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Logos & Images on a Business Card

A lot of these cars we've looked at haven't had an image and they haven't had a logo or the name is sort of serving as the logo so let's talk a little bit about adding emission logo so remember on the creative live card you know let's look at it again at the very end of our design process I added the logo and I knew that I was going to be adding it so I intentionally left space for it at the top luckily this logo is easy to work with its in a line it looks really good on the card right but let's look at some other examples so here is a card from mono type which is a type foundry so typographic lee it better be perfect it looks pretty good um usually I'll write the conference where I met the person on the card so most of my business cards have my writing on it but you can see mono type is a type driven logo it's at the bottom and it's large but then they carried over the m to the back. This is a great example of using a logo on a card but not having it be the focal point just sort of us...

ing it as a design element and letting it believed off the bottom I love new york magazine and here actually I'm going to show these next so these do not have a logo I did these for a friend who's an artist and they're really small teeny little many cards she purchased them at move, but because she's an artist, we decided to put her image images of her artwork on the back, so she's got sort of this many portfolio of business cards that she's carried around with her that's a great option to this one for stacy it's similar it's got artwork on the back, so once you've gotten an arsenal of effective layouts, so we've already like played with layout we're like ok, I love this direction that we're going in now let's have color and image and in this case the image on the back is actually a stock image from a place called creative market, which is a marketplace where designers sell their wares. So normally I would I want to paint it in watercolor myself. You should always try to make your own assets, but if you're in a pinch for time, great of market has some really nice images and the money goes to the designers who created them and shared them with you. So stacy is a journalist, so there's sort of these chat bubbles in the on the back of the card and the colors very bright and it pops and then let's say she switches jobs so she's now working somewhere a little bit more official that has a logo so the card reflects that looks a little bit more official it's got the company logo on it. The twitter handle is highlighted because she does a lot of tweeting in her job so she wants or the company wants that information to be more noticeable and then the oranges covered qatari carried over to the backside I really like when one side of the card is white with like red type and then the back is red it's just a really nice simple design strategy instead of leaving the backside white just add a block of color so stacy is going to change jobs again and she's going to pursue her passion project, which is making doughnuts this card when you look at it feels friendly, right? It sort of makes you smile. Um it's brown and pink so it's like chocolate and frosting and then the back is the earl of her new venture and the pink one hundred percent and if you look closely, the front of the card is ten percent of the back of the card. So this is a two color card, but it gives the illusion of a three color card, right? So it's a good example of a two color card here's, another card from a colleague um I really like this one it's a european size so it's a little bit more of a box box you're feeling she's using two colors on the front so red black and then the card papers white and then on the back of the card is where she said her logo and the cool thing about the logo is it's a word mark with quotation marks worked into it so for the back side she used text his image and created a whole bunch of varieties and so it looks very dynamic and energetic and she's got six options to give people and I love that again the logo is carried throughout the other elements so the branding is very solid and consistent so these variations of a back are an option when you print from online vendors a lot of times so the smaller cards that I showed you you can get up to fifty backs of these right? I'll show you my card again so this has actually a bunch of different backs with different colors some of our creative live cards here have different backs I can't really go wrong with a card that says bacon made out of bacon and then this one's fun so those air templates from the online vendor move I also got this card this morning from our makeup artist and it's got this interesting montage on the back the front is a little bit the typeface is a little bit hard to read you can see that it clumps and in areas so you want to be really, really mindful of your type faces when you're setting your card. But again, she's, a makeup artist. So we're not going to penalize her for poor type choices.

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Go to any professional networking event and you’ll still see printed business cards in circulation. Business cards make exchanging the full-range of contact information easy and well-designed ones make a lasting first impression. Learn to design your own in How to Design Business Cards with Lara McCormick.

Lara will teach you everything you need to know to create well-designed, attention-grabbing business cards using Adobe Illustrator or InDesign. 

You’ll learn:

  • The basics of selecting and combining fonts
  • Ways to emphasize key information
  • Layouts: alignment and grids
  • How to incorporate logos and color

You’ll get tips on choosing between standard or custom sizes and how orientation and spacing impacts readability. Lara will show you where to find unique typefaces and she’ll offer tips on printing orders of all sizes. You’ll also get a collection of business card templates you can customize.

Paper is sticky - make the most out of your next introduction by leaving behind a beautifully-designed custom business card that represents your personal brand.

The DIY series is for creatives who want to create designs for themselves. The classes are geared toward beginners who aren’t necessarily ‘designers’, but need materials to represent themselves (or their small business). Classes labeled DIY are project-specific, under three hours in length, and priced affordably. Learn to design what you need quickly and easily.


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I'm designing my first business card and Lara took it step by step so clearly that I've got something I can be proud of right out of the gate. She showed great strategies to make them professional and attractive and bonus ideas about how to get people to keep them around for reference. That's pure genius!

creativelive student

Lara is incredibly knowledgeable and explains all issues clearly. How nice to have an instructor who is professional, with deep levels of information. I've been making my own business cards for years, and still learned a lot.