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Intro to Apple iWork - Keynote

Lesson 8 of 9

Exporting a Slide Deck

Kevin Allgaier

Intro to Apple iWork - Keynote

Kevin Allgaier

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Lesson Info

8. Exporting a Slide Deck

Lesson Info

Exporting a Slide Deck

Next thing I want to talk about is exporting your slides and we're not going to spend a lot of time on this but I think that this is important to know because this is part of what's going to unlock our creativity in terms of how we use keynote for things outside of just a straightforward presentation I'll give you one example um one example is uh a company has a website and on this web site they have on the home page of this site they have what looks like a slide deck that just kind of rotates around and um and in actuality that is just a slide deck that's just rotating through so this might be good for an internet a company's internet web site which is just company information like upcoming events, healthcare information you know, employee of the month information things like that so the way we do that, if we switch over to my laptop will go through a demo here of a couple of exporting options this slide deck here again is the one we've been working with and in terms of content we're ...

not worried about that we're just looking at exporting so in this case what we want to do is go to file and let's export to and then these were some of the options that I wanted to highlight let's zoom in a little bit so pdf allows us to take our kino slide deck and export that is a pdf one thing to be aware of with pdf exporting is that it doesn't include the build okay, no animations, no slight transitions. So if you've got a lot of objects on a slide and there's a lot of busy animations, that makes sense when you're playing that slide show that stuff isn't going to look like that on on the as a pdf, because the pdf is static by nature power point, so I work is very compatible with microsoft office. So if you work with a lot of people that have power point that's where you can take a aquino file and export that out as a power point file and then send not off to them for reviewing and things like that, so that will zip it up that way quick time is a is an option where we can take a slide deck with certain animations and then export that out as a video that we can import into. Maybe you know, another slide deck or some other some other option. Html will actually take our slide deck and export that out as html code with a series of images, so this is really great for embedding into a website, so going back to the internet site example we wanted, we want to export that out is an html uh syriza files and then we can send that to the web master the web developer and say go ahead and plug this in to the internet site and they'll take all of that information and in most cases just drag and drop or just plop it in there and they could make that work in the website which is really nice images we can export out a certain images are as a series of images sort of like a pdf s o that's more for preview purposes and again it doesn't include audio and video and then of course we can we can export is an older version of kino kino nine which is the previous major version so in this case let me show you two options option one is pdf because these are the two most common that people use so pdf gives us a few tools here we can choose to include presenter notes or not include presenter notes now we haven't talked about presenter notes but presented notes are really handy for keeping track of your thoughts for when you're presenting you can refer back to those maybe I'll touch on those if we have a second later on so we can choose to include that or not the print each stage of build if you think back at the example that I showed you before of my logo with all the little logos and the map in the background that was made up of about four or five different builds okay if we don't check this box it's going to show one page for that one slide with all of the image on images on that page if we choose this option it will show us four five pages each one showing what the page looks like after each build. Okay, so that's if you're signing the a pdf and you want people to see the bills and the animations that would be a good option for that you can also adjust the image quality you can set a password toe open if maybe it's something a little more sensitive like sales numbers um and some other options so at this point we'll just click on next and it will ask us for a location so I'll just call this test and export and now we have are exported pdf file so far if I click on that was a quick preview we can see now that we have our slides in a pdf format at this point we email it we're done with it okay? I would recommend the leading that if the intended the email to someone for a preview, I would go and delete this file and clean that up because otherwise you run the risk of having multiple versions available and it could be confusing so we'll go ahead and send that to the trash can the other one who wanted to show you wass um actually let me show you two more one is power point so this one is pretty straight forward we can require a password or not we have some advanced options here where we can choose the specific format if somebody has a specific version of power point that we are are targeting this for we can go ahead and choose that format hit next and you can imagine what happens next that gives you a prompt for a file name location you say that email and you're good but the other one I wanted to highlight was the quick time so with quick time um there are two different ways to export this out and I use quicktime when I want to send a preview to somebody I don't need them to modify the content and but I want them to see all of the animations and the bills and the transitions. So this is a really good it's sort of like a video version of pdf it's a it's a static version of your slide deck that they can't change so the two options here is self plain and slide show recording self plane is it's going to automatically um it's going to automatically build those transitions and those bills on a certain schedule so for example in this case it's going to transition from slide to slide to slide after five seconds apps are even move my mouth there and it will automatically billed the bills after two seconds so that's nice because it's automatic and built in but it doesn't give you a lot of control so if you want more control maybe this isn't the best option for that but again this is great for preview purposes so you can see the animations in action and you can get a feel for what it look like you also have options in terms of formatting so you conform at it for um seven twenty or ten eighty or the two built in options or you can do custom now here's something that a lot of people don't think about that you can actually use keynote for making instagram videos videos that you want to include on your twitter feed lots of different options and so you know you build a slide deck and you you go through the process of exporting as a quicktime file you said all the parameters let's go ahead and save this one out as a seven twenty p and let's change this from two three seconds after every slide and one second animations and will hit next and it will call this one testa's well when export that takes a little bit longer to export because it's actually going through and rendering all of that video let's minimize that and let's go ahead and double click on it and play it so you've got the one second in between the bills, so this is simulating my clicking every second. Okay, so there's, the four bullet points away for the three seconds and it's going to go to the next slide wait three more seconds, it's going to go to the final slide? That's pretty cool that's I mean that really? For a lot of people that opens up a lot of capabilities with with how you can use keynote in so many more ways than just I'm going to do this slide deck, and now I'm going to get up and present that to my audience. But it really opens the door for a lot of really interesting and cool possibilities. Okay, so this point let's, go and delete this and let's hope in that file back up. Okay, so any questions on exporting that you guys might have? Ok again, we talked earlier about how to reduce that file size that's that's a consideration that you should make as you're working with others on that you don't want to send files unnecessarily large, especially if you're working with big photoshopped files or big videos, which I tend to do a lot of video work in mind they can, you know, to russia's point earlier, they could get really, really big very quickly.

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A good presentation is a game-changer. Learn how to build beautiful slides in Intro to Apple® iWork® - Keynote® with Kevin Allgaier. 

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