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How to Get More Done

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Get More of What Matters DONE!

Tara Swiger

How to Get More Done

Tara Swiger

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2. Get More of What Matters DONE!
Tara wants you to feel awesome at the end of a work day and shares her strategy for making that happen!

Lesson Info

Get More of What Matters DONE!

How many of you guys and you can tell me with a show of your hands, your fingers or if you're in the chat room, put in the number on the scale from one to ten how good do you feel at the end of a workday can hold up your fingers? Zero is like I feel miserable, I'm in the pit of despair ten is I'm awesome and amazing and I rock. So at the end of a typical workday one to ten, how do you guys feel? Okay, so I see two, six, six, five, five, three okay, you guys can share in the chat room, type in your numbers and let me know I noticed no one feels a ten and so I want you guys to imagine that you d'oh, you feel a ten at the end of most work sessions. Obviously, everybody has bad days, but most of the time, when you're done working, you close the computer, you step away from your sewing machine or your sisters or your paint brushes, and you feel excellent, you feel good about what you got done that day. You know what you're gonna work on in the next session, and you are proud of what you've ...

accomplished, you feel motivated to go backto work again, knowing you're going to get this stuff done. That's what I want for you that's my goal for this class is for you to feel awesome at the end of most work sessions for you to be in the eight to ten range most days because it's possible if you know what you need to dio and how you're going to get it all done, you won't feel so panicked athena today so that's what we're going to cover in the whole cost all day we're going to cover going to determine what you need to get done because that's the first part of productivity is knowing what has to get done. It doesn't matter if you get a bunch of stuff done if it's not effective, we're going to cover how to do that in your business. We're also going to identify what a realistic work day is for you because not everybody has a normal eight hour work day and not all of you work best from nine to five not everyone has a nine to five they might be taking care of their children are working a part time job working a full time job. We're going toe identify your work session is what I call it's not necessarily a work day and maybe figure out what's realistic for you and we're also going to discover what's been stopping you this is a big thing because a lot of times we don't feel productive but there's something that got in our way maybe it's clicking around on the internet maybe it's pinterest maybe it's texting with our friends or something that's been stopping you from feeling productive? We're going to identify that and hopefully get rid of it and we're going to prioritize what really matters to you in your business so that you get done what matters like I said, I don't care about you just being efficient if you're efficient at the wrong things and we're going to make a plan for keeping track of what you need to do and getting it all done because I think of a lot of the stress that we feel is because it's scattered and it's all in our brain and we're trying to remember things I see like a big nod yes, so we'll make a plan for how we're going to keep track of it and the reason why is because you don't have time to do everything I feel like we have to start by acknowledging you don't have time to do everything that you hear that you should do in your business. So everything that you've learned monday through friday of this sales boot camp you are goingto only implement the things that work best for you you don't have time to do every single idea or recommendation that you think about, you have to prioritize what makes the most sense for your business and I do not always have this figured out I am not teaching this because I'm the expert and my days are perfectly productive, and I never feel bad about a work day. I'm teaching it because I know that all of the client and students I work with this is the thing they struggle with doesn't matter if you have your profit on point, if you have your best female news that are ever you have an amazing marketing plan, if you don't do that stuff, once you make the plan, then it doesn't matter it's not going to change your business. And over the last nine years since I started my hand spun urine company, I've been talking to and paying attention to makers and trying to identify what was making the successful people successful, and I say successful, I mean their own definition of success, who were the people that we're reaching their own goals? And over the past five years, I've been working with makers one on one and in groups and learning and pay attention to all the people who are getting it right. Who seemed teo like, I feel like a nine or a ten at the end of their work day, and we're actually seeing changes in their business, and it all came down to one thing. Everybody, I've talked to everybody that I've studied everybody that arrest this question, the thing that makes the difference in your business is consistency, showing up with consistency, connecting with consistency, producing a consistent product, putting it out there for people to buy consistently and how how do you do consistency? You know, like, how do you get consistent in and day out? And the answer is a system, a system of tracking what needs to be done and actually doing it. So that's what we're gonna do today, I definitely have these same struggles, but this is what I've learned, so I'm going to share what I found works for me, but I have a different business and a lot of you guys, I'm also going to share what's worked for my students, and their favorite resource is, and we will use your examples to come up with a solution for you. So the classes for you, if you struggle to find time in your business, if you can't it's, not a you don't know how to make it a priority in your day or you are sitting down to work, but then you end up not working, and you just click their pinterest or you just talk to people on instagram, so if you're struggling to find the time to actually do the work we're going to cover that if you're frustrated trying to balance all the aspects, this is one of the number one things I hear from artisan makers if I need to spend time in the studio and I need to spend time doing admin and they need to spend time marketing so all of those things, we're going to try to figure out how to balance them in your business and also if you have a list of things you really want to do but you're not doing them, so everybody has like ideal projects that they want to get done and but all the other stuff takes over maybe it's a travel implemented the amazing marketing plan you made because you're just like doing the day today answering customer emails or maybe you haven't yesterday in abby's cross maybe made a great plan for an email newsletter, but you don't implement it because you never seem to have the time to do that. So this is where you want to start a big new project or if you're ready to start something new if you're moving from one area to another can really help if you start with the system, but above all this is about you guys it doesn't matter what worked for me, it doesn't matter what worked for somebody else, what matters is the amount of hours you have to work on your business and how you are going to use them. So there is a workbook you guys all have a workbook and online if you purchase the class, you get access to the workbook that will ask you questions to make your own system, so as we go, I'm going to be asking you to fill it out and then, like, we'll talk about it so that you end up leaving with a system that works for you. So in this very first segment, we are going to start with what matters with what you actually need to get done. So we're going tio focus on what you need to do based on your sales goals because this is the improve your holiday sales boot camp that's where we're going to start, you can start with any goal, but we're going to start with your sales goal, and we're going to ambitiously forecast your sails by that well, you're going to see in a minute way, we're going to look forward to what you'd like your sales to be, maybe by the end of the month by the end of three months and use that to schedule a production calendar, and they were going to make sure your goal is actually doable, so it doesn't matter if he's had a really big goal if it's totally overwhelming. Overwhelming, and you don't feel like it's doable. You're, you're gonna avoid working on it, and none of this is gonna work. We're also going to translate that goal in the action. What are the things you need to do? Go home to your studio, to your business and make and produce in order to reach that goal?

Class Description

Stop fretting over the limited number of hours in a day and get to work – the smart way! In How to Get More Done, Tara Swiger will lay out a simple action plan that will help you manage your time, your business, and your family life more efficiently.

When Tara's online yarn shop replaced her day job, she fielded a lot of questions about the secret to her success. One thing led to another and now she is devoted, full-time, to helping other crafty entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In this class, she’ll help you take control of your calendar and build your business. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a simple system for managing your time and tasks 
  • Prioritize time with your family 
  • Balance business, life, production, and marketing 
  • Strike the perfect balance between “studio time” and “admin time" 

You’ll identify your time-sucks and unproductive distractions and overcome common scheduling pain points by developing an action plan that works. 

Learn how to create a workday you'll love - no matter how (little) time you have. You’ll make the most of your time, keep track of your to-dos, and get the things that matter done in How to Get More Done with Tara Swiger.


a Creativelive Student

A really great class. As a newer creative business owner I have had trouble with always feeling like no matter what I worked on it wasn't the right thing or it wasn't enough. I think the advice in this class will help me feel better about my accomplishments and keep me focused on the things that will help my business. Thanks!

Jacqui Kelly

I loved it! start to finish really packed full of sensible easy to follow advice - great workbook and extra materials. Highly recommended. Tara does continually mention STARSHIP and MAPPING with out any background info on these topics which began to niggle at me but guess the answers are on her website. This was my first full class after purchasing my Creator Pass and it gets a 10/10