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Getting Started: Keynote®

Hello and welcome to intro to I work keynote here uncreative live my name is russ andy's and I'm gonna be your host for this event alongside me is a wonderful person who's here to teach this course mr kevin all guy kevin how you doing this one I'm doing really really good this morning I know your extra excited about this particular class yes so I'm excited to get to you but we want to tell people a little bit about who you are kevin has been working the community industry for about twenty years now he's studying computer science and has since then started a consulting company called all guy are consulting hey works with both small medium and large businesses to figure out the best solutions for for their techniques and he is here to teach us all about keynote one special thing about kevin is the he is a a cnn which tell us what a cnn means right? So I'm a member of the apple consultant network which basically means that I am certified through apple to work with businesses tio resolve t...

heir tech issues and help them to grow and this is not something that just anyone does you are based out of utah and there are how many of you for for what it is that's pretty tough to get so we are very excited tohave kevin here to teach we are going to be talking all about keynote so the question is with all the different presentation software that's out there, why would someone choose keynote? You know that's a good question keynote so the alternative is microsoft powerpoint right? Everybody knows what that is kino really allows a presenter to unlock their creativity in ways that they just couldn't have imagined without using kino it's simple tool the use and it's it allows you to really be creative and make your presentations pot fantastic I can't wait to see what he's got to teach us because I know that I use keynote myself here at creative life, so I'm excited to learn from kevin take it away perfect thank you rise good morning! I'm I'm really excited to be here and you know, last night I was telling russell little bit earlier that I kind of had a hard time sleeping last night because I'm so excited about this and I don't fully understand why, but keynote is a really wonderful application for telling his story in fact, that's one of the things that we're going to cover today in this class is we all have a story to tell and so keynote is a great resource of great application to help us to tell our story but not just to tell our story but to take that story to the next level and make our our storytelling abilities really shine and make our slide dex really pop andi that's great, because it allows us to really stand out to our audience s we're gonna be talking about how to do that. So first of all, let's let's kind of go through a little bit here of the lessons that we're going to be going through, so the first thing we're going to be talking about today in this class is getting started with key note we're going to talk about how to create a file had launched the application, some of the really fundamental things about keynote after that, we're gonna be talking about a quick overview of the user interface just so we can get a little comfortable with how we navigate through the system and how we are comfortable with some of the features that are available after that, we're gonna look at working with images so images are a big part of telling our story, so we're going to look at different ways we can manipulate images and editor images and use them in a way that that can really help them to stand out in our presentations. And the last thing that we'll talk about in this section is working with audio and video just like images, audio and video are important to a presentation when used in the right way, and they can really help to bring out that message we're trying to convey to our audience, so we'll talk about that just a brief history on keynote thie applications so in january of two thousand three steve jobs actually introduced keynote a cz, a presentation application and what's interesting about that is I go toe to toe key nose and presentations a lot and I watched how people are presenting and that's just something that I enjoy doing is not just listening to their message but sort of looking at the the technology that they used to make their presentations and how they deliver that it's kind of the fund pastime of mine and what's interesting is almost every single presentation that's given in a large setting with a big audience is given using key note and I think that's a telling tale because it really says something about the power of the keynote has and the simplicity that has just really the the great things you can do with it. One of the things that I really appreciate about keynote is the cinematic quality of the the animations and the bills and the slight transitions we could do some really, really interesting things with that so just a little bit of background there and just incidentally of the I work sweet between pages numbers in key note aquino was the first application developed and released to the public and then pages came on in the numbers came on, so it was the first of the three applications released so just a quick overview of how we get started with keynote. Keynote is a free application that you can download from the mac app store. Um, once you download the application, launching the application is a piece of cake. Just look for the for the icon and open that up when you open that for the first time, you'll be prompted to either open an existing file or create a new file. When you choose to create a new file, this is the window that you're prompted with ah, this is where we weaken choose from a series of themes that are built into the system, and you'll notice appear at the top of the screen that there are three different sections to this window. One is called standard, and this is this is the ratio of the slide presentation or the slide deck, so standard would be more your three four ratio designed so that's more designed for your older projectors. Older tvs that are more of a square ratio where is a wide wide ratio is more for like modern day projectors that air the widescreen aspect ratio, and then my thigh things is a section that is blank by default, but as you get more comfortable with kino and you start to build your own themes. Ah that's where you can find your own themes or maybe you have a contract with someone to develop your own theme those things would be found in your my theme section incidentally for this class we're actually going to be preparing for you and making available for you a free theme that I've designed that that you can download and that's where we can find that thing that you can use that theme so that's going to be really really fun to do and uh and you should download that as part of the class there are third party things that you can also download if you do a search on the mac app store for I work themes or kino themes there's a lot of different themes third party themes you can download through there or via the web one of the sites that I use fairly often is a company called jump soft that's j u m s o f t dot com they have pages themes they have numbers themes and they have kino themes that you can download different teams and templates from there so that's a good resource to keep in mind so once we have created are our slide deck and we start to actually work through it this is what the user interface looks like now I'm showing you a little bit of having the sausage is made here because this is actually a screen grab of this particular presentation and I'll actually show you how some of the inner workings of this slide deck works throughout this class. But just to get you oriented with the layout of the user interface, this is a screen grab of this. So I wanted to walk through a couple of things on here as part of this class. We won't do that right now, but we'll get into that in just just one second.

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A good presentation is a game-changer. Learn how to build beautiful slides in Intro to Apple® iWork® - Keynote® with Kevin Allgaier. 

Kevin has spent his career helping people get more out of their tech investments by introducing them to the most efficient way to work with their laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

In this class you’ll learn how to: 
  • Create new presentations 
  • Insert images and video 
  • Add sophisticated transitions 
  • Incorporate layers and animations 
  • Apply and change themes 
  • Use an Apple® iPhone® as a remote 
You’ll get tips on navigating the Keynote® interface and learn everything you need to know to take full advantage of the functionality of Keynote®

If you want to impress during your next presentation, don’t miss your opportunity to learn how to do it the easy way in Intro to Apple® iWork® - Keynote® with Kevin Allgaier.