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Knit Maker 201: Socks

Lesson 8 of 8

Picot Edging

Vickie Howell

Knit Maker 201: Socks

Vickie Howell

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Lesson Info

8. Picot Edging

Lesson Info

Picot Edging

Alright so there's a little added benefit to this particular sock, you have the option of adding this little picot edging. It's just a little bit of feminine flair and it's kind of just a fun little bonus thing to add in. So this is actually an edging that's crocheted. And I actually like adding picot edgings to everything, I don't know, it's just kinda my gig. But this is a really sweet edging that you can add you know, onto like a little sleeve ends or to baby garments or anywhere that makes you happy. Alright so you're gonna insert, you have your crochet hook, the size that is called for in the pattern, you're gonna insert it through the top edge of one of the first stitches. It doesn't really matter where, this is where you can kind of just wing it. I'm all about winging it so, you're going to pull that loop through. Then you're gonna do what's called a chain stitch, and you are going to knit one, or excuse me crochet one, so we yarn over, pull that loop through the other loop, tha...

t's a chain two, yarn over, pull the loop through, that's the chain three. Then to create the picot, you're going to flip stitch in the very first chain you made which is this one right here. To slip stitch you insert the hook through the stitch, yarn over and you pull it through both loops on the hook. And look at that little nubbin, isn't that so cute? And then you're gonna go into, so that's your picot, you've just created the picot. Then you're gonna go into the next stitch, and again don't freak out about oh God, where's the next stitch? Like just kinda I don't know, I see a hole right there, you're gonna be good. I'm going through both loops of the edging, totally your call, just do whatever works for you. Yarn over, pull through, you now have two loops on your hook We're doing what's called a single crochet. You're gonna yarn over again and pull through both of those loops, and that is the stitch pattern complete so you've got a picot and a single crochet. So I'm gonna show you again, we go to the next stitch, we're single crocheting and then we're gonna chain three. We're gonna slip stitch in the third chain that we made from the first chain, but the third from the hook. That creates our little picot nubbin. Let's do that again 'cause it just slipped off my hook which will happen occasionally. And then I'm gonna single crochet in the next one. Let me just show you one more time. Single crochet in the next stitch, chain three, slip stitch in the first of the chains that you just made. Single crochet, and the next stitch. And you're just gonna do that all the way around. It's so cute, look how sweet that is. And then when you came to the end, let's just pretend I'm at the end, walk with me for a second, suspension of disbelief. Let's say we're at the end, to finish it off all you would do is you would cut leaving a tail, again long enough to weave in the ends. Yarn over, pull all the way through and disconnect, and then you'll just weave in the ends as you would with any other project. And you're gonna get this really sweet edging, and that's really it so guess what? You have slayed it with socks. If I could high five you, I totally would. Well I guess I would high foot you. So good job, I hope that you feel super confident now from beginning to end of knitting socks. Socks are a great project especially if you're a busy knitter, which I know seems kind of crazy because it's pretty intense but because they're a mobile project you can take 'em with you. So that means that you can fit in a few stitches here and there, if you're sitting in a doctor's office, if you're waiting in a grocery line. You can keep one of these in your purse or your satchel or whatever, and pull it out and get a few stitches in. Just remember a few stitches eventually can add up to a whole sock, so you can make time to be creative. And while you're listening, or while you're stitching if you want a little something to listen to as well you can check out my Craftish podcast, interviews with tons of creative people across the creative realm. I'm all about hooking up the community of creative types. So hopefully you will walk away with a little creative nugget from there, and also just be a lifelong sock knitter, thanks a lot.

Class Description

As your knitting ambitions begin to outpace your technical know-how, you’ll find that learning advanced techniques from a book can be both challenging and boring. It can be difficult to turn intermediate patterns from flat diagrams and instructions into a garment you’ll treasure.

Master crafter Vickie Howell will help you visualize and create a pair of socks in this fun, informative class. Join us, and you’ll learn:

  • How to knit a sock from start to finish
  • Tricks for creating the heel of a sock
  • How to graft the toe using kitchener stitch
It can be hard to set aside time for your creative outlet, and even harder to put time and energy into doing the research and legwork to advance your skills. Vickie Howell turns this formula on its head. Your craft should be your inspiration, and learning new techniques should be fun, attainable, and energizing.


E.L. Bl/Du

VICKY is so awesome, and now Im ready to knit socks. Ive been wanting to for a long time, she is so great about encouraging us to jump in. She has a way of making what seems so complicated seem easy and do-able. I am actually super excited about trying. I really miss all her great tips on Knitty Gritty, and was so delighted to see her on CL, my 2 favorites together, what could be better....MORE PLEASE....


Love Vickie Howell and I love this class! I've been wanting to learn how to knit socks for awhile and when I saw that Vickie was teaching this class I knew I had to join!


well done videos, but really wish I had known it was knitting with 4 needles. I wanted a class on knitting with circular needles. I assumed it was circular needles, I thought the four needles way was left in the past haha. guess not!