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Lesson 1 from: Ignite Your Business Marketing Kit in Adobe Illustrator

Kladi Vergine

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1. Introduction

Who, what and why. A brief introduction to the course.

Lesson Info


Mhm Hello and welcome to this course. My goal is to help you enhance your business communication and branding by creating memorable marketing assets. Whether you're a student, a marketer, a designer or a business owner discourse will help you communicate what you do and help you stand out in the business world. I am cloudy and award winning italian designer, author and business mentor, Basic Manchester UK were around my design studio, pretty my soul. I specialize in a visual and strategic approach to marketing and design and in these videos you will be able to follow my real word workflow from the seed of an idea to the final product if you want to connect with me, you can find me at I am cloudy on instagram twitter and pretty much everywhere else in these lessons you will discover how to produce your own marketing materials and efficiently build professional graphics to ignite your campaigns and we will chill these professional results by using adobe illustrator and the amazing creati...

ve cloud. If you haven't used adobe illustrator before, this is the perfect time to start. You can do a lot of free trial by heading to adobe dot com slash products slash illustrator. But let's get started. It's time to jump right into the first lessons, which will introduce you to adobe illustrator and it's useful workspace. I'll see you there.

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Ratings and Reviews

Lisa Carney

Kladi is very clear in her explanations all while being very inspiring. Great class!!

Mazhar Iqbal

Great Kladi is a legend I really appreciate

a Creativelive Student

Very good teacher. I wish she had more classes.

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