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Introduction to Paper Marbling


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Intro to Paper Marbling

I have to say not unlike children, you never want to be asked like who's your favorites and with craft projects it's really hard to pick one, but I have to say, I think we've saved one of my favorites for the last. This is a really wonderful technique and as I had mentioned in the last session, I really feel like it's foolproof. You can get some excellent results without having felt like you needed to study this for months, which is kind of genius. I really love it these air just I'm holding up a few examples of some papers that I have done previously, but paper marbling is another craft tradition with a very long history and long before or paper marbling was tackled in the western world, japanese masters were hard at work, developing it themselves. And I have to say, I've tried several different methods of paper marbling, and many of the western methods have made me feel as though I needed to be a chemist in order to successfully attempt them. Suman gashi is the name of this particula...

r style of ink marbling and I have to say it's really wonderful because money modern manufacturers have made this ink that will very effort little effortlessly float on the surface of the water bath, allowing us then to capture these designs on most any type of paper surface, so the materials that you're going to need for this again, we're back to our standard dish pan. This is one that would fit in your kitchen sink. All of us have one at our station today, and they're filled between half and I would say two thirds full of just standard tap water, and we're going to start today marbling and transferring our designs just onto some simple construction paper. There obviously are many different kinds of machine made manufactured paper, and I have found that the construction paper works well because it has the least amount of starch and sizing, innit? Oftentimes that's added in during the manufacturing process to help repel water, but the less that it hasn't it actually, the more readily it absorbs up the marbling designs, which is kind of fantastic, eh? So it's, a really great place to start. If you're just tackling this craft for the first time and construction papers so inexpensive you can just work your way through a stack of it. Another thing that you would like most likely want to have on hand is some news prints now you can use recycled newspaper from home. I just have some unprintable newsprint here. This is also a really inexpensive, materially combine and large reams at your art supply store. And then, while I do try very hard and most of the craft projects to have materials that you can in most instances find around the house, sometimes you didn't do need to venture out and go to the craft store. And so for this project, you're going to be using suman oh gosh, she thinks they come in the six colors you see here from black to red, you can mix them to achieve your own special hughes, but when you're first initially starting it's just a simple to start using them right out of the bottle. Um, another thing you're going to need are two paintbrushes, and we're all going to become ambidextrous today and use one of these in both of our hands. And then finally, what comes in very handy is a simple little paint palette the's air usually right around fifty cents at the arts and crafts supply store on dh. They're a good thing to have in general because you can wash them out, use them for a multitude of projects, these air really what we're going to start with, and I'll discuss some of the other materials as we progress through this segment.

Class Description

Paper marbling is a craft tradition with a long and gorgeous history. In Introduction to Paper Marbling you’ll learn how to make your own marbled paper using the fail-proof suminagashi technique.

Marbled paper can be used as wrapping paper, for cards, or as stationary. In this beginner-friendly class, long-time crafting educator Robert Mahar will show you how to get beautiful results you can apply to a whole range of projects. You’ll learn how to:

  • Create unique and beautifully marbled paper
  • Manipulate inks in a variety of ways using multiple colors
  • Transfer your designs and create stationery

You’ll learn how to make beautifully customized paper products using a simple water bath technique and a few basic supplies.

If you want to add a sophisticated touch to your paper goods, Introduction to Paper Marbling will show you how to do it.