a requests this year. It would be most important to me. It would. It matters most to me if we could connect more and have some alone time away from the kids away from the work. And and if we do that, this is how I would appreciate it and what it would make me feel. Um, are you willing to do this with me and here's? What I thought it might look like? What are your ideas when it takes two when it takes to we've got to ask, you know, it's really it's a good philosophy too that we use in business which is ask your customer so I have this wonderful idea from my customer ok? How do we know the customer wants it or feels it would be something that they want? We've heard this over and over and in many of the marketing class is here on creative life you sometimes need thio if that if that new thing wasn't driven by your market by your customer like is again an example of pro it was created because our market said can't you come into the twentieth twenty first century and create this online for us? You have to ask your customer so you ask your customer a customer what do you think about this? And it might be the very first thing you d'oh maybe surveying your customer you may be doing a focus group and you go wow they want nothing to do with this the husband wants nothing to do with this the child wants nothing to do with this so I need to go back and re evaluate my plan thank you thank you let's see if the internet has been chatting away a little bit let me actually share what the internet's been chatting about a three minute plank but here's the thing I was shocked I said three minutes it's what? I have no idea what I am three months right he had to go google what plank mint but but here's the cool thing is that you know, there are people saying that they've got done everything from thirty seconds to forty five seconds and then they also reminded us that sue bryce a photographer who does ah lot of courses here on creative life has done a thirty day planking challenge and her final time was over four and a half minutes yeah just read it last night on her facebook post I was like, oh man, I forgot we were doing it was in new orleans at the beginning of the month and then I just but here's the deal just like the best year yet you started when you're ready and you do your thirty days, right? Yeah, well they're actually you know they're they're trying to figure out a way to break the yearly goals into the quarterly milestones and that's the amazing reason why we have these coaches karen and chris and here is to say, hey, you know, it's all connected right it's just a matter of chunking it like he said, right? Yeah, so they're just really getting into that a lot of it has weight loss yes, the practice pro casting nation has said that the mouth stone for the end of march q one they're going to launch their online class on resume writing and start driving online traffic all right, and and that would be a good mile marker to tell us that they're on progress. They're on track, so we've entered our monthly goals. We did it in our books this morning, I will be going back more to the milestones, but justin here, I wanted to show in lin be creative that during the month this month, the very first month here that the annual goal we noted here was nothing dirt during this month for this particular annual goal. Now I do that on purpose because when we get into scoring, you're going to see ah, what if something actually on opportunity or something came up? So here we go. Isn't that nice and sweet so under each of your goals it's right there you have something you can print out and we do print out right there or you can email yourself and you can e mail it to your coach. You can email it to someone else that you feel is important that needs to see these goals and what your activity commitments are you write it down, you make it happen, your keyboard it in same thing write it down, make it happen, keyboard it in, make it happen, what you've just signaled to yourself is you are committing to this and these are the things that you're intending to do now what would you do with this erica where would you put this? I would put this so the first thing that came into my mind was near my plan um and yet your plan is completely showing up on this. Yes, right, right. So I have ah, a little studio in a walk in closet in my apartment so I think I would put it right where there where I see it up all the time and what would it do for you? Um I think it would do a couple of things that would remind me of my guidelines in my empowering statement okay? Because I'm going to use that as a touchstone to continue making the choice is to work on my goals rather than not um just give me that extra incentive and keep so that I know what my goals are and I don't get to the end of autumn reading myself and say, oh, I completely forgot about that that milestone. So when I'm when I'm sitting down on monday mornings in my office, one of the first things I dio is I pulled that out I have a call it file I wouldn't think of opening up my desk or starting the computer without going to my call a pile and that is in there every single week so that I can pull it up and I say, oh yes looking at the calendar today and looking at the calendar this week, what is it that I'm going to do this week? How is it going to get in there? Which one of these can I take on this week and there's? You know, I go back into the pro plan and before pro what I would do or sometimes my clients don't have access to a computer at all times, so it's hard to believe, isn't it? They can put it on their pad, they can have it on their smartphone, you khun also just print it out the old fashioned way and take a highlighter, take a highlighter and say, okay, this is going in so here cause this is what I'm going to do build better build this into my calendar, keeping you on task, keeping you on track. Where would you put this one? How would it work for you, kelly? I'd have to email it to myself. I think it would because it's going to end up in your inbox? Yeah, and then it I'll keep it their flag. Um, yeah, you might even keep it opened. It may be stayed. It stays open so that every time you're leaving the computer coming back or whatever is going to pop up, yeah, I think, um, it might get lost. And one of my other goals of, you know, organizing the house which my first month would be go through my paper and get rid of it so if I printed it off it right now we'd get lost in my my important stacks of paper, so think of a more official way to get it to me even so there's a question I want to ask the internet I'm going to ask her in studio audience what would derail you what would derail you from keeping on task of of not producing the results of your plan of losing focus of it? What might that be? I mean there's a whole year between now and next february evey what do you think would derail you? Um for me, it's the little things that just letting, um like we talked about earlier letting yourself get caught up in organizing your email or doing something else that you think in your head feels compulsively more important than handling one of your goals that really are important. So I think those are the things I guess what I'm saying is not consistently looking at that and reminding yourself that this is more important than organizing my kitchen whatever you're the same as the majority of all my other hundreds of clients who've gone through this they say that well, okay, I get right back to life I mounted the workshop or I'm out of this or door, I'm only going to look at it because I see you on the calendar and I know I have a coaching session little by little tools like this tactics like this will help you again. The intent is helping you become a master producing the results your results, not somebody else's results, yet if you're in a team, this is somebody else's results because it's the team's results keeping it in front of you that's what not keeping it in front of you derailed you? Not buying into it is important, as I mentioned earlier, we will have detours that we have to make throughout the year, but those detours usually involved something to do with the gold and never up here whips never up here with the guidelines, the new paradigm and generally generally not the major role focus what people in the chat rooms they're saying derailing them because most of them seem to be that family family environment, carcano says. My son's devia derailed me they don't mean to, but they do others the same my family members, the rainy stores rainy day store said that but festival fanfare is saying when they get bored that's when they get derailed and then others get bored by consistently not meeting their milestones and getting discouraged so being discouraged is a is a form of derailment it isthe it iss and being discourages going tio it's almost like that old old old game called pac man that came in by atari and goes around in it eats and it eats and it eats and pretty soon you're you're psychic is eaten your confidence is eaten your dreams are eaten and and to look at life and especially your goal planning in that framework where you're saying um I'm going to get discouraged or I allow my children to derail me it's all about again being purposeful and and commited to it I know that kids I know that kids take a lot of time they take a lot of attention in the freelancing world right tv you get it sometimes it could be faced in famine and when you're in feast it's like well wait a minute you know if you keep this even somewhere where you're doing something in your measuring and you're purposely adding things on you could still go through those times I'm shifting the brain though remember I'm shifting your brain because we're now going to move into how to not be discouraged but how to celebrate how to celebrate what you did teo instead of what you didn't tio and that's right over here this is my favorite part my favorite part about the pro system about the entire system of best year yet again I want to remind you we could do this paper and pencil but let's do this easily is to score let's play with our friend here let's score let's all pretend were lin be creative and right now we'll have uh erica you take the first guideline what I'm going to ask you to pretend is I want you to pretend we're at the end of february and you're going to tell me how well you used take time to recharge during this month and you're going to give it to me in a percentage zero to one hundred percent aa hundred hundred percent being high zero being low so go ahead, give me a number and I know we're pretending here eighty five percent eighty five all right, what would have made a difference between eighty five and one hundred in our pretend scenario? Um I would of made sure that the kids had a baby sitter or something when I was taking time for myself instead of taking time for myself while they were on attendant ok, but I did eighty five percent eighty five percent of just this month I actually kept my guideline in front of me I didn't have it tattooed on me but I put it up on the mirror I put it on the dashboard, I put it on the microwave, I have it on the computer screen, I looked at it as frequently as I could remember to look at it I remember used to using it at this time in this time in this time now was I perfect it using it for this month what is perfect? Eighty five percent could have been perfect for the situation and the conditions. But what's, more important here is taking a look insane. Well, who I did. Eighty five percent. Eighty five percent of the time I had that employed. I used that guideline and I feel really good about that know I didn't go to one hundred and that's. Okay, but what am I going to do this next month to bring up my score, sustain it at eighty five or bring it up? There is nothing allowed here in our system and definitely not with your coaches that would say, oh, wow, let's focus on the fifteen percent that you did not dio how could you have improved that? Why did you allow that to happen? Why, no what? Why keeps us in the past? You know what the month is behind us, what puts us in today and the future and what we have control over. Good job.

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This is a good class. It gives you the blocks to build your best year, but ultimately it is you that must commit to the work throughout the year. to make it happen. Michael Hyatt also has a similar course, that is good.


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