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How to Get More Done

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The 3 Parts of Getting Stuff Done

Tara Swiger

How to Get More Done

Tara Swiger

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10. The 3 Parts of Getting Stuff Done

Lesson Info

The 3 Parts of Getting Stuff Done

What we're going to talk about now is when you actually get work done so we're going to cover the three parts of a getting stuff done system and the good thing is there's only three parts so if you've been over complicating it we're going uncomplicated and we're going teo uh in this segment talk about the first part of the system which is actually setting aside a specific time toe work and we're going to dig into that and cover what kind of times need in your business and everyone's different so you are going to explore your own kind of times you need end what to do if you truly truly have no time we covered this little bit in the last segment about how you feel like you have no time there are some situations in which you really don't have any time we're gonna talk about that and how to make the time you have more effective and with that I'll be sharing my favorite apse for productivity so now if you are feeling overwhelmed by all you need to do and you can't actually seem to get any o...

f it done it's usually because you're missing one of the three parts off the system and it's like many artists that I work with don't have a system at all and but a system lead teo the habit of productivity is what I mean when I say system is that it is a regular flow of events that happens that helps you manage anything. So I have a system for how I write block post you probably have a system about how you make a certain product. You know what? Step one step two step three is you might have a system of how you get groceries in your house or how you cook dinner. How you make sure the dishes don't pile up in your sink there are all kinds of systems at work and knowing and recognizing the systems you khun spot what's working what's not working and improve them the other way to think about a system is that it is a habit it's a thing that you do kind of automatically without having to rethink it each time. So each time you sit down to make your product, you probably don't start from the beginning unless you're an artist and you're making a painting you don't start from I don't know what the steps are of making this wallet, you know, all the steps of making that wallet and so it's become the kind of habit I'm going to make a wallet and all the steps I do it it's none have it is also like brushing your teeth or what you never hopefully forget or feeding your kid or your cat or dog those things that you just get in the habit of doing and what I want is for productivity to become a habit getting the right things done when you sit down to work, I want that become a habit, and by doing that we're gonna build the system. They're just three parts of the system. The first one is setting aside a specific time to work that's part one the sad part is figuring out what matters and keeping track of it it's like we were saying with the tasks and projects, you don't have to keep it all in your head all of the time we want to have a way of tracking it so that you can stop thinking about it but know that it's like safe and that you're going to remember it and come back to it. And then the third part of system is just doing work, actually getting it done that's super important, and if you don't have that part of it, you have your specific time to work and you figured out what matters, but you never actually do anything that it's not a very productive system and the same thing applies to a marketing plan or profitability plan if you don't actually do the work, then it's not going to be very effective so in this segment we'll talk about the first one and then the last thing that we'll talk about the next to so let's talk about setting aside a specific time to work I've mentioned this in bits in pieces because the idea of boundaries has come up and we've talked about you know, working all night long or feeling like you're never not working or setting up boundaries with other people but all of that comes back to this one thing there's no getting around it if you want to get work done you have to set a specific timeto work if you wait for time to open up it's never gonna happen you have to make the time happened or make the rules for what time you'll use when it does happen so I know several people have small children and their their how they time is they can't really schedule that ahead of time that they have plans where the kid is napping while the kid is in the bath but the kid doesn't need me I'm gonna work in those chunks that's one way of setting aside time another way is toe schedule it on your calendar another way is just to make it a habit I get up and I just start work and then I end work at a specific time and that's my habit so it's so important to set aside a time and then train yourself to consistently stay within it not well, let's talk about why so the first thing is that ensures you actually have time to work on your business because if you are feeling like you aren't sure you're going to get it all done and it's kind of pressing in on you all know what I'm going to do it all if you have time set aside, you know it's okay, I'm going to get it all done, so I'm working on a big project, I don't have to work on it the first day all the way to the end because I know tomorrow I'm coming back to this and the next day I'm coming back to this, I can keep coming back, I know when it will be don't worry, oh, no, we'll never get done because there's a time for it and it also gives you reassurance that everything has a time that if I'm working on project a project b is okay and this is where a lot of the stress that people have with productivity comes in because they think I don't know when I'll do this. I don't know when I'll have time. If I if I work on this, will I do that? This having a system, having a set aside time is going to give you reassurance and just call me down we'll be fine, I'm gonna get to it no big deal I'm not worried and it's also going to help you use your time effectively and with purpose because if you work just you don't have a set aside time you work twenty four hours today you're always on some people mention in the chat about how they feel guilty if they're not working that they're not being productive during their off hours well, if you live like that, then there's never a time for working on a time for not working so it's all both and if you are always working and not working, you'll never feel like you got anything done you won't be effective in your time and you're not gonna have a purpose and so that is why we have to set aside the time the other reason is that it gives your you boundaries and others boundaries. So that thing we were talking about earlier with creating boundaries for other people in your life and saying these are my work hours do not cross them the same thing is true of you you need to set aside the time so you have boundaries that you don't cross so that you actually have a life you actually do all the other stuff you actually take time to be inspired you take time to, you know, shower and eat like having those boundaries make sure that you still have a life outside of your business because like we said earlier that is part of the reason we all went into business so that we could have a life and enjoy it so that is why we're going to set us at a time is everybody clear about that I think many of you have time set aside when we were talking about what you do now your mom mostly having time to work and the thing is when everything has a time we should talk more about the second but it helps you over a void you know avoid overwhelmed you are not so flustered at the big list of things you have to do because you know it'll get done it has a time I'm going to do it so some people say like you're doing a lot of projects I don't know how you're doing all those projects but everything has a time so it's all getting done so I'm not thinking about all the projects I'm thinking about the project in this time like while I'm teaching I'm not thinking about the other projects that have I'm just thinking about teaching because I know they all have time and so when your marketing you don't feel good too you're not making because you know you have a making time when you're making you don't feel guilty about not marketing you know you have a marketing time you're feeling overwhelmed this might be the solution you need to set aside the time

Class Description

Stop fretting over the limited number of hours in a day and get to work – the smart way! In How to Get More Done, Tara Swiger will lay out a simple action plan that will help you manage your time, your business, and your family life more efficiently.

When Tara's online yarn shop replaced her day job, she fielded a lot of questions about the secret to her success. One thing led to another and now she is devoted, full-time, to helping other crafty entrepreneurs realize their dreams. In this class, she’ll help you take control of your calendar and build your business. 

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement a simple system for managing your time and tasks 
  • Prioritize time with your family 
  • Balance business, life, production, and marketing 
  • Strike the perfect balance between “studio time” and “admin time" 

You’ll identify your time-sucks and unproductive distractions and overcome common scheduling pain points by developing an action plan that works. 

Learn how to create a workday you'll love - no matter how (little) time you have. You’ll make the most of your time, keep track of your to-dos, and get the things that matter done in How to Get More Done with Tara Swiger.

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a Creativelive Student

A really great class. As a newer creative business owner I have had trouble with always feeling like no matter what I worked on it wasn't the right thing or it wasn't enough. I think the advice in this class will help me feel better about my accomplishments and keep me focused on the things that will help my business. Thanks!

Jacqui Kelly

I loved it! start to finish really packed full of sensible easy to follow advice - great workbook and extra materials. Highly recommended. Tara does continually mention STARSHIP and MAPPING with out any background info on these topics which began to niggle at me but guess the answers are on her website. This was my first full class after purchasing my Creator Pass and it gets a 10/10