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How to Get More Done

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How to Make Every Day the Most Productive Ever

Tara Swiger

How to Get More Done

Tara Swiger

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17. How to Make Every Day the Most Productive Ever

Lesson Info

How to Make Every Day the Most Productive Ever

Now, I want to talk about how to make today the most productive day ever. That's ryland being cute, it's really nothing related to being productive he's the least productive person I've ever met eso how it so this is it. I really feel like we can't talk about we could talk about how to make one day productive until we talked about everything else write all the things that are holding you back all that unrealistic expectations you have in also prioritizing what matters and keeping track of everything that needs to be done, because your day won't be productive if you didn't know what you want to dio, and it wouldn't be productive if you didn't have a way of reviewing regularly your goals. So now we can talk about how to make the most productive day. You ask yourself what moves your business forward right now so these are actually a series of questions, because this is my favorite way to make the day productive is to start with questions when you sit down at your work session, uh, start b...

y asking what moves my business forward right now, then asked, what are the three most important tasks for my day? What are the three things I could do the most, and if you come these should be in alignment you should be a work around the same thing because if something moves your business forward it's going to be the most important thing you can do today and then close all tabs I knew I had that on here somewhere eso won steve ask yourself these questions go away from everything else and work that's it keep productivity you actually work so if you ever feel unproductive or like you don't have enough time revisit the foundations so you might leave here and you have a tracking system and you know what needed to be done in order to reach our sales goal and uh all of that and you put it in the place there's gonna come a time where you feel unproductive again and you feel like you're not having a ten work day so I want to revisit the foundations because usually when things were going wrong and they feel wonky and weird because you've skipped something you have either stopped setting aside a time toe work or you're not keeping track of what really needs to be done and or not regularly reviewing it like we talked about consistency and regular review or you're not doing what matters if you feel in production at the end of the day it's usually one of these three things you just kind of had a fuzzy all day work day or no no worker just like fuzzy, weird vague or you you weren't paying attention to what needed to be done or you were just doing things that didn't matter and really whenever I have several days in a row of like such a lazy slob have despair horrors I go back and I prioritize what is the most important thing what is the direction my business is going and what it's going to move me forward to that way and uh before we are going tio see if there any final questions in the chat room if you have a question ask it now and while you're typing it in because I don't take to some minutes to type I wantedto ask men she's been taking these amazing visual notes would you mind sharing it with us? I asked her ahead of time so I'm not putting her on but she's going to be sharing these on instagram and what is your name? It's uh the underscore visual scribe visual scribe the underscore visual scribe I love it so I'm so hold it up over here sure I've got several because there's just been such a so much awesome content let's just um okay oh wow that's beautiful okay so hold us up and then uh make your schedule your system work with charles swiger so this is what we just covered this what we just talked about ok so would tell me about the cups oh their buckets or buckets that maybe your bucket list and I think there was a discussion about grouping task and put them in the bucket so that was something I was struggling with too, so I just made that to make myself remember that I can have task in those buckets yes, I know and you have like production marketing admin consistency I love it um other things that I see you have the full oh yes schedule a rebel rebel I thought I was a scheduler too, but I think I'm a rebel at heart hearts around that on dh then the idea I think the fact that you brought up sort of how our brain works from focus to roaming and I'm so guilty of email every like forty five minutes that now I just get put it down my workbook noon and five o'clock I love it yeah, yeah I'm gonna try to stick to that so you email her don't expect to hear from her before noon or five p m and don't start blank I think that's what throws me off most days which is why I said on sunday to set my goals to review my projects and to understand how I want to prioritize my task on sunday I love on monday I have a very fresh start yeah and then um other things that I thought were great I think bronwyn brought this up she mentioned you know what what day or time do you do your brightest work? Not yeah, there is. There is a time that I feel like in the zone and that I feel I think that everybody feels radiant when they do their thing. Yeah, just a reminder, tio tio understand how that can be worked into our own calendars. That is just so amazing. I can't believe you were drawing this while I was talking it's been every time I see you brought something I want to like, get it? I'm amazing. Yes, that was for that one. I just have some several others which is there's a place for everything on something I've taken to heart as well. It's it's okay, it's like that constant worry and fear that you're missing something. So if you find a place for it there's a cubbyhole like there's, some people here a creative life or are things it's nice that you know, that's there I don't need to think about it. Yeah, and just get it when I when I leave yeah, on and off the commodore the pomodoro yeah, yeah, yeah. And I see you have your little clock here twenty minutes and then five minutes yeah, and just the idea of catching allows you to focus, yes, so what is this? This was someone someone I think can I was talking with tickety tickety peopl e o do that chicken thing cute looking your airplane mode yet and then the off that airplane yeah, and then boundaries. Something that I struggle with right now is my partner is at nine to fiver on my best time is actually probably, you know, sixty eight on and that's when we want he wants to hang out. So I think that balancing and maybe setting boundaries or having that communication art um, the other thing I really liked was the reins. I think someone was talking. I think abby was talking about when her daughter's in the shower yeah, pin thing that was so smart. Head yes, fantastic. So I don't know, I think there's a couple so she's going to share all of these from the whole week on our instagram feed, the underscore visual scribe with the hash tag craft week twenty fifteen okay, I just have to point out to person who said, oh, dear, I think cannot you mentioned that the artist? He said she's makes six hundred so six hundred painting and that's what I often feel when I set our schedule like aren't here, I'm gonna happen on dh understanding the filter like, what are we doing to do? Of the filter system I like that it's a coffee yeah, I love it and then there's also the big wind or a series of small winds on the road and chop chop your husband on you thrilled all of it's like getting everything together before he starts I love it um so thank you thank you for sharing it and I just so beautiful you also so check out the underscore visual scribe it's gonna be awesome so final questions people are very excited to see that. So thank you in advance wait do you have with this kind of like end of day final questions first to comment from mbw who has been with us a lot this week who says so much great info here tara thank you. Based on the ideas in this class I have come up with a new mantra for myself, which is the best way to get things done is just to begin and I am putting this mantra on the office at my on my wall at the office so bringing good for u I love encouraging other people to create whatever it is that they're little monster might be of the day of course they can always change but that's I love that idea uh so this was an interesting question that was how can I prioritize when I'm in sort of a waiting period regarding my business more specifically I'm waiting on a graphic designer so that I can start putting my website together. I do not know what to work on because I'm always in this waiting room time. And do you think that more of a psychological thing going on where I know a lot of us say I have to wait until this is done? Or I do this? I have to wait until this is done before I start this other thing and then it's hard to prioritize. So I ask the question we talked about earlier. Is that true? Is it true that you have to wait for that to be done before you can do anything else? Because while your websites being designed without knowing what your business is, you could create blawg posts that are going to go live when they're ready to just write them in ever notre google docks, you could create products that will go in your shop, you can take the photos, you can write the descriptions you can, whatever your products are you khun start creating them long before you have a website. And in fact, when people ask, how do I start? I always say, make something, make something you'd like to sell, figure out the steps of making it first, so if you're waiting for a graphic design, er, you can be making stuff. Right now and so that's the question is is it true that you're in a waiting period now obviously you are waiting for the website to be finished before you do anything with a website but you could build a platform elsewhere on twitter, instagram or facebook you could start connecting with your people you can make your email list and get it all ready so that when your sight is live, the email list could be part of that and you can pre write things that are going to go out to your email list and it doesn't matter if it's going to be in six days or six weeks or six months you wanna write stuff that will be ever green and useful to your people you can write it now that's what I say is I'd say figure out and it goes back to the thing we talked about what you have control of and what you don't have control of when they're going to finish something you don't have control of that you have control of so much up into that point all right that's great this other one came from craig chap and had fourteen votes I wanted teo say what kind of people have been voting on it for of the day? Okay, I'm starting from earlier the question is there a statement? I have multiple product ideas in different areas just like a lot of us all of which are in progress. How can I best prioritize which items I should focus on? First, I seem, teo flit from one to the other, and back forth with ever without ever finishing anything, because I'm not sure which will be the most successful. Yes, so, sadly, you can't know which will be the most successful. There is no way of knowing before you do it, so I recommend there's a couple different ways. This is just like prioritizing there's a couple different ways. You can filter it, you can filter it by the thing that you most value, where the thing you think you are most the filter I love, and the filter I recommend for everyone is enthusiasm. What do you most enthusiastic about? What gets you so excited that you could not wait to work on it? Work on that? You do not know if it will be your most successful, but nothing will be successful until you put something out there. So while I completely understand having fifty passions, pick one thing, make it, make it available for sale, connect with people who will buy it, and then give it three to six months of you really working hard and introducing it to people, and if it doesn't work, you move on to the next thing, but often, if you pick that first thing based on your enthusiasm, you will continue to have enthusiasm for it. That enthusiasm will spread to other people you will be, you will know how to connect with them because it's something you're excited about. If you try to go by what's going to be the most successful, no one has any way of knowing, and often we tell ourselves it's, something less fun will be successful, like, well, if it was really professional, it would probably be successful then you tend to not ever get to energy and never go through, so pick something, work on it, share it fantastic. Well, we have a lot of thanks that are already coming in on dh one I'll read off amazing, awesome class today. Thank you so much. I've been overwhelmed starting my business and this information has given me a process two more moved forward with focus, and I really love that process moving forward and focused, yeah, bring glory. Thank you. I want a sort of final words. Do you have focused our well? I wanted to let you guys know that on page twenty one of your workbook we didn't get to it because this is for you to fill out later for you to review what's working, you're going to put your system in the place which maybe some of you needed to make big changes and maybe some of your making small change is like you're just starting to review each weekend each day you got rid of some internal rules, but you want to review it because productivity doesn't stand still. What works for you right now? If you go on monday and you have a work day that's an absolute ten, I can promise you that it will not be the same. A system that works for you a year from now or two years from now part of that is because we're creative entrepreneurs and our creativity will take us in new places and require knew things from it. And part of it is just that your life's going to be different in two years, different things. You have different chunks of time. You have different priorities. Your have different values. So it's okay, like we said at the beginning, it's okay, if you feel like a four or six on your work days and it's, okay, if what really works for you today doesn't work for you later and also you have permission to take us on long as you need to take to figure out what is working for you and know that it's always shifting it's always going to be changing. As soon as you feel like I have it all worked out, a new project will land in your lap and you're like, this project is something totally new. This requires a completely different buckets of time, so it doesn't stand still and that's okay, your job is to keep paying attention to what's working and to prioritize getting to a nine or a ten at the end of the workday and giving yourself a break. You don't just have permission for you, too feel how we feel about your work day and for you to get done what you get done and no, that that's okay, you're doing your best and that's what matters fantastic final word, thank you so, so much on behalf of everybody that has been watching at home. So many comments that air coming in saying, this isn't an incredible class, and so I highly encourage everybody to go ahead and check out cars hub, which I'd like to say of at taurus swagger dot com so much amazing information your newsletter sending out information weekly lessons your podcast and just you're just a wealth of information and a pleasure to meet you hadn't worked with you before I know you have been here on crete alive, so thank you so, so much, thanks everyone.

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Stop fretting over the limited number of hours in a day and get to work – the smart way! In How to Get More Done, Tara Swiger will lay out a simple action plan that will help you manage your time, your business, and your family life more efficiently.

When Tara's online yarn shop replaced her day job, she fielded a lot of questions about the secret to her success. One thing led to another and now she is devoted, full-time, to helping other crafty entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In this class, she’ll help you take control of your calendar and build your business. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a simple system for managing your time and tasks 
  • Prioritize time with your family 
  • Balance business, life, production, and marketing 
  • Strike the perfect balance between “studio time” and “admin time" 

You’ll identify your time-sucks and unproductive distractions and overcome common scheduling pain points by developing an action plan that works. 

Learn how to create a workday you'll love - no matter how (little) time you have. You’ll make the most of your time, keep track of your to-dos, and get the things that matter done in How to Get More Done with Tara Swiger.

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a Creativelive Student

A really great class. As a newer creative business owner I have had trouble with always feeling like no matter what I worked on it wasn't the right thing or it wasn't enough. I think the advice in this class will help me feel better about my accomplishments and keep me focused on the things that will help my business. Thanks!

Jacqui Kelly

I loved it! start to finish really packed full of sensible easy to follow advice - great workbook and extra materials. Highly recommended. Tara does continually mention STARSHIP and MAPPING with out any background info on these topics which began to niggle at me but guess the answers are on her website. This was my first full class after purchasing my Creator Pass and it gets a 10/10