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How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life

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When You are Covered in Labels and Logos

Jennifer Baumgartner

How to Dress Better and Improve Your Life

Jennifer Baumgartner

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21. When You are Covered in Labels and Logos

Lesson Info

When You are Covered in Labels and Logos

The next one is the work, I'm sorry the logo mania when your covered in labels. And a lot of people do this, reasons, because we talk about the association. It is set up that brands that we like have kind of a story with them. We're emotionally connected to the story they present. And we buy these clothes not cuz of logos, the logos have mean-, no meaning, but because we believe that we become part of this brand. It's a link, so a lot of times the association. The association helps us cover what we may not feel that we have, that we don't have, that we might want, or that we have, and we want to enhance. It's also a way to establish rank. So we really don't have a hierarchy in this country that's spoken, there is no, um monarchy of royalty, there's no caste system that we can really define, that we're stuck in. We're often relatively mobile, so our logos, our brands, our objects help us define a ranking system without having one that's imposed on us. So a lot of people use that in that...

way. Um, its also a feeling of belonging to people that we feel are like us and then removing those that are not. Um, and as we have more exposure to brands that we may have not normally seen or been able to afford, we habituate to the effects. A thousand dollar jean sounds completely insane. A thousand dollar shoes sounded crazy maybe five years ago. But now that we've seen people wearing a thousand dollar shoes, we hear about it, it's "normal," that we all of a sudden think that "well it doesn't sound so crazy if you got a thousand dollar shoe". So we start to habituate to the effects, um, of that. So that's many of the reasons why we buy these logos. So some of the questions I ask people are "Are you only buying designer?" "Do most of your clothes have logos?" "Do you feel uncomfortable wearing anything but logos?" "Do you spend more than you should on logos?" Ah, "If you tried not to wear logos, do you feel naked?" So those are just some of the questions I ask people, and if you feel that this is you, you may have an issue, really not with logos, but what is your own brand? What are you, without the logos? So here's some of the treatments that I use. Number one I'm looking at, any overuse of anything, looses its meaning. So if your wearing a logo and your wearing it all the time, and everybody else wears it, and your wearing it to kinda make a statement. It's loosing its meaning as its used all the time. Um, also reanni- reassessing, so trying to go out with somebody that you kinda want to asses you in a specific way, without any logos, without anything that has a brand attached to it. And do you feel uncomfortable? And if you do then maybe there might be an issue there. If you don't and you just like brands because you like brands that's different. Um, remove what you don't like, even though there's a logo on it. So I hear a lot of people say, "Well it's designer, I can't give this away, but I wanna keep it because its designer!" (laughs) So, I say "Well do you really like it?" "No I don't" well then remove it if you don't like it. I also have picture it, take a picture of your outfits, you mentioned this before Lisa, You know making sure you take a picture of how you feel to make yourself feel better, but you can also taka a picture to say "Am I doing this, does this look absurd?". Uh, I say stretch, go without the logo somewhere and see what it feels like. The sticker shock extinction, so when we see something that's overpriced, the shock of the price becomes extinct as we see it all the time, similar to habituation. Uh, look and find the look that you like for less and see if you can recruit it, and then really know who you are. You shouldn't wear anybody else's brand on you except your own, right? And you can really define your brand and what it is and make that tangible. Who are you without your stuff? Not just your clothing and if you can answer that question go ahead and wear the logos. But if your struggling then you might want to kind of internally develop who you are. And rather than looking for a brand story, create your own story, kind of cease and desist, put yourself on a logo diet, try to, to develop who you are and then move from there. If you still want to wear the logos, put them right back in your life.

Class Description

Every time we buy a piece of clothing and choose an outfit to wear, we’re saying something about who we are. Our dressing behaviors are like windows into our psyches, exposing our deepest feelings, desires, conflicts, and problems.

Author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jen Baumgartner will begin by looking at the general principles of psychology of dress and fashion, then dive into the nine most common dressing difficulties—from buying more than we need to being bored with our look to avoiding mirrors.

In this fascinating course, Dr. Baumgartner will not only help you examine your wardrobe and how it reflects your emotions, but will teach you how to modify your choices so you can make real improvements to your life—both inside and out.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the principles of acquiring, assembling, storing, organizing, and removing.
  • Identify which of the nine dress difficulties applies to you.
  • Stop buying items that you don’t really need or want.
  • Avoid always being in work clothes or mom jeans.
  • Formulate a strategy for changing your behaviors and revamping your wardrobe.

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Yolanda Azpiazu

Loved it! Incredible class, so interesting and filled with new concepts, I am a big fan of the author and I admire her for the way she suggests us to analyse things with curiosity and looking "bellow the water", rather than judgement. Thank you so much for this wonderful class Dr. Baumgartner.

a Creativelive Student

It's about how you dress, but really, it's about how to use the way you dress as a lens to better understand yourself. Packed with useful information and tips, highly recommend! Thanks Jenny!