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How to Produce a Weekly Podcast

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Recommended Equipment

Alexandra DiPalma

How to Produce a Weekly Podcast

Alexandra DiPalma

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7. Recommended Equipment


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Lesson Info

Recommended Equipment

This is like, some of my favorite, these are my favorite resources. Audacity is a free editing software, you just have to download it, this is what it looks like. It's pretty professional, like, and you don't have to spend any money on it. This is my favorite microphone, it's currently on sale from $99. I have no like, sponsorship or any tie to this. But basically, this is something that you plug into your USB, like, on your computer and you can record directly into Audacity or your editing software. And if you're in a quiet room, it sounds really exactly like you're in a studio. This is, so eCamm Recorder for Skype and Zencaster are really cool resources for doing podcasts with remote guests for doing interviews. So, call recorder for Skype is basically you can set it up on your Skype and have a conversation with somebody via Skype and record that conversation. And the call quality is pretty high. Like, it's like, I think it costs, I think it's like, $40 for unlimited use, but you can...

use that and it's great quality. Even better quality, actually, is this thing called Zencaster. I think there's actually not an E, it's like one of those like, startups that doesn't use vowels, but it lets you record, it's so weird, it's such a trend. So basically, the reason this one is good is it records like, the guest, so it's like, I'm calling somebody in New York. It records their audio locally to their computer and then my audio here, like, on my computer, so it's on two separate tracks. So there's never like, interference. Something that Seth taught me to do, I know it's not necessarily realistic for everybody, but if you have like, a really high-profile guest or somebody you really care about, we sometimes like, send a USB mic to the person, like, we ship it to them with a return label. And so, when we interview them via Zencaster, they have a really nice mic, we have a really nice mic, and it like, honestly, ends up kind of sounding studio quality.

Class Description

Producing a podcast week after week can be a challenging and exhausting undertaking. Coming up with new ideas, creating a sustainable workflow, and keeping up with a hectic production schedule can suck all the fun out of your podcasting venture.

Audio producer and journalist Alexandra DiPalma will help you learn how to produce and publish your weekly podcast without taking the joy out of the process. She’ll cover everything from developing a show structure to booking guests to building your audience, so you can achieve your podcasting goals without losing your mind.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Overcome the obstacles of weekly content production.
  • Achieve high production quality in a tight turnaround period.
  • Develop a show structure, including recurring segments and formatting.
  • Conduct, record, and edit high-quality remote interviews.
  • Create a signature sound.
  • Use social media to promote each week.


Ladonna Armstrong

This was the first course I took on Podcasting and I am really glad I chose this one. It was just enough information to get me excited and take the leap! Thank you so much!


This was the first Creative Live course I've taken and it was such a clear and quick overview which has really motivated - thank you so much!

Nigel Rawlins

This is a fabulous, professional introduction to starting a serious podcast. Alexandra's expert knowledge shines through and well worth listening to.