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How to Build a Memorable Brand

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Class Introduction

Carolina Rogoll

How to Build a Memorable Brand

Carolina Rogoll

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1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

Carolina is the mastermind behind some of the most memorable household brands that are in your house today. She is an incredible educator and she is the author of the book Star Brands, which is why we've brought in the CreativeLive house today. So without any further ado, let's bring out Carolina. (audience clapping) Hi! Hi, Jim, thank you. Welcome, welcome, so we have a lot to cover, so I'll leave it to you. Thank you. Good morning everybody, thanks for having me today. Welcome to the studio, and welcome to many of you joining us online. So, this class is for you if you're looking to build a brand. Maybe you're ready to own a business. If you are working on a brand or a business that you want to help lead to success. If you're just interested in turning a product or a service into a brand, or maybe you just want to learn about Marketing 101 or marketing yourself. So, as you can see this class on how to build a brand is applicable to many fields, many type of brands, even yoursel...

f. So, to get started I wanted to set up a little bit of context. Today, we live in an Entrepreneurial Economy. There's 500,000 new businesses created every month, and half of those businesses will fail, but the other half will succeed. And those are the ones that I would like to bet on. And for any business to succeed, relies on the ability of the product or service that they sell to become a brand. To really craft a space in the marketplace on a defined proposition that really brings customers into the business. And lemme tell you a little secret. Those big brands that we see up there, those that we admire, those that are profitable, those brands aren't born. They are made. They are the result of assertive choices along the way of great strategy, great effort and continuous learning. And I can bring to you today the good news as well that anyone when following a structured process, can build a type of this brand as well. So, that's what we're going to be doing today. Which is really, how is it that we follow a structure process to build brands, and even be inspired by those Star Brands that do this freely, in the best way possible? And why am I excited about building better brands? Because the reality is that there's a study that was done by the Havas Media group a few years ago that showed that only 20% of brands out there are making a meaningful difference in peoples lives. Imagine, that's one in five. I don't know about you but that tells me that there's plenty of opportunity for better brands, better products, better services out there to serve consumer needs and my journey with brands has been quite long. A little bit about myself, I started my first business when I was seven. So I guess I was an entrepreneur by heart. I started with my own holiday business. So I had different types of products every holiday, going after a very attractive target. Those households in my neighborhood with extra cash. And that's how I started, and over the years actually, my seasonal businesses did very well, they surpassed my allowance, but let's be honest. I was just doing transactions. I was not really building brands. So that's when the idea for me, when it was time to go to school, I decided that I really wanted to learn how to build the big brands. And several degrees later, I then had the chance to build small brands, billion dollar brands, I finally learned how to do it professionally. So, my journey has been long, but also as I've been on the journey for many years, I realized that there's many people like me, when back then, that maybe are just doing transactions not really building brands. So I could bring that knowledge, for many people so they can actually transform the concept or the ideas that they have, in a solid business proposition. That's when I started teaching for the School of Visual Arts, the Masters in Branding in New York City, and I also had the amazing opportunity to create my first book, Star Brands that Jim presented to you. And that also brings me today to you. So my goal, as we are together, is that I want to equip you with the six core brand principals of a brand. And those are basically the Star Brand Principles what we will see the big brands do best and also teach you the Star Brand model. Which is my personal take on the ideal brand building process on the journey that will take time to develop, on what are those key strategy choices that you need to make along the way, in order to set up your brand in the right direction. So, you're going to learn all of that today when we are together so that you can set up your own business for success. No matter the brand, no matter the business. And as I shared with you at the beginning, most people with some structure and guidance can do that themselves as well. Because it's that discipline, that rigor, of understanding where to turn every step, as you're building your brand, that will allow you to build stronger connection with your customers, have a more defined brand, a more defined concept. And also, how that becomes in a solid business proposition. So, are you excited? Yeah, so, that's what we'll be doing. So let's just get started. So, I'm going to pass it on to people online and also to you. So, I wanna hear from you about your favorite brand. So, raise your hand, just share, one of your favorite brands? Okay, I'm gonna start over here. 'Cause you and I were talking about this earlier. Yes. About some of our favorite brands and I know your favorite brand, and I know we're gonna be talking about that later. Personally my, Apple is a favorite brand. Just everything that they do from their advertising to their product development, to their actual physical items. So it's just absolutely one of my favorites, so. My favorite brand is Do Be Nice, it's a clothing company. And the guy who started it went right, I mean his branding is just solid, all the way through. Wonderful, thanks for sharing. Any others? Brands, yeah? I have a couple, Air B&B. I think that they deliver on what they promise and I've used their products, so I really like them. Wonderful, Air B&B, yes, yes? MAC Cosmetics, so much that I ended up working for them. Oh, wow. But, I feel like they have a very strong brand. Like you know when you're going in there, they have loud music playing, everyone's dressed in black, full face of makeup on, so. Yeah, they just captivated me. Wonderful. I love the Mini Cooper brand. Oh, yes. It's one of my favorites, their customer service is amazing, their cars are fun, and they definitely deliver on their brand promise. Very good, Cooper, yes? I'm a big fan of Netflix, because they reinvented how entertainment works and they change it, the timing of when you watch things. So you don't have to expect for that time of the night to watch your favorite T.V. show. You can just watch it any time. Wonderful, thanks for sharing. And, Carolina, our internet audience has chimed in, as usual, big shout out to one of our favorites here, Red Scorpio is one of our regular students. She likes the shoe brand Vans. They definitely set a tone. Valerie from Arizona likes Adobe. We have a couple of people who are chatting about Starbucks, which of course, a major brand. We're hearing about Volvo. Smurfy says, "Chupa Chupa Lollipops." Not a brand I'm familiar with but that sounds good. Yeah. And Trent says, I really like the automotive brand Jaguar. They're decision and dedication to keep the brand historic, yet relevant, is very important and strategic. Wonderful, thank you. Thank you for sharing your favorite brand and I want you to think for a second what they might have in common. There's many reasons why you pick these brands. First, you're willing to associate yourself with them. They tell as much about the brand as they tell something about you. They're part of your daily life. They're in your head, top of mind, right? The question was very quick and the brand had to come immediately from all the brands that you use every day. These are the type of brands we should aspire to create. Those that have that, both emotional connection with you and the hardwired in your brain that, when even think of a category, think of an occasion, they come up and that's what I call Star Brands. Those that rise above the rest. Those that really make a difference in your life, to the degree that you're carrying them with you along your life journey. So we're gonna be talking a lot about Star Brands and as I shared with you, the intent is that we learn what they do best so that we can role model those behaviors as you go off and build your own brand. So, we're gonna start with the first six principles, and I'm gonna share some examples and the intent is that we're very clear on what are the things that we should aspire to role model in our new brand.

Class Description

For anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of branding in an approachable way, this class offers an effective model that offers structured guidance and professional tips for building, managing, and marketing any brand.

Based on her book ‘Star Brands’, Instructor Carolina Rogoll will take you through the five step model for brand success, which includes:

  • Step 1: Brand Assessment & Goal Setting
  • Step 2: Equity and Targeting
  • Step 3: Crafting a Communication Strategy
  • Step 4: Marketing Mix
  • Step 5: Marketing Plan & Measurement

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Absolutely great course. Carolina is a great instructor and she passes the "information" the best valuable way it is possible.....Very easy to understand, to follow, that worths every minute. I highly recommend 100% and more! Thank you!

Anders Madsen

For a small business owner with aspirations to grow and a basic knowledge of theoretical marketing as well as a couple of years of less than stellar success with practical marketing, this is a fantastic course. Carolina takes a lot of common marketing theory (Maslow, the 4 P's, e.g.) and translates it into something that exists in the real world and can be used in both the strategic planning as well as the day-to-day tasks that is the core of your product development, your pricing strategy, your marketing efforts and eventually your company brand. The course is densely packed with information, and although I just finished watching it live, I already know that I will buy it and use it as a future reference - it is that good.