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What Did I Accomplish Last Year?


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What Did I Accomplish Last Year?

So what I'm asking this question I want you to really roll back your your brain and go to this last twelve months and consider for yourself what is it I did that I consider an accomplishment and this is not killing it all the way back to every single month lissy on january fifteenth I know let it float through we're going to look at what are the things that you did for other people this is going to be a very broad stroke type of question were there things in your health and fitness that that you accomplished did you run that marathon did you have personal finances that were improved did you start a roth ira did you save more spend less what is it you fill you accomplished did you have achievements within your work an actual story let's just remind our line audience in our students here they've got the the pen and paper they're writing it down but let's have you do that too and then please share your thoughts in the chat rooms we definitely want to hear from you but please make sure you...

're following along with your thoughts as well thank you did you take x successful um holiday or did you have some projects and good work that you completed did you have relationships that flourish? Did you have some new skills? Some knowledge or some personal growth occur so some of the examples on this from my clients include things such as uh, they secured the abc contract that they had been working with for years, that they've got a great a great smile from their doctor on their last physical exam because of something they had done in their nutritional program. So when your ass asking and looking at your answers for this, I want you to consider the full realm. One year I wrote, I changed my first diaper at the age of forty one, and people would find that why was that considered an accomplishment? Well, you ask any of my nieces, nephews, our siblings, they'd say that was a huge accomplishment to leave dori with my child, who was still in diapers, but to me it's stuck, I could do it, and I go it's okay, I know you're in a crisis you khun late, leave this baby with me, and I will handle this now I'm not sure if I did it right, that has nothing to do with it, but I went on my list because I achieved something I had never done and it floated to the top. So I'd like you to take this moment, especially the internet audience, to to write down your accomplishments and in your work book, you're gonna find that on page five, I'm going to give you a little bit of time to do that. Again, just let what comes to you first write it down don't edit it and don't judge it I'm going to have some noise up here is I'm talking to her host keep writing, keep writing what are some of your accomplishments? Some of my accomplishments? Well, um we actually decided to settle in and we signed a new lease for another year and a half so that was an accomplishment and I negotiated that pretty well. So you mean in just over time not just in the last no just this last year just pill back the camera for this last arming this this year the pages on your calendar and tell me what you feel you have accomplished. As I said earlier I think, you know, last year I really did focus on and I still am on some really driving forward some big career goals very ambitious things I wanted to achieve and I did manage to do them on it's just the sense of reward in the sense for myself that I was able to accomplish with that I was able to get out there and do it and they really were pretty ambitious dreams and so I have an incredible sense of satisfaction that you know, you can do this if you really put your mind to and you work out the way to do it so that was good, good, good so we have anything from the internet audience yet do we do we have everything from hq alligator thirty saying they moved to a noose city I can identify with that that was another one on my list eso said I bought a house last year I got married I went to new zealand for christmas I started seeing a business mentor to help me start talking about my business and I have more confidence in myself than ever before that's great marissa thank you this arise sold their condo at a great price and uh we also have um uh margarette who's renovated their studio space and they're set up specifically now to do boudoir photography and early bird is saying they lost eight pounds on they learned how to swim all of these great achievements wonderful okay in studio audience come on let's hear from somebody I haven't heard from yet what are some of the accomplishments that went down on your list becky well I'm just committing to this transition so that was well who leaving a stable job and going toward ok ok what else um just improved savings um and um actually I'm learning to paraglider which I love um yeah okay so they could be tangible or they could be intangible they can be something very solid rock I mean rock solid that you know the savings account went up I started a new nutrition program oh, now this is true for me I started a nutrition program and I'm off of gluten I'm off of dairy I'm off of caffeine I'm off of sugar though you can't tell that today uh but this question you should do exactly what I'm doing right now which is bring you up some energy we're appreciating we're acknowledging were praising ourselves for what it is that we took space up this last year in the life of your name and what you did ruth what's something on your list well I could do one end is um that I did have some really deep personal growth through perseverance and willingness like there was that that sort of that intangible and then on a tangible and my height to pike's peak with my son yes, I like that kelly uh with photography have started a personal project that is focused and I'm enjoying working on this well is um I've eliminated things that I don't really want to shoot you focus on things I do want to shoot and then I've also used my own kind of crazy life lessons over the years to help friends through some really big changes that they're going through so it's nice to play the stable person for a while a really good example really good example here of an intangible of maybe something you did just by who you be and that's an accomplishment I remember one year what went on my list was I really felt great because I helped a young niece who was an adult and I helped her with a a talent that just is innate to natural to me organize herself, organized her house, organized her finances, organized how she does things like bill pay and and makes sense out of the insurance documents and that made it on my list because it was something I be that I do that I gave and it felt great. Dr soni, do you have something? Yes, I do have a lot of things I didn't think I would, but when I started thinking about it, there were a few things I wanted to travel more with my two year old on we did, which I didn't realize we did that much what we did travel a lot um, and then I had wanted to get a new doctor in my practice so that I could take a more, um, like up more management kind of role in the clinic and I found one and then she's so I worked with her last year and then now she's joining the practice, so but I put that work in last year, though, so that was I felt like, okay, thank god I did that finally, and then, um, I reduced the clutter in my house in december threw everything out, and I felt great that reminded you when you said that I was like I did that now honestly, how many of you do this how many of you do this every year and actually sit down and not just let it rumble through your head but you sit down you make a list of the things that what it is you did in this space time and reality in the world of you that cost you or created or listed thes accomplishments for you and you too in internet creative live internet this is so important to start with the cycle of productivity and start with question number one what were my accomplishments this last year? Gonna apologize we're going to move on to question number two and question number two is a bit sometimes oven ouch and a sting but if we don't look at the full entire year with jess if we just look at the accomplishments and not at all so what were my disappointments? What are the things that disappointed you this last year now this question is not asking you to jump right back in and be in the emotion of whatever that event or that disappointment was please please please don't do that it's gone it's done we don't need to be kicking ourselves are battling are so well for that but I do want you to think about this last year consider the times you may have lead other people down you didn't follow through with that project and that client was expecting it you didn't respond to two ah um the organization that asked you to come be a photographer at a discount and and it nags at you you can feel it and it disappointed you maybe some health and fitness tips this last year I was really, really upset with myself because I caught the flu in the fall and I was so proud I was nineteen years strong without ever having the flu nineteen years who does that? I did that I had a track record, so I was extremely disappointed when I caught the flu in it probably knocked me down a little bit more personal flat finances slippage maybe you didn't save us much uh uncle sam came in or the government came in and took a little bit larger chunk and it set you back maybe had some setbacks in your work in your business and, uh, something crunched your figures and your customers somebody took your customers some missed opportunities projects that bombed some relationships that maybe floundered g I didn't touch base with john or mary and I feel so bad about that times maybe that others let you down my baby sitter didn't show up too many times and I miss that important meeting, so take a moment try to report it just like you would a reporter just the fax ma'am just write it down and this question is not asking you what disappointments did you overcome? Just report the dis appointments that occurred for you all right over to our host internet please do that too and over to our host what were some of your disappointments? J kale, I definitely got off track with quite a few things last year I actually lost my home, which was a very, very distressful, very stressful period very distressing for me and it's something I haven't really actually put together yet it was actually sort of be out beyond my control, which he was even more frustrating. So there's a lot of things I have to fix on that side of things. I'm in again as the sand maybe perhaps I was too focused on my career last year I took my eye off the ball with some things that were happening behind me that I wasn't really keeping an eye on. Mmm. Well, what was my big disappointment? Um you know, finding you working with me e e need to do more thinking on it. Um you know, it's it's I try try not to get caught up in the petty things and I need I think what I need to do is be more like that reporter just the facts, right? Yes, please do that, yeah but and and we want our internet audience to do that too I think that we're going to find some more candidness on the internet I'm trusting that we will this is a difficult question if you've noticed already in our studio our energy dropped a little bit who wants to go there when we just got through patting ourselves on the back but again if we do not look at the full year if we try to sweep this underneath the carpet we're not going to come out with some really strong lessons learnt of what we did to help us into this next year so internet audience let's hear from them sure that's um really personal things but thank you for sharing us of being a clause of same they lost a job they lost her home they have had to move them in their parents a story it's a shame because my husband and I are both in their forties that must have been very stressful other things like feisty go to saying I didn't get a job at microsoft studios that I interviewed for I'm sure that was a disappointment a lot of people talking about death stunning elements saying I used my credit card and that not be straight back into debt um others are saying they hope to pay off debt but they weren't able to get you and maris was saying she had a very first breakdown which is very distressing yeah and the rainy day store says they noticed their health was deteriorating deteriorating didn't go to the doctor's waited six months and then things got really bad so you know what disappointment of not taking action on a slightly lighter disappointment our bar bills so I wasn't able to pay for all the creative life passes I talked to by disappointment I understand it is so disappointments can come from outside of us to um hurricane sandy hurricane sandy I'm sure would make a lot of people's lists because that was devastating look what it did to businesses people's homes they're lively hoods but hurricane sandy could just be listed down on that list of disappointments that you're riding on page seven that list of disappointments could also include what um again outside it could be how you reacted um very very disappointed with a colleague of mine who I had depended on was going to follow through with their portion of a project we were on for a client and I was disappointed because I kept ignoring that little niggle wiggle within me that said you better call her you better make sure does she need help did she is she on time is everything going smoothly and I didn't and because of that she missed the deadline for us we lost the opportunity and it was a big opportunity it was one that I had been you know panting for forever really that wow and that disappointment stuck with me and went on my list but what was I disappointed in was I disappointed in her write it down though oh as thie event so I don't want you to share something you don't feel comfortable with but could I hear from becky? How about yourself or kelly? How about yourself something that went on to your list that you're willing to share with our our creative life group? I got really sick in december and couldn't go to miami for a friend's celebration so that was that was a disappointment that I can share never others what about you heart? Becky becky two ofyou this's good for today my owner does I think is just using time efficiently I'm kind of sometimes I feel like I get off track and um you know there's so much you could do and I want to be able to manage that better be some kind of maybe too much in that one box in gold time okay, I think the reporter hopefully the reporter in that survey would say sixty five days of facebook erica, what about something on your list? I'm sort of happy I'm sort of open to go through anything one thing that just recently hit me is that I've let my anxiety come back into my life I had managed that pretty well and I think I took that for granted and now I can feel it bubbling up a lot more than I used teo. Um, I didn't, uh, implement my exercise and nutrition plan. Um, I haven't kept in touch with students that I just moved here from seattle, so I mentor students and are I mentor students in seattle and haven't kept in touch with, um, um, I could keep going that's, enough, let's, not rob any more energy from you. But as you can feel, this is this is a zapper obit on you and and yet again, as I want to emphasize, if we don't consider what disappointed us to, then how are we going to come through with what our lessons learned are?

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