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Intermediate Shibori Indigo Dyeing

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Kaari Meng, French General

Intermediate Shibori Indigo Dyeing

Kaari Meng, French General

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1. Introduction

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Hi, I'm carrie ming from prince general and this is intermediate. She, boeri, indigo dine in this class, we're going to learn to more techniques, one being the new e, the stitched resist technique and one being batik. A wax resist technique. Both of these techniques are a little more advanced, but they allow you to put a little bit more of your personality into your projects, and they will give you more freedom to designed fabric the way you want to design it. So for the newly technique, we will be using needle and thread, and we will be drawing a design on our fabric and then stitching it. And this can actually take quite a bit of time. And I encourage you to enjoy the time with your needle and thread. Because the more time you put into this project, the more beautiful your resists will be. The wax resist technique can be done freehand or you can find stencils and stencils are a great way to do a repetitive pattern, but you can also do a a free hand wax technique of dashes and lines a...

nd dots. And that turns out really just is beautiful. In this class. I will show you how to apply the wax as well as how to take the wax off and then how to treat your fabrics afterwards. So when I first started into go dine and natural plant dying, I dyed the whole fabric. And it was just a solid piece. And I really loved how each of the different textures or fibers took to the die. After a couple of years, I realized that I could actually start designing my own fabric by using different types of chivalry techniques. So I started studying with chivalry masters that taught me all about the very simplistic techniques with coo mo and eat a genie, and then led me to the new e and the batik, which are a little more advance. Just I just fell in love with the the concept that I could actually put a pattern onto fabric by using simple resist techniques and then putting putting time into each project to see how each technique would different from one another. I find that now, when I do my indigo dying, I always do resist some sort of technique on my fabric. Because to me the joy is actual, the un bundling of the untie nor the un clamping of each piece and seen the piece of art I've created.

Class Description

Add a layer of sophistication to your Shibori dyeing projects with the help of Kaari Meng in Intermediate Shibori Indigo Dyeing.

The Nui technique incorporates stitching into the Shibori process and adds incredible detail to your hand-dyed fabrics. In this intermediate class you’ll learn about:

  • Selecting the right fabrics for Nui and Batik dyeing
  • Stitching and preparing the fabric
  • Dipping, redipping, finishing, and rinsing the cloth

Kaari will also demonstrate the batik (wax resist) dyeing technique and show you how to apply the wax, dye the fabric, and remove the wax to achieve long-lasting color.

Intermediate Shibori Indigo Dyeing will teach you how to create captivating designs in the signature, deep indigo color of Shibori.


Bonita Davis

The class was very enjoyable. Good for beginners or intermediate indigo dyers. I can hardly wait to try. Please do some more classes. Well worth the money. Highly recommend to anyone who loves Indigo.

fbuser e565259b

I love this class. What a wonderful and easy techniques, Only problem is streaming. this class stopped at least 20 times.


Great class, I look forward to trying Shibori techniques very soon.