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We're going to be talking about howto lay out your virtual boot camp, and we're going to be in about fifteen minutes, bringing up elisa to comment would actually do this together with her, and you can create your own as well. But I have james talked about laying it out first, so you could start writing down some ideas for yourself, and then we'll do it together and we'll go from there. So this is where we left off on and like I said, for me, what we'll always works in my mind before I do anything is being very clear on my strategy. And so this is your three step strategy if you want to sell anything on a weapon, or whether it is a boot camp, which I recommend for a first time, information that you don't already have a product, but even even physical products work as well and what will really be doing with alicia's phase one and phase two? But before the end of tomorrow, which is really exciting? Uh, what I want to talk about a little bit right now is if we're going to do this virtual e...

vent boot camp workshop, whatever cool name we want to give it a bestseller in weekend. You part of being the marketer and the creator of this experience of this event is yet to put your own name branding and marketing behind it um so let's go ahead and take a look at some of the things that we can do to make it great because uh, if we follow some of these steps here weaken ultimately get more sales from more people want to be a part of this um the number one most important thing even though I said we don't have to really do anything work we want to create a content before we sell it we do want to have an agenda we do want to map out a plan. So when I did my video list building programed to create content for the web in are just not the products exactly. Uh, so when I did when I did my video list building uh, boot camp four week boot camp before even sold it, I knew exactly what was gonna happen week one we too we three week for and really that's all I knew I said week one, I'm going to share with them the strategy we've number two in a show home all the tools they need to make a video we've number three going to show him how to create a squeeze page and weak number four we're gonna tie it all together with some x special sauce I knew exactly what they what they were going to be doing week after week after week, and I think that's extremely important, just showing up and saying what we want to do today, you know, let's figure something out is is not gonna be good people might refund, so have that agenda on like we already said is making a specific problem promise or having a clear objective of what they will achieve is going to be phenomenon if we could have a very specific result, a very specific number in a certain amount of time, days, weeks, months, etcetera, uh, that's going to just give people more excited cause they can wrap their brain around it. What I love to do I love doing these boot camps because they could be very interactive, so I do things like, um, not just homework in action items, but incentives for homework in action items. I want my students taking action because I'm very clear that if I'm sharing something that I've done myself, that if they just follow the steps, they can get results and I want them getting results. That means more sales and more boot camps for me, because more people want tojoin when it works, when they're making money, so I'll give prizes will do shout outs, I'll do hot seats um, one went cold. Yeah, anything I can do to incentivize them to take action. I think it's a coach is a teacher. Uhm that's really one of the most important things you want to focus on is being more than just this regurgitate er of content, but more of someone who is providing this experience and providing the platform for people to learn to grow and to get results. Um, I offer q in eight time, you know, if we're using this ah, service like goto webinar there are others that exist out there, but they have a chat function box where people can ask questions. I will a new people from the line and we'll get really interactive that's part of the value of having that two way communication. And then one of the funniest things I do is I'll do like name that song, and I'll just pop on pandora or spotify, and I'll play a song for a few seconds and ask people like, okay, who was that like stairway to heaven? Yeah, and what? You don't give him giveaways and stuff, and they love it even if they don't win anything, but I recognize them. If our part of the idea for creating this webinar is entertaining and educating. There are a lot of people that are great educating but they make it stole boring that doesn't matter the message doesn't get across there not excited by their not enthusiastic about it so it's a lot of us entertaining and connecting with his many people as possible for example we consider this a live weapon are one uses who for example our hosts are doing an amazing job calling out people keeping entertaining fun they're saying where you guys from the world chatty and let us say hi to us giving away prizes they're doing the same thing that we do so you're seeing a live example this right now I just feel that even with a lot of the stuff that I teach uh and if we're talking about youtube and how business owners can use youtube it's all out there for free on the internet everything is so why are they still paying for it? Why are they giving me money? Because there's something else and a lot of people and I hope this isn't anyone here listening in internet land because it's not tv land anymore um how you know I get because I get this question all the time and it's actually a pet peeve of mine is how much is giving away too much like how do I know if I've given away too much content and those are the kind of questions I won't answer because that's just the wrong limited mindset when when you invest in your customer first that's when they'll invest in you and the way we make an investment, emmitt is giving value content information and doing it is entertaining and engaging as possible and we liked I mean, I say we I mean, I started out really focusing on and then james does a lot of things we all do the simple stuff focus on giving away ninety percent of our best stuff is much best information your biggest tip secret strategies give as much of it away you can during this presentation because you really want to build this trust with people that you've got the great information you don't just give basic stuff that's not exciting that's not gonna get people results it's something I do it all my linked in webinars I tell them to take action on something during the weapon are they get results instantly right after they take action on it? We give away a big secret for free that I could charge for what they get really excited and they want more. So think about giving away some of your best stuff because if you don't give away your best stuff, you're not repress them or connected them yeah um do you have any questions on on this? I know we're going to still dive much deeper on on it, but um I'm always for myself looking ways to raise the bar and say how can I provide more value in a boot camp without having to raise the price how can I give them or that same price um yeah any questions really quick no okay it's pretty it's pretty basic itt's pretty simple you want we'll touch very quickly about this next point and then we're gonna go back but, um the reason we're doing this is because so many people spend three years to write the e book or to get there first gets done and they never get it done and so this is what has pushed you forced you to do it and so as I showed with my my specific case study that I just did in november october november is I took the record is four week boot camp uh I recorded the live webinars this is step one now you software uh screen recording software that I recommend screen flow if you're on a mac I can take you if you're on a dc and now I have the webinars my audio and what I have on the screen in a video format and that's content is still a value to people and so I took those videos those recordings I put him in a member's area and I use three tools to do that we'll be talking more about tools I believe at the end of today so if you're a little confused or of woman that that's okay uh wordpress which derek already mentioned wish list wish list member is a plug in that allows you to make private pages so you have to have a username and password to access it. So when people purchase my programs, I given the username password and they can access it in the last one is e v p or easy video player which is a software that allows you to host your own videos without people taking them or anything. We have a list we'll have at the end of pdf downloadable that you guys will have when you sign for the courses are correct with all the resource is all the links when you buy the course of course you have access to all this and having a pdf workbook along with this is a lot of value, so oh, step three created false workbook. Uh, which is what I did and I said, you know, here I have, you know, four weeks of training I took people through now I'm gonna give him cliff notes. Now I'm gonna give him this little like cheat sheet fall a long list of all the resource is links a resource guide which I actually didn't do I I paid someone to go through it and watch these four webinars for me and create an outline of just links in lists and stuff like that again. You want to focus on doing only the work you do best, so I wouldn't not accredit workbook. Why did it take me a month? It would take too long for you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Too slow. So, uh, the next thing is it is focusing on the branding and the marketing. Uh, we'll be talking a little bit of how to sell with with video on how to sell back on a webinar, but I was able to take a two ninety seven do camp and sell it for forty seven dollars a cz this program and now it's in my auto responders now and any time someone else comes in, they can they could get this product as well. Um, so, that's, how we make an evergreen product from this boot camp, but what we want to go deeper on is creating the boot camp. Yeah, this is gonna be a hands on, uh, experience for the next sixty minutes, they were take a few minutes, so we want everyone at home to turn off everything else and follow along by. They're opening up a google document forward document making sure taking down notes for the exact steps that we're talking about we want everyone to actually do this within the next week, if you can. So we want you to create kind of the outline for the, uh, webinar and the boot camp, and then we want you to actually take action on because again, there's, no reason to be on right now. They're not take action and see some sale season results were to do this with alicia and your biggest challenge the last few years. She's had she's been making six figures for last few years, right since she started, which is hit kind of a peek right. I hit a peak and I found that on my email list. Uh, people, are you emailing back? Um, I have people from thailand, new zealand, europe on my list and how you gonna talk to some of them on the phone, inviting them to come to a live event and so not only selling them? I'm coming to launch event, but by three thousand dollars airplane ticket and everyone's asked me, do you have some kind of a web cast? You know, how can you make this first off? What's your prize, your business just so people are longing and what is it? A bestseller in a weekend s oh, it's, a live weekend workshop where I help entrepreneurs and thought leaders go from idea tto author in two days and half of the strategy on becoming a best seller on amazon now they come to the workshop and then they write it that weekend as well during the weekend okay, so it's a service slash event and you basically one of maximize your time and the information you have not work as much and go to all these events but still selling people that can't come to the events correct? Yes, because there's kind of a caf on the line not everyone can afford three thousand dollars it's sixteen hundred dollars, six hundred sixteen hundred dollars for a sailor in a weekend? I do it like in new york and san francisco, but people travel people gotta travel and even new york is too far for people in southern california. So what if people could do it for five hundred or less or three hundred, two hundred and do it from their comfort of the home? Then you can really leverage time and you're in the comfort of your home. Yeah, you did it and it has a global reach because I'm teaching stuff that could be taught teo more than ten to fifteen people you've got a daughter how is she again? She's just turned eleven just turned eleven so you won't be traveling all around the world teaching workshops leaving our home right so what's coming open up that word not sure I'm actually have you get in here because you're an only see I just wanted to for you to say your website again. Absolutely. So it's best seller in a weekend dot com best way not to have you hold that I got you. Yeah, so? So what the hell is going to work? Because I don't think we've ever done this in creative live before, so we're going to do this live. Everyone in the studio is gonna actually create their boot camp exactly the way we're doing this. So once you guys just like right out, get a blank piece of paper and write out exactly what we're doing is gonna create this, like on paper were to do this on the internet with alicia and trying to get her a head start because she's going to a webinar tomorrow. So she's taking a lot of action, but I want you guys do this within like a week, two weeks, max don't have everything set up, so when you go home in a couple days, you can start mailing out your email list or doing other strategies we talk about to get people on your weapon, armed and anything that creates a webinar, which were to talk about how to do effectively in a couple days. And then your cells something we want everyone to make at least one sale if you don't it's ok but at least he took action we're gonna tweak it and test it and make it better so everyone at home watching I want to do the same thing follow along right down the step by step process that word recovering with lisa two for your product of your idea and by doing that we want you to take action we'll give you the tools the resource is how to do this but make sure to write this down and take action as we go so step one step one is and this is pretty much all I got for you is what are you selling um at the end end of a weapon and so right now I think the objective for some people is to come up with something but for you I think it's how do we take what you've already created with your live event and turn it into a virtual event and still have that same value? Yeah uh bestseller the weekend a live event is fifteen, ninety seven and it's really all the word I have all the documents I have all the pdf work work along book and uh so it's just a matter of it's really packaged also it could be a delivered in a virtual event right? So it's pretty much there so we have best seller and weekend so again what are you selling? Think about what you guys are selling and then come up with the uh one word is it really a smaller not spelling majors here? Um so you know and obviously the big benefit is that the man let me ask you this where they they're gonna have a finished book by the end of the drop bookman finish strategy on yeah, so I got rid of the bolt here draft book man it was a manuscript. Yes. Okay. Um and obviously that's that's more of the objective so I'm gonna put that at the front but the benefit what is the big like who are you to be a best seller to get maur what they have their whole entire strategy becoming really something that's covered because I, uh find that that's really important so their draft manuscript that they can turn it up on a book that night on kendall very cool. Um so the benefits I have benefits for you people want to get speaking gigs so I find that my clients are business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders thought leaders they wanna get speaking gigs they want to appear on television they want tracked traffic I work with what internet marketers they want attract more clients in an exposure sure, yeah, got it and and it's great you're clear in all that stuff um so let's talk a little bit about the format because what I was sorry from my typos it's different keyboard or something I don't use this american states uh so talking a little bit about how you want to stretch because what I example I gave was a four week boot camp and obviously you can't necessarily do a four week boot camp for a four hour again how would you like to do it over weekend uh the same way I do it saturday and sunday workshop uh maybe uh maybe like a friday night prep type thing to get us ready for saturday it's a ninety minute intro on friday and then so would you do to two webinars on like one of the morning one in the evening on saturday and sunday and sincere or just do one long one I would do it just like you guys are such side so everyone webinar one sounded a a two or three hour with fifteen minute break between right yes you wouldn't want people to log back off come back on you keep it on probably well yeah uh yeah unless unless you have to do one of the morning and then they take action and write something there is a back that's killed yes oh there's there's actually five step process that happens during the weekend so there's were doing in the moment so there's a lot of time where even during my workshops I'm sitting and people were looking over their shoulders and healthy man morning and evening session yes okay, so there's a lot of like people doing you working on there and I'm going to suggest to you, um, this is up to you obviously in your time, but a some sort of following she won a like a week late week later ceo who maybe do a bonus for people lose actually finished it who's got it like the next step, you know? So give people maybe a discount fifty bucks off or something or something about some type of bonus if they actually complete the entire book and are ready to, like, start getting the editor going or whatever, maybe even the cover art or whatever, whatever it is the layout much you're selling this thing for so that's where I'm kind of just thinking it's fifteen, ninety seven free weekend but it's a live experience I mean lunch is included there's very much like group community stuff going on, but you also know that there's a lot more costs involved like yeah, hotel opportunity time costs. So write all that stuff down here of what it is normally okay, so we have a fifteen hundred dollars in hundred dollar events seem hard value and then we have I mean, how many days is just the two days it's the two days how much on average is someone spending like three hundred bucks for for hotel at least it's new york that's a night tonight and then uh I y five hundred five hundred dollars so you spend it and then food is twenty five hundred bucks at least for the weekend. Yeah, so this money a lot of money obviously they value what what you're doing for him um let's just ask you another question when you do your first one how many people would you liketo have on this women are uh unless you have like a goal like how much money you want you want to make with it well, like I like to work backwards as much as possible how much money do I want to make it about thirty thousand dollars call the first one. Yeah. Okay. We'll see yeah start somewhere but be nice is that exciting? So is the numbers game at this point because maybe the lower you go the more people who signed up? Yes, but there's always a sweet point our sweet spot where we just charge a little bit more than you'll still get people paid people pay out on one hundred where they still buy three hundred you want to think of that and you want to hit that three hundred mark whatever the marquis is our if they pay one hundred for what they pay for a thousand and I mean, you want to kiss you maximize for the majority of people that would pay the higher price? What would you would you pay for me over this? This is a two hundred ninety seven two four nine seven our price point what do you think I'm really leaning towards of for ninety seven? I think for now and remember that, but I just can't say and why um that's a really good question sometimes I just go with a guy goes really well, I think it's like you want like a various my baby here's your it's a six hundred dollar product in person, they're getting a great result out of it, so you're still selling the benefit in the result could get they're still getting the exact same result they're just not getting the in person experience with lisa and the twenty people that are there. So it's still a high price point four nine seven mine mine I don't think it's a thousand dollar boot camp I don't think it's that I think there's enough cell with a one on one call for next year, five hundred or two weeks something it just phone, maybe you're helping here you got your editor working with it was some type of upsell to be two thousand five thousand whatever but the price point for me the sweet spot two, nine seven before ninety and and let me give you a reason why and lucy's very started talk about if you like that people will pay two, ninety seven is too low to me because of what they're getting. This is complete without this isn't like I'm going to show you how to like outlining book. Another great price point is a thousand, but as lewis said at a at a ninety seven price point, there is something else you need to offer and that's most likely going to mean more of your time. We're in a war about you want a much higher level that we can sit here and talk about? And is there a formula from the alive in person event to the web? Is there some sort of, you know, discount? Is it? Is it a quarter's a third or just kind of got feel I don't think they're is a formula, but when you use, when you sit here and say, this is my sixteen hundred dollar van, and this is and it's gonna cost you three thousand dollars ago, and you're going to get it for forty years, you say this is my sixteen hundred dollar event that we've done for three years, and we've had this many successes and this many best dollars, and this is the media they've gotten, and this is this shows we've been on, then you can prove the value, and so you know that you can give a discount for virtually for ninety seven in my opinion, it is still charged and I feel if you go in between those prices of, like, five, ninety seven, seven, ninety, so you might as well just go for a thousand and put something on there. So any advice for people who have never done a webinar before? Never done a live event but have, you know, some area of expertise where they feel they could offer a webinar with value, but maybe they don't have the experience that the militia has, you are as far as a price suggestion on price, exactly pricing like to start, I think, well, what's so great about a webinar is that you can sell products at a higher price, and so if you want to do the boot camp it's very easy, tio, if you do it properly, follow the model we're gonna show you a one ninety seven is like a no brainer for people, but he is pretty easy. It's pretty easy to make some sales with that so that's always a great starting point, you know, but, yeah, I kind of get where you're going with that is like, you need some of that confidence you know, I also need you also need that you've talked about the credibility. You have a lot of credibility and social proof from the success that leash has been able to drive for people over the past in a number of years. And for your stuff, you had some live events as well. And without that, maybe started at a lower price, you know, build up over time. And you can always raise your prices to do it. Do it again. You can always raise. Uh, well, you could start a lower price point and raise, um, and even though, you know, for ninety seven right now sounds perfect for you. But we may. This may be a struggle for people tomorrow unless we really had the benefits in the results. I'm kind of I mean, I know the values there, as I think we should stick with it. I just feel like it's either to be really good. Or maybe so. So, so it's, but that's based on preparation and like, getting things together, we only have forty eight hours or twenty four hours, because, I mean, I have everything done so for me, it's uh, it's, you know, I definitely want it to be kind of want to be a home run, sure. So if if price is the price point for ninety seven because for me, I know that obviously people have paid fifteen, ninety seven for, but I'm there and like, looking at their stuff, and I mean, we're having lunch together, it's very, really hands on so concerned with the high prices or you so what we could do as well is we could say, listen, guys, I'm putting it together right now and it's the first time I'm doing this, so I'm gonna make it an introductory price at two hundred ninety seven that's feeling right to me, then you say, look, this is the only time we get to ninety seven I charge sixteen hundred dollars on the weekend and this is going to be five hundred dollars after this first boot camp, but since it's, my first one and your test group for me, we're making it a one time prize into ninety seven I think that'll sell better group yes, that's what's family, not like I want to throw out something for future and I don't want you doing it in the first one, but just to look, one thing we've done is not necessary to launch the second option where you can say you can buy it for ninety seven and you're going to go through this boot camp now this there's another option where for two payments of forty seven those elite members are going to get access to me so we're gonna have four coaching, fifteen minute laser uh coach calls or whatever too one we're never off how much time you want to give to them one on one because people are still gonna want that they're going to say I want to get on the phone with you have my people one of dance training they want accelerated you know coach and the magical thing and why I do this all the time is that even if I don't get a single person purchasing that second option they all see a thousand bucks for ninety seven well I'll just get the no brainer right it's not an option should I get this or not it's which one do I produce? And so I love doing that and I recommend a few future we'll keep it simple for now uh if you we also want to do what you feel comfortable yeah like if we were to, you know, not do this in like alive format with all the pressure I'd be sitting here making sure I get you to a point where you're comfortable for the first time of four ninety seven because I really feel that that's this week's could sell that yeah, but I think this is good this is a good price is an introductory price for the baby group? Yeah, so yeah. So let's zoning, next point you want to recap this. I want to recap this audience, say what their points are. Yeah, you have a question question scroll this right just to clarify the webinar itself is free the first one and because we keep saying webinar book, we'll get we're going to clarify that looks so then you're putting on a webinar for whatever topic and then at the end, which is free, and then at the end, we're talking about the products you're going to offer for the boot camp, which is over four weeks. The boot camp is the product okay? Is that where we're going to get to that? I think you just wanted clothes. What you're selling is the boot camp, which you turn into a product later, so lisa is going have this two hundred thirty seven dollars boot camp over the weekend for three hundred bucks, you're going to become a best selling off their and you have your book done in a weekend, which could get more press, more attention, more clients, etcetera. She record this and then turned that into the product that makes sense, which she could sell for two, ninety seven, ninety seven, forty seven she could package it differently, do whatever she wants so the boot camp is the product for now but then you're repackaging that product into a different format that works best for you well which works best for your audience to consume so that's kind of like the phase one of planning and that's to go back to my keep using my example I said for myself what are you selling I'm going to sell four week boot camp on how to build your list with you too what's the big benefit you're gonna build your list with y on video and I'm gonna walk along the whole process it was my format was a four week once a week call and my prude price point was to ninety seven great so let's talk about the goal really quick so you still want thirty thousand that means how many's sales don't get two nine seven what is that what the calculator that thirty what's the math anyone thirty two one nine seven times what? Because thirty thousand one hundred I don't know ee hundred sales so do you think you get how many people do you think you can get on one hundred sales equals thirty thousand if you want to three hundred ninety something and you get a hundred people okay dude even close all one hundred people you think so okay that's great I love the confidence but realistically if you do that I'll be amazed and you can start teaching me something really good webinars convert around this price points really good would be twenty. Twenty five percent of people that come on live if you get twenty to twenty five percent you are in the top one percent of people that can convert on webinars he's getting ten percent that's still really good so they get a thousand people on that's basically with diaz, get a thousand people on and you get them to stay there the entire time you gotta entertain educate keep him hooked which were to talk about how you doing webinars and then you get at the end of the call thousand people still there you get a hundred sales is ten percent right? That's still amazing that's really good. So you get ten percent of people to buy, you are doing really well if you get twenty twenty five year on the top one percent you are the king of webinars. So all of us james and other people that we published that we've trains to do webinars we all get around fifteen to twenty five percent depending on the list who is attending things like that? But we're all kind of in that range which has been a lot of fun um for the price point from one hundred dollars of five hundred dollars when you get into a thousand dollars two thousand dollars if you're closing five to fifteen percent you're crushing the higher the price point, the harder it is to close the same amount of people. It's just people don't have the money, they're not ready, they're not that interested. So the lower the price point, the easier the conversions are right, but it's not really that valuable to sell something under one hundred dollars on a webinar we've found because if you get him on a webinar, they're gonna buy something worth more. You want to sell something that adds a lot of value that you can sell for at least a hundred dollars. So lewis, can I just ask a clarification for rhonda and everyone out there she's saying, I'm not sure that I understand, uh, what we're trying to sell here is, are we trying to do the sixteen hundred dollar workshop that you dio for much less in a boot camp for matt? Are you leaving out certain content? Or is it something to build them up to a half year option later so I could just clarify that for everyone again. So, uh, you're not leaving out any content in the in the there's, a camp there's one service that's offered during my life event that would not be offered during the during the during the camp, basically, you're not getting access to the cia. In person and members of my team and the members of the team so that value is what they're missing out on the content is still the same the state basically except for one thing or whatever so everything's still the same except for that type of premium access and content or tea and I think the most important thing is understand there were people that can't afford whether it's actually or or the time commitment to do that and so you're missing this whole half of an audience and it's being able to take advantage like I said, you're always leaving money on there's probably people, but we've been on your list for a couple of years who like I can never make it yeah, I wish you would teach something else online that I could do at home I've got I've got three kids a job I've got I live in europe, I can't fly, but they won best cellar in a weekend but they're paralysed I don't want to do it, you're doing a disservice by not this information you're pretty sense. I know I'm just the last couple weeks waiting and they were like from new zealand and japan and they just said we can't you know, work with you but you know what trouble, right exactly so this is the way it's served so one more time these these first four things what are we selling get very clear on what it is that you're gonna offer what are people gonna pay you for boot camp with the baby and if you already have a product sell the product this is I say boot camp because a lot of people don't have a product and this is the easiest way to create a project out having to clarify that one woman's question best celery weekend it's really best all around weekend like home course for exactly yeah yeah you could do virtually anything you want to call it the home study course yeah whatever you guys think it's fun yeah exactly um big benefit the big benefit what they're gonna do what's the objective why why did they need this what will it do for them what are they going to? You know what transformation is going to take place by the end of the book and for you it's very very clear we're out we'll know what it is then you want to play around with your format how'm I gonna deliver this I'm the content creator what kind of experience my gonna create we did that for you and then how much we're going to sell this thing for two ninety seven is is low it's a steal of a deal? I'm going to encourage you to raise the prices you continue doing these the next thing we want to do is start talking about how we're going to sell it okay, before you get in there, I want to go and do a couple of people I want you guys to give me your four points when this kind of rapid fire so maybe twenty seconds each just go right into it. So while while doing this we got to goto webinar on just get the page ready so you can create a mind it should be logged in right now. So while james is doing that let's go over your four points on uh yeah, so it starts with go ahead. Okay, so the objective is to have video content created for the users landing page that they would create guide them through that, uh ceo optimized links in place on the hosted video, so tracking back from so why do I care about that? Is that we focus on the last point higher, higher traceable conversion rate as well. So there's benefit there. The higher search ranking is for better, more traffic coming to save people don't care about that you want to get they want to know how to get more leads, our sales or customers, right? Yeah. That's what people want how to get their message out there with marketing and communicating your message? I think it's why I keep saying we'll continue saying marketing is ninety percent of this there's two the two sides of marking there's the left brain and there's a right brain a lot of people are either one or the other they're very left bring people on ride but right now you're communicating very left brain stuff it's very and a little cold that's why you built to solve a jumbo uh a lot of people a lot of people won't understand um so now you have to say how can I take this and transmuted to the people who are right brain so what is it fine for them you know, like but loads of new traffic to your website like even like very simple clear like I can see that what that means for the people want they don't want to have links back to their site when that seo optimize they wanna have a larger audience more more eyes and ears on the content that's the type of stuff I think like that it's just write down a lot of things that people really want when they have a video that explains what they have right what's the next point uh everyone makes you guys air fixing years because I know everyone's made the same mistake you fix yours so it's not like some are on then the format you know I was I was just gonna do the standard four weeks I was thinking ninety minute session each on a sunday evening afternoon uh plus uh correctly from wrong but I was thinking maybe at the end of the four weeks a one on one thirty minutes skype session with each user to kind of recap I was thinking that this is good for them to be ableto sort of see where they came in the four weeks but also for me to be able to see where they got in the four weeks and about just understand that that's not that's scalable what's the price point that we have more people a price point one hundred ninety seven for that and then option two before ninety seven for thirty minutes skype sessions cold like that you could do that or you could do the one price point one ninety seven and then a bonus for everyone where people were just calling me and they all hear each other's ideas and you're kind of correcting all of them and giving them feedback so they're all getting the benefit of hearing you speak about different topics ok? So instead of dedicating myself to one I wanted to, you could do for ninety seven for one on one stuff or just a one ninety seven uh radio bonus called for everyone I'm gonna answer questions solely about the follow up stuff you know when steve what sorry go back to the name like what it is you're selling the first bullet point the first question using video content to grow your business okay, so because I do all this stuff and you know, I've done a lot of tests and stuff I still think that that's very broad like you're you're on the right track so where I keep going with you is if you could do something where it's like something along the lines of four, four, four videos to grow your business in some sort of format, so every week they're going to create a different type of marketing video for their business and every week you spend time on that one's for getting traffic one's forgetting a building a list ones for being more credible yeah and you and get very specific on that and you're for when you even just doing some like your first four marketing videos like that there is an audience that wants to get their first the videos or torrio yeah, and let me tell you part of your benefit is not having to be in front of camera so many people have who are introverted I don't wanna be in front of the camera or don't have the speaking skills whatever maybe yeah that's great that's cool good job, steve based you got fifty thousand hundred fifty thousand gathers at the same time we'll split the difference with one hundred thousand so what are we selling a blues blueprint to travel so how to teach people how to plan a month or longer trip abroad now that's still he's already to say that's too broad so what is the rial benefit is it how teo travel the world on a thousand dollars is it how to see the most exotic place in the world and trapping fly for free what is it specifically you know I mean you don't think you want you go question how long you guys been doing this because I love it you have women police right? How long has this been this amazing life that you've been living well not very long just a couple of months but we know that we could but you love it how are you if you don't mind like how are you financing it yeah we um work extremely hard before we take our trip and then we save we save up the money and then go so we tried to do the tim farriss style start the business and then do it but we realize that for us it was just taking us so long so he said you know what we have we can just work and then travel and there's a lot of other people who they don't want to start their own business thiss style would work well for that I think that in my opinion that going down that route of how to finance this type of lifestyle and make it possible front like speaking on the money terms of it is what's gonna get people more interested like the hacking stuff works to there's a market for that if you look at travel cartel I think it is dot com it's the site but chris keller will you guys my gnome he's like how to get free miles how to get free flights so look at what's already working and then give your own spin or twist and just to give you another example this is and this is a spin it's like so so what? The thing with the travel is like I don't think there's anybody out there that doesn't like to travel it's almost like what's your what's your book it's like it's like saying like I'm going to teach you how to be healthy and it's like we can go like well, how like toe what means and you know um and so a good friend of mine does law of attraction stuff but she uses how she's been able to use a lot of attraction to you have like wind getaways and stuff like that and she's created this her book is lucky bitch denise do you know denise? Yeah and and and her first like real experiences story was how she was like a trip around the world well and so but it's it's because she's gone even beyond that like howto have anything you want and in your life so um yeah, I just I mean, I think you're on the right track till I just get clearer focus on like what it is I think keep keep going with that what's the next points all right? So I guess the big benefit would be, you know, fulfilling a life goal because a lot of people want to travel, you know, we talked to people and we asked, what do you want to dio most in your life and these, of course, the answer, their travels always in the top three of most people, so fulfilling the life goal of travel um, I guess is the biggest I think I want to get even more clear on that, too, because travels abroad it's like I'm really thinking it's like save how to save money, cut costs and make it possible versus just like most tropical in the most exotic locations in the world or the biggest cities in the world or something specifically that you see there is a difference when it's I'm gonna show you how to travel versus I'm going to show you howto do the have the most incredible travel experience on a budget and be able to work and continue to fuel financially fuel that that travel experiences, then you can create so much content around that to your site, and these free webinars could be like the top ten cities that we've travelled tio and the places we went to write things that we did so here's where to go the experiences and all the good stuff so I could go on keeping her up so that for a week I think we're thinking for weak can't but with an additional up cell of we playing your trip for you school adventure yeah we will find the cheapest rates we'll find you a travel agent they're getting cut from and you're getting a cut from travel being like travel booking a flight or you could do that as well so that was kind of thought and I know everything about one ninety seven for the boot camp because especially if their budget yeah yeah you know the price is gonna have to be like a hundred two hundred dollars for that starting out and just keep think remembering saved money save money that's what they're looking for you if you're democrat because you said it was young twenty something was your demographic so three miles free trips saving money it's pretty things they're doing cool cities all of her stuff even how to learn a language in a week you know like some tim farriss type of stuff that could be helpful yeah cold it's good, sweet okay, so um for the first point uh thinking of putting a course that process of make a sellable app um what's it again to make a sellable app right, so I made you make the app is going to be yeah, properly. How to make a sellable as well. Is that it was great? Yeah. I mean, I made aps just tio make aps just to test the market. Yeah, they're top ten, but you're not making money, right? Right, right. But how to create a sellable app that makes you one? You could even do things like how to make a top ten? Oh, you know, that's, just another how to make the top ten list of something people will still pay for it, but but but I like I still love it's like how to profit from wraps business in a box it's a it's a lot of words s o the benefit for that was basically what I mean, key point here is to avoid spending way too much money on your first trace. Mint taught this, like, really, really embedded and everybody he took his course, no, like spend five hundred dollars, max, people think I spend a hundred thousand in the game, and so the thing I'm going to encourage you to do it is because there are others that have done it, they are doing what you're doing, selling this this this training what is your hook? You know what's going to different you what makes you different and if you want to do your presentation is is you know, on a shoestring budget creating a profitable app for less than five hundred dollars is could be one hook you're here and that's the other thing with that at the biggest issue right sorry this is a lot of any developers who was just starting off uh who's following this you know, advice this like nowadays you can't find developers who charged five hundred dollars that one gets everybody's yeah everybody's reaching out it was like on bacon price point whatever they want, right? Thousand dollars five thousand dollars so this course itself it's basically from my own experience it's like okay, well, a lot of people don't know that you can purchase aps existing maps ready for tomorrow so you know what? You really that's what I would look at two instead of going for a hook on the price point I would do the hook on a time period like happen a weekend. Yeah, okay, wait there's a map that I've been crosses a purchasing yeah it's already have traffic it's got a lot in itself that it suddenly learned I would want to know that people do, you know, domain flipping your doing abby that's that smart and I never never heard that yet I've never heard about flipping yet this is your a marketplace around this you could ooh also absolutely three around something one thing that's called a folks on that, but also we're talking about about this during a break with erwin is that you could focus on just teaching this over the weapon our model as opposed to selling the boot camp. You're selling an affiliate product that someone's already created that's the exact same thing so there's a couple of guys already know it's creative process around this, and you could reach out to them, build a relation to say, look, I want to sell this product for you. Can you give me fifty percent commission? I'm gonna do this presentation? You guys have done this, you're way more experience tonight and you got the product done, I just want to promote it, and then you get a commission, you don't deliver anything, you just get a check in the mail that's, another model? We even talked about the affiliate marketing model, but that's a great way to have a online business and not actually ever create a product that's why you're just creating cool videos on youtube you're writing articles, you're getting travel back to your site, building the email list and you're selling products, although people created in making justus muchas they they're making off that sale and you do no work I think there could be something to start with, and then you create the weekend. Yeah, so you have a weekend sexual need idea, just kind of keeping it. I just shared it with everybody skin someone just someone just bought it and wear. The thing is, you know, we're talking it's like you're starting out of this, all right? You've been doing it for a little bit, but you're not doing it for years, so you can document your process. Your journey for how you're doing this, how you built your first app, how you, um, the challenge is how to find people on a budget, how to spend less than a thousand stuff you've learned from these other courses, and then you could say, look, I still have a product, but I'm learning, and this is my result. I created map it's in the top ten it's this I've got my second coming out if you wanna learn how to do this as well, get this course, definitely. And then the more you build your honesty, your list, you convince selling your own product afterwards. I mean, I was thinking with the whole process of the benefits of listening without it's, like, you know, I have I mean, make a list of developers to avoid. Thinking you know, these are great like pbs and people going to thank you for your role next yeah so I mean these are these are things I can't give out the process but I like that one of course is james when you offered like a train of course your video working one of us the third day you can't delete video training or something a day for three four minutes four minutes drip fed content so there's magic in the in the time no information overload basically a lot of people myself included you know, I'm taking all this different thing and you guys are gonna be a little overwhelmed by the end of the weekend. It's it's natural you're not approach us well, yeah, teo like it. Okay, let's uh let's move on. Thanks. Uh, go ahead, kristina. I joined the title to everything I put get started modeling a step by step strategic plan on creating success in the modeling industry so I'd like to stop you right there is that I don't really want to get started modeling. I want to be I want to make money model don't be in one of ray go boards like like the whole breaking in or hacking the model scene like that I want to go through your course and have a clear cut strategy of how aiken we have an agent be paid and do that yeah packing following like you're like the whole hacking our friend created hacking hollywood it's how to become an actor and actress in hollywood like in a short amount of time and howto hack the system so you just need to play with the tile but obviously it's the same content we're not saying switch sex here and more like okay, I understand it this the result of get writing headlines that's the result not break into modeling in the street how to become a full time model partially I'm always a little bit like well not everybody do it or I can give them the information to try but people have and you can show the success stories and people who have in that time frame it's possible right so if you're showing that it's happened before it's possible that people can do it real people modeling too right and you get to say you know here's my disclaimer I'm not guaranteed that you're gonna do it you have to take action you're gonna get any results can't hear into you any results but this is what I do know is that this is what my other students do and this is what you can follow um the price point I was thinking though one ninety seven range somewhere in there and then the first point was kind how to contact agencies and casting directors for representations directly in a major and luke and your local markets on dh then which is probably so with the how to contact them I think we can even have more fun with the play of words on this where it's like you know like how to get a yes from them you know I mean it's not just how to contact have agents contacting you how to get them begging for you to be in their magazines right how do you call backs left and right things like that not how to get the call now to get the call back like how to get the gig right you can go to castings all day long anyone can go to casting because that's the easy part but it's like how do you break through and become one of the top one percent and how to call like I know how to call I learned how to use my phone took me a while but you don't mean light and this is something that we're not necessarily is teaching in this this weekend but I said it's ninety percent marketing and a lot of our marketing comes down to how we're communicating a message it makes sense to us and our head you know exactly what you're going to teach and what they're gonna do and what it's gonna do for them but they don't and so when we like I said anybody I can find someone else that can create justice great of a product to you as you, you will win when you market it better when you communicate that message better that gets them more excited about it. In a great way to test this for everyone is given email list. Yes. You see how big is it? Way. Have one hundred. What you want, teo way. How much money do you? Sorry, what do you want to make? Sure? One hundred fifty thousand. They just, you know, let's, just sell them in our this's, actually. Where? It's good for me to know, because one thousand e mails, yeah, but I'm really bad at, like, because I started this because I work for the attorney general's office and all their complaints where people scamming models. So I'm more like, let me give you like, the business model originally was I'm going to give all the information for free, and then they'll use my platform, which we have an ability to contact agencies through the the platform, and that they would buy that service, and I would give the information for free. But the turnovers not really quite happening. We got example. Um, I know a lot of close friends, a lot of people in my inner circle, you know, who have one hundred thousand personae, melis doing over to three million dollars a year, so one hundred thousand dollars should be very easy and I think it's gonna be a mental thing for you once you figure out what's holding me once you figure out like the thing that's gonna work for you, you just gotta repeat it over and over again. Can you really very easy when we give you some specific homework for you to do like tonight and then we'll maybe you come back on and that's to survey you're supposed to say so find out what it is that they that they need and they and they want and they're willing to pay. They will tell you, you say, what are your biggest challenges for breaking into modeling? And you can either list stuff for them. You can say, is it finding the eight? The right agent? Is your agent trying to sleep with you? Like you can ask all these questions you say, is it you never get a callback, is it? You never get the feeling you want ask all the questions. I'm not sure the questions would be when you want anyone stuff like, like, have you gotten paid for a modeling gig before you have any experience? How long have you been doing this for what's the highest paid modeling? You've received things like that? And you wanna ask in serving entire list cause they're gonna tell you exactly what they want to hear what you can teach them to say yeah, my biggest pain points I never got a call back your presentation if ninety percent of people say that the neighbors say he has had seven ways to ensure you get a call back question from the interwebs question for the way that we just want to have ah clarification of a bunch of people of ants orto asked it, but and studio just be really clear about the plan you're proposing, so you're saying do a free webinar that offers some value to your audience and then at the end of that fellow with a sail for a boot camp that goes much farther in death and that's what you sell so you provide value for free to start, you don't go super and I just want teo okay look really quick unless you want to show it there no, I mean it's the same thing you can draw it if you want so it's, we're getting people onto a webinar for free and on that weapon are we're going to be providing value free content and if they like that content, they like you and they want more, they'll invest in your programs and so right now what we're doing is saying, what are we selling what is it that we're gonna offer them and then we're going backwards from there and the next thing we're gonna do is say what's on the weather and if we have a great webinar we could get people to show up and if we get people to show up we could get people to buy the product great thanks and louis is lois is trying out something very similar on worst I never hand write anything or draw but you promote a free webinar where you teach them something, then you sell at the end of the weapon our boot camp or the or something you already have you could have a product already you sell the product, we don't have a product, you create a live boot camp that becomes the products from that you repackage it into the product does that make sense? And if it doesn't we're doing this whole process live we're doing we're doing it so it will make sense but and I promised you guys that you have to build your list initially and so there's a lot of the strategies that derek talked about earlier about how to drive traffic to your website exactly and he's talking about converting that traffic into subscribers tomorrow exactly and if you don't have a list you want to try go immediately to a weapon are you khun pay for trying from teo affiliate there's a couple ways to do it but the important thing is to know where you want to go event yeah there's ways to drive charlie if you have some money then you can just do it instantly the ads to combine someone's ah banner in a newsletter or facebook you don't have the money then you could just do it the hustle way like derek and we're talking about okay let's go last to click and then we're going to get released this stuff get her set up you have thirty minutes so go ahead chris I said a question you're quick I already have a product. Yes and the weapon are that I performed a month ago I revealed my three strategies and then I said you know that's not everything that you need the rest of what you need is in the product um do you think it might be more advantages to not reveal like reveal the principles of my gimme that has not again what's the product's? Sure. Uh, the product is the monster arm program and the objective is to gain three miles per hour in two weeks. Never get injured in oil there you increase your velocity by three miles per hour is for pictures. Yes, how a picture can increase the velocity by three miles per hour three to seven miles per hour in three weeks, right? That's the offer yeah, okay with by gaining strength and reducing injury right because the thing is you don't throw harder and in your elbow fricking falls off right so increasing strength, stability, flexibility stuff all right and what's the price point uh ninety seven dollars okay? And is your market or other products out there like that pitching products of a ninety seven or they hire their lower um there's some pitching instruction ones and they are yeah, yeah yeah and they are lower and there's also a pitching instruction and a combination strength training one out there and that's a um like two, ninety seven okay, I'm not sure how well based right here in this video so it's a more value than gentle ok, cool so nice that I have some things I say it's the first thing is no teo, answer your first question about am I giving them too much on the weapon are you know, there's two things I want you to focus on as we go through the rest of the weekend cause I don't want you to give up on this man. A lot of people do their first weapon getting words I'm going to try sign out I'm not going to give up that's a e I think that's a lot of big reason why a lot of people fail is that they give up too easily no, I don't want you doing that two things number one let's get more people in webinar yeah it's hard when you're fifteen people to test it you need one hundred on and number really something number two we're going to just hone in and nail down the sales process we're gonna get you be selling machine with this so that it's just a no brainer to buy it because it should just be like doc here's my hundred bucks okay? And it's just how we formulate how we structure the webinar it makes a big difference and we're also talk about you know, another way to get people on is finding partners to promote you which will be talking about on day three affiliate marketing. So if you start building relationships with other pitching bloggers, right? Who have an audience with bloggers something like that start many relations with them and say, hey, I'd love to do a webinar for your audience. I know you talk about this, but I talk about this angle and see if they'll promote you on a webinar try to get hundred people on there. Sam let's put the product with you fifty fifty if they have problems of their own, they're probably understand philly marketing if they don't and it's perfect for you to give them an opportunity makes the money make sense, okay, living yes okay, so um I was talking during the break that I've done a webinar but I actually didn't offer anything at the university I didn't have a lot you know a lot of explaining to do you just get mine in an hour all right uh you're wrong there was about not too many like twenty or more I have like twelve subscribers not one hundred thousand my email lists but so you know I just wrote down something that I could do is what photographers don't want to be found online and get more wedding for talking doesn't want to be found online and get more bookings or leeds or at least you know people to visit their pages and eventually convert um on dh they wanna optimize and they want to do it for their blogging website but it's just really overwhelming it sounds too complex so I want to simplify it like dummy proof like I like I learned a ceo so what I thought was you know a four week course where I teach you how to optimize your block your website your images and how to automate it into your workflow because the number one complain that wedding photographers happel it's just it's too hard how do I do that? But I can teach you howto make it part of your work flow so it's I mean of course it requires work not automatic in the sense that you're removed but it's not this tedious train ius thing s o that kind would be the four week outline and the other option would be I could do it for you you know, people they're like I don't have time you know you can sell that on the weapon or as well both right? Yeah that's what? I thought I don't think too high honest, you know, to try it out I was just really thinking eighty seven dollars there's a lot of photographers are on a budget and this would kind of be a baby's going ninety seven people ninety seven ninety seven okay on dh then I want you to do the first one in ninety seven don't you promised me when you do it again that you raise the price, okay? And just test it um and and make sure that done for you is considerably higher, okay? Like at least a thousand dollars. Okay, okay, because it minds think like, oh, no, everything is great we have to move on so much only by three and we can talk about this is the brake is the same thing we've been kind of doing with a few of our people here is we want to have fun with our marketing you want any creative with it it's not like I'm going to do a ceo for for you it's like how to turn your website into your biggest the generator you know something, but even more fun than know how to be the number one wedding photographer in your city have dominate your city, and then you're showing them how to be found number one on google and through that, you're not saying how to use this, right? Because that's like dieting, it's, boring and nobody wants to do is you're very creative person and don't mean the biggest sin in marketing is to be boring, so don't don't I mean, be creative in all of your marking your the name eleven are every blind of tax, every slide gets them more, more suited to your audience. Okay, really quickly. Thank you. We have examples from the web and just just a time check. We're at about twenty. You've got twenty, twenty yeah, let's say let's, say twenty I'm sure we'll have questions and stuff at way more cash office. We know this is this is it this last session? Don't we have another social? No way. It's almost four o'clock. Wow. Ok, cool. So here's, what we're gonna do unless there's one or two questions from their left ears were gonna deal were to go and we're gonna set up a webinar registration paige, right now, you guys are the right years down if you got your laptop and you can type it up just right it down we're gonna keep it short so we want you to follow the same format the language is gonna be different for your specific audience uh well to do that and they were too right think email that's going to go out to the email newsletter to your list it's gonna be similar so you can copy some of this and wear to create the slides for the free well in our so we create a free weapon are we write the email and weird right the registration page for the weapon are so three tasks right now number one let's do let's spend ten minutes on the slides fifteen minutes of slides right seven minutes on the other team and in order to do that I've put some things on the screen to make sure that they do this properly now that we have we're clear on what it is we're selling we know what price point we're gonna do we have to identify what we're doing in the presentation a lot of times we'll just go hey free webinar or join my webinar no one's gonna join no one cares about that we have to have a creative benefit oriented free presentation and this is what a few people have been asking and we want to get clear on think of this as something you could sell for fifty or a hundred dollars so think of this free presentation has something that you could that you could say that you could charge people to get on live that's where you need to have the mindset, so you need to give a lot of value if you're going to sell something, right? So we do sometimes we do free women are sometimes I do paid webinars with one hundred bucks to come on. This is gonna teach you all this stuff, so think of something that you could sell that's getting away, its basic even wasting your best tips and strategies, and then you have to write the copy and I'm gonna be kind of copy one on one at the same time as we're doing this for you, annalise says. But I'm going to show you another example. So when I sell video traffic academy for ninety seven dollars on a webinar, the title of my webinar presentation is three steps to generating more traffic with youtube and that's the presentation it's going introduce you to youtube and how to use it in your business and I'm going to talk about it for an hour and then if you want more, we're gonna offer you video traffic so here's, what you guys do, I want to write three headlines. For the webinar presentation just write him out right now because we're going at it at least is right here she's running along one that's already going too long I can't tell you but I want you I want you to think of three very like simple, concise, catchy headlines that would be titles for your free webinar and everyone on the internet do this as well so type in three titles again it could be for me I could use seven struck seven ways it's the leverage linked in to build your business or to make six figures a year right? So you could do any of these different things first let me see if I can do some specific so what traveling? Um you know, if we do how to save uh how to save x amount of dollars you could choose you know, a specific amount that is really, you know, like how to save five hundred dollars a month and would be a good group how to travel on a budget and live your dream like you know something like that but throw the money thing in there how to save money but but then have the juxtaposition how to do it on a budget but howto play full out is kind of the hook I gotta live like a king and travel like a gypsy whatever for the for the for the aps um, you know, howto build even just how to how to build a six figure business with iphone aps howto create a nap in a weekend? Um, how to create your first apple, a lesson five hundred box. Anything like that's going to get people excited for the video? It's uh, your your first, um, you know, cranial how to create your first four videos on how to, uh, create your first video, how to create a video that sells your products services or that increases sales for your product aren't for your sight. I'm like that. So I think of three different headlines that catchy and just write about. They want to be perfect right now, but we want to you want to look at the three options and we want to tighten it up. So it's, really punchy you can use simply doesn't meet along words simple words like three easy ways to do x y and z numbers always help three seventy five seven simple steps to do this right. They give something simple. One of us could make people, uh, things easier for people, save time, make money and save money. So think of, like, seven ways to save money traveling the world simple things like that, okay? This is kind of like some copyrighting one on one all right so we'll work on police is really quick which says how to write a book fast instantly book speaking gays become the go to tv expert tracked higher paying clients and become the industry expert you and become the industry expert you deserve so yeah so let's make this simpler and it's okay as long as well but the story make this simpler so how to write a book in a weekend uh which I think is telling it more uh how to write how to write a book in a weekend how to write a best selling book in a weekend okay to attract more clients and the family and become an inch she expert I think that's simpler for now so good go ahead and uh write three headlines down let's say he was this how to write a best selling book in a weekend to attract higher paying clients and mainstream media period let's just do that and mainstream press or media which everywhere went into yeah for me and then let's capitalize the first letter of each word just does a good headline for you too long you have another one telling which one you like that or how to become an authority in your marketplace for the best selling book it doesn't it doesn't do the whole in a weekend thing which is really the hook though I think the best selling book in a weekend is what people want to know how to do that right but that's also what that the course is right you got to give away the best stuff stop it. Okay, cool perfect is right it's right? I'll write a best selling book in a week and attract higher paying clients in mainstream media. Perfect. Okay, now next up is the next step is now you know, now you're clear on the theme the topic the title of your presentation what are three bullet points were timing things that were gonna learn that our benefit oriented like how to get agents they are how to get the call back so how to save the money howto book cheaper flights for my will but on linked in I would say how to build uh I need a list of ten thousand people in three months. I would say how to become the number one person in your industry in seconds, right? Let's say steve steve would have something like how to create your first video with zero technical skills in five minutes or less right? How to how to make videos without being in front of a camera how to create twenty thousand dollars videos for free for fifty bucks yeah, right so you like saying, wow, I'm going to save all this money um how to create award winning videos are academy award winning? Okay, so for you is here whether you're gonna learn no, I think things like how to position yourself. A cz an authority. Yeah. That's. What? I think a lot of people for me, the biggest challenge is the right, uh, title. So how to figure out you're the perfect title for your personality? We do that, uh, it also be so you're gonna write down how you, uh, how to name your book? Yeah. How? How to create the perfect title for your book to you create the perfect title for your book, your best seller. So I I always say so that you can be found on google because that's one thing that I said you could be discovered online, um, but I'm gonna leave it like that, either. Or I think it's getting a little levity living without it. Now you keep it simple. Here for your book, for your for your best, best seller for you, but, uh, that's fine. And then, uh so this is for the webinar this is three weapons free women you're still going to give us some of your best tips away that you could give in your boot camp here's the thing we give away I give away some of my best stuff then I just go into more detail the same stuff in the boot camp they're not going to really remember everything they're not getting to have you're not gonna have much time to go in depth with each point you're going to give them this stuff the same something give them in the workshop but you're giving time minutes as opposed to an hour and a half walking through and holding their hand you know? I mean, it is actually yes uh and how maybe how to rank number one on amazon in your category now for you guys stay seen slim, I'm I see a book inside of you guys for the future is this a webinar or a presentation or content that would get you guys excited? And if you don't have to lie to me if you say no, I'm not really it's fine, but that's what we're looking for, we're looking for people that could have a book inside of him who could be like the go to travel experts for the young twenty somethings and would need this information so does this stuff start to resonate with you guys okay like this some of this stuff get you excited about how you could have a book that would be number one on amazon what you could do to leverage that book I think everyone cristina I could see you having a book is like the modeling expert how to become right how to become this could be like to go to book that everyone it's the lead jennifer to become your site and buy more products right could you see this being interesting? Would you want to learn how you, uh position yourself is the number one modeling expert title and become a bestseller right? You could do this for abs who could do this for wedding photography this is the way she can drink frame this two hundred thousand people and ten dollars look okay, so we're get wrong the way we're going we're going to create a so you guys have three bullets let's just do to people who wants to have it who wants to say that three bullets because we've got like fifteen minutes or less left so just say your three bullets drink rum, nap on a hammock and play on the beach every day for a thousand dollars a month drink rum way on a hammock and now for the beach for a thousand dollars a month that's pretty cool I don't drink but it sounds cool but I love how you're putting a very visual and then the other one was just live on the beach and still pay your student loans with on the beach and get get free and live on the beach for me that's more in the south, cool all right? Who else wants to do it? But I do have my titles or something. Well, this bullet points that the sub or two s o I liked how to create a twenty five thousand dollars video for fifty bucks and how to benefit from video without owning a video camera, a wartime, how to benefit from video without a video camera and was the first one how to create a twenty five thousand dollars video for fifty bucks like that. Okay, you like that, you know, that's, not it, how to create its way around with how to benefit because you need to tell them how they're gonna benefit, so you need its home in that bullet point, like how to benefit we I don't know how to benefit, I want you to tell me now how to get more traffic or how to get more exposure or how to make more be very clear on that. Okay, cool, we've got six minutes, so we while you're doing this, james is going toe craft this, and they're gonna do a recap of what what he's doing to create well in administration page do we want? Have I'm gonna ask one or two more people to give to other benefits if anyone on the internet once to chime in and say one or two their benefits? Glenn typing right now and we'll let the chat crew look us up in a second, but chris, go ahead and give two sexy, compelling benefits. I don't really want to get on and learn from the, um, how to get the college scouts drooling all over you that's good it's pre sex or how to get a four yeah, like that, something like that or like how to get college sprouts drooling all over you and getting, you know, scholarships left and right like full ride off left and right. People want to get a full ride, you know? So how to get the one scouts throwing full rides that you like candy, right candy on halloween like something like that, although there might be a bad after the whole football scout going, um, how to avoid expensive elbow and shoulder surgery. Okay, maybe howto kind of throw like a big lier without throwing out your arm next person and then if there's someone shot, unless someone he's on the phone, a couple fun ones from the web cave a new tricks for old dogs, how to become an online millionaire instead of retiring all right, well, and actually, there's a there's a question? That thing is interesting from tech. Rob, should your proposition b positive or negative? Five things to do or five things you shouldn't do either or yeah, neither one. Some people buy or want information based on the sphere of less. Sometimes they buy more pacing that as opposed to, like the pleasure that, you know I mean it's a fear of pain like, makes people buy more. Um, just depends how you market the the genius lab has a simple one. Howto howto learn a language and three months it's very, very simple. Their domain which little may within three months? Yes, very simple. Okay, cool. Anyone else in our studio? I just had a question the benefits were talking about is what we're going to be present present at the free trade on the free trainers. Okay, not here. It better be good. This is my challenge. So just, you know, and you guys should do a webinar just on this weighs about magnetic. I have three simple steps to book payed meiling jobs without an agency at school. Okay? And then I have travelled the world modeling on dh make money as you go that's cool, I get even more specific. But I like that angle that's a spirit like no it's good it's good I think people still want to sign up for it you know it could tighten up a little bit um we've got like three minutes so check it out. Wait, you guys are doing this? We filled it all out webinar name how to write a best selling book in a weekend to attract high paying clients and mainstream media is a little bit um I can blow it up can you just go through and show again what you're what youve done so it really was created that weapon our name which we just all went over you guys created your name you wrote it down so here in this webinar names section we copy and pasted it and put it in the well in our title. So how to write a best selling book in a weekend to attract high paying clients and mainstream media then we just went over those three benefits here to get there's going to be an introduction sentence in the description and we'll show you how this looks in a second but basically you're to say in this live web in arm or live presentation I'm going to teach you someone's gonna teach you how to do x y and z right? So how reveal our best kept secrets to creating leveraging a best selling book in a single weekend you could say one more sentence about why this person's credible why you're credible. So, uh, I've helped twenty people become new york times bestsellers with this workshop by this exact secrets reveal what they are to you hear here the three benefits. Why should join number one in the sixty minute presentation you'll discover how to position yourselves in authority. How to create the perfect title for your book on how to bring number one on amazon dot com in your category, make sure to sign up for reserve your space below you, khun say some other things about why don't you two get on live? Give a bonus, you give other stuff for now we're keeping it simple. You set up the time for when the women are is go ahead and either do a preview or safe to say the whole thing, okay? And then I'll skip through this these air just different options that we kind of skip through any lettuce is a little, but just saving. Okay, here we are and this is a preview. Which one is that? There. There we go. So when you finish that, you have a special link and this is your weapon registration so this is the page just created and everyone. In order to your weapon I turned you guys all to do this this weekend you can set it up now you don't promote it until next week when we get home wherever you can have a go for in two weeks whatever maybe but created tonight why don't you have to do is actually go to this website go to allen are dot com write this down and going home right this down we can create a free trial account for thirty days I think it's like a hundred bucks a month after that but just create the free one for now tested out you don't pay anything you don't want to but this is what we use for all of our webinars they're amazing and that'll give you yeah would you say that's tonight's homework starts our friends at home yes I think we have some other homework as well. Well well we'll start with this one but this looks good so come how do we do? We want to have them send that in some twitter or just so you know this is like the way that to stay accountable yes so I want you to do is go to goto webinar dot com and everyone here if you guys don't do it you can't come back tomorrow I'm serious you have to create this you don't have to like send it out or do anything just create this we'll review them tomorrow and we'll kind of tweak him and make him better for you. Okay, so go to evan r dot com free account you might have to give your credit card I'm not sure, but you don't charge anything until thirty days you can cancel if you don't want to it's fine and create the headline, create the opening sentence the three bullets and then just have the first name last name in the email address not to play around with it a little bit to figure this all out but it's not that hard when you're in there so that's the homework for tonight and if people don't want to share those links with thie on twitter, they can put in the chat room tomorrow and we can see what they've done and maybe take a look at him tomorrow and this is ah yes so after this process, so what we're to do is we're the mehlis out within the next hour releases list, so we're gonna go into her email marking provider she's gonna mail basically similar copy out with a link to this try to get a bunch of people on for tomorrow so and then we're gonna do during lunch we're gonna do a live weapon arthur will probably record it off the air and uses a video to give later for people as a case study maybe wait recorded and give him after people to buy the product of course elisa elisa will actually be doing a live weapon are completely on her own separate not part of creative live tomorrow lunch at noon s so that we can see the type of results that she gets never we've never done anything like this before so we're gonna shoot on we're gonna sell nor have felicia selva to ninety seven dollars uh boot camp in a weekend she's gonna have lots of contents was gonna create the content tonight if she doesn't how yet we didn't get the point of showing how to create the slides we went over time on a lot of stuff we're working the slide tonight and uh then we have a rocket out tomorrow so hopefully get some good results will show you how it's done great before we break this is sort of the wrap up of the day do you kind of want to go through that just a little bit of a review about what the six points were for setting up a webinar do we have a slide on that or something? Just so yes there we go that well let's go right to the uh to the sea green over here and make sure that we're going to see that with the six steps are so everyone at home write these down if you haven't yet uh step number one is what you're selling so again, felicia it's, best seller and weekend home study course, and we went over a lot of the things that people talk about here. So what are you going to sell off of the free web in arm? So what's the training if you already have a product that you're selling that product if you don't, then you're create something. Step number two what's the big benefit. So what are they gonna get out of the products? For the boot camp? For her is a finnish draft of manuscript. The benefit is she's going to become a bestseller? Mormon authorities get speaking gigs to track traffic, more clients, an exposure press, etcetera. So that's the objective to get the book done benefit here's what you're gonna get once you get the book done number three way talked about the five step process for so how you're going to deliver the boot camp for lisa it's over the weekend you could do a four week boot camp once a week. On tuesday at noon. You do it any time you want so that's the format number three. Number four is the price point how much you charge for your prize. A lot of us are in the ninety seven, two, four, nine, seven range. That's a great range from usually information promised to get started, and you want to create a goal for yourself on how much you want to sell during that. So these just said thirty thousand, that means we have to have what do we say? Hundred hundred sales so realistically, pony of thousand people on when you're starting out, if you haven't really done before thousand people, if you're going to crush your first weapon, are get ten percent conversion. So so you got to get everyone got a thousand people on police, a thousand people who are interested in the topic and then are targeted, um, and then number five is, what is your three women? Our presentation for these? Yeah, that title is how to write a best selling book in a weekend to attract higher paying clients and get mainstream media so that's more five or title number six, you're three bullets points the benefits for attending what the results are gonna be when they learn the information. Uh, that's what you need six points to get started and that's your homework for tonight. Don't show up unless you do it.

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