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Drive traffic to Your Website with Derek Halpern

We're going into the second quarter, keeping up with the football team on dh for the day, and we've got on awesome speaker teacher for you guys next, derek halpern, who we introduced earlier and derek's, would be talking all about building a platform and getting, uh, subscribers, people your sight and traffic. He is the man when it comes to this is one of the best in the business. You're in good hands, pass it over to derek literally it's the holy really passing it over so you can pass it back, so give up there, all right, what's up, super excited right now. Today we're gonna talk about how to get people to your website so they could eventually buy whatever it is you're selling that sound good, good. Now we're going to talk mainly about how to get people to your website, assuming you create content on your website because I believe content is one of the best ways to attract your ideal customers back to your site now does any doesn't wanna hear, not have a block or anyone in the audienc...

e? If you don't have a blob, there is an easy way to set it up. My friend pat flynn created a video on youtube, where he walks you through how to set up. A blogged in like, four minutes so it's really easy to do it, and then the rest of this presentation is going to focus on how to use that block and actually attract your ideal customers back to your website. So first, I got a question for you. I'll start with you. Do you think a block can help you grow? Whatever it is you're trying to sell, you think a block and help you with that? Yes, how about you, steve? Swimming? All right, so I ran a survey, I think I sent this out to probably one hundred thousand people, and I asked them the same question. Do you think a blob could actually help you grow your business? And the response is quite surprising and it mimics this room. Ninety eight percent of people said yes, I do think a block and health me grow my business. There is two percent of people, they probably wear blinders, so they don't think that it could help. But ninety percent people said yes, but what's the big problem that people have when they're trying to build a block what's the first problem when you think the first problem is they don't know how to build a blogger, and then they don't know how to create the content for the block, okay? Stacey what do you think the big problem is that people have what blogged about what a blonde about? Okay, let's swim again. What do you think the big issue is? Am I going to run out of material to talk about? Am I going to run out of two? These are all great things. And now another thing that people tell me is they say they don't have the time they think they're going to run out of ideas they think where am I gonna get people to read my writing where these people gonna come from? Um I just going to start creating content and now I'm gonna have readers and they would come out of nowhere and that's what people think so I asked people that I asked some bloggers who are struggling they had a blob doing it for let's say three months, five months, six months and I asked him, how do you spend your time on your blood? How do you spend your time? And they said I spent about eighty percent of my time while creating content and then about twenty percent of my time on promoting content was eighty percent of their time all creation and twenty percent of their time on promotion so they would have the content which they struggle to write and I don't know how anyone here rights or anyone who's watching on the internet but my writing kind of is a little weird I wake up and I think what about going right about today I said the computer I started type like forwards two week the four words I take a break any coffee on then I'll go walk for coffee try to get inspired that I walked to the coffee shop we'll get there and I'm like halfway there I'd be like, oh, I got the block post without my phone like start typing on every note and get forwards again on that that's not gonna work delete it and then I do this for four hours before finally write my first sentence so and this is why people getting frustrated because they're spending eighty percent of their time doing just that they don't know what to block about they don't know what type of content the need to write and they're struggling with that now today a lot of the rest of this presentation is going to hinge off of one simple idea if you want to build a blogged it's not about creating an endless amount of content, you don't have time for it. You don't know what to write about it's not about creating an endless amount of confidence it's about creating as little content as possible and then promoting that content so you don't want to spend eighty percent your timeline creation you want to spend eighty percent of your time on promotion and that's how you want to do this now let me walk you through this for a second people would some of the main problems that people have with this particular strategy is it's like well if I'm even right let's say one article a month or two articles a month are people going toe get sick of me over promoting my content and the here's the deal if you have a new block and an article gets maybe one hundred views two hundred views chances are there's five million other people in the world that haven't read that yet it's your writing good stuff why shouldn't you try to get those other people to read your content now we're going to talk about that later with those three circles but that's a little bit later in this presentation about how to get the right people to your site that said so you don't have to create you promote does that sound like something you might be interested in doing? What if I said that you could create a block off one or two articles a month and grow it extremely quickly? I mean I just tested this I started my block sold triggers back in march in two thousand eleven now I've been blogging since two thousand five and various industries I'll tell you a little bit more about that in a second but I started blogging with social triggers in march of two thousand eleven and by april of two thousand twelve I averaged about two point five articles of month and I grew to twenty seven thousand subscribers to articles month twenty seven thousand subscribers because their e mails yeah emails it's important yes oh emails well it was emails and our sense of scrabble is both it was twenty seven thousand the email list was over fifteen thousand at that point it was mainly emails and this is really important because if you're going to be trying to sell something the best way to sell is over email we're going to talk about as they walked through these strategies on how to get traffic my presentation tomorrow is about how to turn those traffic into female subscribers and how to get those people to buy stuff so that's gonna be tomorrow but right now we gotta talk about how to get people back to your site so I did this it works and it works great now I can't say that I was all knowing and I knew this the whole time that's not what happened actually start blogging in two thousand five I share this earlier I had a a dating website that I tried toe mimic tucker max I failed miserably I was creating all this content I wasn't that funny it was I think I did it for like two months before I finally up and quit I was like blocking is not gonna work for miss who but that's, when I stumbled on the idea of these entertainment websites and I shared this earlier and I noticed something strange on these entertainment web sites, they would all lick each other every single day there is right around four pm. They would all linked to each other's articles and send each other traffic. I started thinking outside, huh? Even the big blobs at this time like a huge, huge loss, we're just trading traffic, thank it a little bit more research. I saw a lot of sight. This is a college humor. At this point they had a one toe, one traffic exchange set up, you sent them one hit, they sent you one hit back and I started realizing all these sites are huge, not because they're creating all this content is they were creating a lot of content, so I thought that was the answer. But the reason why they had so much traffic was because they had these things in place to promote their constant, whether they were trading traffic with each other or they were trying to get featured in mainstream media. We're talking about that little circle with a circle on top inside of it that's how to get featured mainstream media. We'll talk about that in a few minutes, but they were doing all this stuff behind the scenes to grow their website. And that's when I kind of had the ah ha moment that it wasn't about creation was about promotion okay, so it's really that simple now let's start talking about promotion how do you do it? What do you do what's your idea stacy tell me if you write an article, what are you going to do to get that article into your ideal customers hands right now we mostly just facebook and twitter and see you create spent all this time craig an article you're done press published then you run to facebook cheryl ng how facebook you share a link on twitter and then when you do that you check your stats right on and then uh then we go and occasionally we'll email people who we think would really benefit from the article or maybe we mentioned are customers or people with or big or other blotters um mostly other bloggers okay, how about how do you promote your articles? What do you do? So I have a wedding blogged and with the wedding block it's kind of like, oh, you have to have a lot of content publish at least five times a week where we're not there yet, so I find that you have tio publish posted on facebook which links back to to the twitter feed but also posted in the evening because you're getting different you're posting on social media twice twice so this is what people do and it makes no sense to me I'm sorry it makes no sense people when you learn leadership or no or small readership they spend all this time creating a good piece of content you love your content stacey right you do good work your contents better than everyone else's stuff, right? I mean, every time I write I'm like hemingway you know every single time so your stuff is better than everyone else's and then all you do to promote it is you press published you share a link on twitter twice and said maybe three times maybe tomorrow you third time and then you go back and check your stats forty five million times a day and you're wonder where's the traffic where's it coming from well not only have to focus on promotion, I found that the best way to get traffic is to get people who have it to send you it it's not just put it on twitter where you have three hundred followers and you're to get seven hits waste of time I mean you should of course share it there but that's not how you do it you want to get people who have followers or readers or subscribers to send traffic your way collegehumor was doing with these traffic trades he's big gossip bloggers back and they were doing these link trades but now you're wondering how can you get that tow happen if you don't have traffic? Like how could you send people hits if you can't say, you know they don't want to send you anything, you can't send them anything so all these strategies were going to talk about is how to get people who have audiences of subscribers to send you hit even though you can't reciprocate, does that sound awesome? How about the people on the internet? Yes. All right, let's, start breaking this down. So let's, talk about the first technique I call this the two circles in three squares technique no it hold the drafting technique. All right. Drafting doing a stool for you? Yes, please. T z t george our season cheesy tz there haven't because he's much smarter than me that all right let's, talk about the drafting technique. Does anyone here know what drafting is drafting? Anyone you know so like in racecars drafting is very simple. When you have a car in first place, the cars will line up right behind them. You like our ticket a crash, but they live right behind them right there in the first place. So why is why do they do that? Well, there's something the person in first place is breaking the air friction and creating what's known as a slipstream and when the person second place gets behind that person in first place they're able to maintain their speed while expending less energy because they're not breaking the friction the first guys now I only watch the olympics but I watched one sport this this year and it was the biking where they have these like these four bikers running around in circle for an endless amount of time it was boring thing in the world but what I noticed was the person in first place after they did a lap would circle back into last place and it would take turns breaking the air friction because allows people toe use less energy well the drafting technique turns out you can apply the same strategy to getting traffic how well you want to find people who have a history of covering what you are writing about so let's say you're running a wedding blogged and you created article called the twelve best places to have a wedding in new york city you then go to google dot com and you search for people who wrote similar articles like that that you might have a different spin on it and you reach out to them and introduce yourself you say hello you know I wrote a similar article I noticed that you included displace this place in this place but I think that this place should have been there as well you could start a conversation with this person and they'll be more likely to share your content why? Because they had a history of doing it you're taking advantage of what what I call the lake slipstream they already broke the friction off that link so of course they're going on a link to it again they already cover that stuff so this is called the drafting technique now let me walk you through case study one of my customers gene she used the drafting technique a few months ago uh normally kick star was all over the news the one bullying person got five hundred thousand dollars and all these successful kickstarter campaigns and gene had an idea she was like well, no one's talking about the kickstarter failures so what did she do? She created an infographic highlighting kickstarter failures what does she do? She wanted google news search for kickstarter then email the journalists were talking like entrepreneur mashable all these huge magazines emailed them directly inside noticed you wrote about fixed our success you haven't talked about kickstart failure kicks are failures I have an infographic for what happens she went viral she got six, sixty six hundred hits I think it was in twenty four hours she was in I think she's a massive ble she was an entrepreneur she's like all over the internet just by critics are failures and then emailing journalist directly that had a history of covering kickstarter drafting behind them yes, sorry. Are they taking the article on republishing linking back to you? Are they just mentioning on twitter? I'm just not following that part, okay, so if there's a few different things you could aim for, sometimes they'll write an article and then cite you as that article in this case with the infographic they were actually re publishing her info graphic, which which is what she wanted, but other times and I'm going, you could actually convince people to either share it on twitter or just do a block post about it where you're getting a link and they're sharing their opinion on we're gonna walk a little bit more about that. I call this the campfire controversy. We'll talk about that a little bit, but that's going to be how to get links. But right now, it's about to get linc or share on twitter anything, because when you first start, you don't have any people reading your site, you want some people to do it? Alicia where do you get infographics made? Yes so she actually gene use this program called pick to chart or something like that create the ugliest infographics on earth thiss and I was just like I cannot leave this was featured in mainstream media, it was horrible, and then it turns out here is that the funniest thing? She got all this traffic and then some professor from wharton school business emailed her hey, your statistics are wrong so she got all this traffic with bad data so what does she do she's like huh? Well I got wrong data I'm gonna partner with the wharton business school guy get a professional infographic made on I think ninety nine designs and then re contacted everyone that featured her already and said hey I realised I partnered with this wharton business school guy we got a little data we got better data now as she went viral yet another seventy, five hundred hits just by you know she made a mistake with this I wish I could un police info graphic in the world it honestly looked like imagine buy a packet of construction paper giving it to a three year old on then asking them to cut out shapes and then to draw on those tapes that is what this is I mean, I applaud her for doing it because obviously execution matters you don't want spent all this time perfecting what you're doing she took action on it she got a ton of hits for she made a little mistake instead of frustrating getting bent out of shape about it she went with it and then created a new one that was better and got re featured all over the place again people for gave her for her because she admitted her mistake all by drafting behind the idea of kick start now I did this back when I was doing a celebrity side as well this was like in two thousand seven I think it wass when kanye west interrupted taylor swift so I was like what's going on how can I get trapped for this to my entertainment site and I was the whole media was covering the story but no one was adding anything new so what I did was that was big news and at that point twitter was big news so I decide the source and celebrities opinions on this on my block and then emailed all the people that covered it and I got like a few hundred thousand people back to my sight just by taking this idea that was already hot like so you could draft on a big news topic and then following behind by adding and different spin to it now what can you draft behind? Well real quick before we move on maybe not everyone knows what an infographic is can you just toss that out to the explain toe all of our global audience infographics are the scourge of the internet no I don't like in programs but they didn't do really great for traffic we're infographic is it it's a long huge image that might be you know the scroll like for four hours to get to the bottom of it and they have content in image form on this evo graphic for some reason people love to share these infographics because it's a picture so people love to share them which is why they get so much traffic and even though I think they're the scourge I ran an infographic so I kind of shot myself in the foot there but did it so I wanted traffic and even when I did it to my side I got like forty thousand people to my site by doing info graphic and then drafting behind people's ideas. Now you might be wondering how do you draft like let's say it doesn't matter what topic you're in but you have to drafting on three different types of things you could draft behind topics so if you're writing a new york city wedding places that's a topic you khun draft behind hot news I did this when the super bowl seating disaster happened remember this anyone remember this? I hate football but carlos but they had this big problem where people didn't have seats so I decided to write an article about how the superbowl messed up with their customer service and related that back to my business. I got a bunch of trap because I drafted me behind hot news safety with connie that's hot news and the next thing you could do is draft behind people this is great if you see your competitors are getting interviewed in other blocks that's your opportunity to try and get interviewed by those same blog's because they have a history of covering people like you how easy is that? Are you going to use this decision to done let's take it they would have questions before I go to the next director can you give an example let's say the type of email that would let's say your competitors on a new site mashable and talk about something how would you email that journalist what would you say to them about getting your opinion in articles? Well great you need a hook you always you know if you want someone like you you need a hug with regard to gene she had fixed our success she told tactics are failure the polar opposite I always like to do the polar opposites because it tends to grab attention so if they're saying something succeeding and you've got data that says it fails perfect another good hook is if there's hot news going on people want to know what regular people think you could source ideas on witter what are regular people or what do celebrities think about this particular problem so the hook is the opposite because source with regular people think basically doing reporting on twitter and another way to email them is to just email them what you got you can't say hey I saw you featured my competitors you should interview me too he's like all right, who cares give them a reason to do it. Maybe your competitors might be lacking somewhere where you excel. You might notice that this guy like did this interview and he you know, he said that you have a great product, but here's the one disadvantage of your product and your product doesn't have that disadvantage that's your opportunity to email that journalists say, well, I noticed that you were unhappy with this one little problem. I don't have that problem, so that's a way to open the door. So, derek, a question from heist twenty six is, where do you even find these journalists? I know how to get their mail. Here is the best this is I mean, twitter has made it so easy to contact journalists because you just see the name of that journalist, and then you type into the google, as my grandma would say, type into the google that journalist's name in quotation marks and put twitter after it, and you'll find their twitter account if you can't find their twitter account, you look for their personal website. Most news places have the email of the journalists below the article it's like the easiest thing in the world to find. So are you suggesting that people you tweet at that person or they find a way to do anything to get that person's attention? Derek also, I like to use twitter, army, facebook and linked in to see if you have a connection to them that's greatest last way to get an introduction in a way that's the best way to get a journalist I mean, if you have, if you could tell that journals hey, I noticed we have a mutual friend in common now all of a sudden, everything you say they're gonna listen, teo, just cause you have that friend connection. We've got another question here from the internets that I like from car ramrod hey, derek simply finally won our great great user name, by the way, way hey, derek, seventy five hundred hits doesn't sound like that much traffic. Is that really viral? I mean, when you're only getting five hits a day, seventy five hundred it's a start now, a lot of people think this is actually what let's, take a little tangent here for a second. People think when something goes viral, you need a million hits, you don't need a million hits if you're selling something and you're just use also for forty nine dollars seven whatever you're selling you on ly need seventy, five hundred people, and then you need to take those people which we will talk about tomorrow and turn them into a loyal subscriber like an email subscriber and before you know it, if you do that five times now you go seventy five hundred people five hundred turn into email listen, do that five times I have an email list of a few thousand people and these are people who want to hear from you and keep hearing from you. So is it viral? No. What is it good for growing a business? Absolutely terrific. Thanks. Okay. Any more questions before we moved to the next technique a question from ashley donors photography when is content too old to use for this technique? When we're talking about the infographics yeah if you're trying to break news from last year, the ideal scenario is to try and make the content if you wrote it within that month or within a couple of weeks you don't want to write a piece of content eight years ago and then try to promote it this month. If it's an evergreen article an article that still has value today like maybe how to do make up for a bride that might apply today or applied tomorrow, it doesn't matter then it's an opportunity to try and connect whatever you're doing toe what they're trying to write about so it's I can kind of be too old, yes, but if there's a modern connection it's completely okay all right, so that's the drafting technique and this is probably the world's easiest way to get linked by major media alex and big blocks I've done it, jean's done it! I've counseled people that email me say it worked for them I think it could work for everyone who is watching this this live stream right now second tactic is one of my favorite tactics because deep down every one of us loves compliments I love compliments I love when people say nice things about me you like problems? Of course that compass everyone loves people saying nice things about you, but if you're emailing someone who has a huge audience and you give them a compliment there's this little radar thing in the back like this this got full of it is he just tryingto get my attention right horse? Of course that happens to me. So how can you give a compliment to a huge, like a huge but personally huge audience or journalist happen? You'd give them a compliment the best way possible without making them think this guy's full but he's just trying to get my attention and this is the second technique this is called b a case study your case study instead of sending a pointless puff compliment to somebody what you want to do is you want to know if you're reading a block that gives advice you want to use their advice, get the results that they promise and then send them an email saying, hey, I just wanna let you know I love your stuff I saw this article you wrote about how to do I undershot so it worked great here's a picture of it. Thank you so much for writing an article that's a compliment that's going to get someone's attention. I just used this recently about a week and a half ago I was at some dinner with tim farriss and you are there's a fifty people there. And I was telling someone about this one thing in the back of his book about how to become a v I p at a restaurant and I saw that was like huh? Let me try that. Use it. Use it on monday night at a huge restaurant, I got free drinks, free dessert. It was great you actually work. Now I was telling this story in the wall street journal reporter came up to me and oh, can you tell me more about that? And all I was doing was just saying that I used tim farriss is stuff at this dinner and the wall street journal's loved it. And I got put into the wall street journal in print and online just by giving tim a compliment because people love when you do what they say and get what they processed, it makes them look good but it's also an easy way for you to get cited by them now you could do this anyway you do any where one of my customers katrina she used the drafting technique after she uses she shot me anymore because I just wanna let you know thank you so much I used the drafting technique I got like twenty two thousand hits or twenty two hundred hits or something like that and it converted into five hundred dollars in sales thank you for letting me know about the drafting technique. What did I do? I was like really that's awesome you promoted her then I emailed her out to more than tens of thousand describe er's telling and here I am talking about katrina right now I tell katrina story every chance I guess because it makes me look good it makes the drafting technique it works but she's getting promotion I'm getting what I wanted to testimonial you want to be a case study I was a case study for the wall street journal article she was a case study for me you can do this anywhere if you're reading blocks that give advice instead of saying oh that's good I'll work on that later which is what most people do don't do that to follow their advice, do it get results and then send them an e mail so I'm just sort of curious to hear maybe from some of the people in the studio audience some of their ideas how maybe they could apply these techniques so for example maybe maybe swim who has ah ah blogged about lifestyle travel for twenty year olds like or anyone else how would you guys potentially apply this stuff? Tell me you know what puts him on the spot like anyone else to uh how would I use the drafting technique? Just just curious who drafted it if it makes sense to you if anyone else has an idea I love drawing technique it's belong my mind right now thie the idea I know deep down people want to be able to connect with other people in there on a realistic way it can feel so artificial to ableto reach out to other people especially how easy it is there's like you said there's so many people but I think for something like the draft and side meat being able to share what we're working on other people and then taking what they're learning as individuals and applying it to our own business and our own lifestyle it's something that knowledge is something that's going to really take us to another level knowledge is something that's really important to us and why not share that and I love that and it's just a cool way to do it it's the same thing with the b a case study if you just email them it's a cool way to contact someone and actually want that email it's like it's better than the emails where I get a million hits a day. Hey, derek, I really like your sight. Can you go to my side and review it for free? But all you want, four hours of my time, I just met you, you know that that happens. Where is when you're the case study, you're giving them what they want, and then you eventually get what you want. Alicia, I have two examples of this. So last night I was on my facebook page, one of my clients, I'll put on my facebook page that she has just been asked by the u n the united nations to talk on a panel, and she said, my book has changed writing. My book has changed my life, and so I created that is an infographic. I just did that you know, the share screen on dh. Put that on my facebook page, and then people are liking that page and the picture and sharing it. And so that's a perfect example of where you can just do a screen shot and then infographic of stuff that's happening on facebook another one of my clients every time something goes on in the celebrity news in the dating world he owns a dating website eso like lindsay lohan if she gets dumped or does someone or train wreck or whatever he writes a press release the next day and offers her a free membership uh you know remember hot news hot news exactly so true examples they're awesome I have a question because if you have something that's a little bit more nishi I've a modeling website and it's more how too if you know how to become a model more yeah how to become a model how would use this technique in that arena because it's not as mainstream as some of the other topics well that's very mainstream, you know it's very mainstream I mean, you never go into a mall, he got those people walter hey, you could be a model I got this, but you know that happens is very mainstream and how do you find those people? You're going toe you will love my three circles over there, we'll talk about that about how you get those people but for drafting you might want to draft behind like, do you have any people who became successful getting gigs for my god a ton we want book like seventeen girls and mercedes benz fashion week we got a call that the news but I don't know howto harness that tell their story if you tell their story and you see someone else told new beginning let's say some new hot model just broke into the into the market and there's a new article about her in a magazine that's your opportunity to say like her my client did something similar I helped her do it and here's where you could kind of draft behind that idea you might not be able to get them tow link you but you'll be able to take advantage of the overall like interest in that topic at that particular moment in time with the b a case study part though you could do the same thing with like twitter now I don't know if this is the best way to do this because I've never promoted a modeling website before but you can go on twitter and just search for anyone who says I want to be a model and see who's talking about that and try to get those people to talk about you as well because here one there already publicly admitting they want to be a model which means they're going to the type of person that tweets every article you send and send sharks they're all their friends so they're showing that they're an active they're inactive actively wanting it. And two it might. People might think, well, that's not scalable and it's not it's, not scale, but if you do that a hundred times two hundred times now you have two hundred people who like to tweet about being a model who's probably share every one of your article is going to tell their friends about you, and if they get a gig, they're going to be like, thank you, and they're gonna give you a lot of credit for it there quickly. Um, do you ever interview models for your vlog that works too successful model that imagine this. Imagine every next top model season that happens. You interviewed the winner and you say, tell me how you did this and then you share hold story about them. They're going to share that out there when they come back to your site. It's all gonna be about if you want to learn how to become a model like this person, did we show you how to do it as well? So interviewing great interviewing top models, it doesn't have to be for america's next top model, but you've got connections to a lot of great models who are like that's actually a good point, but you drive behind the topic and the show them promote because they've got an audience, they're gonna promote an article about themselves how they did it. Their success or failure could be a video interview to be whatever and then once they come back, your sight, your selling around that content of how to become a successful model like this purse or hear the things she did, we consist in our course, that's actually a good point, because now, when american next time I'll announce that I've never seen this show, but when they announce the winner, you can then take behind the scenes of how they won and then reach out to every block. Or are you wrote about how she won? And now you're getting late to how to be how she became a model so you could be too? Yes. So a question further, like from ms ota is on average, how many other blog's would you have to draft behind to get the significant results in the beginning? As many as you need to? When I first started my site social triggers, I was googling lewis, I was googling everyone I knew that was getting interviewed, I create a big list. All right, they were interviewed here, here, here, here I had, like, a hundred people and I went on this interview spree where I did like, fifty interview too, of course is six months, but we got to just keep doing it until you get the traffic you want. I mean, I still do interviews today because it's it's traffic from traffic and before derek keeps going on there's no simple way like thing there's no silver bullet and he's like, yeah, I got this software that I thought it just sends all this traffic to me. There's nothing simple about this and that's. Why? I said the beginning, it's going to a lot of hard work to get started and really get people your sight get to subscribers to build your audience. You got to make sure that you're willing to, like, put in the energy in the time because I remember when derek one of this spree he was interviewed every week by another big blogger, he did cite reviews, yet twenty of them in thirty days. It is successful blog's he said, you're doing some great things, but I know five different ways you can make it better to get more traffic, more leads, more sales do you want to do a video review for you? They'd all be like yes they would promote him is the authority on how to optimize your sight, get traffic talk about what he's talking now and then he built his list that way as the authority and everyone looks at him as the authority because the top people promoted him. Yes, but that's no example be a case study is like you don't have to be a case study for them, you might have something that they can do and they could be a case study for you, but he worked really hard I'm trying to say it's not going to be just like yeah, download the software to get ellis traffic and make money yeah, it's about really strategic hardwork and building something that then you can leverage with your time later. So now he's got an audience he has to send an email out to make fifty grand on a weekend if you wants to when he wants to. So you have to think about the process and make sure you're doing like the smart things it's all those little things add up, I still do interviews I still I'm getting everyone pie because I still do these things all of the time and now I said in the first twelve months I had to twenty seven thousand subscribers, but now I'm over seventy thousand subscribers in about nineteen months just by doing these little things by drafting by being a case study, I just to be a case, anything a week ago, I got in the wall street journal, I still do this stuff, so I'm basically taking you behind the scenes of how I grew my side social triggers and how I actually used these same exact strategies back with in two thousand five thousand six with gossip, makeup, fashion, I used everywhere, and it always works, and the best part about this is just taking its taking advantage off like he's proven psychological principles, right with the b a case study it sze reciprocity, you're doing what someone tells you to do, and you're being a testimonial for them. They want to reciprocate. Since you did that with the drafting technique, people are more likely to do things that they've already done in the past that's his truth, so you're just getting them to do what they already have a custom to doing so doesn't matter what nature and it works everywhere there's something that I really like about this and I have a question from the web, what I like is you start all of this with what value can I provide to somebody else? You find someone that you can help, and then you offer them something of value that they're already interested in, as opposed to being needy and saying hey, I need your help or saying published my article or looking for mercy that's the worst way to reach out to people? This is, I think robert greene in his first book, forty eight laws of power, he talked about how you never want to appeal to someone's mercy because they're just not going to give it like it just doesn't happen if I don't know you, why do I have to give you mercy? People e mail me like, oh, derek, I just lost my job. I don't know what to do could you give me your product for free? And I'm like, well, are you lying is what my first question is? I don't know if he's being truthful and I'm sorry for your situation, but it's, like the internet, has turned people in tow panhandlers, and they're asking for five hundred dollars courses or thousand ports for free where is the same person? Were necessarily asked for a dollar. However, when you take it with in terms of putting it in terms of what they want, it works. So someone else emailed me as an example. See, uh, she was reading my sales page of my product, which is this product is five hundred bucks she's I noticed you don't have transcripts. How about how about we offer a trade? I know you don't have transcripts and I think your people would love transcripts how about I transcribe up to fifteen hours of video which the going rate is sixty dollars an hour sisters give me good values like nine hundred dollars in value I'll transcribe fifteen hours of video in exchange for access to your course what I did responding yes, I didn't say that I said yes and I gave her access to my course for free where is the other person told me about his lost job he's not adding any value to me he didn't get what he wanted, she added value he got what he wanted be a case study adding value safely with the drafting technique it's adding value so yes so now the question that I'd alluded to earlier uh bears bdc asks the these techniques are great and it has grow traffic and get attention. But how do these hits translate into income? The best question ever? Because a lot of people just like to look at their hits but you can't spend hits a cz much as you want to try can't do it, you can do it, you gotta turn hits into female subscribers you've got an e mail list of targeted people, you could spend emails tomorrow we're going to talk about turning those hits into female subscribers today let's not worry about the email thing let's worry about getting you some traffic first cause you can't build your list if you're not having anyone even see your website to begin with so once again we're going back to adding value let's creating attract an audience that we can provide value to for free before we try to sell them anything necessarily it's like you can't convert people that you don't have if you have zero hits on your web site and you have the highest converting website in the world just still gonna have zero subscribe nobody is coming to your website so we have to talk about how to get the people on your website and then we'll talk about how to get those people on twenty malice that's tomorrow thanks ok, we talked about the draft and technique we talk about a case study let's talk about mr three circles here now I call this the stealth strike israel clever I know let me walk you through how this works did anyone see the facebook movie the facebook about story of facebook it's great movie right movie no I love most about that movie though it was when they were telling the story off how they infiltrated different colleges he was here we started with we opened it up to harvard right? He went to harvard first then what do they dio then they go to stanford then where they go now, I think they went to suny albany next the third now no one went to suny albany, but I did but anyway, so they opened for yale. They went out the specific schools and got those people on their service mind blown think about that for a second if you have a big site like myspace myspace back then was huge. They weren't trying to compete against my space one on one, they were just trying to go up to specific little industries within the myspace where all the harvard people, the yale people, if this school they didn't want it, they said this in the movie. They then got the schools that surrounded it to try and pressure that school into joining throughout the specific people turns out that's the best way to build an audience online as well doesn't don't have to go after college is, though you go after groups of people your ideal customer. If you're in business, you probably have an idea of who your ideal customers or what type of person aid our or what type of websites they read. I have an idea of who that iss you wanted then break that down, you might not have one might have ten different ideal customers ten I think I got like fifteen I try to give many ideal customers as possible break it down and be a specific as possible, so I discovered on my side social triggers one of my cost ideal customers were massage therapists I don't know why, but I had there was a lot of massage therapist on my site, so I thought, how can I get mohr massage therapist on my website or a simple arkle where I just told the story about how the other day I walked into a spot I realized something most businesses no nothing about email marketing I start with a one sentence about a spot didn't even talk about anything just once that's best spot people that know nothing about email marketing so isn't it email marketing article, but it started that spot are the spa thing would I d o I've reached out to massage business tips communities there's a lot of them actually there's there's like these facebook pages that have, like five thousand likes of all massage therapists, there's massage magazine, which is like this huge magazine of people massage therapist or whatever and I reached out to those people individually. So instead of drafting behind like hot news or types of people here, I was going after a specific group of people like harvard stanford was going from sauce therapists and I went viral in massage community I think going after that one little article attracted almost a thousand leads for my business just by going after the massage therapist and then doing what you gotta do, you create the content. Then you promote the content to the people that you want to promote it too, a thousand leads. And I had, like, five people emailed me, saying that if I was ever in arkansas, I have a free massage because they really like my article. So now I got these free massages all over the united states. This is great as I travel, but all by going after specific community, when I talk about the campfire controversy, which is the last tactic, I'm gonna show you how you could do this with multiple communities. But right now you want to think about an ideal community so let's, take it to chris. I won't ask you a question. Who is one of your ideal customers? Ah, one of my ideal customers is baseball pitchers, baseball pictures up incoming pictures or professional pictures up and coming up incoming pictures. What types of web sites do they read? Um, I think they read like strength and conditioning websites, like maybe a bodybuilding forum. Possibly maybe, um it's. Probably more. I would say what they read more would be like more sport performance, so if not necessarily like bodybuilding, but okay, yeah, so that's one now do you have an idea of how this might work for you like, you know you want to get baseball pitchers now you're not all your customers a baseball pitchers, right? Uh, no that's just one of them right now you can try and create an article that starts with a little story about a baseball pitcher and then backs it out into an article that works for everyone. So when I did that spot story, I started with a little story about a spot in the beginning and then proceeded to talk about psychology and marketing in the end so my existing readers weren't frustrated by unrelated content. The trip was to connect that is a story and then tie it back to your main idea and they go after the baseball pitcher communities there's got to be communities out there about baseball pitcher right? Get them to feature your article they'll happily do it because it's a bit it's a beneficial article for their community and now you're gonna get target shima traffic back to your site for that specific carl, do you think this could work for you? Yeah there's one question that I have the perfect so in the sports performance and strength and conditioning and there rehab um kind of stratosphere that I'm in, um there's a lot of information out there and yeah, not all of it is great. So I would feel that a lot of people that I would want to reach out to they would say, well, your information contradicts what I have to say. So why would I wantto promote you or good point? This is where the campfire concert as it comes in your love that so if it's contradicting that's fine, but there's a lot of people who also agree with you. But if there's someone who disagrees with you that's your opportunity to say, I just want to maybe have a discussion with you stars an email discussion, maybe we can talk about the pros of what you think and the pros of what I think and run like this this head to head on your website, would you be interested in doing that? They'll probably, you know, people have opinions and what people I love more than their peers. They love defending their opinions so you might find that's a good way to get them toe feature you on their site is trying to challenge their idea and see if they want to do like a talk about it. Okay, cool, great questions, any other questions? A good question from janica online who says when you are doing interviews or guest blogging, what do you do in an industry specific media outlet keeps requesting free content interviews from you is there a benefit to continue in that relationship versus spending time searching for new outlets? In other words, is there a law of diminishing returns? One outlet keeps asking for more very good question. You gotta look at the results if you get featured there, it doesn't give you any results don't do it. He gets your results do it again if he gets the results, do it again if it keeps getting results, guess what? I want to be interviewed there every day of the week, all right? You know I want your readers to hate me, but so just keep doing it till it's not driving results that said, in the beginning, when you're first starting with your block that you just set up in four minutes by watching that video I mentioned earlier. At that point, you need links pointing to your site you need people linking your sight. Doing these interviews is a great way to start getting some natural links back to you, thies natural links won't be traffic today, but they will be traffic tomorrow or traffic three months from now, and you'll find that the more interviews you do, you're getting mohr these natural links, pointing back to letting google and other search engines know that you're the real deal. And then they'll start ranking your stuff hiring search engine. So now, at this point, social triggers his grew from a brand new site to an authoritative site, and now I'm ranking for like I'm on the first page on how to become famous, I rank for increased blocked traffic, or I rank for list, building all these different topics that I didn't didn't know asio work, just google, start tow trust my sight because I have all these links coming to me. So if you're not getting results in the beginning and you're not getting any traffic, don't fret know that those links will pay dividends in the end. That said, don't keep giving content to someone that isn't giving you any results. That's just silly any more questions before we go on with this one from the web that I really like ant man six to one for how can you apply these strategies tomb or localized web strategy? So for local businesses who are selling maybe localized in person services, how do they get? Maybe local p are not dealing with reaching out to random websites, but you can draft behind local businesses. If you run a juice place that creates healthful juice, you can go to the local martial arts place. And draft behind their customers and exchange, you could promote their martial arts and your juice place, you could go that route where you could find these people who you're not competing with, and get those local people that's, what I would do there would not be trying get local media, you have to go to the local journalists, and every town has a local paper. Turns out what towns love more than anything in the local paper, they love stories of local people who are doing something, at which point, this is your opportunity to draft behind a local journalist and tell a story that might fit with ah, previous story they have told, or an update to a story they have told, but remember, when you deal with a local business, you need local people, so I would actually try to forge partnerships with related businesses that don't compete with you. So maybe if I was a local photographer, say, a wedding photographer, do you have any thoughts? Because a lot of our audience, yeah, our photographer, so there might be a local video studio that does video, but they don't do photography, so you partner with that particular person or a wedding photographer usually just doesn't specialize in weddings, right? They usually do other types of photography, is that true? That over to you kind of do what he photographers do more than just wedding photography some do some don't okay your partner with catering halls you can partner with people who create those table decorations I've I have never resource wedding let's talkto use that fuse on what do you do? So for the wedding block? I'm really one of the things that my ideas is to really connect with the venue's because I'm already number one for unique venues in new jersey perfect so I'm trying to connect with them and showcase them or feature them and, you know, I send them information when they're featured and things like that but wedding photographer there's lots of things there's bridal gown chops, there's no wedding planners, evil unrelated not head of industries that will be happy to partner with you, right that's what I would do for the local stuff? Yeah, off course gift yeah get featured on their websites absolutely, I know that I mean it's just an easy way to do it and you're featuring them. So you're both sharing the web authority and there's no reason why they wouldn't want to do it. Alicia I just have a suggestion in terms of sending traffic is we mentioned before press releases writing press releases I tell my clients they should do that once a week hinging on on an angle as you mentioned a news angle on ben or you can send press release traffic to maybe youtube video and then the youtube video since traffic and they were actually expired didn't some press release of I haven't personally had success, but if you're saying it works, I think I should try that as well I mean, at this point you got to figure out all types of ways to get that initial email list and if that works, do it I try everything yes way first started our website we started this it was kind of a drafting technique which out without him realizing it we have social promotions that search for model for large brand, so I'll reach out to a large brand with a huge amount of traffic I say look, I'll find you know we do it with a cosmetic company, I'm gonna find the face of your line, you create this huge facebook and twitter stir for you for a couple months, but I find a lot of these companies they're excited about they do it, but they're afraid to give up their traffic so they're very limited and very reserved about how remote us so that's very interesting that you say that because if you say to somebody I have this great story and I think you should send people my way like that's like, oh whoa, I'm going to send people you're away what if you promote my competitors you don't really ever wantto talk about traffic you want to make that is just something that happens you're not trying to be sneaky you're just trying to not make not trump, you're not trying to make that the point of the conversation so let's say you're gonna part with this big company that has whatever you know they have ah, huge audience what you want to do then is say, I've got something that your audience will love, I will do x, y and z creating a book or something, and I'll create that for free for you instead of you paying a writer now you're putting in terms of saving money, so you paying a writer? I'm gonna give you this resource that you could then use and they'll love it, and you'll find that these people will gladly send a resource to their readers, but they don't necessarily send you traffic, even though it's the same thing so it's about how you position it and it's not about being a sneaky it's just about phrasing it in terms that they're goingto like it's it's kind of like if you're trying to pick up women, you could say something inappropriate or something appropriate what's gonna work? I guess it depends who you're talking to, but I's it same thing all right, any more questions? I'll throw one more out there how can I write effective articles if I'm not a writer? Does a person with a note reading skills or limited writing skills can they write effective articles that is from salt lake? Er yeah, so if you're gonna be blocking you learn how to write I mean that's just you don't have to be an excellent writer you could buy a book called strunk and white it's like fifty pages long and that will turn you from a bad writer and to a writer that's good enough to build a block that said you don't need to be a hemingway you don't need to be told so you don't need to be that great you just need to be able to convey your ideas and how do you convey your idea's the best it's not by sitting down and writing an article every day? If you're writing one article a month and you take time to write that article re read, that article sent it to a few friends and you're gonna be able to tweak your writing because you're not stressing out to create content every day of the week you're creating two articles a month at which point that will help you become a better writer there I thought you knew video I guess to you is going to say there's other forms of content there's, infographics, there's you can hire writers you lie riders could do videos so you do podcast podcast yeah podcasting is great you get a lot of travel from that I know so I do a podcast thing I do videos I do e books I do webinars I do articles I do all types of content if it's not a writer you could do the other types that said learn how to write I mean god god d'oh I know what you just said richter said one more question I got one more than kind of all right thank you backs on this from marston is can I just deliver good content to other bloggers and asked them to link to my landing or squeeze page without even having a log? Would you accept such a contributor? I don't accept any contributors on my site but there are blocks out there where you don't even need your own block yes and they do something it's called guest blogging where you right up valuable article and if they have a history of feature another guest bloggers you want to get maybe you noticed one of your competitors that a guest post for a specific website used to write a great article use mules to that website you get featured there and then when you do a guest block you get a byline you get a little seo so and so derek halpern wrote this if you want to learn more from derek halpern here's his link and you link to landing pages were going to talk more about tomorrow on what those are, and you could then take other people's traffic you're giving them a beneficial article that they want you're getting that link in the footer, linking back to your landing page and converting those people into your subscribers. So, yes, you can do that. No, you don't do that, right? You don't allow guests posting, but, you know, I don't know. Do you do guess posting? I not really I mean, there's, a lot of light, no, who do do guess posting, but I haven't done it now because it's a good way to get the ball rolling like it's. A good way to get your first two thousand three thousand five thousand subscribers. However, when you're at the point where you have more than seventy thousand describe is doing a guest post and getting fifty or one hundred options to me is just not moving the needle for someone with three hundred people on their list getting one hundred, subscribers that's moving the needle. So for me, I don't do it, but if you're just trying to get that ball rolling, that's a great way to get start if you're having problems getting your content linked by someone. The best way to start building that relationship is to just submitted guest posted that longer submit another guest post that blogger then say hey I gave you these two free articles would you mind checking this out? I think you'll like it and then they'll start sharing your content because you already built up that relationship with that blogger and it's not really on ask any more from a random person it's asking for a friend yeah I'm gonna be talking about how to get mohr like become a writer for other sites tomorrow but it's a great way I know a few people have launched their business just guess posting yeah they're so they've kind of used both the drafting in the stealth strike principles by guest posting on all the popular industry belong sites or single author blogger sites for me I still get around a thousand hits a month from just like copy blogger post that I did yeah I know my friend john he launched his before even had his block he just had a a landing page for those of you that we'll talk more about this smart but a landing pages simply just ah headline a few bullets and then a form to sign for an e mail list that's landing page he got his first thirteen thousand block subscribers without actually having a block set up all he had was a landing page so you could do that as well and who's the guy buffer rap, you know? Yeah. Leo, he has a software. Yeah, he has a piece of software in the description and all he did was guest posting and built like a six figure business in the first hundred thousand. The first hundred thousand users of buffer rat came strictly through guest posting on industry related, but I didn't even write for his own side. I'm sure you had some content, but most of the strategy was trafficked by writing for other people and they would drive back there so you don't get links back. Uh, like and have content there linking back to which link back to your site from writing for them. So what? Let's talk about that for a second guess. Posting is a great way to do it, but most people do it wrong. I was gonna talk about this originally, but we got some time. So I'm gonna talk about this. Most people in the guest post they create the best article they can. The problem is, the focus of the article is the article it's, not you. And when you're not the central focus. People are not gonna be likely to click on your by line at the end of that article because you're giving if you have a business about weddings. And your writing is good article about ten places to have your wedding there's no reason to come check you out you just gave them everything that's said in the whole be a case study idea you could do something very similar where you can make a guest post all about you without being self promotional how do you do it? Let's say you read my website and you followed my advice and you got five thousand hits here urich super excited and you log what exactly you lost your results you could submit an article or a pitch to that blogger and say, hey, I want to let you know I just use your advice it worked great actually I detailed the whole detail the whole thing would you want me to write an article for your website where I can walk your readers through how I use what you told them to do to get these results? Now you're talking about yourself the whole time while being a case study for another blogged and what's the point there you're giving people value your walking people through the steps that you use and you're the center of attention which is great when you're trying to get people back to your website because you get to talk about yourself the whole time I love talking about myself that's that's coming next nothing really quits my favorite by the way I love doing this is my mike still is my mic up is a good or okay go another thing um a lot of these bloggers who are have large audiences they sometimes can't keep up with their content you give them an unique I know tim farriss is this a lot with a lot of his close friends sometimes he's just so busy that he's like I'm a post in weeks but if you come to him with a specific topic that covers something around his yeah as creation that's great good research just like hey, I've got this thing if you pitch it the right way to them a lot of them probably seventy percent of them are going to publish it yeah, I don't feature contributors but if someone like hit me up and was like, I know you wrote about this I just did three months of research about that topic I've got all this data would be very hard for me to say no or you might write part of it and say here's the other side of these feature it like I know when ryan holiday I think he also did a creative life thing he was had his book coming out trust me I'm lying and he wanted to help him out but I don't feature guest writer so what did I do? I took a concept from his book and then just talked about how I use that concept to get traffic and how my readers could do it. So I wasn't getting a contributor article I was writing the article featuring my friend ryan in that arc, but if you see that people have guessed post already, then you know they're willing to take more. Yes. Oh, no, not leslie go after derek or someone that doesn't have any guest posting, but you seem like a pro blogger you draft behind the people, fine now and again is already doing guest posting you give them something that's gonna blow their mind, and a lot of times we'll publish it because you're doing them a favor, giving them content. Yeah, and you're going to get all that traffic for free. That said, once you start doing guest blogging, you really get the hang of it. You want to try and figure out how to get guest post on blocks that don't accept yes posts because that's, where you're gonna get the most out of traffic, is very hard to do it and you got to get real good at it. But as you start honing your skills and you start getting featured on places that don't feature anyone else but themselves, that's, how you get the most clicks I featured a sally hogshead. And on a podcast on my website, and she likes sent me the most was, derek, what do you do? Like I just feature on my podcast was like, oh, why? Because you sent me so much traffic, like, how did that happen? And she's, like, asking me about how I built this audience now because it was just a rabid audience, I was like, well, at that point, I had a lot of subscribers, but I sent a disproportionate amount of people her way simply because I've never featured anyone else on my site before. So if you can get on those sites that so many of the most traffic, but start with the people who already, except guess blocks. So we've got a question from the inter webs from vanessa, and I like it's talking about content type on what type of articles you should be posting. Vanessa says, I work for a small shoe shop should I be writing informational articles or about things that are related to our business? Specifically, like new shoes we got in this week? Yeah, etcetera, etcetera depend so new shoes we got on this week is not great for getting traffic, but it's, great for your existing subscribers, toe by your stuff that said, you want to buy, you want to create content that precedes the sale that precedes the sale. So if you're a shoe, if you have a shoe, a shoe thing, you could say how to figure out your size shoe, because when you try it on, you might be wrong or something like that. You know, ninety eight percent of people who wear shoes are wearing the wrong size, too, if there's data that actually back set up awesome here's howto make sure you're not wearing the wrong size to that type of article is a shoe buyer, and if you're gonna write that article, a sale will come next. You want to do so that precedes the sound. Also with that again, for that example, if it's running shoes than you could write running type articles like how to run faster, what such and such howto live a healthier lifestyle has to be more like lifestyle type stuff or running. How two articles, if it's fashionable shoes than you say howto wear this outfit with these shoes, you know exactly what celebrities are using these things like that when you direct them back to your side, where they could get the this stuff weighs a question from denise about a baby boutique, and I don't want to go into how did right content, very niche industry, but it sounds like a generalization is what how would you how would you generalize this for all you know nish local businesses so a shoe store a baby booty cutie before you sell someone something there's got to be something they believe beforehand if I was selling of course about how to promote yourself I gotta first get you to believe that promoting yourself is important we're buying shoes you got to know how the rights the right size to if you're buying a shirt, got the shirt fits if you're buying I mean give me I don't have another another example for me baby boutique a baby booty I don't know that I don't know that I've never had a baby before that baby clothes yeah baby, they sell kids baby close I think I think derek's getting at is becoming the resource and providing the information that's helpful to people around the product so it's a baby boutique then you're being helpful re sources say here's how to burp your baby at night here's how to do this he was how to do this becoming more of a resource for people of destination for them to go to to get the right information you're selling products that support that information or another example how let's say a baby boutique do they sell cloth diapers? Is that is that the does still exist? How to save thirty dollars a month on cloth diapers now you're selling cloth diapers like that's. Another example, I think the other things or things like for, say, a children's photographer out there is too tell things that air that are common to your clients of your client. Is mom well and it's the holidays? What are tips for making our kids with cute or for making her how to make gifts or something that it's relevant to your to your ideal customers? The ideal clusters a mom right concert that mom's will like to read? Yes, or with a baby boutique? Uh, you know, show him how to use cloth diapers. I know nothing about babies, obviously. So that was rough for me, but that's great only baby in my household is myself. Yes, you talked a lot about numbers and what is it google analytics that our people are checking because I don't check numbers and that's yeah, so I every person needs to have a stat tracking software on their website. I you can use google analytics, but that's very easy to get confused with. I think you should always have that. They're just have that running in the background. That's real easy, it's like copy and paste code anyone could do it, I like to use the service called stat counter s t a t counter dot com it's a way to get some traffic and you could it's not great stats, but real easy, and if you're just getting started, you want to keep it as easy as possible. You don't want to get some like google analytics and then get lost on reading the four hundred textbooks they're written about who'll analytics you so like stack counter put it up now you see how many hits are getting its just a good way to get a feel I ii use that. Still today, even though I know how google at lakes works, I prefer stat counter for my daily checking or my minute checking was that free? Yes, there's also a plug in google and a little l know I can't pronounce and a locator or something it's, just a really easy dashboard if you have a wordpress blawg that you can see, but I used that counter too, I think it's great, yes, so there are plug ins that make it easier. I don't like to tell people to start overloading their site with plug ins in the beginning because it starts making your sight load slower, I think just stick with stack counter in the beginning and then moved to google analytics right afterwards, very simple, not it's, not complicated, easy I have a quick question about writing the articles for her blog's now is that article exclusive to that block or can you run it on your own block? Can you okay, it would be exclusive and always want to exclusive you don't want to feature the same content, but you could do I call this like plug and play content if you have a successful client story that katrina used by drafting technique, I wrote an article about katrina, I couldn't rewrite another article about john who's, the drafting technique, and walked in the steps he did, and even though I'm saying the same things is a different story. So what, you khun d'oh? Is that so? You have seventeen successful clients that used this one strategy that you had you could write seventeen block post about how each of them did it. Chances are they did something similar, but you could see that story which seventeen different blobs and it's okay, because it's a different story and it's not you're not republican the same stuff, so campfire controversy this is the best way to get traffic. I love doing this. I'm a little bit inflammatory, so I like to cause fights, which is why it's a controversy turns out though dad up controversies are a proven viral mechanism, there is some research done by zoe chen out of a college in georgia I don't member name of it right now maybe university of georgia and then jonah burger out of the war in school business they discovered that controversy is a proven, vile trigger but not any type of controversy. The things that people that tend to go the most viral on the internet are like these light controversies like fighting over, you know the best color for an apple or something like that fight over stupid things fighting over so like politics, religion, sex people feel embarrassed to share that stuff online, so it actually hurts the viral ality of your article fighting over something stupid, though people also fight over something stupid so let's walk through a case study I wrote an article called the content is king myth debunked now I don't know if you're in the block world at all, but bloggers love to say continous came idiots they love to say this and I had research from elizabeth silence out of out of london I don't know what college it was right now, but she had research that suggests in the first three seconds content isn't king designers and she discovered that when people stumble on the website they never seen before, they decide whether to trust or distrust that site three seconds and when they distrust the site, ninety eight percent of them cited design related reasons so design is king so I wrote an article called the content is king myth debunked now I thought about who would like this article designers reached out to this some designers I sent them an email a personal email I said, hey, I some about some new research that suggests design is king would you like to hear about it? Of course they do they sell design they want to tell all their clients about this too for a reason why you should buy my design services so they loved that they shared it got like thirty comments I did this on social triggers back when I had no readers, by the way, so we've got like thirty comments on a brand new block would I do next? Well, who would hate this writer's writer's hate this so I reached out to the writers and I said, hey designers air slamming the importance of hot and then I came and forward the designers and I went back to the designers that's we'll let you know riders they're trying to say you're wrong before you know two hundred comments thirty thousand hits on a brand new website by creating a concerts now why did I call it a campfire? Well, I don't go camping, I don't even really leave the house, but I watched a video on youtube and how do you build a campfire you like you get the you get the would you put it in a circle, you light it up and then you fan the fire right? Most people when they try to create a controversy they'll just say some crazy stuff and hope for the best would I do there? I got the wood together thie article I've been lit the fire by talking to the designers and then I fan the fire by emailing the writers you can do all of this now let's say you're a fitness blogger you promote people should never use supplements you could then say using supplements is stupid, right? And then you could find people who agree with you draft behind people who wrote those topics get them to say and to agree then reach out to the people who promote supplements tell them I wanna let you know we got all these people saying supplements are worthless your tongue when the use supplements how do you feel about that? Now they're going to go there and start a little fight and you could be just sit back and enjoy the traffic that you're gonna you're gonna get for this now when you do this you don't want to just do it for the sake of doing it, you won't do it about you truly believe in your just cause a fight for the sake of causing a fight and don't do this every week people get sick of it do it once in a while I try to do a controversy type thing every few months and it works great every time I do it but I always do it behind something I need to have research to back it up or something that I truly believe that I won't mind putting my neck out there and saying this and this is my favorite way to get traffic it's my favorite way to get traffic because it gets a lot of comments a lot of shares I think that article about like five hundred retweets tens of thousands hits I ended up having a brand new blawg and got like my first thousands of scribner's in a couple of days because of this controversy however the exact number there was seven hundred but it worked real well just by getting together some content that was controversial than drafting behind people who would agree with it and drafty on people who disagree with it. How do I do it? Continents king I googled continous king found everyone who said confidence king who will design is kane found one who said design is king reach out to those people I then pull them back again and said, well, who would love this designers would love this reached out to them who also would hate this riders would hate this reached out to them and just spent eighty percent of my time promoting this one article real simple any questions on this or maybe how you might think this might work for you and we kind of walked through we have a few minutes I would love to do a real life example right now can you do something for me? Yes. So with modeling, uh, I don't know how modeling works, but do people have to be a certain weight so small? So there's some people who probably they don't realize all the different types smiling, they think of fashion editorial, which is really just like maybe ten percent of the interest areas the holes. So is there a weight thing and there's something probably giving advice to dehydrate yourself to get to that waste and other people might not agree with that you can write, you could stand on one side of it cause a fight about people who promoted plus who don't promote it or as another example, uh, they obviously wear makeup, you could fight about the most important, the best make up for your face, and you'll find people who like that make up people who hate that makeup go to somewhere like makeup alley, where they like to fight about makeups there I knew this exciting makeup website and fire them up in that forum to try and get people back to you, I think you could also do something interesting that's like think of a headline that could be like how to eat pizza fries and hamburgers b thirty pounds overweight and make millions is a model, and then basically talk about how plus size models are there's a huge industry and needs for plus size models, and you're just kind of using that as a hook, you know is perfect and I think there's a lot of controversy around put plus size miles too there's this new thing about mannequins recently, this would be great about how mannequins they should be overweight mannequins there's no skinny mannequins in the world and actually you should be all over this right now about whether you think there should be oversized manning is there not controversy right there? Just put your draw the line in the sand, put yourself on one side of it, reach out to everyone who was talking about mannequins and try to get some of that traffic perfect any other from k bay on that? Could you pose a question to both sides of the argument? Invite them to duke it out? Yes, so this is great because when you're causing controversy, you don't want to be the guy getting the flak, so I try to not put my own neck out there that often I try to have research to back it up, so I said design is king I don't think designers came with this research I found design is king and now I kind of did that without having them fight it out but by taking someone else's idea making them the centerpiece so they would get the flack and I wouldn't and I would just get the traffic there there's another good example of how to do this and you close to your heart so pearson yeah, no it's not talk about that if you don't well you can host to people who are being controversial so on your site having a conversation about they're coming through video through an interview like that. So if there's a big so this is our mutual friend andrew warner he has a cycle mixture, which is an interview website there's this big fight blown up in the block space about wordpress and he decided to invite the one protagonist and the other one to duke it out on interview on their site. So let's say you have a big mainstream model that thinks there should be plus size mannequins and you think you know, mainstream model that doesn't think it should be plus size matters you could reach out to each of them say I would love to see a debate between you two and now you're getting the controversy on your web site the bigger the audience they have online, the better we're going to promote it and you're a great way to get traffic so yeah, you can't host people fighting about it, so we're about at the lunch break wanted throw one more question out here from the web and I suspect you're going toe delay the response toe later, but what is the easiest way to get users to subscribe to your site? Rcs feed, email, etcetera? Yeah building email list tomorrow I want to share what I pull my multi million dollar mistake and you'll see why now I tell people the only build email lists and we're gonna walk you through that tomorrow, so if you were watching right now, you gotta make sure you tune in for tomorrow's well, fantastic. A quick recap on what derek said in like twenty seconds or less, what did he talk about most on creating content do less creating which I think a lot of us think we have to create all these articles and content and mohr on the promotion so that's the main thing and use these strategies to promote it whether beginning press involved controversy drafting technique, stealth, like the mighty mutants, has a method to his madness, right? So, um, make sure you apply all this stuff that he's got going on other than that were to come back after lunch, and we're talking about how to create a product that sells itself with chains wetmore. So it's going to be very exciting. But this is how you get the traffic, so that when you have the product, you can sell it. They can sell itself.

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