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How to Retire Early: The Latte Factor

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FITE - Financial Independence to Transition Early

David Bach

How to Retire Early: The Latte Factor

David Bach

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7. FITE - Financial Independence to Transition Early
Learn about the FIRE movement and David’s take on transitioning vs retiring. David reviews how to plan backwards from your desired retirement age, introduces the 50/20 formula and shows the effect of turbocharging your income stream.


Lesson Info

FITE - Financial Independence to Transition Early

what we're gonna do right now is talk about the fire movement. How many of you have actually heard about the fire? Moved? Only one person so interesting you were about to fire movement Is this hugely popular movement that really millions of people online and maybe some of you at home are are part of the fire movement. Fire moment stands for financial independence. Retire early. So there's a whole movement, especially young people across America now actually is going global that are saying, I I don't want toe around my timeline anymore, but I don't want to retired 60 or 65. I want to retire sooner, and they're looking for ways to retire sooner. I'll call, walk you through what people are doing and how. If you want to be one of those people, what you need to dio. So the first question ask yourself is, Why would you want to retire? And I think that that just does Anybody here who doesn't have employer watching want to retire early? Because Because if you're wrong, you like it? Yeah, I do.

One retired early. I think it's really important. Ask yourself why What I've found is the answer is actually not. The answer is actually not being in a position to not work. When I really dig into what people want to retire, it's usually because somebody wants to stop doing somebody don't like. So they have a job they don't like, and they're just tired. One thing that happens as we get older is our pan for bullshit becomes less. Our tolerance for bullshit becomes less right. So you'll meet people when they're in their late fifties and you go, Why did you retire your first, like I just can't take it anymore, right? And so they're finally at a point where they saved enough money and that's when people retire in their late fifties and early sixties. But when you step back and go, OK, I know what you don't like. So tell me all the reasons why you what you're moving away from, it's really going to give you two lines right now. You've got these white papers you go make a long ago. Left hand side is what I don't want. On the right hand side is what I do want. I'm moving away from this and I'm moving towards that. What I'm seeing is the people who are having success in the fire movement. They have clearly around three things. One, They have clarity around the dollar amount that they feel it's gonna take them to be free. And the critical thing to say here is different. Every one of them. It's different for every one of you. Some people are like when I have 1/4 $1,000, I'm done and they're gonna go live a super low cost lifestyle and they're in fear how to make it work. Some people like I need a $1,000,000. I'm done Other people, like I just need six months expensive set aside so I could leave my job and I could be a creator. Um, that's why to me, it's not so much about being done. Like the critics of the fire movement are obsessed with the fact that, well, these people are going to retire early, and they're not going to save enough money in their run out. I actually, every the people I meet in the fire movement, they're not actually retired. They've left a job they don't like, they're doing something else. They figured out a lifestyle that doesn't involve having a corporate job, but they don't want any more. They've found freedom in another way. It just makes sense. So I've decided to rename this movement National Can't can't rename the Fire Movement. I'm gonna just call up my own movement. I'm naming it the fight movement. Fight stands for financial independence to transition pearling because I think what Mawr people need is a transition plan. You know, when I took my sabbatical, you heard me talk about with Chase. Earlier, at I was burned out and tired and not enjoying was doing, even though it was my dream still tired, and that year off gave me a reboot on life. It didn't recharge my batteries. It replaced my batteries. That was a transition. I didn't know that that's what it waas. But that year off, transition me emotionally, spiritually, physically energy wise, creativity wise. And I was in a financial position to take a year off. I'm taking another year off. I'm getting ready to go to Florence, Italy, for a year at 52 and I'm gonna have a year of my family to go abroad. So instead of retiring, I'm taking breaks, recharging and then going again, which I think take me then all the way through my life. Because I think if we would take more bricks in transition to new things, we would never stop. They used to say, like you should replay it yourself every seven years. Have you ever heard that phrase? But it is important anything that you do in life. After 7 to 10 years, usually you've mastered it. Unless a new challenge comes along, you become bored. So a lot of you you're just bored with what you're doing now. It was fun once upon a time, and it's not fun now and then. Eventually, instead of being bored, it becomes bs, right? Because you not once you're bored, then it usually goes the opposite way. And then people start counting their time friend. Oh, my God. I've got 15 more years of doing this. Well, rather than be that person in their fifties who is forced out, I'd like to help all of you transition if you want to. So what does it take to transition there? Couple of transit. You can transition to never needing to work. You can also just transition to I need this much money to go to the next thing. So some of you are asking like, How do I prioritise? One thing to ask yourself is if you if you're here because your creator and you've got an idea for a business and you wanna go for this, this new thing, how much money do you need to set aside to get there? Most of you have you had a year's worth of expenses set aside, You would feel comfortable taking the rest to leave your job. It's always fascinating to me how much money people feel they need for their whole life to change. I used to have a radio show on Sirius Satellite, and The New York Times came along after the automatic familiar came out and did a whole story about the lottery factor actually took the picture of Oprah and I on stage with the quart of a $1,000,000 in cash that we showed on her stage. And so there's a picture of that in this article, and he spent the day with me to radio Station, and he tracked his lot a factor and he talked about how it changed his life. One things he said. He said, How much money does it take for a person to change your life as it How much money do you think it takes? How much money thing people really want? Goebbels asked on the radio. And I had everybody guests in the studio. Most people thought the amount of money that people would want if I gave you this much money would change your life. Most people thought he was going to a $1,000,000 and I said, It's gonna be 10 grand or less that the average person $10,000 would totally change your life And the phone calls start coming in and it's like that $1000.5000 dollars, $10,000 only one person, $72 million. So the thing is, a lot of you need a lot less money to transition to your new life. I want you saw me talk about the 50 20 formula early on. I just want to go back to this because those you I think a $1,000,000 a great number to work towards because there's five billion people in the world and 42 million or a 1,000,000 years so still a small, tiny portion and, like 99% Americans aren't millionaires. That's why when I wrote the automatic millionaire people like, Well, why? Why millionaire? Because 99% heart millionaires. So what does it take to get $2 million? You want to get there faster? It's $50 a day for 20 years. A 10% boom, $1,139,000 years, three million $390,000. $50 a day for most people is two hours of the other income for most people. A lot of you make more than that. For some of you. It's actually one hour day of your income If you want to retire early. This is a slide that is gonna just be annoying because it's what you actually have to dio. It's this simple. You have to spend less. You typically need to make more an ideal world. You do both spend less and make more you to invest more aggressively, which doesn't mean going on buying Bitcoin, but you have to be in assets. They're getting higher rates return. You need to track it daily. The one thing that people in the fire movement do is they're of They're obsessed with tracking their net worth and they measure it, measure it and they measure and they blogged about it publicly. That's kind of how the fire movement got going is people are like, I'm going to say this money, I'm broke. I'm gonna track it. I'm gonna show you every day. And by doing that, other people started encouraging each other. So you got to spend less than you make. You got to cut your expenses. You can grow your income in the best approaches to do both. I just want to show something here because we have so many entrepreneurs that will watch this. People underestimate how small amounts of money in extra income, if saved, can change your life. So if you grow your income by $5 a month at 8% in 20 years you have nearly $300,000. Assuming you saved it all in 25 years, you have nearly 1/2 a 1,000,000 in years you could have 7 $30,000.500 dollars a month. You could drive uber today, make an extra $5 a month, not a day but a month. You could be on Fiverr today and have a job part like There's so much you can do today to bring in extra money. You could be a multilevel marketing. What if you did $1000 a month $1000 a month in 20 years, you could have an extra $592, again if you saved it. And I'm using a percent years, almost a 1,000,000. 30 years, 1.5 million small amounts of money can change your life. A lot of you is entrepreneurs who are doing well. This is a pretty amazing number, and I know a lot of people don't believe they could make $10,000 a month. But a lot of people dio as entrepreneurs. Look at these numbers like you could be broke right now if you could figure out to make an extra 10 grand a month with an online business with going through create large classes, I don't know. I mean, there's 10,000 hours on create alive. If you just started studying some of these classes online, I think you could probably figure out how to make more money, and it adds up right? Provided you keep it. What most people do when they make a next 10 grand totally change your lifestyle. Buyer bigger home, get a new car, and before you know it, they haven't made any more money.

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