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Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking

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Cultivating a Multifarious Perspective

Sally Dominguez

Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking

Sally Dominguez

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7. Cultivating a Multifarious Perspective

Lesson Info

Cultivating a Multifarious Perspective

For the multifarious perspective I have basically touched on. But it is this idea that we have five lenses. These are the lenses. And these lenses are, as I described ... Negative space, which is looking for what is not the main subject. Thinking sideways, which is understanding yourself, your biases and preferences, and the preferences of other people, and then manipulating that. Always in this thinking system, because it's a mindset and a thinking system, it's always taking a reality, and then manipulating it. Because the manipulation is what throws you outside your expert, into possibility. And we use our expert brain to bring it back in. Rethinking is about understanding core value and purpose, and manipulating that into new, different directions. Backwards is sustainability, but it's basically about balancing. So it's about making sure that the time frame of whatever you're trying to do matches your inputs, your resources, and your functions, such that it's robust, it's economical...

, and it's purposeful. And parkour is crazy, also. And the funny thing about parkour is, it's as great for team-building in a very conservative company, for just giving people a release, as it is for actually designing new systems. So, it has this funny, little double-edge on it. It's the most fun, as is parkour itself I'm sure. And these are how we go. In terms of looking at it, the whole idea of the five lenses is based on multiple intelligences. It's about taking something, anything, doesn't have to be a problem, can be something that's working fine, can be something you wanna improve, it can be you, it can be a problem. And it's spending five minutes through each lens, with all of your focus, but not your expert brain. So you're gonna push yourself into this area of bearable discomfort for five minutes at a time, and after the 25 minutes, you're gonna have a completely different take on whatever it is you're examining. Ideally, you're gonna have a ton of new options and a ton of new solutions. And then, you can step back and filter through all of that with your expertise to look at what's relevant. And this doesn't just happen, this is not just ideation. In fact, a lot of these lenses are about improvement of existing and continuous improvement. If you're a lean person, then it's also continuous improvement. It's not just ideas, 'cause we all know ideas themselves are not innovation. Creativity itself is not necessarily gonna result in innovation. It's purposeful creativity. And it's making those connections and bringing them together that is the innovative step. So these things are both focusing on the thing in the middle, but also refracting into tons of different options, flying off in different directions and making that other side of your brain really activate. You're gonna feel it.

Class Description

The rise of design thinking has revolutionized the way we solve problems—helping us open our minds, embrace our imaginations and be more innovative. But what if we could take the design thinking process to an even higher level? What if we could be less reactive and more proactive in our thinking?

Award-winning inventor, journalist, educator and speaker Sally Dominguez created the adventurous thinking methodology to promote an agile mindset, which is necessary for consistently innovative practices. Even the best of us can get stuck in our default “expert” neural pathways. Adventurous thinking helps us get out of those ruts, reignite our curiosity and tap into the underutilized parts of our brains.

This two-day course introduces the Five Lenses—negative space, parkour, thinking sideways, thinking backwards and rethinking—which Sally has used to help some of the biggest corporations, organizations and government agencies throughout the world integrate innovation into their work. By the end, you’ll have the tools you need to transform your thought processes and explore true innovation.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Harness your curiosity to think outside the probable and explore the possible.
  • Use multiple perspectives to achieve a deeper understanding.
  • Experience “bearable discomfort” to force your neural pathways to open up.
  • Disregard small daily failures at home and at work.
  • Get your radical ideas accepted by others.
  • Know what you don’t want and why that’s important.


Ivana Vucinic

This class is truly AMAZING! It is really unique and it got me thinking in new and innovative ways. Very much out of the box thinking! Makes you become courageous, Well done, Sally!!!

Sukey Dominguez

Jumpstart Innovation with Adventurous Thinking exceeded my expectations! Sally brought practical tools that, "lenses" to flip every situation inside out and find the possibilities in every situation. As one who works to lead teams, healthcare providers facing incredible demands to achieve results in population health / ultimately global health and the wellness of business operations, I'm thrilled to have found this course. Design is one thing, taking risk is another. I'm inspired by Sally because she drives energy to see what CAN be in the future. This is a unique class and I look forward to her next offering.