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Create a Product that Sells with James Wedmore

I'm excited because how awesome was derek pretty amazing, right? So he talked all about getting people to your site strategies for getting traffic and things like that he talked about how to convert those people into email subscribers tomorrow but today right now, which I think is going to be the most fun parts which is talking about how to create a product that sells itself and the best way to create a product is with information creating information products don't have james talk about all the specific information products that you can create and one specifically what she's going to go over in just a second that we're all gonna create together over the next couple hours. But why information products over physical processes? Some of you may have physical products especially online you may have different stuff that you're selling that's already physical have to manufacture and make but information products or the best because you can do it very quickly and you don't have any money to s...

tart up to create it you don't have any inventory and you can deliver it very fast you can ship it very fast so with that I'm gonna let james come up were attacked in this session together and james going to talk about the different forms, some information products and kind of how to set them up so james would more clicker from yet so that's a pretty cool huh? Does it excite you guys creating products that they sell themselves? My big confession, you guys, is what we're about to go over the slides that I've created. I've never taught this before, I don't have a product on how to create a product. I've never really done that before, other than doing it myself about a year and a few months ago, I created product with louis called video traffic academy, teaching people how to leverage you to just like you teaches link tonight thought you to something. I've been doing a lot for my business for several years, and I know a lot of the ins and outs out of how to get ranked and found and generate traffic from youtube and that product in just over a year, uh, generated over half a million dollars in sales and it's only ninety seven dollar product, and the most rewarding experience for me was that people came back saying they've been doing this for years, even in this interest of years, it's thousands of dollars on projects that was one of the best rocks you've ever purchased, invested, and I think at the core, the reason was that I like to toot my horn and brag a little bit about that is because for me, personally, I have a huge passion for teaching and when you reflect that in a in a information product, um, you could do incredible things with that. And, like louis said it's, you can do it with no capital, uh, you could do a quick and easy way probably spent a few thousand dollars on the branding and the development of that product, but we want to make it a little nicer the most. You could do it much cheaper than that. Um, now and I know there are people listening in in our audience who have products, ideas that are not information products, but I still think that they would be either a lot of principles that we complain because we talk about how to sell these products, of course as well, and really, how when you're building an audience and you have a platform, even if you have software, uh, app or physical product it's an incredible opportunity to have this additional scream of income for service or service and one example, I mean, I'll have tons of case studies to share with you people who started as coaches and provided services like you know what, they had to trade time for dollars when you can leverage that you can package your knowledge package of wisdom and selling, not obviously, there's. There's a lot of allure to it and it's it's pretty exciting so can I get a raise of hands when you guys anyone who has already created any type of e book or or anything like anyone here so obviously we should be very happy on we're going to be doing some fun and exciting stuff uh with you today so they do take information products can take many different forms now the book is like the traditional one and when I first discovered this was two thousand seven and I have been doing the bartending and I said I got it I'm going to teach people how to bartend and I slaved away in front of computer for over three months with aa lot of caffeine on dh just a lot of diligence I lost a girlfriend over it she's you know, friends like disappeared people thought I was crazy I spent three months to write a two hundred twenty page book and every single recipe like of drinks and cocktails and everything that I ever knew about it and um it took me about three three and a half months before I ever made my first sale and not three months to write and then three more months to you made money no it was it was it was three and a half months total and their people that will spend more time before they make the first sale and I'm happy I did it there's no regrets but I would never do it that way again and I don't want anybody else to do it that way so there are all these different ways e books explaining it could be physical products as well like a physical book that ship video traffic academy is online video training program so you can use any format you know, audio mp three stuff like that but what we're really gonna talk about it when I get really excited about is the bottom one which we put a little star next to which is the live boot camp and the number one reason is because you can get paid before you make it so instead of waiting three and a half months to see if people even want it we can figure out immediately before we have to do any work for it in fact we're on a live boot camp right now if you think about me this is the pretty much the same exact format and as everyone who's who's obviously here in person and everyone on the internet there's a lot of value on the fact that there is this live experience and what we're going to talk about today is that when you provided in this boot camp you're not just provide information you're not just giving content you're providing a valuable experience that other people can't have in any book or anything like that being able to ask louis your specific question like, this is my business. How does this apply to me so much more valuable? You can't do if you have, like, a pdf in your hand, or you're watching a video and audio. So, um, that's a really good because you get to charge more money for that. So, um, I kind of already talked about that, but yes, you get to get you get to get paid first, and I'll show you some specific examples of how we do that or you got to figure out if it's not a good idea. Yeah, if no one's buying it, you didn't have to do any of the work that you would have done. I mean, there are plenty of products that created e books and courses and stuff like that make it months down the drain. Um, and the last thing we'll talk about this and it's, how to repurpose this. So when you get paid to create the content, then we can do all that other stuff, like, turn it into aa video training, transcribe that, create turning into it a book and sell a different price mints on your showing exactly story I did this last month and actual and did this like while I was at home visiting family for thanksgiving and generate over twenty thousand dollars in sales just for me no feelings, no other promotions a couple e mails are going to show you break it all down so that should be really exciting for you guys because it was a fun little case study let me give you one more example is a good friend of mine her name is uh laura james franklin at franklin and she lives out in new york and I stumbled upon her through social media and she's she's a healer and a coach and she's phenomenal, extremely talented what at what she does and I paid her money to have her do a coaching session I mean, I loved it I love what she does but then today she's trading time for dollars and she could you know, only so many hours in the day and before she gets tired vanish can only take so many clients she really limiting herself and so we sat down and talked really quickly. How can we leverage what you know your skills you all that stuff with service that you're doing? Yeah and you know what? You know what as well, you know she's phenomenal and so the first thing we went to where is let's do the boot camp model and she didn't she was doing youtube videos which is my passion we'll talk about this tomorrow live show you how we can use youtube in conjunction with everything that derek has been teaching on how to create the platform, I create my platform, using video on youtube and and how you could do that. So she started doing that, I said let's do a book, I'm gonna take you through the whole model that she did, and she ended up doing over seven thousand dollars in sales on our very first boot camp. It was very, very exciting because she didn't have to do any like, yes, there's work, but three months sitting in front of a computer like I'm going to write chapter two, you know, you don't have to do that andan, of course, the higher price point because there's so much more more value than that, I think you guys are excited to be here and wouldn't be if it was just a book you've got in the mail, you know, for ten dollars, so remember that there is value in that experience that you created and that's what I'm talking about earlier, that with the hole, the mindset with money, when you have to pay for a premium product, you're going to take more action, get more results, and if you pay for a book, I've got tons of books on the shelf and I never read I paid ten bucks for me yeah, and one of the things we'll talk about we're gonna talk about how to structure boot camp and in line with what louis is saying is that if I've paid louis money to attend his boot camp une let's he's a call every monday you know and we're gonna hang out with him for an hour you block off that time and you're there and if he's if I'm on the call with me when I say stop it right now here's your three actions here's the things you're gonna do right now and you do it so you create better customers who who have the testimonials that we can use some of the techniques that you're sharing like drafting to leverage their success which ultimately leverage is yours so I love it and when you love teaching it just makes it so much easier not real quick if we go on how many of you guys have been on a boot camp before where I've hosted a bootcamp couple you and did you see value in being on it? Yeah okay so obviously there'll be people that you know that it's not gonna be for everybody but if your if you are in a position to offer um some sort of teaching of coaching like if we have a lot of photographers thie greatest thing I tell him to do is teach photography for big gainers boot camp and and you know that's what I want because I'm I do a lot of video but I just recently switched to it dslr camera big fancy ones I've no idea how to use them and I would get a lot of value of learning what the heck aperture means so instead of saying, you know louis and I we want the videos with the blurry back around I just learn what that means depth of field and now I don't sound like an idiot while I'm talking but before we go too much farther just wanna explain what a boot camp is there's a little bit of confusion know that ximen chattering so I mean the easiest way is to understand that you guys in essence are experiencing a similar format to a boot camp right now alive training is its and that's something that we'll be getting to in a minute because I will struck show you how to structure it out but when you have content and knowledge and information of your own that other people want and they're willing to pay for as the content creator you like I said creating experience that you're in complete control and as we as I give you more examples like like laura james franklin example she's she's, this healer and she's his coach but he says there's so much I could teach people if I just got him on a call for an hour once a week advice, you could give them step by step instructions and exercises life boot camp so it's live the first time you do it, but then when you package it as a product, what is it considered at that point a product and I'm going to show exactly how we do that let me even example of how what a boot camp is just so we're like clear someone knows I'll give examples in the first boot camp that I did so when this really made sense to me, my ah ha moment was when, um I did a webinar selling a live boot camp so my business partner and I in two thousand nine we did a webinar to our audiences were like thirteen hundred people show up and we were selling a live training, so we said we're gonna put together a boot camp. What this is it's six weeks of live training one hour every week at the same time tuesday at noon doesn't matter what time could be four weeks? It could be two weeks it could be eight weeks. It doesn't matter how long it is, but boot camp is like basically a number of weeks the number of lessons now these lessons or to turn into modules for your course so your product is going to be consisting of these boot camps that you're gonna record you repurpose into all those different formats that james was talking about. Video training could be a membership site for twelve months are on going anything you want to do, you can repack it repurpose. So what we did is we did this webinar remember being, like, shocked because we have thirteen hundred something people show up. We had no clue what we were doing. We had the ugliest looking webinar presentation about six slides with just bullet points. I don't even think there was a picture on there remember he was still linking during the time I was speaking with all these people wrong, he was linking a sales page with the papal button for people to buy this boot camp. We didn't have a product, we had an outline for what we're going to deliver them so that's the boot camp model, you have an outline for what they're going to receive over the next few weeks, so it could be how to write a best seller in a weekend, and it could be a three day boot camp. So for three days you to do two hours every day and here's what you're gonna get on these two hour sessions the first two hours is thinking of your idea during the research and step by step, she gonna teach him how to write a best selling a weekend in an hour in a webinar sixty to ninety minutes give him kind of the nuts and bolts they're not gonna know how to do everything is still so good to say I'm gonna hold your hand walk you through it and show you how to do it over these three days or four weeks or six weeks depending on the content how much information and how you want to deliver it when we did our webinar uh this first one at the end of it we were so terrified wearing like his basement his kids were asleep upstairs were like hovered over a little microphone like like talking back and forth shaking you know it's like this is three years ago and I remember we sold we sold to different packages at the time on ninety nine dollars version for something that could get right then which is a couple of ar e books that we created or a live training for five hundred dollars a six week live booking it might have been eight weeks and after the call was done we shut the weapon are down I remember this vividly who's like super darkness like dungeon basement we shut it down we open up like the email to see if any sales came through because we're like I wonder if anyone but hopefully we got a couple hundred dollars I remember like the entire was the most beautiful thing like if you open up your email there's, like I think there's fifty like lines with your e mails like people sending messages, the whole thing was filled with you've received payment for pe pop and we were like, freaking out, I was like, screaming out like, rip my shirt off like, yeah, like his kids started crying because they're like their likes to sleep upstairs were like, jumping over down, I like how you give against it worked and I remember just being like, so relieved find something that worked, and we've repeated this a number of times threw a lot of different products were not doing, like over twelve thousand five hundred dollars in sales in an hour's time, and then we didn't have a product, so we didn't do any of the work up front, but we gave ourselves a week to get the outlying together to create the content and then to deliver it, so it forced us to have a deadline, which a lot of us has struggled with his again, things done on time. This forces you because, you know, you've got people who paid you, you gotta deliver and it forces you to record it, and you could package it into all these different ways, sorry, when you say boot camp, I'm thinking like, we're going away for a weekend. No it's not this's I apologise for the word you can actually call it anything you want and we're going to get to the marketing workshop the online training live training whatever your physical where we're all going and not make it that yeah to save time energy and money just it's yeah and and I mean we're going to go deeper and deeper into the specifics so don't don't you worry and we'll continue to show you more examples and stuff but but yes we use the service the software we uses goto webinar so it's boot camp webinars or live webinar training so basically what they're the your customer will experience is power point our keynote slides and they'll hear you they'll have the opportunity to type and questions and you can respond you could even a knute them from the line so it's just a virtual our two ninety minutes that you get to think all of us have been on a webinar seen webinars right so this audience knows but maybe some people online I may not know but again it's the best way to then create a product from that because you gotta record it and your package it into a product that you can sell over and over and over again and direct people to go and like louis said when someone pays you for it even if you only have two people purchase on the front end its field through created and there's so many people, I mean, we're doing this for so long is something people like I'm working on an e book I'm working on this home study course of this program and it's like how's it going it's been a year like what's taking you so long, but if you could just get past that and someone's actually willing to give you my you make it happen. So what we're to do this weekend, you're all going to create your own boot camp and everyone watching online, you're gonna create a boot campus well, and we're gonna show a live example with lisa how to do it so she's going to actually recreate one after this hour with her lives so you guys can work on it yourselves and we're gonna get that rocking and rolling she's actually to do a live web in our tomorrow during a lunch break, and we're going to show you results of how this whole thing works. Yes, she's going actually sell this thing when we haven't even started yet before the last day, we're gonna have results of how many sails she did. I'm really excited to be going so on and please keep the questions coming because because sometimes I do get ahead of myself, so so so really the question once our ass and says, what can you do? What package? Knowledge or information can you sell your audience and teach in a four to eight week life form it like? Like I said, it's, the content creator you guys get to to do it any way you want really shaken since it's, a best seller in a weekend, you can literally have a weekend boot camp there's a right or wrong way to do it, and then we can talk about like, oh, maybe a week later, there's a follow up call with additional q and a and questions, and we'll talk to specifics about that. So while giving example we created video traffic academy ninety seven dollars course was not live it's just video train is that people download they pay ninety seven bucks war, but then those customers came to us and said, we want more, we still have questions, we want to go further, we wanna go deeper. So I said great two ninety seven boot camp will teach maurin depth with mohr q and a mohr interaction and people bought because they wanted more and all we needed to do was loose and I've been saying is creating outline, create outline so we know what we're going to teach, and the content has bean is creating life then he took it to the next level for a while we actually stopped doing this, but people said I don't know the time of the energy to create my own videos or toe optimizing the way that you teaching the course I don't have time for this we've provided I've done for you service, which was a thousand dollars a month yeah, and we stopped that for certain reasons just because it took a lot of time and energy for us, but there are ways to take something from a ten dollars a book idea into a fifty thousand dollars a year coaching, you know, there's a range of products and services that you add for people based on one simple ten dollar idea, so make sure you think of that you could have modeling, consulting where model can come to you and you charge you he charged five thousand dollars a year to get one on one access, maybe you go out visions with them and you say, okay, this is what you're gonna be working on, you know, certain types of packages that you could upsell and repackage into other services products that make sense cool, but you know, if we're having a, uh, you know, a discussion of like, how do I get profitable or how do I, you know, get cash you've got to start ask yourself the question what can I sell where I could get paid up front before have to do any of the words and that's for us this has always been in the best answer and once you make the initial sales you're that incentivized to do exactly what derek said which is like all right, I'm gonna get travel to my sight as I know about getting people in my email list then I can run more webinars or sell them in different uh different ways for my product created yeah, great what one question to sort of broaden out the applicability of this stuff so people who are selling physical products can they still use webinars and some techniques you're going talk about to teach people about their physical stuff? You know the number of that and we'll get into more specifics about webinars and what you could do with webinars. And the whole thing with webinar is the fact that you're you're getting people into the live format where they're seen your screen or your keynoter power plant it could be your video or your video and the number one thing I think with that if you're not selling information products you're not a coach is that you are educating your future customers and that it's so important on I think derek brought a few examples of that but letting people know what they need to know to save money or get better results in your industry and then you can offer them your product a good example of this for physical products of friend of mine brian who runs a company called board room they do a lot of trainings where they have they have different products this they have an expert who worked with the company who has like anti ageing products so they were older audience and they have different creams and moisturizers things like that it was like a two hundred dollar package of liquor, different products he came on the web in arm and educated it's about ways to use foods and other things to keep yourself healthy and younger anti aging tips and secrets and educating them. Then they sold the product at the end which was like a two hundred dollar package, so if he already got products, you want to educate your audience around that top bend? Absolutely. And what what you'll discover is as you do this as your holding webinars I mean, the first few I did I was petrified I mean it's it's, khun b scary and hopefully we can get anyone who's a little nervous like over that hump really quickly but what you'll quickly discover is that when you have an audience, even if there's mean because no one else knows if there's two people in the line they khun you know you could wow look at everyone like you look at all the people in here I mean let's not lie or anything but it's it's perception and that transforms you into the authority and that's always important to be the authority um and and when you're the one that they're coming to with not for knowledge and education that's when they take action so um so what I have here the last thing on this slide is is that anyone here could create a great product but it really comes down to marketing and that was one of the biggest lessons I learned very, very early on with with my bartending business might which turned into an event staffing business was I need to learn marketing I need to know these these principles and stuff first because when we sold video traffic academy I don't know how many clones of the product came out there's video traffic avalanche and video traffic assault and these are people that went through my program and I I think it's like the most wonderful form of flattery I there's no grudge it all but they they learned it and then they regurgitate it but then they didn't make any money and they didn't make any sales and it's because they didn't have the marketing behind it and so what we'll talk about a little bit is really uh how important that is alicia it's not like hotting write books, you know, its best seller in a weekend, it's a very specific finite result and it's in a very specific time period. And when we khun brandon position from that angle, when you talk about the benefits of being a best seller, what that does to your business, how you gonna get attracted to the media, how you're on the steve harvey show and all these other shows, the results you get from being best selling the weekend when you, when you talk about that that's, when you get those sails, right? So if we're going to sell a boot camp or a live workshop of virtual workshop, whatever we want to call this, um, this information or this experience that we're putting people through the greatest products and the things that people actually pay for, I have to do one of the three things that I have here in this first life and it's either something to do with money, as in help you make more money or it saved money. Do something with health or fitness, like improve your appearance, get the washboard abs, I have more energy, live longer or anything to do with love, relationships or sex, and really, at the end of the day, it all comes down to sex, because if you have more money, you know, and that's just truth of it so I think this is so important and this is the greatest but there's other there's always exceptions one of my good friends who taught me a lot about what I know about youtube today he's been a youtube superstar since like two thousand six has one hundred million views on youtube flying little remote control airplanes and he sells plans for remote control airplanes and so it's like games it's not really in one of those those knishes yet it is because what he's selling is a way to save money to get into the hobby. And so even though it's kind of like an indirect comparison, if you're not helping people make or save money, improve their health, energy or warrants appearance or have you no experience love and one of the greatest product that was a part of, uh was ah dating product on how to get your ex back? I don't know why anybody would want to get there expect uh, but let me tell you, there are a lot to do and there's a lot of desperation there there's a lot of that I will do whatever it takes and when they will when they have that they're willing to pay money for it and that's the thing a lot of us say, you know, I'm passionate about this and this is something I'm passionate about this but will people pay for it and you need to make sure you're clear on that and, you know, the greatest ways that so find out safety so is that is that clear? Can you guys for everything you're doing it? See where your your market kind of falls into one of those three major categories if not if you're like no, it totally doesn't your marketing can reflect out on one angle because there are those core human needs of what people really want um, you know, to be loved to have power, to have freedom I mean that's what everyone wants on some level, um, the way I love to teach anything I'm doing is and this is this second line here, and I think this is extremely important for anybody doing information products is whatever it is, you're teaching must have a very clear defined objective. I keep going back to example, because it's so perfect when I go through your program, I know exactly where I'm going to be and what I'm gonna have it the end and a lot of people will just, like do a collection of interviews or or, you know, articles and log post and package them together and you can provide so much more value if you put a time stamp on it and a very specific result or objective and so for video track academy it's how to make videos, get him ranked in youtube and google is very specific that way we were very clear about what the benefit of alicia's product is can we maybe go through and crystallize benefit for some of the other businesses that we have in the room to make sure we've got that focus, we have volunteers chris, you want to do with it with the fitness? Yes, so I have a, uh, a product right now for baseball pitchers and it's ah it's it's a arm it's, a velocity program and a arm health program and um, it's it's a it's not the normal way to do strength and conditioning and kind of not. I would not say that it goes against everything but it's just a lot of newer ways actually improved performance and reduce injury. Sure. So my big question is, are you already have this live and are selling it? Yeah, and are you targeting coaches, parents or the athletes? Uh, I was initially targeting athletes and now I'm starting to target more parents and the coaches and the markers they're the ones that have little different yeah, yeah, so I think I mean, I think that's that's fantastic, and I'm glad you're going to people who have the money that are willing to yeah, I mean apparent that loves their son and their into sports they'll spend whatever money they get to on him so and you're also saving the money of not having them have this personal trainer that's you know, charging them an arm and a leg um so is there a very specific I mean it sounds like you're touching on something that I think the more you can put a measure of a result or a number on something um s so it was I call it it's like the minimalistic approach to improving your improving your performance and reducing injury and I promise that you can do a specific workout routine in uh thirty minutes every day yeah what's the what about the reason the result is that you're going to improve your velocity by three miles an hour okay in the first two weeks that that's three miles in two weeks that's the thing that gets people really excited I used to buy products is a teenager all time uh one of the jump higher run faster so I would buy anything and said for weeks gets six inches on the vertical or dropped two tents in your forty I would buy everything so I know for me that's I wanted the result I don't care where you gave me one of the reasons and it doesn't need to be this like crazy big lofty goal that is unrealistic because if it is that small specific it's I that I could do that and they buy it because they trust that you're going to show him how to do that. I think that's fantastic so long you know, even the point is that what's the name of the product thie program is called the monster arm program, and, um, I will make sure you incorporate whether it's a tagline or changing product name that you have that was that three percent velocity three miles, three miles an hour increase in two weeks. Is that what it was? That's? What should be the tag line? Like increased three miles an hour in three weeks? Yeah, something like that, I think that's fantastic. Do we want to do in another one? If so, my my concept it's all around giving an online tool to be able to quickly create explainer videos for landing pages for websites so mine is completely a money proposition current option for doing that is paying twenty five grand to a professional production company to get that animated, you know, little one or two minutes video created obviously there's a huge benefit of having a video on your front page it's you, I'm talking to right guy like higher conversion rate, people watch video more than they'll return longform text and it's a it's a huge value proposition, especially for like a bootstrapping entrepreneur that isn't going to spend twenty five grand on a video to at least be able to get a video up on the front page is the software creates the video? Or is it the landing page that you're no it's? It creates the video content for four page employed the video in the software and you ended up on you? Is that right? Essentially, like the quickly workflow is user logs on their record, their talk track or upload their audio off radio track? They pick the images or animations that are going to dance across the screen in the certainly configuration in the export that's. So fantastic way to market this is because when I do, I do weapons all time on dh. My main topic is video marketing and youtube marketing, and I'll throw out I don't know if you're familiar with a resource called video scribe dot tv it's uh, you know, they create one, you know the doodle videos with hand that comes on it's the same exact thing that you're describing, steve, is that if you were to hire someone to draw that with their hand of thine thousand dollars fifteen thousand if you do it yourself, which I actually did it myself, and I do not ever recommend this. It took me an entire day and actually kind of know how to draw like and it's still pretty bad that's really cool, but it's six all your time? Yeah, where you could do it in ten minutes or you doing ten minutes with this software? And so I'm on this weapon aren't teaching this, not not even teaching. I'm just talking about video and different ways use video in your business and then I go oh, and here's a great resource and just everybody flooded to it and was like this incredible. So when you're educating your audience, your potential customers on how they can use this tool to be profitable, buying the tool is like bridging that gap is such a no brainer because that is for a lot of people. The big objection is, uh I don't have the time, I don't have the technical know mano I don't want to be in front of camera like my tool solve all those problems, not just the money, but not I don't want to be from the camera, I don't the time, and I'll have all the money it's fantastic, yeah, and actually that's that's why I came up with the idea first place was because I was in that position of I'm not going to spend ten to twenty five grand and the next best thing I found doing a google search was take a week or two doing this with power point and I was like neither of those is a great option there's gotta be an easier way the video scribe sounds great I gotta look into them now one of the challenges you might face is with the video what's it called again the doodle videos described tv described on tv because those air out played like everyone doesn't now and it's like they're not as effective to get out to have like updating your software with like new animations or something so it's always stays relevant because I don't even watch those anymore it's like rain so three months ago let's go so you want to make sure that's going to be something that's like what these videos are not going to go outta style like videos in general is going to be everything for marketing and james is the king of video sales letters of creating these and he's got a team that does this so he knows how much work it is how much money can we talk about some outsourcing on last day which is really allowed me teo to grow my business we should not be doing everything we're saying like there's very little we should be doing ourselves you know, only the stuff that you're really good at should be focusing yourself so real quick that going back to you, steve this is you know you could create a webinar that says awesome new software that I'm selling you know and no one's going to show up but if you have seven ways and this is actually an exact weapon or I've actually done we're seven ways to integrate video in your business or seven different types of marketing videos that you can create and you're teaching these strategies on the call and then selling the software at the end and we're going to talk about day two we're talking about how to sell him three other in k three yeah and it's more people want more the results so howto leverage video teo attract more customers for your business everyone's looking for more customers on but let me tell you I mean, when you have that software and you've customers, the next income stream is I'm gonna teach you how to use this like not teach you how to use it like okay here's you know you have the training videos that's easy value is teaching them strict strategic ways to use it to get results that makes him a man giving them like a boot camp where let's say we do your four week boot camp and every week they were going to do a different video and you're gonna give them a template id script so here's your welcome video for your block here's the here's what you're going to say, you know hi, my name is fill in your name right there and welcome to my fill in your name, your website and every week you're just showing them and then they just use your software and offload it. Um and so you're educating them on marketing. Well, he'll pay extra for that thanks for taking a little detour toe get some examples in the classroom um, let's see, we got on the next line, so I want to go through a case study that I just did because I don't like sharing, teaching or talking about anything if I haven't done it myself and I didn't get me results, um and so always be wary that, um, back in october, we I went just to my video traffic academy customers, people who are already using youtube really excited about getting results on youtube and a did a webinar, which we're going to we're going to show you this whole process so there will be some party might have questions for which I welcome the questions, but I want to give you a broad stroke strategy first and on that weapon er I taught the importance of lis building something that derek's going over tomorrow and I said youtube, I checked my analytics, I check my numbers, and youtube has been my biggest source of new leads of less building, and so I'm gonna take you through a four week boot camp to show you step by step howto set up a whole legion system regeneration system list billing system using youtube dot com it's two hundred ninety seven dollars it's four weeks you're gonna get an hour with me once a week, every tuesday at this time and abs specific objective use youtube to build your palace. They knew exactly what they were getting on. The real cool thing that I did was actually did a live case study with them actually said, we're going to start on week one, and I'm gonna come up with an idea of a video of myself, and I'm gonna put that on youtube, you're going to see me make the video and put it out there, and I actually generated results. I added seven hundred fifty eight new leads with the video that I created on the boot camp, so they got to see me do it lives a lot of value in that had fifty three people sign up and take the boot camp. And then took him through that four week process and then and this is where we transition into the repurposing of the content, which is why we're doing this in the first place is that I recorded every boot camp. Now I have videos, and I could sell the videos, and I just did a little like fun promo uh, over the holiday and did one hundred eleven sales in three days. The most powerful thing to understand here is that this is an evergreen product that I can continue to sell and sell. So james made twenty thousand dollars by stewing one webinar to sell the boot camp, then he delivered it, packaged it recorded training. So now it's a product so again, simple way to create a product that you're getting paid for before you have to make yeah, so the the actual life boot camp was two hundred ninety seven dollars. How much did you sell the product for? And then how do you work with people who are like, hey, about it for two, ninety seven? This is great question on I don't know why I didn't put the price on their whole just, um so for me specifically, I created two prices, so if we look at in them bullet point over three as I sold it as a separate product. It's if you were already a member of one of my other programs I sold it I only sold for forty eight, forty seven bus but non members outside of that it's a hundred bucks but they didn't have access to you rest and so that so they answer the most important question that you're asking is what about those people to pay? Three hundred bucks are now seen it for fifty what the f right what I there was zero flack there was none of that and I'll tell you why because they paid to ninety seven two be on a call with me specific q and a he did extra q and a after the recordings were done he's staying on there and doing additional stuff having people chime in call in so they're getting more attention right? And as as a tu ninety seven member they're getting the recordings as well so it's kind of the way I kind of framing is like oh you paid the two, ninety seven oh, I'm giving you this for free so you're actually getting that as a free bonus so I don't really look at it that the same way but that's a great point to look and I'm glad you asked that um are there any questions on us? I wanna make sure that we're really clear on on this before we go any further yeah and before you ask the question does this seem pretty simple doesn't seem like everyone could do something like this simple format deliver it yeah it's not too scary once you break it down like this right suppose we go make a product and make money this is like much easier to digest twenty thousand dollars james has done this a bunch of times, so twenty thousand dollars is pretty standard for him from a bootcamp he probably could've made a lot more if you want to, but he sold it to a smaller list so you can make a lot more you know we've done hundred thousand dollars in boot camp so you can do different stuff you could have your whole goal for the year in one boot camp if you want to if you have the audience what you do with derek stuff, so yeah, so would you say you have to become the authority though? Because sometimes I think I'm like, well, if you're gonna put this out there who's really going to buy or maybe you're going to cover that later with the mark, we're going to cover it's a great question I appreciate you asking that, um if you get we're going to sell this on a webinar you get him on the weapon our and someone is on the weapon or you're the authority otherwise they're not going to listen because sometimes I think for example, I do some freelance asio for photographers and I teach in a very simple way, but when I think about how there's so much there's, so many people doing that already and or video marketing, I also offer a little bit some tips and stuff I just feel like there's no markets like saturated or no one's really going to buy because, you know, there's, other people much better than me that are often that's all you're gonna become the authority, though we're going to show you tomorrow think it is how to get media attention, how to get in the press even mohr went there was talking about how to write a book, how to get it out there, how to become the authority for any type of topic yeah, and I'm just going stay on that because that's just a story you're telling yourself it's under it's over, so I used to do the same thing I can't do this because someone else is already doing it they beat me to it, so I'm gonna let them, you know, continue tio make money, I'm going to sit there and lewis said today, he's like it's not about we were sharing over lunch it's not about like, I'm going to have the next million dollar idea, but you said see if it's already being sold then there's still markets probably twenty you two books out there right or twenty two bucks that's a t least everyone I mean everyone is trying to be an expert obviously and I just gotta do it the best and you're not gonna attract everyone you're going to talk to people that figure personality so go find your exact on it's you don't you might just be the youtube expert for wedding photographers then you're the superior what then I can't touch you because because so then we can't compete with these he's more than you two you're on a whole league of your own like I can't I can't go to a wedding there never to go to you him will go to you right he is for small business owners entrepreneurs, freelancers, consultants, coaches right yet but if your wedding stars or for athletes how athletes come get you know whatever into college scholarships as a high school athlete you're that expert you could be you know what I'm saying so you become authority in anything you can leverage the press social proof in order things the story don't tell us today but before you before this week it is over you can go another day saying I can't do something cause it's already being done there is there's no such thing as being saturated there really isn't because a lot of other people are trying it and there's a lot of noise but they're not really doing it and and when you really get down to the numbers and see there's a still a very small percentage of people that that take the action and follow through and are getting results and if you're committed to it, that could be you it's not over satchel personal example really quickly I was twenty five never had a job in my life did I have a college degree yet? And I was teaching people how to get a job on linked in they were paying me three hundred dollars a session to toe makeover they're they're leading profile because they saw that my profile it's great so that like I'll pay you for this and so I had a fear like why would anyone pay me money when I don't have the experience? I've never done this there's other linked in people out there, I did it anyways and there's a thing here is it some people here what we're saying and they don't like it and it puts a bad taste in a mountain like anybody could be an authority that's yes, you've gotta have, you know, years of this and then we're going to go and it's it's, you know a way we all respect all those things when you write a new york times best seller I mean those people are respected itt's natural best of helps but one thing that we all do is we take for granted what we know and so I'm still doing I'm saying you're going to do a boot camp, then you guys what's a boot camp like, oh, yeah, I gotta teach that and I'm still making that mistake to this day there will always be people that want to know how did you do that? How did you get to how did you get your blawg looks amazing how can I pay you to help me do that? You're you're always always your expert to like your closest friends too, like they all want to come to you for strength and conditioning, right? You're probably not every one of your family or friends knows as much as you do, so you're always in a gnome or about something that a lot of people I got I got my start while it was what was creating my my bartending book and learning about social media. I started doing social media consulting for real estate agents and I realised big mistake it was a big mistake was a big learning experience, okay remember, when you're doing, I was like, why you doing this? So says, I realized that I'm like here I was it was all excited to go on was gonna talk to them about how to use this thing called twitter and you know the tweeter book what? And I realized I ended up what I was teaching them was like how to log onto the internet on souls like turn the computer on I mean, if I if I were like the most followed person on twitter like that that's not what they needed they needed someone a least a showman upload their profile picture like they were getting value of saying I have a branded twitter profile and you're always when you find that market this thing is your market may not be you it's someone who's just getting started in photography and has knowing what is ceo no it's s e else okay that's your market and as you grow and involved and gets smarter with everything that's working and all that's where your audience grows and you can reach more and more people when you're selling the benefits and you're finding the right audience you're finding real estate realtor is right who had the money to invest in this they paid a pretty pretty premium right? Yeah you're selling the pain and the benefit then you can make a lot of sails from that I just come one to safer for myself I wouldn't be able to give a live training behind a computer and I disagree well but go ahead and finish like for me to like show like like the top three strategies that I would use teo improve your white white colossus could you have a video camera set up in front of you and demonstrating yet some child say like live training over the or you could do screenshots of say you want to have this motion you want to have this motion and you explain it over screenshot since lives so you can do a live interaction like this the camera or you can play video it could be a lot of different things you can talk and say here's a video on this specific example and then it will have slides breaking down that's what you need to do this is the lift this is the technion and let me even go further with that it is right now you already have the product right? So how is the product of now it's videos so you and I know a lot of people to do this where on the web in ours their homework is to watch the videos in the membership course and when you go on to the to the webinars it's q and a it's follow up its hand holding which a lot of people need like you don't think that they need it but what they do you know and yes, I still think you should have a live camera on there but if you've already got the content you know a lot of people I've done this before itself where you're unlocking a module like you know here's the first video and then it's like here's the next one here's the next one and then the follow up and like you know you could even if you're using go to meeting which can hold things only ten people but if you're having a small boot camp they can have their camera on and you could be watching them as well so there's a there's a million ways you can do and I think that's the whole thing I'm trying to get across is that when you're the content creator you are creating the experience you create it the way you want to do it that will provide the most value to your customer okay well what's been holding you back thinking that you couldn't do it no I actually uh I read your e book on how to create a webinar and so I created a webinar a month ago would you call it um ah can't number them that often tell my head okay I what was what was covering was the benefit it was in the title covering like eggs it was it was like exactly my want my topics ok there was um how to improve your velocity by three miles per car you know? And so I actually recorded the webinar and well I I it was it was live women are not had um recorded myself and some others actually um performing these acts strategies and then I I would play the video and say, you know, if you watch here he's forming this he's all stop hearing this and so I I unravel these these these strategies yeah, and that was pretty much the weapon. What was the result? Uh, sales or no, no, no. How many drive on? Uh, thirty knows sixty total people signed up. Okay, only even open your long live fifteen. Okay, it's tough to get sales when you have that minimum, but you can still get sales. I'd have to see the whole thing on how it all played out, but we're covering webinars exact model, right? It was a price point. Uh, I was selling it for ninety seven, ninety seven that's a good that's, a good price point where you just selling the course you have there's? Um, there's a lot of other successful people have done like baseball pitching products out there. A guy I used to know steve feels last everything he's got a really popular baseball side teaching pitching mechanics. He makes multiple six figures with all these products, I would see what the other price points are from these other sites. And brian moran started out doing baseball pitching, stuff like that so I would test and see, because if everyone's sound for ten dollars and your son the same type of stuff you want to figure out what that is, but I'd like to see what you did and were to cover exactly how to do webinars hearing a bit a couple questions from the web that's a great segue way we had one about how do you know if you're selling for the right price? That was from, uh, car rookie? Sorry if I'm mispronouncing that, but they know what price point works. Maybe you can speak more broadly around pricing strategy for a really good question. I'll throw a couple more out there just to kind of know what the web is interested a lot of questions about marketing if I don't have a list, how do I have a market, an information product like this? And then a lot of tactical stuff that I'm sure you guys will get teo let it out like what software to use him, and I'm always a fan. I want teo clear on the way I teach I'm always a fan of getting as clear as possible on strategy first and make that strategy is simple on the next level to show you like this is how you khun sell a boot camp or even a video program on a webinar, so you know that strategy, then we can go into all the specifics, but you want to tackle the problem. It's a good question I think you wanna know if you're just starting out we have no clue see what other people are pricing it and if you're golfing similar stuff price around the same thing that's what we did we're like okay what's a six week boot camp everyone else is doing around five hundred dollars for like thirty five hundred dollars and it worked so sometimes we had a thousand dollar part of that work for a long time we did over a thousand sales with thousand product then it stopped working the sales went down a lot so we dropped our price is down and we change things around so you need to just feel out the market see what other people are doing around the same time however if you provide a premium benefit in premium service and you can charge more than everyone else so it depends if you are such an authority and you have such high demand you create that for yourself you can always charge more so it all a pence yeah and if you don't mind me scooping it on that good I really believe you khun there is no market standard on even this price for that president everyone always puts a seven at the end of it products is ninety seven or for ninety seven I don't people that say that their studies that those numbers convert well so put the seven at the end but I like to look at what is the value I'm providing and there some products like like in the finished space the products that are very low price ice sell really well it that low price uh where business and marketing products we can get away with higher price points for a couple of reasons one because money people are looking at as an investment they're going to make more money when they invest in that that's how they're mine is wired so obviously it's going to matter are depend on what your market is that the rc airplane guy sells a pdf plans for ten box which doesn't seem like much except he doesn't on bulk he sells thousands of these things so you really have to look at your marketplace first and then what type of value you're providing to that market um and like I said, you know I like to have the different range and you brought this up to the different range of products where I have the ninety seven dollars video traffic academy but if you want more access to me price is gonna go up it's going to be about three to five hundred dollar price range for a boot camp we want something even mohr intimate like a live event or a one on one we're talking much higher than that and then a done for you was going even higher than that so it's it's it's no in your market and knowing what the value you really are provided to them this is the basic thing base it off that I know that doesn't answer like I know a lot of people in the ass that question they're just like just give me the number just tell me it's okay but you don't know if you want my permission to sell a price product that whatever price you decide on you have my permission so do it and then when you fail you know oh it didn't work great change the price what you can do is once you do you're first women are to your audience what you can do is follow up with everyone that was on that weapon are and say why don't you buy or why did you buy and then they say, well it was too much for me oh would you do it for forty seven a supposed nice so yeah I would well it was it wasn't clear enough the offer wasn't clear I wasn't sure the result was going to get or I'm not getting paid for two more weeks so I can't buy right now you just survey your lists and say why didn't you buy and would you buy at this price and get the information from them? You'll learn really quick what's your audience is willing to pay for it let's talk about this a little bit this is I love visuals um, and so I had one of my graphic designers make this fancy little thing up, and, um, this is basically how I would look at our strategy for selling anything on a webinar, so webinar marketing were to cover the weapon, and we're going to cover this like, I'm going to go over these three things, but louis will talk specifically on this because this is the magic, so basically, what this is is it's, a three phase process for how to sell anything on a webinar, whether we're going to sell the boot camp, the workshop or any book, or even a physical products like you can, I mean, I don't have an example of every single thing that's been sold, but like I said, when we can educate our potential customers before purchasing, uh, it's a lot easier to get them to make the purchase. Now, as we'll talk about what the whole webinar model, there are a lot of benefits to it because, you know, I mean, it's a it's, a cash influx, that's a bunch of sales at one time. It's, um, the fact that you're providing value first and an ending experience and loose, we'll talk all about that, so we'll break it into three freight freight phases, and the first phase is promotion and this is where some of the questions are coming up to say, well, what if I don't have a list? What I don't? What if I don't have a following? How, you know, how can this work? Um, the goal is the first goal in this first phase is getting people registered for a webinar and if we don't have a list, uh, if we don't have that social influence yet, what you need to understand is that part of doing this is actually creating that if you only have ten people register for a webinar, those are actually ten people that you can put on a list and continue to market to and then you do a webinar next week and you get ten other people now you have twenty people, ok, so and I know that's the question you asked, how do you get people register? But the whole fact of you having a webinar and doing this which most people are not willing to do, given hour of free content in training, information and value up front for nothing is going to attract people that will follow right? They'll continue following just some simple strategies you can use to get people on your webinar dares to talk about how to convert that traffic into subscribers tomorrow. But really quickly if you've got a social media is he promoted through them will kind of give you a breakdown your email lists if you got that guy to promote them, if you don't have anything that some people are like, I don't have a soul mate of falling on the list you can reach out to affiliates for people that are in a similar space and say I want to educate your audience how do this you could reach out to america's next top model dot com or whatever you know, they they matter would be got to say, I want to do a free training for your audience. How to become a six figure model in six months, whatever something like that's your educating someone else's audience for free so I did my first very first weapon war and one more thing, or you can spend money on a media buy so you could buy an ad in the newsletter facebook ads. So if you can't do any of these options for free, then you can pay for traffic to get their targeted from facebook linked and google or a specific industry newsletter for that audience. I did my first, uh, webinar after talking to louis, you know, james do webinars that convinced you he convinced it wasn't a hard sell for me uh in january of two thousand ten and at that time, I had been doing other stuff I didn't have a list that I was in the same predicament that a lot of people might be ask themselves right now. And so all I used with social media and some social influencers that I hadn't retweeted on and and you know what? I got my goal I mean, I'm a big fan of goal setting, so I said, I want to know our people registered for this webinar and for me like we look today and it's like, if I got a hundred people like it would, it would be disappointed but for me, like, if I could get one hundred people to submit their names, email address and register for this webinar who'd never heard of me had no idea who I wass I was going to very excited um and that's what? We got one hundred three people registered, and it was because I went on all the social networking sites I connected with people I didn't know it was like we tweet this out when you share this issue, you hustle and that's what that's, what you do when you get started, um, and I got those hundred three people registered, we did a webinar where, uh, my buddy was teaching something and selling something that you only had, like, three sales but we did it and I'm a big fan we're both of taking action and doing it and failing fast and failing up um so that the whole first phase is about promotion uh we will go much deeper into all that stuff we have a social media segment on everything but if we look at this strategy it's step one is get people registered there's a few other stuff here uh maybe a little bit more advanced we will do things like where when they registered they have a one time offer. We send real confirmation page this can all be set up basically through go to webinar if that's the system you're using the second phase is what what louis will get into because this is the most important part this is your performance. This is the live presentation of the webinar where at the end you are making a prat offer and so simple as knowing that even if you only have one person on this call and they ve listened to you for sixty minutes they may want more and these they're doing them a disservice if you didn't offer them and this is an opportunity to really the people that come on here that on your list this is an opportunity to connect with them one a much deeper level and give them the opportunity become fans of yours for life so I've done I don't know how many hundreds of webinars we've had people come on pretty much ninety percent of them from the beginning because they got so much value and they just liked us so they they came coming back, you can add value every time they're gonna keep coming back and if they don't buy the first time they'll buy at some point when they're ready they pressure people you just try to give us much great information as possible every time just wondering before you've got to the webinar itself, how far in advance do you? So we'll do as little as a well heeled here as little as a few hours I like todo like, oh, we're starting weapon are right now um uh I like to do a thursday webinar and I promote it all week celery monday because there's a thing where your most responsive people are the ones that are going to sign up first so if you start promoting to them too far out but now it's back of mind it they've forgotten about it by the time thursday rolls around so we don't like to do maybe we'll do things like hint at it tease like next week I'm doing a big weapon and you could sort of built around and get ready, but when you start sharing, the registration link is going to be no more than four days before like that monday for thursday weapon it's funny I used to be a week we used to seventy promotion back three years ago and then, like so much happens in a week on the internet, though it's it's like attention span, people book stuff it's like we saw the numbers go down, so we started doing five days, four days and eventually spread to me one day to day, and we've had no problem with forty eight hours, but that's once already have an audience that, like, is sitting there waiting for your next levin are so we don't need necessarily go into the specifics of it, but I need you guys to understand that if I have one hundred people registered for the call and fifty people or thirty people, you know, because the smaller numbers going to show up and percentage them they are going to purchase if we then go great, I made the sales awesome. I walk away, I high five louis take my shirt off or something, and the promises that's, where most people stop and you know, you spend it on a nice dinner celebrating that night and crapping back to zero um what I'm a big fan always understand that you're always leaving money on the table and by adding this third phase when I called post profits you have to understand that if there were thirty, forty, fifty people in this webinar and only on ly to about three before, but, you know, a small percentage on bob but a person there's still, all these people that were on listen to your message, listen to the pitch. Listen to the offer and supper through trial and error. I realized how on the fence thes people were about by all he needed was one more little push. One little testimony are one more touch. One more email, one more question, maybe, you know, I've done things where I literally will send out an e mail the next day and saying you were on the weapon or I'm offering a boot camp. It starts next week. I just want to know what was your reason for not signing up? Was it too much money for you couldn't afford down on the time, and people would email me response and I take the time and I write back and thank you for your answer, I really appreciate that, and I have these conversations, people, you don't wanna do it. I think I'm gonna do it or, you know, can you offer a payment plan, can do it in two payments? Yeah, let's, do it great. And you, you've got all these other people signed up. And I add that because I think it's, so important, that we don't realize that there's, so many people that can see your offers and see your stuff in there, this close to taking action, and they don't. I mean, think about it, how many times you have someone come up to you, say, by this vacuum or whatever, by anything, you're not gonna buy it right away. They keep coming back and telling the benefits. Maybe you see it a week later. You see it on tv and add, like always, touch points going eventually bite if you're interested.

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