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Intro to Apple iWork - Numbers

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Intro & Overview of Numbers

Kevin Allgaier

Intro to Apple iWork - Numbers

Kevin Allgaier

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1. Intro & Overview of Numbers

Lesson Info

Intro & Overview of Numbers

Hey there everyone welcome to intro to eye works numbers here on creative life my name is russ sandy's and I'm your host for this event right next to me is a wonderful gentleman who will be teaching this event mr kevin all gang kevin welcome you feeling thing I'm feeling great get ready to talk about numbers that's what I like to get it because there are a lot of numbers out there I don't know why I just started talking about how many numbers there are there are there are numbers in it but here's talking about class let's talk about one specific number which is the ap numbers it's part of the eye work sweet on dh we are very excited to get into it because it's a very powerful program that people can use to really help make their business work so why don't you tell us a little bit about why somebody would choose numbers over some other spreadsheet program right? So uh numbers is a great application to use in analyzing your business data and driving business it does really good at graphi...

cally representing your business trends and sales and things like that with the charging features on dh it's really really easy to use perfect it really comes down to that and for a lot of the smaller medium size business owners that easy to use is very important because thing where they don't want to have to spend it a ton of time learning something they just want to get in do what they need to do and do it absolutely love it alright kevin we want here we have to take it away perfect thank you well it's great to be here and I am really, really really excited to talk about numbers numbers is a great application it's part of the eye work sweet and we're going to be going into a lot of detail today on numbers the application first of all before we get into that let me introduce myself my name is kevin allgaier I run a consulting business called allgaier consulting thie objective of the businesses to help small midsize even larger companies take advantage of the technology spend that they put in place there their infrastructure their hardware, their software and really take advantage of that and to use that technology in that equipment that spent to empower their use and so what we're going to be talking about today in this class is how we can use apple numbers to empower you and flower empower your employees and to help drive your business and help it grow it so with that in mind let's do a quick walk through on the lessons that we're going be going through today so first of all just kind of is a is an overview for the course for today we're going to be talking about how to analyze and organize our data because it's data that drives our business we all know that and we can all appreciate that and we know that when we don't have control of our data we don't have control of our business it's a fact of life and secondarily we're gonna be talking about ways that we can take our data and turn it into something that we can all understand whether you're you're looking at a quick presentation to a small group of people or a cz you grow as a business that information is going out to a team of investors we're wall street or whatever we're going to talk about how you can visualize that in a way that that is easy to understand by others all right in order to do that, we're going to go through a few topics here some lessons specifically we're going to be talking about how to get started with numbers and how to create our very first file if we've not used numbers before, we're going to talk about the overall user interface of numbers this is really critical in learning numbers because we want you to feel comfortable in how to get around and how to navigate the app the application because that's how you build your efficiency and that's how you can start to get some really neat things done with the application we're going to talk about working with tables tables are kind of at the heart of numbers this is where the data lives, so we're going to be talking about that. We're also going to be talking about self formatting, so formatting is important because we have lots of data, and although we're not going to look at that data in a graphical way like that part, we still want to look at it in a way that makes sense to us. For example, if we're looking at dollar values, we wantto see a dollar sign with the decimal point that just makes sense in our minds. We'll talk about how to do that properly, and we'll also talk about self formatting and sell, referencing our sorry self formulas in referencing, and we can do some really interesting things with how to analyze their data in our business using those two topics, and then we'll also talk about working with charts uh, to me into a lot of people, it seems like the reason you use the spreadsheet is for the charging functionality. So so this is sort of the crowning piece of numbers it's howto do everything to get to that ultimate goal, which is how to make a good looking chart that's easy for people to understand and read.

Class Description

Spreadsheets are a powerful way to uncover and communicate business insights – but they can also be dull to look at and daunting to build. Find out how to use the most beautiful and flexible spreadsheet tools on the market in Intro to Apple® iWork® - Numbers® with Kevin Allgaier. 

Kevin helps small business owners get more out of their tech investments by coaching them on the best ways to use their laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. In this class, Kevin will give you the rundown on Numbers®

You’ll learn how to: 
  • Create spreadsheets for all data needs 
  • Produce charts and graphs 
  • Format and customize your canvas 
  • Use simple formulas 
You'll feel confident navigating through and applying everything Numbers® has to offer and Kevin will share tips and tricks for ensuring your data is easy-to-understand, simple to change, and beautiful to look at. 

If you feel overwhelmed by Excel or underwhelmed by Sheets, Intro to Apple® iWork® - Numbers® with Kevin Allgaier is your invitation to make the switch and learn about the tool that makes spreadsheets exciting!


a Creativelive Student

Thanks Kevin. I use this software quite a bit so I would have loved you to show more detailed examples using this software. As a visual learner it would have really concreted my learning but thanks anyway.


I have Numbers, but have used it very little in practice. Who knew I'd find myself binge-viewing such material, geeking out on the possibilities within reach. Thanks Kevin; I learned and took notes on much more than I was expecting. It was just the right amount of digging deeper for me.