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Build an Email List with Derek Halpern

Doesn't matter what company you have, you need to have a list if you have physical products you need we'll sell them something and sell them through a list if you're doing it online unless you're getting a ton of traffic and I'm just buying right there but you need both you could maximize it with the list so we got one of the best in the world to teach you guys again I only like to attract the best to seek their information and derek is known by people all of the war the world has the authority and lis building but also psychology, persuasion and influence with online marketing very specific in that category so with that let's welcome the man derek halpern thank you first almost nine thousand dollars how amazing is that not bad now what's really interesting is for everyone who is watching you're probably wondering how could I do something similar and the easiest way to do it is tohave an email list you got people on email list you could do an email blast to that list and you could get ...

people to sign up to eleven are if you don't have an email list you can't do that you can't do it now yesterday I walked you through some promotional strategies on how you can get traffic to your site but what do you do with that traffic? You know you want to build an email list because you won't be able to make nine thousand dollars on the web in on, but some people who emailed and they'll be like, well, what about my twitter followers or what about my facebook like sir? My blood comments should not be trying to get that as well and for that I got two numbers for you to really show you it's too simple numbers way got three hundred and forty two what's the deal with these two numbers oh, sorry if if we sent I said the link out to my twitter list at the time I had about baby fifteen thousand followers and I got about three hundred klicks to my website three hundred I've been shared that same link to like my google plus following my facebook follow and I got another hundred fifty kliks or so maybe four hundred clicks in total but is about three hundred cliff thing I then sent an email out to my list which at the time was smaller than my social media following and a sortie two hundred clicks now those clicks or people if you're tryingto build a business you could make a lot more money off forty two hundred people compared to three hundred people now here's what's really, really strange so if twitter sends less traffic for the amount of followers that you have, you would think that maybe twitter's easier to build your following maybe it's easier to get these followers that's why they're on engaged, right? Maybe it's easier to get them and that's why it's so that's why they're not gay? They don't click. Turns out I then email I was promoting my twitter my twitter profile, I said about a thousand people to my twitter profile page, and less than half of the people that I sent there followed me on twitter about fifty percent conversion of people you know, less than half a percent conversion. Follow me on twitter when I send people to a twitter profile page what's funny is if you send a thousand people to an email sign up form, you can get fifty percent conversion is so it's just a z z to build an email list as it is to build a twitter following when you're sending targeted traffic to your pages. So when people ask me, what about facebook likes and twitter followers, I say, screw it! You don't need any of those things. If you go to my side social triggers, you'll find no links to my social media profiles. No, I hate the least the social media profiles because it distracts people from my main goal, which is getting people on the email this email converts. Send more traffic more people back to your site so when you're getting this traffic that I walked you through how to get yesterday you want to get those people that traffic onto an email list now I know this now because I had the misfortune of making a multi million dollar mistake maybe about five years ago I didn't believe in email marketing at this point I was running an entertainment website and I got over two thousand seven things like forty million hits or so I had no email list and then when a publicly traded company approached me tow buy out my my network of sites they made a pretty decent offer looking back I had I've been converting that traffic into email list into e mails I probably would have been able to get ten times more money for that same website because email lists now I'm doing email it's always engaged for your email list is an asset it's a list of names that you have permission to talk with now this is extremely important because people will say well isn't my facebook page and asset no it's not it's a horrible asset it's a deteriorating asked because facebook and wake up one day changed the rules and all of a sudden you're reached disappears this just happened a few months ago where they create created promoted posts and then overnight popular facebook fan pages realize that their reach was cut in half is that where you want to be setting your business? No, you're getting an e mail list, though this is a guarantee you have a list of names and if you're one email service provider like whoever, which james mentioned earlier, so when I use and I actually like a weber, if they messa, you're not stuck with whoever you just download that list and put in an eye contact if they messing down with those print infusion soft this's, your asset that your building and you're going to be able to use all of the time. And I learned this the hard way because I couldn't sell my company for what I should have been able to sell for is really annoying, actually. So kicking myself, hitting my head against the wall. Now, the question is, when you get this traffic, how do you get them on your email? This? How do you do it? Right? So you know the importance of the emails, but how do you get them on your list? And I've got a few strategies for you. We're gonna walk this through on the computer. It all starts with main point offsetting your web design foundation, right want to set your block design? The right way so it's geared towards conversions now you can worry about a b testing and all this other stuff but here's the bottom line that requires you to learn a whole bunch of stuff that you don't have time to do so you can just do that the twenty percent that gets the eighty percent of your results on your website toe build your email list and it's really easy to do it first you have to eliminate garbage from your website would I mean by garbage? You stumble on a blogger and on the top right of their sidebar they got links to like nine social media profiles here's my linkedin page, my twitter page facebook page like you don't follow me on rs s instagram pensions before you know it all right? This guy's got forty seven million links in this side mar which do I click? You know what? I'm not click on any of those legs I don't care to eliminate garbage like that or even worse this drives me crazy people will win an award cem cem garbage award like top ten writer blog's from writer done stop block spot dot com or something like some no name website and no feature this logo on their side bar like it's bragging rights stop bragging rights nobody cares nobody heard you get a award from forms you an award from oxford or magazine you feature that but don't feature these logos or badges from these no name cos a lot of these companies offer these badges because it's a way for them to get a link back to their site from your sight, its weight scam free traffic that's why these people create these badges don't use them. I don't have them in your sidebar create them, though you want me I'm trying to create, you know social triggers badges bet those on your butt every other don't do that. All right, so eliminate the clutter from your website, the garbage million's a link social media profiles facebook like boxes, twitter, twitter like the recent tweets that people have this I don't have any of that stuff, it's distracting people from your main goal, which is building your email list. As a matter of fact, I want everyone, even the people who were watching this from home to realize that the main point of your website is toe build your email this period. It's not mean if you're creating an e commerce site it's to sell, but in general toe build your email list you don't want to sell from your website you want to get people to your site, get him on your email list, then sell them from your email list it's like a three step strategy, it works wonderfully first step, eliminate clutter what else can you do? Here's before I walk you through where to place these forms, don't tell you story about laura laura's, a reader of mine, and she followed the advice and I'm about to share with you. She followed this advice, and she went from getting five options a day into her email list from five to thirty eight per day. Now five people thirty eight people, you know, that's not that much of a big deal, but if you think about it in terms of over the course of a month, five a day is one hundred fifty, emails per month, thirty eight a day is eleven hundred forty, emails per month or I don't know twelve hundred whatever maury males all right per month do that over the course of a year, you're looking at a business that has a thousand people in a full year to twelve thousand people louis mentioned earlier, you give him a list of one hundred thousand people who'll make a million dollars. So now you're a twelve thousand people twelve thousand people on email list you might not make a million dollars, but you can make maybe one hundred thousand dollars that's not so bad. All by following the strategy aboutthe share lord did it it worked for her. Countless other people have took this advice and work for them. I use this advice so I practice what I preach if you look at block designs all over the web right now, after I walk you through this strategy you're going to see tons of the biggest blog's air using this exact advice on their block because it works. Now what is the advice? First thing if you're gonna have a block or just a regular website on your home page you want a feature box of feature box where's the feature box do you see this big box on the top here? When you go to social triggers that time when you see ah big, huge often form it's quite clear what I want you to do when you come to my side everybody needs one of these feature boxes I know louis added to his site chris broken added to his side. Everyone is putting these on their block home pages right now because they work, they convert so you want a feature box at the top of your website period eurovan added, right next after you get a feature box on your website, I know it's a little technical it's a little bit more dry and a little bit less fun but the next step is you want tohave an ugly picture of yourself at the top of your paint no. You wanna have a sign up form at the top of your sidebar right here. Take a look all right. So what a feature box do you wantto email sign of form at the top of your sidebar? Okay, now what else do you need on your block post pages you're content pages we actually do a block post look, I have another box I got rid of the feature box but some people put a feature box on their single post pages don't do that it's gonna be it's gonna push your content too far down it's gonna be hard to see it so I have what they call a many feature box on the top of this page but it gets better. I have one more often form at the bottom. If you enjoy this article, get email updates at the bomb your block post this email side from was very interesting because it doesn't convert that well but think about this first if people stumble on your article they start reading it they make it to the end there are reader they like what you're saying they already committed time to reading what you're saying what better time to ask them to sign up? It might not convert huge numbers but the people that is converting are people who actually read your content this is great when it comes to selling everything now you're not seeing us here but there's some people out here that might grab a pitchfork and stabbed me but you should also have a pop up on your side if you're not using the polyps are annoying but test them they work so what's this do a quick will summary if you want your blood to convert your walked you to the traffic and you want the trap to convert you wanna have a feature box the top your home page like so you want that in an email opt inform at the top you're sidebars you want the many feature box on the top here on the top years single post pages and another email sign a form at the bottom of your block post now some people reply thinking like how do I do that? How do I get these forms there? There's themes out that it's premium theme frameworks one of them which I associate with is a thesis it makes it really easy to do this without knowing code or hiring anybody and they're all the premium theme frameworks out there that don't do the same exact thing so it's not so hard to get this working all right so what's next this is a happy accident I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world look at the top of my navigation here I've got a home I've got about I've got contact and I've got free updates this free updates length don't that links to an email sign a form this page became one of the most popular pages on my website just by adding free updates in my navigation people now clicking that check out of that link coming his page and they're converted so you want to add a free updates link to your navigation bar as well but I also want you to notice if you look at my navigation bar there's only four lengths here why there's too many links people don't click the legs right there's a study by sheena anger she's a professor at the columbia business school she did this famous jams study unfamiliar with the jam study yes yes so I'll just do talk about real quick she ran a jam like like a jam stand inside of a supermarket on a saturday on one saturday she had six jams for sale on another saturday she had twenty four jams for sale here's what happened the saturday where she sold the twenty four jams had a ton more people stopped by to check it out. A lot of people stopped by to check out this jam stand the people with six janet the six jams attracted less people so less people stop by but here's what's interesting the six jam display so six hundred percent more jam in the twenty four jam display and this is kind of what it was the basis of the book by barry schwartz the paradox of choice when you give people too many options they choose to pick no options that's why you don't want links million social media profiles you want to just folks ability mehlis same thing goes with your navigation don't have a million navigation links have a few navigation lives and it works great I use it everyone else uses it and I haven't found a website where this hasn't worked now right about now people were going to be like, you know derek, you got like seventy four opt informs on your site isn't that annoying? Maybe guess what when you're getting paid for how many people on your list who cares and here's the bottom line you're loyal readers are not going to really see these up and forms all the time they're gonna be on your email list and then we reading your emails and they might click back to your site and that's fine but they're not going to care no they already loved your content they will forgive you for building your business I mean, do you really asked permission for that what's that now also on your side bar you've got this resource pages that are what no we're gonna walk through that that's coming up so before I keep going on the world's most boring topic on where to place email signing forms but it works and stupid pictures of me this's actually a tactic. I'll talk more about that in a few minutes and any questions anyone from the yeah, I want to ask one question fromthe web bears bdc derek, are the emails and each of the places on your website going to the same list? That's a great question for everyone who is watching this make it go to the same list. Yeah, I don't put them on the same list, but I am neurotic and I obviously I told you yesterday, don't leave the house that often, so I put them on all different types of lists and I tagged them based on where they're often this's, not for everybody. Is there someone this is keep it simple, really simple. So me I'm completely different. You put him on the same list, all right, when you get to one hundred thousand people on your list and you could start worrying about saying that they were maybe ten thousand people, but for right now, same list anymore questions wait, go ahead. I really love love how the design it's just fabulous, that it's simple, because you will go to these websites and they have the red arrows and it's, the forever long form scrolling and yeah, I'm crazy my quick question is any colors to avoid or a ce faras design? Actually I had an interesting video about this called the best color for conversions conversion people love to argue about it like oh it's orange everyone knows orange or blue links get more clicks did you use one of your techniques and email different people to make a controversy? I did I did I did because a little bit of a controversy about what was that? What was that strategy called uh the campfire can't controversy is good yes, so the colors don't really I mean don't worry about the colors the most important thing is you want to have two types of colors on your side I call them passive colors and action colors, passive colors or things that people read action colors or things that people take action on. So maybe if for here for example, my action color is purple so all my links or purple and if you're running a green based website purple works well if you're running a blue based website, you'll find that blue gets less quick because it blends in. The key is when you're picking your colors you're actually color should be something that stands out from the rest of your designs so people notice it because what gets noticed gets collect so that's the answer questions you said you had another chattering question that call ryan heart uh derrick what do you think about offering a free download or pdf for subscribing this is like the biggest question that people ask me well what do I need to give an e book? You know I haven't started building my email list because I don't have an e book to give away and I'm just like who cares? I don't give anything away for free you don't need any book I mean there's some people who say it works it works better for conversions and mit maybe it's true but if that's going to prevent you from building your list today and postpone it for a week, don't wait for it so I have no opinion on that my opinion is bill your email list if you want to try with any book do it if you don't don't do it I don't give people anything I don't want freebies seekers anyway because there's people who are then opted and get the free stuff and then descendent trying to sell them something you're like oh I thought this is a you know the charity line what? Trying to sell me anything and they get mad and then you hate mail I get hate mail time where I can't believe you're selling I'm like all right, well, I booted you from my list you're not welcome here and that happened so I tried to give away too much any more questions we have a ton of questions coming in a pallet collected is I wonder if you can clarify what is the difference between an opt in box and a feature box and then snappy gourmet what do you put in a feature box a picture yes so an opt in box there's like adoption form is just a former people give your e mail and get on your list of feature box of the same exactly it's just a big box that takes up your whole front home page right at the top above your content above your side bar a huge box at the top of your home page is sort of feature boxes but in the end it's still just not for me it's just a a big up for thank you there where did you get that super cool photo that you have on your home page did you have to hire someone to design that for you always a lot of web questions that's actually a picture of my head that I got from my doctor I'm no it's a stock photo yeah probably cost you what like two bucks three bucks most stock photo business is going crazy right now it actually might be five bucks okay no no don't picks is reserved for me that's what that's me you know I love that reason why all right so we're good on where to place email silent forms now we're going to start to get a little bit more interesting little bit less boring there's three types of pages on your website that you need to build your list three types of pages there's content pages, there's resource pages and there's landing pages contents so water content content is just your articles that you write this is where you're gonna get a majority of your traffic if you go into your google analytics or stack counter or whatever it is you're looking at. If you look at the most popular page on your website, you're going to find that you're content paid not any single piece of content but you're content pages specifically will be the most visited page on your site unfortunately they don't convert so well they might convert if I get a thousand hits toe content page maybe that's ten, subscribers twenty, subscribers thirty, subscribers somewhere around there the second type of paige is what I call a resource page if you take a look here what is a resource page? A resource page is a page with no distractions as you can notice when you come to this page, my content page has all these links sidebars links the navigation you want my resource page nothing what do you get? You start reading through this and as you scroll down there's links to three articles and an opt in form these air resource pages if you send a thousand hits to a resource patient to get twenty, subscribers stories describing you might get a cz much as eighty, ninety, one hundred, one hundred ten subscribers off of the same a thousand hits the third type of paige are my favorite type of pages and these air landing pages just like this which is basically similar to a resource page where there's no distractions whatsoever except you're not actually giving people links to anything you're just promising them a bunch of stuff and the only way they can get that is by giving your email to them the's pages if you get a thousand hits to a page like this you might be able get five hundred subscribers fifty percent conversions are not unheard of for landing pages if it's cold traffic people who've never heard it before you might get three hundred subscribers the bottom line three hundred is a lot bigger than twenty, subscribers now how you get people to your landing pages is the question how do you get people to your resource base if the content is the most popular page on your site, how you get people to your landing pages and your resource pages well when you're writing content you want to start seating links within your content to these other pages on your site every piece of content that you do should try and link to a resource page every piece of content that you do should link to an opt in paige how do you do it? Let's say you I wrote an article about how to do uh how do you use makeup to get rid of bags under your eyes? You might say as you're going through the tutorial in just a second, I'm gonna walk you through the exact steps I used to remove bags from under my eyes step one apply I don't know names and make up right now, but let's they apply foundation below your eyelids. Now you might have known that I also have a free e book on the ways to apply foundation correctly. You could get that here linked to an opt in page, but right now step two and you kind of interweave these links inside of your content. You also could do the same thing with your resource pages now. I didn't say this a second ago, but resource pages air very interesting beasts because there's a lot of content on them and when you have a lot of content on a resource page, you'll find that these pages right well in search engines I actually write number one for lis building, which is a key word that I wanted to rank forces I show people out of billy email lists and all it is is just a quick little resource and links of three articles and then often form at this point, people, well, how many links? So I have to have doesn't matter with three legs, four leaves, five links whose many articles you got don't use more than ten, and you'll find it this right swollen search engines, so back to your content pages, you want to use your content to see links to resource pages and landing pages, so the point of the content is to get traffic and then to send that traffic to places that convert cause you're content isn't going to convert that. Well, now you can do this a little bit like I did this recently, where I did a video about how to email influential people and get responses, and I did this quick little five minute video I walk people through a quick strategy on how to do that, but at the end of that, I said, hey, if you like this, I got three more strategies in the book. Go to this length right here, enter your email side to my list and you'll now you're turning your content. You're real content in tow opportunities to funnel all that traffic you're getting to your content to a page that actually converts makes sense any questions before we keep going just a little bit more technical than the stuff yesterday. So at this point you are giving so they signed up for the lists are they getting automatic email with that e book you just mentioned at this point? Yeah, so they don't get an automatic email they get a welcome email where they'll make it a link to a page or that email is where they can download that now people are gonna wonder, well, how do I send them the right thing if you if I'm only using one list well, you could just send him to a page that has all your free downloads on it and just do it that way. But again, it doesn't matter if you're going to give them anything, but I don't give people pretty much anything almost ever you could do something simple as if you like this video about how to email influential people turns out I've got more content just like that on the way go to this often page sign up, give me your email and then as soon as I have the new stuff available, you'll be the first to hear about it so you don't have to give you could give away a promise to send stuff in the future is thiss ah, and this is wordpress owes this, creating a new page and repress or a post yes so the resource page they're usually pages okay and there's an option in most themes where you can click the type of page that it is, and you click the page that says no sidebars, no sidebars and if your theme doesn't have if using a premium theme framework like thesis that's already built into it, but there are other teams have that as well, when that all like free themes have that thiss headway haven't, uh, I've never opened up headway before you think they're giving you guys are giving away headway for we are yes, one of surprises. Yeah, that was one of the prizes to give you this check and we'll do again, I believe well, I'm not sure if headway has that option built it. I've never seen most things most cream seems to yes and so the purpose of the resource is pages basically, teo clump together like themed kind of articles that's okay, I never knew that this is I'm learning such you want you want teo I mean that's the big problem with blog's if you have one hundred block posts, how do people access all your great content that you wrote? What you want to do is as you get to one hundred block post you want to start grouping them into these resource pages and it create makes your constant more accessible one and two those resource pages start ranking in search engines and you start getting more free traffic from search engines that posed to rely on those promotion strategies this list building resource page yet is ranked number one on google this building not the article itself, not the article's out this page now this is important because this converse what's really great is if I want to be really sneaky and I still might do this is I already ranked number one I might make that a landing page get rid of all the links and just try to convert all of the traffic into my female subscribers like I did that with, uh with the block post I do info graphic, the discourage of the internet that got, like, a million incoming links and it right? It ranks for things like perfect blogged, right? A blogger post all these different terminologies I'm actually going to delete that infographic from internet and put it often page there instead that way, if the people are hitting that traffic now, I'm going to get some emails because that's what I want, I don't care about him one e mails on my list, I could spend emails, I said that yesterday can spend hits can't spend likes so yes, all right, so derek, we have ah landing page that we've had pretty good success with and I want to know for ourselves and people in the audience we created multiple landing pages as well, because we were way want to reach twenty somethings that are struggling from the recession. You have to reach twenty somethings that want to travel, and we want to reach twenty somethings that want to live a better life. Would you recommend having multiple landing pages and I want everything you want? Absolutely, the more the better, more landing pages, the mor e mails you get is luck just put the same stuff up, but if you have, you know thirty seven different books you're giving away have a landing page for each one of them that's an opportunity for you to convert those people in to subscribers. And every time you write an article, you have thirty seven landing page with thirty seven different free downloads. Every time you write an article, you now have somethingto offering that article or to see the link to your landing page that's related to what you're writing about is that mean create a different girl completely or is just different landing page on that same website? It's a page it's, a page like different ages on the site so you might have several? We explain it with your so as an example like I have a list building page, I also have an increasing online sales page, which is a separate page as well. And then with my opt informs, I'm actually about to roll out all these different emails I don't know where they are on the site right now because my developers working on it, but right now we have this one free updates link I'm gonna have time's options everywhere the main goal is to get people on my side and linked often pages that's what I want I have one quick question about in building the list, my websites, a membership site so there's many steps that they have to make so when we get a sign in it's like they've committed, you know that picture up they have to do all this stuff, but we don't have just the simple hagen your email like would you suggest me doing that too? Oh, absolutely because right now listening to take your wallet out and just light a match and money, you might as well be burning money. Yes, you can just set up the same way we're like put it everywhere, but then how do you if you have there already than convert to actually being a member in the sense that I remember? Okay, so what you could you could have different setups like here's my one email list there's a free member that's like sending what you're afraid of if they give you their if they're giving you the email with sammy you're always going to have some idiot that emails you all you're sending me to many e mails I sent like an email a week and I get that email from people you're sending me to germany e mails all right, well get get off my list you know this is not you know this is my website and it is not your website is mine if you don't like it leave and don't be afraid if they're if you people feel like you're sending too much you're gonna subscribe you're getting it no matter how nice you are and how much value and how much you love your people you're gonna get people every month that are going to hate you or something and it just gets bigger the more pino what you misspelled something in the fourth paragraph of this email and it really like you're going to get something you're gonna get just e mails that you annoy the crap out of you people that are going to say bad things it's gonna happen if you want to be successful in general I have one guy I did a webinar you what you want to talk about one yes me crazy I did a webinar where is ninety minutes and after he's done the guy had one piece of feedback for me he didn't mind that I was selling on the webinar he didn't mind he loved the content goes I'm really just you just sound so unprofessional I was like have you been to my site? Have you watched the video like I asked the same exact way across everything is well you're just a little bit more unprofessional on the webinar because you told people to leave if you didn't like what they were saying as a oh oh well guess what I'm gonna tell you right? So when people start complaining you that's your desperate go tours you either ignore them where you just say I I have the convenience of removing you from my list and banning and don't bother derek was that person ever going to buy something from you know never so these people are numbered abiding from you so what's the point they can stay around if they want it don't bother you that they're going to know you like that so we advance if people are really crazy I actually take their I p address send it to my server people and make it so when they type in my domain name it redirected some random site just so they can't even access decide anymore this's this is the exact same advice we heard from ra meet safety when he was here in october not everyone is the right customer for you focus on the people who are interested in what you have to offer and get rid of the crumb bums who are just going to be a waste of time yeah, and that actually this is a good seg way for what I'm about to talk about it a second. In the end, when you want to build an e mail list of subscribers who want to buy whatever it is you're selling, you can't be afraid to be polarizing. I'm not saying be aggressive or be crazy or just want to be a little bit al, you don't be me, you have to be three times yourself. This is a quote from chris rock he was being interviewed by just I don't know who the person was, obviously he wasn't so remember, but he was being interviewed, he said. Chris rock, you're so calm and cool and collected right now you're nothing like you are on stage and he's like, well, people don't want me on stage they want three times me so no matter who you're going to be on the internet, you want to be three times you and I let me explain to you why this works so well because if people either love you or hate you, the people who hate you will stop reading your sight. Some of them will still subscribe that, like I got every time put out a video I have a dislike in like twenty seconds I have cereal dislike thing hates me and he's still disliking my videos like this happens but here's the bottom line when they hate you there to tell everyone how much they hate you some of those people, they tell might actually end up liking. So they're doing your your marketing for you, the people who love you will talk about you as well. The people who just kind of think you're ok, they're not gonna remember you, they're not going. They might open your e mails once in a while, they might buy a product like on the edge. You don't want those people. I mean, you want those people, but you prefer them to either love or hate e exactly? I think we've got a couple questions from the web. Cem cem, definitional stuff candidate he had those questions I did? Yep, for starters, just getting everybody making sure that everybody is on the same page, okay landing page versus a squeeze page and the esso landing I mean squeeze page is a landing page is what I think james calls hug pages. I don't care if you call it it's a page has nothing on other than a promise and an opt in form perfect. Now I guess you if the sales paige it's a promise and an add to cart, but promise and an option for me is atlantic paige, don't worry about landing page, squeeze page, hug page okay and then resource pages beauty of the lake says so our resource pages the synopsis of the articles or the entire articles or is it more like bullet points? Could you think of that resource pages? Armento orient your new visitors so we take it for granted when people stumble on on your website and they never heard of you before they see your most latest piece of content but your latest content might not be what you're really about it might not be what you're what you stand for it just your newest stuff your resource pages is what your brand stands for my brand stands for building email it's my brand stands for increasing online sales so on those pages you could take a few different approaches I take the approach where like tio orient my new visitors and just give him a little bit of introduction about about what they're going to learn about and then I use a bulleted list of links so I don't pace the articles in there. I use a bulleted list with some introductory copy that's geared towards new visitors okay, terrific more questions are, uh we can't there's a question about using optimized for emails and for feed burner do you have thoughts about wasting time with feed burner get a really malice that costs a little bit of money a however israel expensive it's like fifty cents a day and melts you could even use male champ but I think they have a free plan but it doesn't work if you want to be an affiliate market I think they don't like affiliate marketing which means if you sell things for a commission via email male chimp hates you is what I think is the case I use a weber all right let's keep going now that we got the structure of your sight good to go get that content pages resource planes landing page that the opt informs everywhere you're gonna get sick of looking at your own site that's fine but we got him everywhere you're ready to convert what else do you need to do to build an e mail this you need to build an e mail list that people actually want to be on like that's step one you gotta have an e mail is that people want to be a part of like a few weeks ago I was at some dinner and some girl just came running up to me she was dead and I just wanna let you know I'm so happy that I'm getting to meet you right now you're one of three email lists that I read she reads me remi it's eighty and I'm re for leo that she's like those air three people that I follow I love being on your on your email list you need to have people say that to you you want to create an email is that people actually want to be on and that's when you're gonna find that those people will talk about you and recommend people back to the way we know how do you do that? How do you how do you do that? Well, it all hinges off one simple idea. Be specific, insanely specific in what you stand for insanely specific in what you're promising. People look at it like this if you meet someone at a bar or a networking party and they come up to you to say, hey, my name is john, I'm a photographer. I do social media marketing. I also sell widgets on the internet and I also do this and what do you going? Teo that's. Nice, john, meet my friend jane and I don't remember what you just said, but you two should talk and then you walk away and say, oh, did you meet john? You know, he's, a nice guy is over there. No one remembers you when you're specific, though, people will remember you because, like, when I started social triggers, this is an example. Marketing is this huge space markings got ceo it's, not email markets got conversion rate testing it's got blocking it's got social media's, got everything you could possibly imagine I decide to position myself in the first month as a conversion rate person even though I was extremely experienced with seo email marketing this building I had all this under my belt I position myself specifically for conversion rates for blog's why did I do that? Because well not only did I do that then I promoted myself as that expert by doing those site review videos where I just helped other people I talked about this yesterday increase the conversions of their websites to cement that expertise now why do you do that? The reason why is because when you're when you stand for something specific if people are having an idle conversation with their friends and a problem comes up and they say all of his different tells my having problems conversions oh conversions derek halpert they you become easy to recommend because people will remember what you stand for now at this point people are like well what if I pigeonhole myself into this brand and I can't get out of it? Won't psychology there's something called the halo effect they say anyone heard the halo effect hey will effect is very simple when people see you're good at one thing they assume you're good at everything so once useless unless that expertise people assume you're an expert at everything else is well it's much easier to establish your expertise in one specific topic and then start talking about other topics later that it is to just start talking about everything all at once there's a quote in the art of learning by josh wait skin where he said death is more important than breath when you're trying to learn how to do something so it's not about learning everything is about learning one thing and become a net inexpert at it actually my twitter bio is I'm ninety nine percent useless but that one percent when I'm not I'm dangerous and I really am useless ninety nine percent of the time like I for the life of me every time I walk in my house all my clothes come off on the floor and it stays there like that's what happens and then three weeks later and my person comes by the clean they're like derek you can't put in the happier I was like no that's why I hired you and everyday that's right there in the front okay yes how do you not run out of content if you're it you just have that one idea like how do you turn enough content? Yeah email list so we talked about this yesterday where if you're only taking one or two times a month, you're not going to run out of content and the key is when you come up with this really good idea it's to go out there and then make sure not only to write about it on your own site but to be featured on everyone else's sights talking about that content. So what I do with sight reviews as an example in the first month, I did like twenty videos with these top blobs. I walked them through how to increase the conversion rates of their blocks. Each video said the same exact thing I said the same exact thing twenty separate times of thirty days I wanted to throw myself in front of a bus because I got sick of saying it, but here's the bottom line I want to cement these ideas in everyone's head that I was a conversion expert, and every time I went to this audience and set it in this audience and set it in, this audience has said it. There were new people who haven't heard it before, and now they have now learned it, and they're going to remember it's like the drafting technique that I talk about yesterday, I've been talking about drafting for a year now I keep talking about drafting and today yes, sir, you will learn drafting for the first time if I didn't talk about that, you would've missed out, but everyone here wanted to learn about drafting so it's up to you to keep talking about the things that you know works and keep saying it to new audiences on your own sight when you run out of that content that's when you could start branching out to other things but other people's content you want, say the same stuff next question so I wantto kind of dig in here for the people who are just getting started there putting up a block for the first time they're going to publish their first article. It sounds like what you did when you launch social triggers is you did kind of a content blitz right at the front where you did the same thing with a bunch of different sites. Yeah, overaggressive poached you posted a a bunch of content really early, and then so you had like a base that people could see when they came to your site and then afterwards it's a once or twice a month update after that night pacing so here's right? I'll walking through exact what I did when I first lost social triggers I created like five article there's like five, six articles on my site three of them went into one resource page. The other three of them went into another resource page. Then I removed the search bar from my side bar because there's a new site, so there wasn't gonna be anything the starch, so I didn't want to promote a search and have people searching just see two articles that be depressing, so I create six articles put one and one resource page one another resource page then I went on a content blitz off of my sight and did these videos for other people on their sites pointing back to my site the reason why I wanted those two resource pages with three articles of peace is that way when people came back to my site from another site that I was on dating get there and seen nothing, they got there and saw some content and they were able to explore my stuff a little bit more and then decide to sign up. Now I also mentioned yesterday that you don't necessarily even need a block you could send people to just a landing page and you have no content that's fine too, but I did the other approach because I wanted the links pointing to my website so that over the course of the next ten months I'd be building up the sdo profile my block so my blood would start ranking organically in search engines that's why I did that so to resource pages then start getting featured in in front of other people's audiences do that as much as you can as fast as possible in the short amount of time you want to do it fast because if you do one article a week it's not is nearly as effective as doing ten articles in a single week because when people see you everywhere it creates this illusion of like you came out of nowhere and that's what happened with me, like all of a sudden people emailing me like derek, you know, I just found social triggers this month, it's, like you came out of nowhere what happened? Like I planned that I just had twenty videos go live in the same month, and then I didn't have to do that again for, like, five months, and I just kind of resting on my laurels for a little bit and created my content to the people that I got from the first blitz, so I want a lot for a little bit of a bullet on this because this is the this is the playbook that's what we've been talking about on this course, this is exactly what you could do, teo get started six articles to resource pages and then go promote yourself, yes, landing page and one landing page so they are close to resource one landing that's that's ten total paige is on your side mint nine total page neither time, whatever my man is terrible that's not a lot of stuff to do, and then you go out and you promoted, so you spend a little content blitz at the front you promote it that's, an easy executed ble playbook that anyone khun dio identify what you're going to get content about six articles you could do that in a week, or if you could write a book on the weekend, you can write six articles in a weekend, like twelve minutes, and then you go out and then you go in from over there is the playbook, that's it actionable stuff that you khun dio, so I don't want to belabor this point, but there it is, nice and warm or tip when you're creating that first initial content, when you teach someone how to do something, name it like, did you notice how yesterday drafting technique camp fire controversy? I name everything that I talk about? Why do I do that? It's? Because then when people do an article about drafting every time they use the term drafting, I'm getting free exposure. If I just wrote an article about how to get press, people would just take that generic commodity advice and then maybe rewrite it when I read an article about drafting that's derek halpern's technique so it's a good way to position yourself, and when you go talking to those other people on those other sites have to have the six articles to resource because one landing page you want to mention your technique every one of those websites all the time, and just brand that like I'm doing with draft their campfire controversy or or whatnot. Well, drop dropping knowledge right there at this point you could split the football dropped michael walk off the stage but you've got about fifteen minutes left ok let's keep going now I told you that you wantto be specific focus on the one thing take advantage of the halo effect the next part is this the best way really your list is to get people on your list to send more people your way how do you do that? Well, first you gotta create content that's worth sharing and you ask them these other lot experts these these social media people they say create remarkable content what's remarkable content what is that? I don't know what that is and then I'll ask what's remarkable connor would be like well right lis posts you know, people loveless posts no people hate list posts they like to share list post, but nobody reads them have you ever stumble on a list of like fifteen tips? And then you'll see that comment nice list I bookmarked it that's not a compliment that's actually code for they read your first two tips put this in my bookmarks bar stumbled on another list of twelve tips bookmark that thirty four tips one hundred tips bookmark before you know they got forty seven million tips in there bookmark bar they opened up one day they're like, oh my god, I have so much work to do bookmarked bankruptcy and they delete all their book postmark so instead of writing this post that's not remarkable content what you want to do is write an article that solves a specific problem one article one tip one problem one solution that's it this is type is a type of content that people share because when someone stumbles on that and it solves their issue when they're talking to their friend that has a similar issue you know what happens they say oh actually I read this article on derek halpern's sites social triggers that showed me how to solve that problem why don't you go to this length and then they recommend this to their friends that have those problems and they're building your audience for you I asked a lot of people on my list how did they hear from me? And almost all the time they say they heard I heard they heard off me from a friend it seems people are out there recommending me to their friends not using social media share buttons but sending e mails and friends talking about me in conversation because I'm amazing no but talking about me and then sharing those links with those people so the type of content that gets shared is continents practically useful that solves a problem? Turns out that's backed up with academic research as well jonah berger I talked about him yesterday he ran a study where he discovered that vira constance more likely to go viral when it's practically useful so not only are you giving people a good piece of content, you're taking advantage of a proven viral trigger. Next thing this is going to go against some common wisdom as well. Social media experts hate me when I tell them this, too, so if you want people to share your content, don't ask them to tweet it. We just walked through what happens when you get people to tweet articles, it says no traffic says no traffic, and most people with, you know, one hundred, followers twenty five's, they're sending no traffic instead of doing that when you want to do is ask people to send a link to their friends. So for example, I did this video about dumb pricing mistakes, and I walk people through how to price their products and services the right way by taking advantage of some psychology research. At the end of that video, I said very clearly clearly do you have a friend or a colleague that's making this same mistake that I just showed you how to fix? You know what? Send the link to your friend and do them a favor you might be helping them make some money, so I'm not asking this share it off facebook, twitter, the social media's I'm asking them to send a link in an email to their friend, and it turns out that I read an article in adage about what they call intimate sharing people think that things go viral by getting some with one hundred thousand followers to share your stuff that's, not the case. Things go viral when you get regular people to send your stuff to two or three of their friends. That's how things go viral chain e mails yet do change them for those annoying images on facebook with quotes in them, those go viral, make a fake lottery ticket and say you'll give them a million dollars if you share this and you if for anyone willing to see this on this guy had a fake powerball ticket and said, if you share this, I'll give you randomly select someone who shared to give it to give a million dollars away. You got, like, one point seven million shares in, like three days that guy's probably going to jail don't do that, but you want to ask people to share it with a friend, just one friend now, any questions? Because I know we're approaching the end of this. Yes, you missed. You had the strategy behind the picture, I was waiting for you to explain that knob oh, yeah, you want to create e mail list that people I want to be on right you want to create any malice that people remember you want people to be able to remember you when they're talking with their friends about anything you want to be able to make them want to mention you in that conversation how do you do that? You do things that are remembering all these stupid pictures if you scroll down every image that I use is a picture of me doing something stupid like this is that that's not so bad but anyway I'm not scroll down any further but every interview go there every picture on my my profile is a picture of me looking like a moron and it turns out that's very remember herbal actually when I met him in paris a few weeks ago he's like hey man, I really like what you're doing with those images you're thumbnails on your site like people are talking about this it's just one more thing that people could remember you have a question hands way well, so somewhere there another good point? You know, like you don't realize this but maybe you do but you know, in a lot of like artists like jason derulo, you know he says his name always says his name before the song begins isn't so smart right? I would remember his name derek's doing the same thing maybe you know, about maybe you know you're doing it he's putting his picture on every block posts that person because when I did the marketing blob thing there's a u knows how it's very white the reason why I did that because at that point all the top marketing boss had magazine layouts and very busy I got rid of everything and made it completely white I also knows most these other big marking blocks had like twelve authors so I'm show off the fact that I'm the only author of this site and by having my stupid picture on every you know you go down there's twelve pictures of myself I love myself but that's not what so way want to take some questions from online just because everyone out there so many questions and and studio and another a number of other people are saying ok this is great derek you've got this massive email list now what what are you doing with your list how are you monetizing that list and what is it that you so yes so I sell information products very similar to what alicia was selling like you know boot camps or information product software products like thesis ah wordpress plug ins toying with the idea of doing a live event now why information price? Why? Well because they sell no I because I mean it's two things one the profit margins on information products are through the roof it's like ninety nine percent profit so that's great but there's a lot of things out there that people need to learn how to do and there's if you're not teaching them and selling that advice, someone else's, and chances are you're probably gonna do a better job in other people anyway. So you're doing people a disservice by not creating this information. It's like the email list thing. If you're not aggressive with building your email list, they're not going to stop to your list. They'll find some scammers list and accidentally get on that list and get scam. So you're actually scamming your readers if you're not aggressive with building your email list, actually, and I wantto before he closes out. If after washington presentation for the last hour, if you're still not decide to build your email list internet people, audience, you're an idiot. All right, you gotta be building the email list is most poor thing, and you have to sell things like webinars to webinars you selling information product, but right now, what's next is you want to build report with those people on that list. You want those people to like you? You want to give them good content? We talked about the types of content that would be good content yesterday, so just use the concept that I walked through yesterday, and also think about how you're gonna start branching out into these new topics and taking advantage of that halo effect so if you run out of ideas for one specific topic side step into something that's similar or related that you're also an expert in and start talking about that it's really so if you could broaden out a bit so we've got a bunch of questions about this is great for a marketing focus site like yours what about if you're a photography site or what about if you are uh ex explain your creator with a software product or the baby boutique that we were talking about yesterday how do you how does this work for non information products this amazon send out e mails yes that's how it works for you know sense email out your products of people I mean I'm talking about information prize when you get people on email us this's your prospect list this is the people who will buy whatever it is you're selling then it's your job to start selling them things don't just start spamming them with sales pitches every day of the week you're not gonna open your emails give them some good content I like to keep the race you of like I do a pitch to my list maybe once a month some people do once a week is actually not that much you could do once a week to I do about once a month and you could do this in any industry, whether you're selling kids at the baby boutique or if you're selling books or gadgets or photography services, it works everywhere. Terrific. So just two push further on that, for one thing is so is that from scott l? Is that content that you're e mailing out to your followers the same content on your web site? The same articles I knew you were gonna ask that question? I'm glad they did, because right now what I do when you're on my team, ellis, I just send out some commentary, maybe I'll tell a personal story, and then I linked to my block post on my website. So that's the first time of email that I sent out the second type of email that I send out is an email, where I send them a link to register for a webinar where they can register for this live training, which will be like forty five minutes of content in fifteen minutes of sales pitch that you can't get access to on my website, you've got to be on my email list to hear about my live trainings. I won't put that on my website, you've got to be on the email list to hear about that, so I sent e mails to my block posts, I sent e mails to a webinar invites and then I also sometimes give premium content to female subscribers as a way to keep those people happy for being on my email list. Now when you're doing some premium content that his email subscribers only make sure you tell them that I think rockefeller had a really good quote, he goes next to doing the right thing. The most important thing is telling everyone that you're doing the right thing and when you're giving out my email subscriber only content, you make sure you say, hey, I got some new stuff for you that is female subscribers on lee and then give the content before you do that. So there's the three types of e mails I sent out cool about a few more minutes, so we have more questions for a bunch of questions in the studio we could go over there, derek, I was hoping you could kind of talk about papa it's a little bit more and you gotta kind of engage in, interact and create a papa for your website and specifically do you put that on the content? The resource page? Yes. So I put my pop ups on my single post pages on lee because that's, the most popular site people are getting to a single post pages from search engines from social media from the most aggressive with my pop up on my content page, because that's where my traffic is that's where I put it service like a weber makes it very easy to create a pop up where you just take some code and pasted in really easy to do that. One more thing I want to know about pop ups you'll get these people this cracks me up actually, I have people where I told you we'll use come up use pop ups and someone left a comment on my block I don't read logs that use pop ups you just ex doubt my papa he was well, okay someone else's say you know, if I see a sight that has a pop up, I never go to that side again and people leave these comments on my site with pop ups I've gotta pop a pill my sizes day one, and people say I don't read sites that have pop ups, these people actually believe this. They actually really think they don't read sites that have pop ups here's a bottom line you're creating great content that air solving problems, that stupid list post but actually content that solves problems. People will forgive you for your pop ups, so use them okay. Also another resource is, uh a lot of people uses pop up domination dot com and it's like a thirty dollars software allows you to create some really cool custom problems if you don't have a weber okay, cool and you girls will hire someone to create a custom pop up from scratch on something like e lanzaro desk for like fifty bucks. Unless you get someone bad and then charges you eight hundred dollars. That happened to me a few months ago. Eight hundred dollars on a pop of formation, of course, fifty bucks, but or get to make the money back. You just get the bloody thing just to play over thirty bucks. Yeah. Any more questions? Like a professor with this in front of me. So you're up say is really simple. Yeah, teo, all blog's need to be as simple. You know, design is yours or should the design reflect contents or you could organize design? I don't have a million links, you know you want oh, look, the look the iphone they only put a certain amount of icons on each page. You could only do a certain amount of actions per page that you're on, right? If you give people of one million axes on your home page, they're not going to take the action that you want them to take. I always say that for every page you create, you wanna have one page one goal there's one goal for every single page on your site, my content page the one goal on my content is to get people besides my email list, the secondary goal is to try and funnel those people toe a resource page or on often pay or landing page to get the mama email list. So yes, you could have a more complex design but don't make it confusing don't make it hard for people to find what you really want them to do yes do you send text only emails? Html based ah any images on their what's what's your what's your recommendation yeah, I tested this actually and on my list this is probably different for all lists it depends on your list we should test it also, but from my list text outperformed html emails so I send usually just plain text sometimes now that I'm doing a video show, I'll put plain text and then I'll put a stupid picture of myself with a link to the video with little play button on it to let them know that it's a video and then more text but so that's the only time I mainly just just text e mails is actually texted in html emails like the track opens but it's just text it's not know design or nothing and that works better for me when I tested it a couple of questions from the web here they're sort of related, so I'll give them to you together the first is from snappy gourmet and the second one is from and sevilla photography the first one, how do you people tio open the e mail and there's a what is there a way to find out who is not opening the email and either than take them off your list or re engage them the second eyes? And then, you know, do you find your email list goes through like a purging period with people opting out, canceling and like, how bad does that get statistically so you can talk about, you know, email, lifecycle management, I guess is how I would put those two together. I don't think people need to worry about that right now. Get your email. Is there our life cycle for subscribers? But if you're writing content, you're doing good, you're doing good by your subscribers, you could have people opening emails forever. Turns out, though they're on average. I think male chimp published statistics if people sign up on day one by, like the six month that's when they usually start tuning you out, is either three or six months. I think itwas is how long people stand the email list, but that said, why do people to websites out is because either sending content that they're not interested in. Or it's, just maybe they're no longer having the problem that you're solving, like if you're a wedding photographer and you're showing them five ways that determined the best wedding photography site if they already had their wedding, they don't need to be on your email the same war now with regards to on opens and opens on a service like a weber, you will see thes people opened your email. These people did not open your email, but I wouldn't even worry about the opens verse on opens because if people are on their phone and it's a plain text email, you can't track any open radio that email, because here's, how open rates work if these email service provider's put a tracking pixel, which is like a one by one image in html email that nobody can see, and if they open that email and have display images on it, then registers that they opened that e mail that's. How opens work what I liked would I like to focus on is clicks because if people are clicking, people could click a link without necessarily having display images on in their in their email. So clicks is the most important metric to worry about unless you don't have anything to click on at which point, don't worry if you have zero click. We talked about asking them to share it this idea of doing one tip one result another type of contact that people of the sierras conflict I call ego bait ego babe what is ego bay well guess what people love the sound of their own name they love it more than anything actually I should be sleeping if someone says uses a compliment the email actually wake up people love their own name so when you're writing content you could write block post that feature other people in your industry that might not necessarily be competitors but people that are just related to what you're doing and as an example you could do something like eighteen this is a list post I know I know but this is ego bait the point of this is to get the attention of some people eighteen women entrepreneurs were doing it right my friend corbett bar did this on his site think traffic and it ended up being one of those popular articles on his block for that month now why is this work so well well when you feature someone in an article like that that's a compliment so they feel the need to you know give him a confident you send him a little bit of traffic they feel the need to reciprocate and they often reciprocate by sharing that content but if you really want you go bait toe work you can't go after these huge name people that get compliments all the time we get desensitized to it, not me. I read every one of my compliments so if you're going to wake me definitely definitely do it, but other people that are used to it they become desensitized to these compliments so you want to do is you want to find people that you respect that have a little bit of a following that you might be interested in attracting and go after those like the b list or c less people give people the compliments where the compliments are very, you know, sparse and you'll find that they're more likely to share your stuff with their followers because they're not used to getting that and it works also no don't be be shameless when you're giving compliments when you're doing that when you do that remember it's not about creation about promotion so after you're done with the ego bait it's now up to you to contact the people that you featured and don't ask him to share it because some people do this where they'll be like oh, I just feature this feature you in this article would you share with your followers? The answer is no, I will not share with my followers that's why you just send a quick early man letting them know so just wanna let you know I featured eighteen women entrepreneurs I have this person, this person, this person and that I have you so I'd like a list, a list, a list and then I have you just thought you should know and you'll find that they'll willingly share that content because they want to share, especially if you feature them alongside of you know, if if I get featured alongside lewis and I'm gonna feel I feel awesome, so I'm gonna share that are for a second, I just can't help, but why would derek really quickly? Yeah, there's a common theme we've been talking about by not asking them to share but giving value first and saying hey to satisfy religion, I featured you it's already got five thousand views just thought you'd like to know I appreciate everything you do. I wanted to promote you people gonna feel, you know, like they should promote you back without you, I'd have to ask him exactly let's keep going about this content that people like to share. If you're going to ego bait that works, you could also do and I love to do this is just new research, new research I start so many facebook updates with new research reveals and the reason why researches so share a bowl is because it's specific data specific data and people love to share data they love to share data and if you're finding out there's new research in your industry whether it let's, say, you're running a wedding photography business, you might be, I don't know what kind of research, but there might be some kind of white paper that came out letting people know that the best place to have weddings are now in new york, because weddings are the cheapest in new york, that type of research people love to share with their friends because it's new is shiny and it's just terrible, specific and share a bowl right now before I continue any questions about ego bait or this idea of new research, anyone one want to know how this might work for them or examples? No, no questions. Okay, let's, keep going now. I cut this out earlier I didn't mention this, but another thing you could do this is we're going back to how to design your website, so it converts. We talked about email signing forms in the right places. We also talked about the three types of pages you need to have there's one more thing you need to do that I didn't tell you to do and it's your about paige, you'll find that when you're running a block or business, if you have about in your navigation bar, this will be the one of the most popular pages on your website. People just want to know all about you and not because you're special it's because they just want to know what you stand for they really want to know how you can help them so you're about pages one of the most visited web pages on your site if you look at your analytics it will back that up so what do you do can you guess what I did here I put it often forms not only that but one often form I put another often form but wait there's more then I put another often form it's one of the most visited pages on my site do I got hopped informs on that page yes and it converts actually my friend pat flynn from smart passive income he added in opt informed was about he never had it there he had an opt in form two is about paige he didn't he ignored most my other advice like dizziness and everything like that but we put it opted for mona's about paige and that became one of the main referrals for optimus to his list just by putting an opt inform on his about paige so everybody could do that and everybody could also add the free updates link in your in your bar so it's two things that I want everyone to commit to doing today okay yes now I know you said that you engage them once um your your email list once a month with an offer, but how many times do you engage them with information and articles and updates? My average about once a week? That is not because I think that's the right amounts. I think once a week is pretty good, I might go a little bit maur if I'm launching something like if I invite you to a webinar and you saw to that weapon are, you'll get five emails for me, you know, day day one day, two day, three day four, so it depends on the situation and depends what you just did with my list I'd stick with once a week, so I feel like that's enough if you update your sight every day of the week, you're actually taking time from your readers because if they're reading your constant all the time, they're not doing what they want to be doing and then people this is actually this is hilarious, too is like, well, if I don't think my sight, that often won't people unsubscribe because I'm not staying at new content with what so you're telling me if you update your sight on june fourth by june thirty first if you haven't sent out another e mail update, you've got people on your list there like this guy has not emailed me in three weeks let me search in my email box and on some scott that doesn't happen people only unsubscribe when you send them too much email that they don't like why did I send a lot of email after a webinar is because if they sought to a webinar they're letting me know that they want to learn about what I just I was offering in that webinar the next day I seem a little bit more content about that same exact topic with a link to my with the length of my products so this is something that you can do the next day I sent a little bit more information with a link to the product the next day a little bit more information hey guys, the product is coming off the market tonight and that's it and I send maury males after the fact that I know they're interested in that topic so they're gonna want those emails so when it comes to how much I start with about once a week if they get to a webinar they're in here for me every three seconds if I haven't updated in three weeks no one's gonna unsubscribe because no one is that vindictive and if they are you don't want them on your list there probably closed more headaches, any other questions? Is there any specific text in the about page that you would include um that's like really sort of captivating and would get people toe yeah, I know the word you know if you want to turn trav, I don't say, hey, guys, social triggers is about in certain boring set sentences that nobody reads. If you want to turn traffic into leeds and sales, you're in the right place, always the word you. And then I don't actually talk about myself until the bottom, because I figure if they make it this far, they might be interested in who I am, and I have a cheese cheese grin image here. I'm gonna put a dumb picture there, haven't you? And I noticed that you also use third person in your that that's, just laziness. I mean, it should be third person. I think anyone who talks about themselves in the third person is a tool, and anyone who signs the block comment with their, like derek, help social triggers, like that's, how you introduce yourself, you put your real name in the block, anyway, here's to the first person, if it's first person.

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