Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign


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Produce a Campaign Video

So now we're going to talk about the campaign video, so I like to talk about building a crowdfunding campaign is building your rocket and the campaign pages like the rocket itself. The video is the rocket engine, because nothing else is nearly a significant in your overall success of your campaign in the campaign structure than the video, because it's, where most people decide whether or not they're going to back your campaign, people don't like to read that much they don't like even like a look through things they like to watch video, and the video plays a super important role in convincing them to make the contribution. Excuse me. So I'm going to say, it's, the second most important piece of your campaign other than the product that you're choosing to, you know, build a campaign around because it doesn't matter if you have the perfect video and the perfect campaign, a perfect march marketing campaign if people just aren't excited about what you're you know, promoting. So assuming tha...

t you've got the right type of product and it's well presented, then your video is going to be what does the job, and the purpose of the video is to enroll people and excite people in what you're up to. So it's not just about informing them, but that's also what it is therefore, but first and foremost, it is a sales piece that's getting them excited enough to put money down for something that doesn't already exist. So if you think about, like e commerce or just general retail, people are buying things that already you know they can buy, they're going to put their money doesn't get it right now, there's a higher barrier to entry to get someone to put down money for something that doesn't already exist. So the video is what caused that it gets them excited, it stirs them emotionally. The secondary function of the video is to inform them than educate them about the product about you and the other pieces, you know, giving them that like analytical in information that they're going to use toe back up the decision that they make with their emotional impulse. So the decision to buy it is usually an emotional one. But then after you made that emotional like, oh, I think I want this, then you're gonna go into like, but doesn't really work. Does it make sense? And people second guess themselves and looking for that back up.

Class Description

Crowdfunding is becoming a more widespread way for passionate entrepreneurs to fund their projects, and yet the process of creating a campaign that engages, sells, and excels can be overwhelming. Now is the time to learn how to do it right in Launch a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign with Christopher Hawker. Chris has been so successful crowdfunding that his first campaign was funded 5538% over its goal.

Chris and his team have brought dozens of products to market – setting records in fundraising and earning accolades in The New York Times, Fast Company, and TechCrunch. In this class, Chris will help you develop a winning strategy for each and every stage of the crowdfunding process – from ensuring your product or idea is ready, to choosing the right platform to launching, maintaining, and marketing a campaign. Not only do you get the incredibly valuable financial calculator bonus material that breaks down the numbers for so you can figure out the exact dollar amount for your campaign goal and campaign perks. 

You will also learn how to:

  • Develop, set and reach your funding goals 
  • Craft a compelling campaign page to help sell your idea 
  • Make a compelling video and build buzz on social media
  • Attract new backers and develop stand-out marketing for your campaign 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a designer, an inventor, or an artist, this class will help you give you the strategies and tactics as well as the confidence you need to make your campaign a huge financial success.