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Knit Maker: Skills & Technique

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Class Introduction

Vickie Howell

Knit Maker: Skills & Technique

Vickie Howell

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1. Class Introduction


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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

I wanted to put this class together because my whole gig is that I wanna make DYI totally doable for really busy people. And what that means to me is learning skills in a grab bag, quickly. It means that I wanna have a whole bunch of tidbits that I can use and plug in where I can use them, and then take them and let that be the foundation for me to be creative, and you to be creative in any way that we want. So what you can expect from this course is that we are gonna go through a ton of skills and techniques, and kind of just handy little tips for you to apply to your knitting life. So, sound good? Is everybody ready? Yeah. Alright, okay, so I think let's just dive in. We're gonna work with a few cast-ons, okay? So to start, we are going, in studio you should have a crochet hook. You'll need that at home, grab a crochet hook. It doesn't really matter what size because we're just sort of learning the actual cast-on. So grab one of those. We're gonna grab some yarn. I wanted to also...

give a shout out to Clover Needles and Premier Yarn for supplying the Down Abbey yarn. And Clover has provided for in studio guest some of their Takumi bamboo needles, and their jumbo Amour crochet hooks. So we really appreciate that. Okay, cautionary tale. Center ball. Somebody asked me in a course the other day why I don't always pull from the center? I'm gonna stop and show you this. This is why. (laughing) No, this is why. This is why. (laughing) Let this be a cautionary tale. It's not up here anyway. Cautionary tale. This can happen. When you pull from the center of a ball, it could be glorious. It could be lovely. But this can happen. So it's okay if you wanna pull from the outside of your ball, even though your yarn might fly everywhere, at least it's contained. (laughing) You're gonna have to just cut that off, and like start anew. Alright, so go ahead and pull out a strand, and we are going to make a slipknot.

Class Description

It can be hard to set aside time for your creative outlet, and even harder to put time and energy into doing the research and legwork to advance your skills. Vickie Howell turns this formula on its head. Your craft should be your inspiration, and learning new techniques should be fun, attainable, and energizing.

Vickie is an expert, easy-to-follow knitter who can help you master the just-out-of-reach skills you need to tackle advanced patterns. Join this class, and you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with the provisional and cable cast-ons.
  • How to create button holes, fix dropped stitches, and more.
Vickie will also teach you advanced seaming techniques like the kitchener stitch, mattress stitch and the 3-needle bind-off. You’ll learn how to work the picot bind-off, add an applied i-cord edging, and incorporate SC edging. Take the time to invest in your knitting skills, and invigorate your creative practice!


Toni Imwold

Thanks Vicki for teaching a great class. I consider myself to be an advanced knitter but I still learned some great tips and ideas from you. The cowl patterns look great and I plan to knit one soon.

a Creativelive Student

This was an outstanding, intensive workshop by Vickie Howell. She covered a wide variety of techniques and I am amazed at how much I learned in just a few hours. I started practicing some of the new skills I learned and am happy to report that they are indeed now part of my knitting knowledge.

Chris Lopez

This was an amazing class. I've been a knitter for 40+ years but still picked up some new skills and refined some existing ones. Vickie is a wonderful teacher and her enthusiasm for her craft shines through in all she does. Please keep adding more classes with her.