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How to Hire, Train and Manage a Rockstar Growth Team for Your Business

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The Tools We Use

Ryan Deiss

How to Hire, Train and Manage a Rockstar Growth Team for Your Business

Ryan Deiss

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16. The Tools We Use


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The Tools We Use

Alright I wanna just cover some quick tools that we use because everybody asks. I will say before we get to this tools are, it's like arguing about a Chevy or Ford in Texas where I grew up. People have these fights like, and they're both trucks y'all. So, just know the tool that you use, if I didn't mention yours, it doesn't mean that I don't like it and it isn't great. I'm sure it gets the job done. I'm just showing you the ones that we use. And often times these are the tools that we use because they're the tools that the people that we work with have always used. Alright, so not knocking yours, I'm sure it's great, but these are the ones that we use. Google Analytics, I will tell you if you don't have Google Analytics on your site, why not? It's free, you should do that. Kind of crazy if you don't. By all means have Google Analytics up there. We use Visual Website Optimizer for split testing. It's not perfect but it's the one that we've used. Another great solution is Optimizely. Op...

timizely is used by a lot so. VWO, Optimizely, competitors. We had a person on our team that was an Optimizely person. That person left, a new person came on, they were a VWO person, now we're using VWO. Chevy, Ford, they're both trucks. Google also has an optimization tool, Google Optimize and I'm sure there's lots of other ones. But these are all the ones that we have used. This is for split-testing. For doing basic and even multi-variant split-testing. I love this service, I love this tool One of your best sources for ideas will come from looking at what your competitors are doing and also looking at what the companies that you really respect are doing. So you can go in there, they have this intelligence tool, you put up there the websites that you wanna track, the different companies that you wanna see like let me know when they change anything. And if they change anything at all, Crayon will tell you, hey, they updated one of their websites. That could inform some ideas. That can inform some ideas. I have our growth lead, they're required to keep this going and report on here's what's going, here's what's happened. Great service. And then they also, Crayon, it sounds like an ad for Crayon, but I really do like their solution. You can go and just search landing pages, home pages, order forms and they're gonna give you a listing and a directory of screenshots of other people's forms, other people's pages. So if you wanna get new ideas it's a great source for design ideas, for UI/UX ideas, for copyrighting ideas, all there. Awesome, awesome tool. Intercom gives you really great deep user data, certainly within product. So finding out what people are using, where are they getting stuck. Big if you're doing anything software or SAS related. If you're dealing with product qualified leads, so people signing up for a demo or a trial. The people that tend to turn out, they never really use this feature or the people that use the feature tend to not turn out. Intercom can help you get that data, we use it for that. And then a competitor to Intercom a little bit, but we use it completely different, is Drift. That allows us to have customer conversations and just find out the questions that people have and maybe where they're getting hung up in real time. So another great solution. This is where our sales team does come to us with ideas. They're like people keep asking about this or they seem confused about this. If you find that they're asking the same question again and again and again, it's a point of analysis. Instapage is what we use for rapid prototyping. Now there are a ton of landing page tools out there. Right you have Lead Pages is a great solution. There's a lot of different landing page builders out there. Unbounce is another great landing page builder. There's lots of landing page builders. Instapage is another one of those landing page builders, but we don't actually use Instapage to create landing pages that our customers will see. We use Instapage so our marketing department and people on the marketing team can mock up landing page designs. Because wire frames aren't good enough. And this is a very simple to use tool that if you don't know what you're doing ... And it's completely flexible. Like all the other ones when you're looking at Unbounce and these other tools, they're fixed, they're template based, appropriately so because they don't want you to break it. Instapage, you can create a super funky looking page that's all broken and jacked up if you don't know what you're doing. We want to allow our marketing team to do that, because ultimately we're primarily using it as a wire framing tool. We will, in the case of rapid prototyping, go ahead build it, clean it up, and crank it out and send it through. But for us, primarily, it's for rapid prototyping. And then we use Invisionapp to allow our marketing team to communicate and make suggestions to our designers. Invisionapp, all the people on our growth team, that's how they communicate with their designers as well as outside designers. And then shameless plug, It's a full disclosure, we own this company. And they give you on page user insights in the form of heat maps, videos. It will also track form submissions, so how many fields are people beginning to fill out. That's how we were able to find out that our forms were too long. Where was the friction within a form? You can do net promoter score type things with this tool, so it's a good way to get user behavior data. So I said before, I'm not really a huge fan of surveys, but I do like watching what people are doing. And this allows you to watch what people are doing. So you guys have a sense of the growth acceleration process. Of how to leverage the growth idea sheet and now the tools that we use.

Class Description

It's a fact of life in the world of business: Sales and marketing teams just don't get along. But in order for a company to be successful, it's imperative to find a way for all parties to work together toward a single, overarching goal.

According to Ryan Deiss, founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer, the answer to this eternal conundrum is to develop a "growth team”—a cohesive unit that brings people together to minimize conflict and maximize revenue.

This course will take you through the step-by-step process of building a growth team, including how to establish an organizational structure, identify metrics and KPIs, and create meeting agendas. For companies wanting to take their business to the next level, this course is a must.

In this class, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the four roles and eight critical skills that define the modern growth team.
  • Audit your existing team and fill in the gaps.
  • Structure your team to maximize communication and accountability.
  • Prioritize growth ideas and align your team to the same strategic goal.
  • Develop the structure of growth meetings and decide on their frequency and who should be in attendance.
  • Launch a growth team in both new and legacy businesses.
  • Eliminate the conflict that's inherent between sales and marketing teams.
  • Improve internal communication.
  • Identify the metrics and KPIs that actually matter.


Scott Nelson

Course was amazing! I'm a startup founder & the content was perfect for stage of our company. Ryan is a fantastic presenter & I found both his delivery as well as his ability to answer pointed questions to be extremely helpful. I'd recommend this to any company looking to build a growth team!

Marvin Liao

This was an incredibly helpful class & i found many of the frameworks & suggestions immediately useful. Well worth it.

Ato Kasymov

Amazing class !! Really complex issues are simplified and put together in a systemic and practical way !! Just take into work and reap the benefits !!