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Get an Integrated Win

Lesson 26 from: How to Hire, Train and Manage a Rockstar Growth Team for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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26. Get an Integrated Win

Lesson Info

Get an Integrated Win

This is the time when I need to insert teamwork of multi-cultural hipsters to show yay, teamwork, right? Don't you all feel like teamwork going on? Here's how we integrate, create that integrated win. We need to identify a solvable problem. Now it's not necessarily about the impact of it. Now we're deferring to ease. Got me? The first one was all impact, but independent impact. Needed to be able to self contain impact. Now, it really is about ease. It really is about ease, but we wanna have an outside champion. We want to begin to broaden the scope. We wanna begin to broaden who's involved in this. The best way I've found to do this, is to find somebody who has a pet project that they've always wanted to get done, and they haven't been able to do it. If you can go to somebody on a separate team, separate department, and say, "I've heard you've been wanting to do this. "We'd like to take that on." You're gonna get their full support. It can even be helpful. The person who's running the ...

growth team to go and ask around, people on products, you know, sales, maybe on the marketing team. What are some of the things that we've always wanted to try and do, but we haven't been able to get done? Figure out what people's respective pet projects are and see if you can't knock that out. But it needs to be solvable. It also needs to be quick, because now people are watching. Now you are under the microscope. That's why we say we're going to default to ease. The quick win was about, was about impact, and so it wasn't so much about quick, in terms of how long did it take, but like the sense that, "Yeah, wow, where did that come from?" You want the first one to feel like an overnight success that you've actually been working on forever. It's like a startup. You're like, "Wow, overnight success." Like, we've been doing this for two years. That's what step four should feel like. It's a quick win. This integrated win, literally needs to be quick. You gotta get in, get out, get it done.

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Scott Nelson

Course was amazing! I'm a startup founder & the content was perfect for stage of our company. Ryan is a fantastic presenter & I found both his delivery as well as his ability to answer pointed questions to be extremely helpful. I'd recommend this to any company looking to build a growth team!

Marvin Liao

This was an incredibly helpful class & i found many of the frameworks & suggestions immediately useful. Well worth it.

Ato Kasymov

Amazing class !! Really complex issues are simplified and put together in a systemic and practical way !! Just take into work and reap the benefits !!

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