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Intro to Apple iWork - Keynote

Lesson 9 of 9

Creative Tips & Tricks for Keynote

Kevin Allgaier

Intro to Apple iWork - Keynote

Kevin Allgaier

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Lesson Info

9. Creative Tips & Tricks for Keynote

Lesson Info

Creative Tips & Tricks for Keynote

Let's talk about different ways to use kino so already to this point, we've talked about how to use kino for doing slide ducks, simple slide decks. We've talked about how to use kino using a lot of bills and transitions to make it more appealing, more exciting, but not too much because the focus is on the present or not the slides necessarily. We talked about video, we've talked about audio, we've talked about a lot of different tools and technologies that we can use to make our slides look really good, so let's talk about ways that we can use kino in ways that maybe you haven't thought of so far. So just to get things going, and I'm curious to know what you guys were thinking as well with this, um, I have several clients ces keynote in interesting ways, one of which is they there's a restaurant and they wanted to have the menu up on a board, and you've seen these before you go to restaurants and they have big screens on the walls and typically in order for restaurants to do this, it c...

osts a lot of money, thean frustration shirt and I know because I've done the research on this gets very expensive, they have hardware costs, they have. Obviously, the displays they have cabling that enduring, they have time for people to manage this, and it is very expensive, very, very quick. One of the clients that I work with, we designed a really, really simple menu system that looks exactly the same. In fact, it looks even better in my opinion, it gives them more control by using keynote and the way it works that they think they've got a couple screens behind their their work area, and we have a mac mini on those screens, which is five, six hundred dollars, and we have a kino slide deck, and we have that kino slide deck set up in a way that when they launched that file, after they make the changes for that day, or whatever it is, they're doing, adding graphics or whatever. So when they launched that file, it automatically plays it automatically is self time, so after every five seconds, it changes to a different slide, and they have a loop, not forwards backwards before words, you know, looping over and over again, so that as people are walking through the line, you know, they can see that menu, and it looks really good, and, you know, at this point how easy it is to work with keynote, with images and graphics and and video you can do some really cool and interesting things in a scenario like that, but I'm curious what your thoughts are in terms of how maybe you could use keynote in ways that are interesting I've got a few more ideas to john do you have any creative ways of maybe using keynote? Um, I like this idea to sprout up of uploading into social media that's because I am I love short video and photography obviously so um I mean, especially if you're marketing a product or service all right to have something catchy that sort of gets people's attention um end up letting it tio just I mean, you could obviously I uploaded to facebook but to find some of the newer ones and do that yeah, like this intrigues me yeah, absolutely again. Keynote is free, right? So you have the app already you have everything you need, you have the imagery, you have everything you need now, it's just a matter of taking it to the next level, adding the timing, adding the, you know, doing all the things you need to do to make it play it's almost like a video editor. In a case like that, you can almost use kino as a video editor with animations and transitions, and then now you know how to export that as a as a quick time movie once you have that file fifteen seconds, thirty seconds, whatever. It's, just a matter of upload into your social feeds. I love it. So the question is, are you going to do it? Yeah, I can't wait to see it. Okay, what is going to be okay? So I'm gonna follow up with you and I'm gonna make sure you do that. I think once you do it the first time, you'll get hooked and you'll do it again and again and again. And as you do it, you're gonna get better out and you're going toe make even cooler videos. So what did you think about that before you came into this class of using keynote to make videos for social? No, I was awhile. I only thought about it in terms of standup presentation. Yes, this formal look at me and I'm presenting. Yeah, exactly. And I'm only just thinking about it right now in the last ten minutes from like yeah, I love it. Yeah, body what do you think I am thinking back, tio uh, when I did a trade show a couple years ago and how useful this would have been toe have that as opposed to me having to talk so much for, you know, eleven, twelve hours for three days video and slides and this whole thing would have been really nice toe. Have that talk a little bit for me and give me a break. Yeah, no, I love it. That's. Great. So one of the other ways that I can think of in my mind of using kino in a creative way would be like you say, a trade show or a kiosk where you design something a specific way and you can you can have a self plane and you have a kiosk. So you go to a trade show or a convention or a conference or a meeting, or just go into a business where you have a business, and on the back wall of their reception area, you have really useful and it's just interesting information about that business. We were founded in nineteen seventy eight. We have x number of employees. This is what we do. I mean, this is great for branding, marketing, and and really conveying to visitors what your business does and it's so cheap to d'oh, you know, the cost of the screen, the cost of the mac mini and you're done and that's it and really the magic behind all of that is the creative touch that you add using keynote s o another one, so lobby marketing is a good example kiosk, um instagram we talked about that and another one for for those who are working on software development there's a lot of people are working on app development for ios devices or android or mac or pc or whatever, but you could use keynote to mock up what your application does rights for those software developers out there. I want my application toe to function and act in a certain way, so this is the first screen illustrated here, you know, do some storyboarding and make the buttons and things using objects here and make it look the way you wanted to look. And then this is what happens when you click this button and it goes here and here, and so it really helps that create a process to go a little bit quicker in some cases a lot quicker because to make buttons and elements and here is a lot faster to mock something up, then it could be, and maybe some application development tools you could actually love this your website really easily if you did. If you didn't like a short video or presentation about your business and what you do and how you help people we just uploaded to your wordpress website. Yes, yes and that's, that's, that's really the end result? I love you're so excited, you guys are catching a glimpse and russ and I are russ is making fun of me for this just just a little bit, because here's, the thing keynote is, in my opinion, the crowning jewel of I work sweet because it's been around for a long time. A lot of people use it, even people that you wouldn't have thought would would use it uses it just about every kind that's where they have a keynote address or or a large group setting, they're always using a mac book and they're always using kino because it's just so easy to use and so cinematic, but I love that we're kind of now taking all of this that we're learning and saying, ah ha, I can do this with it. That's great. Let me show you one more really cool trick and we'll start to wrap up on this one here, but this is a really, really cool trick. It kind of combines the theory of self playing and the fact that we can take the end result here, and we can upload it to a website and things like that. But there is a feature in kino that allows us to rehearse the timings of our slide deck, but with our voice being recorded as voice over at the same time, so let's actually do that. Okay, so the way I'm going to do that again we're going to use this slide deck is an example we've got three slides so this is going to be pretty quick so the way to invoke this feature is if I go to play and then record slide show okay we're going to record the slide show were to record a few things first of all we're going to record our key strokes so before when we did the self plane mode it was x number of seconds for between slight transitions and x number of seconds for each build and that was fixed so if we chose two seconds for a build it was two seconds for every build ok and I'll show you how this is different with that but it records every key stroke and it also records our audio at the same time and I say why that's cool so let's go ahead and start this okay here's our countdown three two one hi welcome to my slide show today I will be talking about introductions I would be talking about what is I work I will talk about why we use I work and I will talk about the I work user interface at this point I'm going to pause for a second because I want to see how I let you see how the keystrokes work and then we'll go ahead and advance to the next slide this is a nice picture of a parrot and will advance again and this is a nice picture of some other animals and we will stop recording let's, go ahead and exit out and let's play this now. Hi, welcome to my slide show today I will be talking about introductions I would be talking about what is I work? I will talk about why we use I work and I will talk about so there's our paws. So it's remembering every time we click a button and they will go ahead and advance to the next slide. This is a nice picture of a parrot. Okay, we get the idea and all right, so what do we do with it now? Okay, is that cool? I know so many people who do a crowd funding and things like that. And this is such a great tool to use to create your video without having tio, you know, dish out tons of money for editing films. I love that you say that because all of what we're talking about today is how to save you money and how to save you time and how to save your frustration and at the same time unlock your creativity that's awesome, another example of why you'd want to use this is let's say that you're going to give a presentation to a couple hundred people but you know that that's not your total audience so what you do is you prepare your slide deck you get up on stage behind the podium you hit play and then record slide show and start recording and then you give your presentation just like you normally would you're capturing the audio you're capturing the video you're advancing at the right intervals when you're done you save that out and then you can send that to the rest of your audience via the web via social via email through a newsletter view however mechanism you want to use your now delivering that exact same message to the rest of your audience okay, so now that we've done that, what do we do with it? So we're going to combine this with the export features we talked about earlier so I'm gonna go back into file export to and quick time now we have a new option here ok? This was great out earlier because earlier we had the self playing but now that we have an actual slicer recording built in, we're going to choose that option and we'll hit the seven twenty peak that's ok for this one thing, this one example we'll click on next and we'll give it the same we'll call it a test to in this case we'll say export it'll take a second to a code and to render all of the video and also the audio and let's, go ahead and I'll do a quick look on this one by clicking the space bar. Welcome to my slide show today I will be talking about introductions. We now have about video of my presentation why we use I work and I will talk about the I work user interface. At this point, I'm going to pause for a second. We don't have to listen to me. Go on and on. But you get the idea. We now have a self contained m ovi quicktime video that we can use on social we can upload to the web we can send our friends size wise. By the way, let me just show you just to give you an idea. It's less than ten meg for that now, there's not a lot of video there's not a lot of audio there's not a lot of pictures and slides and things like that, but one thing that's nice about this one here by exporting this way is that even if you have a lot of images and a lot of high definition images, a lot of high definition video that won't really the size of those files won't really be considered in the final size of this right here, so whether you have a lot of images or not. That will add a little bit of space to that file size, but not a ton, because it's being encoded and rendered in a way that will just kind of self encapsulate everything into a quicktime movie file. So at this point, I wantto kind of bring things back. We talked about a lot in this class, I think it's a lot of really good information. We started out earlier talking about how to do basic formatting bold and underlying and things like that. We talked about howto insert objects and graphs. We talked about how to ad animations and builds and transitions. We talked about how to export, and we talked about ways of exporting this stuff and using in ways it's really, really creative. And I'm hoping that now you can you can take all this information and go back and decent really creative things in your business, because I really think that this will help you too two to portray that, that sense of technology in that sense of of, you know, business like professional approach to your business, to those who are looking at you and your business. And I think it's just adds a really nice element to your branding and who you are so that's keynote a lot. Well, thank you very much, kevin. Really appreciate this. Thiss class on key note. It is a very, very versatile program. Something is, we've heard some ideas of different things that you can use it for, its something that I can't imagine running some businesses without, you know, it's, something that can help you communicate, give you give information that's needed and do it in a way that is both effective and entertaining and just captures your attention. So I really appreciate you helping us all learn how to do it. Better hope that everyone out there really enjoyed learning it as well. So for intro to eye works, I work key. Note. That is a wrap, thanks, everyone.

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A good presentation is a game-changer. Learn how to build beautiful slides in Intro to Apple® iWork® - Keynote® with Kevin Allgaier. 

Kevin has spent his career helping people get more out of their tech investments by introducing them to the most efficient way to work with their laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

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  • Add sophisticated transitions 
  • Incorporate layers and animations 
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  • Use an Apple iPhone as a remote 
You’ll get tips on navigating the Keynote interface and learn everything you need to know to take full advantage of the functionality of Keynote

If you want to impress during your next presentation, don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to do it the easy way in Intro to Apple iWork - Keynote with Kevin Allgaier.

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