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Who Creates Culture

Lesson 2 from: Innovation​ ​Kryptonite​ ​-​ ​Knower​ ​vs.​ ​Learner​

John K. Coyle

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2. Who Creates Culture

Lesson Info

Who Creates Culture

So here we have a question for the room. Who creates culture? Anybody have just a suggestion to shout out? Who creates culture? We all do, okay. What did you say? Top down. Yeah, no you're right. So the metaphor here is the fish rots from the head down, right? So that's the metaphor, the fish rots form the head down. Leaders actually create culture. Why do I say that? Now everybody participates in culture, but I would suggest to you that leader create culture, because leaders are the only people in a company that can do these two things. They can change people or change people, meaning you get the culture you deserve as a leader and if you don't like the culture you have, then you need to either invest in changing your people in terms of training them or shifting the culture, or you need to move people out by changing people. Only leaders have the capacity to do that. Therefor I would suggest to you that leaders own culture and they must decide how they want to change it. Now I lov...

e this quote from Sir Ken Robinson. "The role of a creative leader," which is what we're talking about today, "is to not have all the ideas," you can be an operator leader, that is totally fine, "and to create a culture where everyone can have ideas and feel they're valued." That is the role of an innovation leader to create that kind of culture and frankly, that exists in very few large companies from my experience. So in order to explore this innovation kryptonite, we're gonna have to introduce two, a framework out of Stanford, from Carol Dweck in the 70s, used to be know as the fixed mindset and the growth mindset, it's been adapted and fixed and changed by some great research from Axialent, Stagen, and a few others that have morphed it into this concept, the "Knower" versus the "Learner."

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Daniel Viscovich

I took away so many great insights from this class. I already know that John's discussion of Knower vs. Learner will provide great benefits for myself and anyone who watches both personally and professional. John is able to brilliantly blend science and storytelling into his discussion, which left me feeling, inspired and prepared for upgrade my relationships at home and at work. Thank you John and the team at Creative Live for this awesome course.

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