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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Innovation​ ​Kryptonite​ ​-​ ​Knower​ ​vs.​ ​Learner​

John K. Coyle

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

What we're gonna talk about now is I think maybe one of the most important topics that's rarely talked about, it's this concept of innovation kryptonite. And very specifically it's a set of behaviors and mindsets that insidiously swirl around in large companies, the world over their well intended behaviors and mindsets that ultimately, actually kill, stifle, and quel innovation and leave large companies with no new ideas and the inability to adapt to their changing environment. Innovation kryptonite, so how does this happen? First, we talked before, previous modules but we'll revisit here, 94% of senior executives say that innovation is critical or a key driver of their success. So, almost every CEO, yet only 14% say that they're good at it, they've been successful. Why the gap? Number one reason, 94% people and cultural resistance. Yet where do most companies invest? They invest in RND, and the budget, and the idea management system and process, and they fail to address the primary pr...

oblem, this is the heart of design thinking, are we solving the right problem? Most companies are solving the wrong problem. So, today we're gonna talk about one of the key drivers behind an innovation culture or very specifically, why most companies don't have one.

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Daniel Viscovich

I took away so many great insights from this class. I already know that John's discussion of Knower vs. Learner will provide great benefits for myself and anyone who watches both personally and professional. John is able to brilliantly blend science and storytelling into his discussion, which left me feeling, inspired and prepared for upgrade my relationships at home and at work. Thank you John and the team at Creative Live for this awesome course.

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