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Facebook Marketing with Amy Porterfield

Like to surround myself with really bright people, and so when I wanted to learn about facebook marketing, I said, who is one of the best people out there right now? Who understands what I want to do with my business? And how can I find that person er and have them join my team? And so I met amy porter field a few years ago at a conference again, I went to conferences, I still got a lot of conferences to meet the right people, because those are the people who are speaking the authorities. So we we parted up together, and we did a product together called f b influence dot com we just launched the two point conversion today are this week, and she is going to talk about facebook marketing, facebook ads and facebook fan page really had a leverage the billion person network to get more leaves, traffic and sales for your sight, for your products and services. So with that, I don't know if amy can hear me, or she can see me right now, but I think she can, and I think there will be a yes, amy,...

wow, my head looks huge in that. How are you, louis, you're good, how are you doing good to see a little you like compared to me, you what's that I said, you look tiny compared to me right now do you have a huge head? It's? All right, I'm excited I wantto want to set the stage for you really quickly because you are an author of facebook marketing for dummies and you've done a lot of consulting on facebook marketing for companies like harley davidson for tony robbins cos and another brother brands, so would you talk a little bit about coming experience you've had with face with marketing and what you've been up to? Because we've got a great course we've got a bar think seven thousand people who have gone through our training that you created and people are loving it and seeing a lot of results that maybe talk a little about that and then we get into some of the content, okay? So with facebook marketing first started my experience with facebook marketing working with peak performance coach tony robbins, so I got a great platform to start out really understanding what facebook could do for your business. And since then I branched out on my own and started my own consulting business all around social media marketing and especially facebook. And the reason I chose facebook is because one, as we all know, there are over a billion active users on facebook, so I can pretty much guarantee you that your audience is on facebook right now but be on that what I really understood over the last few years is that if you want to grow in list of quality leads for your online marketing programs, are your local business? Is she? Then facebook is where it's at? I truly have built my email list all around my facebook market, specifically ads, and I'll talk to you about that today, but overall, it's a great place to confess to build authority, he come that go to source in your niche and really get people to know who you are and what you're all about. So where it's really at ease your facebook page on your facebook page? I'll show you some examples in a moment, but you can really, really build your business on one of the case studies that louis and I have worked with personally is liz de alto enlistee alto is a new york city based trainer that wanted to create an online program, and so we worked with her and help her build up her facebook community and she's she's, a rock star on facebook, and does so many great things already but where we really focuses, attracting the right type of audience on facebook and then from there turning those facebook bands in two decades and then those leads into paint customers, now she has an online business as thriving she has this great program called tighter and ten and so you have ten days to get your body tight she teaches you how to do this it's all online so she went from a local type business being a personal trainer, going to people's thousands building and all my business building a huge facebook community and selling her program online and on facebook and now our business is primarily online she's a great success story um yeah james's worked a lot with liz as well on the youtube marketing side of things if you ever check out our video someone videos of like ten, twenty thousand views and she has a lot of travel from that as well. So she's kind of putting in a lot of our strategies over the last couple of years and helped her build a great business for itself by levitating time in her her information so awesome well, what we have to cover today, okay, so today I'm going to talk a little bit about finding leads on facebook or attracting leads and then I'm going to get into some very specifics with facebook ads you don't need to do every facebook ad to have success on facebook I'm going to show you the ones that really weren't that some slides that I could run you guys through awesome this is some exciting the sanitation alright, cool all right so let's go over ominous switch over to my slides wait to see your face as well or no. Are you gonna hide? Okay, sweet. Okay, so tell me this. I'm gonna go full stream bit of second here. Can't you see my sides? He is coming up right now. Yes. Look at this. The technology these guys were doing, they're awesome. And you can see me as well. I can see you. I can see myself staring at you. Yes. Yeah. Okay. So I want to talk to you all about making sure that you have a facebook page and the facebook profile is just not enough. You wanna have both because it's double the exposure on facebook. So right now you're looking at my facebook page, but I also have a facebook profile and I used both in order to get that double exposure. Get out into the news feed often on facebook now facebook is like I said, a perfect place to collect leads, but you've got to actually set up your facebook page to do so so you see those three boxes underneath my timeline cover photo there. Those are all lee jet opportunities. I do everything I can to move my fans it's a lead. So then I to communicate with them outside of facebook because it's one thing to have a bunch of facebook fans but really we want to move him over to our hut. Our sales pages are often pages our website we don't want to keep him on facebook forever and the way you do that is you get them to become a lead. So where is this social media updates right there if you click on it, you go to my social media bates custom application I think everybody watching right now should at least have one custom app on your facebook page that salih generating act so here I promised social media update me and we really quick so I started interrupt you guys does this sound does this form look familiar to anyone who talked about this yesterday? Derek what do you call it? Rick has taken notes baby let's do this yes so he calls it a feature box amy's got the feature bosch she just put it on her facebook page as opposed to she's got it on our website as well it's the same thing from a website right right at the top your website and she put it on her on her facebook page and it's very easy to drag and drop this stuff there's software I'm sure you'll talk about how to do this so if you're not technical like myself it's still simple to do this so I don't want to interrupt you but uh this is great yeah derek actually is the one who told me to create the feature box and so that's why I did it in the night course like you said brought it over to facebook extremely easy there's a lot of third party applications you can use there's tons out there you can google I used heo h e y o r short stack those are some ones that are really inexpensive to use or you could just hire someone to do it for you which I've done in the past as well I mean james talks about outsourcing all the time I definitely outsource this stuff so I don't waste my time trying to figure it all out so again this was taken directly from my website put here into facebook and now I collect leads on a daily basis on my facebook page from this custom at but there's two things why it works it doesn't just work by creating it and hoping people will come you have two one dr adds to it or to post about it on your facebook page so you've got to do some work in order to get people to actually know what's they're really important to remember so all right so I've got my custom at all my facebook page and now I want to come to switch gears and show you how I have used facebook as in order to do three things one attract a really big fan base quickly to grow my email list in a really rapid fashion and three move my fans to become actual customers that pay me on a consistent basis. So that's why I used facebook ads so with that I want to make sure that when you're thinking about using facebook ad just everybody should experiment with leased a few different facebook ads in order to see how it might work for your business. There are a hundred different ways that you can use facebook ads and I want youto only focus on those ads that will make you money make you leave and make you money now I mentioned their three reasons why you would want to experiment with facebook ads so definitely more likes because more likes means more leads, more leads means more sales and profits. So these are the three reasons why facebook ads are so appealing to an online business or someone with an online program and of course, local businesses as well. All right, so the one question I get asked all the time is how do I know which ad will work for what I want to do on facebook? And I wanted to walk you through what each of these ads do, so you know where you want to focus, so you got some options here you've got sponsored stories which are truly the easiest to use, and I'll show you what those look like then you've got these like statement adds, you might have seen them before, like like if liz is when we ran, liz is adds, one of my favorite was click like if you want to throw away your sail, she's, not your friend, and we targeted women in an age group that that was completely resonate with them every time they click like on that ad we got a new fan for for her facebook page instantly they click like we got a new fan, so those ads work really well, and then you have promoted coast, which are basically those ads that you put on your page first, then you turn it into an ad and you pay to promote it so more people will see it, I'll show you more of that in a moment, paige post ads these air ads that have the light share and comment button underneath them you know those ads that appear in the right column of your facebook page? Well, they are actually not as effective as an ad that could appear in your news feed, but if you have the light share comment button under any ads, you're going to get doubled engagement if not more I'll show you how facebook offers I call these the facebook super features, they are awesome, I'm going to show you a great example in a moment and then mobile only adds mobile only ads or those ads that you on lee put out into the new speech studies show that you're at is in the news feed versus in that right colin you could get up to six times more engagement when someone sees it on a mobile phone so mobile phone ads are those ads in the news feed are really valuable now in this training here I don't have time to get into all the details with mobile ads but what you do want to know is there something called a power editor power editor you google facebook power editor you'll see how you could include it for free of charge it's just an extra tool facebook offers and you can choose to onley run mobile ads on ly in the news feature the power editor so it's just something something worth knowing all right so let's talk about sponsored stories sponsored stories get you mohr likes this first one is from my facebook dummies book and basically I didn't have to create any creative I didn't have to create any copy and I run the sponsored story and I'm able to then hit like it's from all of the friends of my fans so this ad might show up for louis and louis is in a van then you could become an instant van so it basically has shown to all of my fans friends because most people have like minded friends they're likely to like my pages well, I know a few people of your speakers today have ran these ads and have had great success so sponsored stories really easy to run amy really quickly before you continue on because I know you're going to be covering a lot of there any questions so far? Yeah, I definitely had a question it feels like a me and a lot of respect people go to your page and they like it and never return would you recommend focusing really heavy on getting them to your website or getting their email and then just kind of focusing on that mainly or trying to keep the content of your page really solid great point so what he was saying was in your life most people once they liked your page ninety percent of people don't actually go back to your facebook page and look at all your post on your news feed are on your timelines however most people if they engage with your post they will see you in there news feed and that's where it's at if you want to stay top find with your audience if you want to come top of their mind when they're ready to buy what you're selling you've got to stand news feed you have to stay in their vision which is basically find your post in their news feet so that's such a great question but it would focus on leads and sales and moving your fans toe action, but you also have to focus on getting down to the news feed her fate on addictive basements so that means posting two to five times a day that's the sweet spot just out there by buddy media that says two to five times a day is that sweet spot anything less than two most people won't see your post anything more than five and the number one reason people unlike your page is because you're posting too much now why you want to post because when people engage with your post facebook engine and starts to put out into the news feed of all those fans now I wasn't planning on teaching this here, but I will say something really important you want to know if you put out let's say a great quote on your facebook page or if you put a great photo that's really funny and you know people will love it and if they see your post and they laugh but they think of their hedge that's a great quote I really love it and they do nothing then you are wasting all of your time on facebook your hands have to click light or comet or share or click the leak in your post for facebook to know that that fan actually cares about your content so your fans aren't taking action with your post you're wasting your time so if you post a great quote you want to put in a status update, click like you agree or like if you can relate to this comment or whatever it isthe or share this with your friends, you have to tell them what to do in order to get your engagement up and if you do that, you'll get out in the news feed more often of your fans and when they're ready to buy, we'll think of you so you've got remember to ask for the called you've got include a call to action in your status updates questions really good fuser amy s so nice to have you on I've washed a few other things that you've had a quick question, so anytime someone talks about facebook ads, I think of big companies like I don't think little one woman show business that can utilize this because I'm like oh it's going to cost a ton and it's just not gonna work and all these big companies are doing it even now with the sponsors stories I feel like it's really benefitting benefiting big companies so can you touch upon that or maybe later in your slides you will thinks I love this such a question I love that you brought that up I have many clients that I would definitely say that's not the case but for me personally I'm a one woman show us well and so I have my own consulting business, but I don't have a big team and I want to tell you a quick story I'll show you an example of this one in a moment, but every quarter I do a small group coaching program kind of like the boot camps that the guys were talking about the first day, so every quarter I do that and the way I promote my small group coaching program is with a webinar and I promote my webinars through facebook ads and I did too webinars for my last group coaching program and I ran facebook ads and I probably paid probably a thousand dollars on facebook ads over two weeks now entry into my program is a thousand dollars a person and I could only take forty people, so I ran the ads I got a bunch of people on my webinars did my webinars and sold out. So with facebook ad spending about a thousand dollars I made forty thousand dollars and many of the people that joined by group were brand new had never known me except they saw me in a facebook at so it's a great testament that even a one woman show you our marketing correctly to the right people on facebook, facebook ads could change your business and I truly believe that so I'm so glad you brought that up and amy I was gonna wait to the end to say this, but it's a good say way, you know, amy has got a great blogger, but she doesn't do a lot of you do some video, but she doesn't do all video, right? Like like derrick james, they do a lot of writing that a lot of video uh, amy focuses on facebook, as in her fan page. Primarily, she does a lot of other stuff as well, and the reason I like how amy runs her business because she has complete control over the results. Spend a thousand dollars make forty thousand right so she's constantly spending money to make money because she's optimized her as and she knows how they work, and I've got another mutual friend of ours, uh, here's the here's the one thing I'll say, um, you want to make sure you're building your list no matter what? Because again, if facebook does something to shut down your account, then you don't have that control anymore, and I'll give you a quick example aa friend of ours was has spent over a million dollars lass esther on facebook ads, and he had a small team of, like three people a motivation to people, and so he was he's told me he couldn't spend enough each day on facebook ads. Because they would cap it out, I think cap it out a certain amount or whatever. Maybe so he was trying to spend, like five thousand ten he's, like I would spend fifty thousand dollars a day if I could, because he optimized the process, the names you talk about, which was how to capture those leads and get sales. And unfortunately, facebook showed his account down because he went against the terms of service. You want to make sure whatever you're doing and I'm sure you two cover the same thing that you're making sure you're staying true with the terms of service and you don't get shut down or else you're not gonna have that control of driving the traffic you want to the targeted people and getting those leads and sales for yourself. So, again, I love this because you can control the outcome of the results, and you can just focus on facebook gods if you wanted to. If you say I don't want to video, I don't know, no blogging, I'm gonna focus on facebook ads. You could do this. A lot of people make a lot of money just like amy, but again, figure out what's best with you that's, what we want to bring. Ah lot of different people want to talk about these different ideas some of you may want to do video on lee so focus on that some of you may just like I don't have video it's too much time and I don't do the outsourcing so I'll just manage my facebook ads everyday and you could still make a lot of money so I was one of the kind of let you guys know about that go ahead three point you've got to do what you do best and what works for so great point okay, so these are the sponsored stories in the like ads or they're also called engagement as like a ball the new facebook timeline changes have you confused in stressed people click like and I know that they're my ideal audience because if they're focusing on facebook and they're stressed out then I want him as a fan because I want to sell them my programs and products down the road so these are the easiest types of ads now let's talk about promoted post now promoted posts are status updates that you put on your facebook page and then you turn them into ads that actually more fans and friends and fans will see because I mentioned earlier one of the challenges is getting out to the news feed off all of your fans that doesn't just happen because they're your fans you actually have to get engagement with them promoted post will do that, so they're shown to people that are most likely going to engage with your ads and they go out in the news feed. I'll show you how to set him up in a moment, but they're very key. If you want to get your engagement off, you want to get more leads and more sales, you've got experiment with promoted post and the great thing is, when they first came out, we noticed that a bunch of people and odd countries that we don't typically market two were engaging with our promoted post, so that seemed kind of weird. Well, facebook recently came out with a statement that they actually upgraded, promoted post and are targeting them to the countries where most of your fan base had come from. Originally that's a great thing as well. So you've gotta have four hundred fans to run, promoted post and all you do is you creek status update, and then you'll get that promote dropped down right there and you get to choose who you want to show it to. Fans are just fans and friends of fans so that's where you choose who you want to show the ad, too, and then you choose a dollar increments and the dollar implement is actually for the life of the ad, and the ad runs for three days. So it goes live for three days and let's eight and thirty dollars it's thirty dollars for the life of the ad not daily, so something important remember but it's really easy to set up and then from there if you have five thousand bands you actually khun target even more to gender local age language so you can get really targeted with promoted posters. Well, so unfortunately that you have to have five thousand bands to do that, but I know many listening do so they can take advantage of that, but I wanted to show you my own case study here and when I was doing a pinterest webinar created this really easy graphic it's not fancy at all has the date when I was doing the webinar and I asked the question which usually grabs people's attention want more pinterest training here's the weapon are and as you can see at the top, it says, I'm hosting a free live interest for business webinar join me and I lied to owen often page now I didn't promote this in the beginning and only sixteen percent of my fan base actually saw the post, which wasn't good enough because here I am on facebook collecting leads and not all my fan base has seen what I'm doing, so I paid twenty bucks this is when promoted post just came out so is experimenting paid twenty bucks and now forty three percent of my audience actually saw this post and work it for me to pay because I know that these leads are going to then be encouraged to buy the pinterest program so it worked out when you want to promote a post think in terms of always in would an image always include a call to action and think about where you're sending them you're sending them to an opt in page or more information to learn about you or you thinking them to a product sales page you got any strategic with this and spending the money on promoted post will make sense amy was promoted post you're sending him to the weapon our registration paige outside of facebook not like us on ad where you sometimes you try to keep him inside of face because it's cheaper is that correct? Yes true now with promoted post you can't send them to your custom application where there's a legion but usually promoted post get approved so much quicker and with less scrutiny so and them outside of facebook two years five site where there's an often page yeah good point all right the super teacher that I promised to tell you about no this is cool if you're online business or local business you've got to experiment with these brand new facebook offers I say brand new because facebook just made some changes to them or all of us participate so they're easy to implement they take about ten minutes now you do have to have four hundred fans to get the offer's benefit as well. So growing your fan base really will make a difference to unity's you have on facebook there's a study by hubs that came out this year that said that the businesses that had over a thousand fans saw one hundred and eighty five percent increase in traffic to their website, so if you had lisa thousand bands, you will see a huge increase in the traffic you could drive to your website she wanted at least get to that first one thousand fans but for this one you just need four hundred now. What facebook recently changed is these facebook office, which are essentially ads they can actually be accessed for online an offline business and where I see a huge, huge opportunity is if you have an online program or you're building an online business. These are great ways to collect leads on facebook and they go out into the news feed so the offer's interface with mobile devices meaning when you promote your offer it goes out into the news feed and right now about thirty percent of those claiming these offers are on their mobile phones, so they're definitely converting especially comfort people that are looking on their smartphone senior their news feed and offers grow likes leeds and sales let me show you how this's my good friend lisa and she owns whole health designs, and just recently she was doing a three date free juice cleanse, so it was a virtual juice cleanse. It was completely breathe, and it was taking place within just a few days, so she ran this offer and she promoted it with promoted post and you can promote it with any kind of ad. You do have to promote these offers, so they're not completely free. You got to put a little money to get him out into the news feed, so what she did is he put this out there, and then when I click, get offer, I actually get an email to my personal e mail account that's tied to facebook, so not my email inside a facebook, which I don't check his office, but my gmail account that I checked daily. So this female comes to me and as you can see, it tells you when it expires, it left you share it you, khun like the page from the e mail, but most importantly, it's linking to where I can redeem it. I click ready, aim and she takes me to a sign that page on her website now why is this so valuable? Well, for about thirty bucks she can actually attract her ideal audience, and she can collect leads that she then turns into sales because she can up sell them after the three days live virtual cleanse that she's doing so facebook offers are a great way to get people into seats for webinars to actually get you wanted full conference might have teo off them into a free video siri's, as well as give them discounts in coupons, cheer online programs and to anything if you have a physical location. So I encourage everybody listening today should check out facebook offers because it's a great way to get out in the news feed to actually offer something for free discounted. I see so many different companies give ten dollars off a fifty dollars order or give twenty five percent off your entire order, whatever it might be so you could do dollar amount, but you could also run them for free offers collect leads in a way that you never could before, so facebook offers are great way to do so. All right, let me tell you, I'm telling you on lee about the ads that are the most social and we'll get you the most clecs. Last type of that I'm going to tell you about that I'm gonna give you a little information about targeting your ads and that's where I'm able to really get the biggest bang for my buck. So stay with me here so paige post ads are actually status updates that you turn into an ad now these appear in the news feed and also in that right column where most ads appear, but the cool thing is they have social buttons attached to them so you can run paige post ads to get more engagement to get more likes to get more leads to give more sales whatever you want to do paige post ads work but here's why they're so cool you can target them too fans, friends of bands or non fans as well. So these go beyond just your original fan base and they'll help you grow a bigger fan base and actually collect leads of people that haven't even become a fan of your page yet. Now the cool thing is and let me show you this is a status update on my facebook page, so this time I included a quote in the status update than a really big image that said click like if you agree and I turned it into a page post ads so this is what it looks like in your newsfeed or in the right column where all your ads are but notice I've got the like button sure, the comment button now you might look at this and they pay me how is this making you money on facebook or how is this even getting you leaves like this does nothing for the bottom line of your business and I say it does everything for the bottom line of my business because if I don't get my engagement off facebook so my post in my fans knew speech I'm not in the news feed I'm wasting my time on facebook so one I'll run a post like this get my engagement up get a bunch of likes, comments, shares facebook's paying attention then next time I post, they'll put more of my post in the news feed of more of my fans so that's why engagement really matters and pain you know, twenty thirty bucks teo skyrocket my engagement especially right before a big promotion get out to the news feed more often interesting louis it mentioned video before and everything I know about video I learned from james wetmore I'm a huge fan, of course, and one thing I do on facebook is I make short videos, I don't love making videos, they're not they're not an easy thing for me to do, but I know they make a huge impact, so what I do is make a really short videos to tell people about my web because I primarily sell through webinars so this short video is just me saying, hey, guys in reporter build here have a great weapon are coming up all about facebook ads I'd really love you to join me here's what's in it for you and I give three or four bullets why they want to sign up and I'll say click the link I'll see you on the web and then I promote it so I used promoted host and I'm able to then really feel shill up every single one of my webinars doing this because you can instead of reaching just sixteen percent of my audience, which is on average what all reach, I promote my post in this time I reached ninety two thousand people and I filled up my webinar well, so he owes that air turned into facebook page post ads or promoted posts are extremely effective and I encourage you to test that out but a lot I only have two more strategies here and this is where were you really going to see some big difference? Because if you have your butt, your ads, your page post ads and you're promoted post, you got to make sure you target them right? And I'm going to give you that one targeting piece of targeting strategy that I use that will allow you to reach more non fans that are congruent with what you're selling so there's, a lot of different things were targeting you actually have fifteen different targeting categories in your ads dashboard. The thing is, you don't need to use all of them. You want to choose the ones that really make a difference to your whatever you're selling, whether it be you need to target age or location, or maybe their background or their interest, whatever it is, you want to get very clear on who your audience is and how you're going to go after them, but the biggest impact we're targeting is precise interest. So let me show you when you go your ads dashboard, you'll see precise interest, and this is the coolest thing ever. Many of you might be using this already, but those who are not definitely hope you do try this. I've been the name of a facebook page that already has a bunch of your ideal fans. So for instance, if your yoga studio in let's say, los angeles and you want to do a great offer like a great discount, you khun target all of the fans of the yoga studio down the road that has a really active fan. Bates but they're not your hands yet, so you can type in the name of that facebook page, and now your ad will be seen in the news feed. Columns of all the fans of your competitors facebook page it'll be in the news feed or to be on the right hand side oh, because if you use the power editor, you can get your adult on lee into the news feed now wow that's some sneaky, sneaky all in with facebook guidelines for sure wow it's cool it's really awesome! No, no, no facebook pages won't come up and speaking of that, if you type in louis houses facebook page, it will never come up I don't know what you did, lewis, but no forget all your fans so there's don't tryto hack my fan page because it does work? I asked facebook about that personally and they said just some facebook pages it's a glitch that they can't quite figure out? I guess just don't pop up usually in the exact name with the spaces and all of the facebook page it should pop up in the drop down and you can choose it. Wow that's like the golden glitch I got now does that just on your page or have you asked other people about at it? Yeah there's a new people and you're one of them that just they're your patients is not papa were I'll take you know that last strategy I'm gonna talk to you about is turning your ads into lee generating machines and with that I want to use an example from our very own james wed more sure, you all have been talking about boot camps of webinars and in different ways to attract an audience, whether it's on facebook or anywhere online and the guy that really perfected this. And I now copy all of their strategies. Is james webb more really quickly? Amy, we were clean. Yeah, I remember that when james said you know, I spent eight hours cream this doodle thing. Remember that? Look what he's doing his doodle video. Sorry. Go ahead, amy, in this video has I really made a huge back. So he does this doodle video. He puts it on a on a site that basically there's so many different sites you can you can research. But you khun dio recorded webinars. So basically you report your weapon, are you put it on the site and then everyday people could go to it and sign up. Because these times changed as the days change so there's different sites out there that you can experiment and research. But basically what he did is he made a registration, has that little video and people can come to he drives traffic to it, I'll show you how you can guess. He drives traffic to it they choose which day they want to watch his webinar he actually does this webinar that's recorded and sells his product inside the weapon aren't the end after he gives a massive great valuable content he tells him about his product so the way he does this is through facebook ads and basically here's one of his ads start using height weight classes of followers click here to discover how and what's interesting is this is just a regular at its not a page post ad which were thought social buttons it's not even in the news feed and look at some of the results he got. So you told me when I asked him about this he was consistently getting over thirty percent often rate to his webinars and he was getting at least five taels a day on an eighty dollars day budget on facebook ads pretty great, right? So not only was he reads on a daily consistent basis he was also making sales through the webinar that people were signing up for this to me is why you want to check out facebook at there's much you could do with it but this is such a great example how much was spending eighty bucks a day? I'm sorry how much was how many leads was getting telling me thirty percent often rate so I don't know how many leads okay supposedly really good nice. So this is such a great example so really that's all I have you in terms of examples today I definitely there's so much you could do. I wish I could talk for hours and hours about facebook ads but I will tell you as luke attention earlier we have f b influence dot com that we're launching right now with all updated videos and I get into all these ad strategies for that deeper levels if you want more facebook marketing and facebook ads this is a great program to check out yeah, check this out it obviously amy just covered a ton of stuff and it's kind of overwhelming but, uh for those watching online, if you guys want to check out more in depth you want to have something to give to your assistance to go through a lot of the business owners of by this they give it to their virtual assistant so check that out or also get creative lives you could get this is well what we just covered er what we have we have any questions from let's start with the internet first and I will come back to the studio audience I know you guys were like, nodding and who's naz thank you, amy we have so many questions for you but let's go back and start just with some of the basic structurally um some people were wondering about the app that you have at the beginning andare wondering sonora wants to know do you have to build a facebook app? Do users have to install the facebook app do people how many people actually installed that africa they leave without installing so again just getting people to that first partner page okay, so that very first atthe let me to show you all real faster you know exactly what we're talking about here this is a custom application on my facebook page okay so you can see it right? We might have a delay can you see this all right so this is all my facebook page and this is a custom application and to install a custom application you want to use a third party tool to make sure it's within facebook guidelines and to make sure it just worked properly so the easiest way because I don't want you spending hours and days trying to figure this out the easiest way to do it is use a third party tool and I gave two examples heo h e y o dot calm and short stack s h o r t s t a c k dot com short stack dot com so those air to third party tools that are pretty inexpensive and they give you how to tutorials on how to create this custom at inside of facebook and to make sure it makes sense to you you go over to those third party tools you enter all your details so that they can access your facebook page, you create the custom app on their site and they pull it through and make it live on your facebook page so once you create it, you go back to your facebook page and you'll see it right there. Now you want to have an email system like a weber male chimp fusion soft, whatever you use, you're going to use code from that in order to make sure all these names and emails go into your email system so you can use a third party tool. What I want to do is hire someone to do it for me custom fan page design mom is one of my favorites socialite he stopped calm, thes air just cos I'm not affiliated with them I just really love them and they will create it for you they'll do all the codis will do all the design and you do not have to have all the headaches when you said way say those two resource is really click again custom fan page designs dot com and social identities dot com that will do this for you and it's not too expensive I'm talking probably less than two hundred dollars and if it's constantly generating leads on a daily basis for you and that's definitely worth that right, right? Okay questions yeah so as an architectural photographer I only have one hundred fans mostly local or old high school friends I would like to target say architects and large commercial contractors there s early age gender or location how do you target you know these these potential high end clients that's from uh miss palmer so one of the things you want to do is first use that precise interest I would run it's a social cem sponsored stories and what I showed you in the very beginning where your page will be shown to other people and I would actually target other facebook pages where your fans would be spending time whether it be on sites that teach you know, architectural photography or just sites that you know your ideal audiences spending time at that site doesn't have to be selling what you're selling but they have to be attracting people that would also be interested and what you're selling so I was definitely used precise interests and target other facebook pages have your audience that's number one way I would do it I'd also make sure that your facebook page looks pro and what I mean by that is you want to set up shop on facebook you want to make sure you have an outstanding timeline cover photo so people go to your facebook page they see who you are and what you d'oh you want to have your website let me go back here you want to have your website in that about section, see where it says one a supercharger facebook marketing, and check out my latest training program, fb influence will in there you could say something about your brand and link to your website. Everybody should have a leap to their website on their facebook page. It's just won an extra wayto make sure that your facebook page is optimized, but have a great time line cover photo that tells people what you do. So when they come to your page, they're more inclined to click life, but I would start facebook pages for you, amy away really quickly you've got I don't know how recent the screen shot is what it says twenty two thousand likes, and you're you're I know you at least have a six figure business. I don't know if it's multiple six, but you're built that business basically with twenty thousand likes, right? Yes, definitely over the years like that, obviously that number grows every year, but yes, that's how business so you don't have to have one hundred thousand likes for million likes to make money using facebook ads and facebook sponsored posted what I'm getting at you can start with five thousand, you get a thousand continue to grow it, obviously you're you're income's gonna go based on the number of likes on the amount of people that you could target so continue to work out yet on that again if you have a you have a product or service that would work well with facebook, then you could use facebook rather use video use video you rather write articles, write articles, figure out what works best for you any questions in the studio? Yes oh, thank you so much for this amazing training I spent a significant amount of money on a facebook training course and I didn't learn a quarter of what you literally just hot us in twenty minutes so thank you so much and suddenly I'm here because of a facebook ad wow that creative live ran I could be ad and thank you so much worse I know it works works yeah, my question is so we've tried to run facebook ads and I feel like I end up getting a lot of fake people who click the like button and who end up becoming our fans and it's not necessarily who we want on our page, you know they're they're in india or even though we've targeted the us or their males that when we've asked for a female, so how is there a trick to get facebook to actually do what you're asking it to dio or is it ah, a little bit of a crapshoot sometimes what might be happening? And this is something that facebook's doing for a while where you'll run an ad, but then a sponsored story will run with that ada's well meaning that your ad will get out there will be targeted just like you wanted to be targeted. But when someone engages with your ad, that engagement story gets out in someone else's news feed, so they'll say, you know, john, just click like on lisa's ad well, now all of john's friends will see it and that's where you get some random targeting going on. So for you to one way, teo, get around that is make sure that you do not have any sponsored stories attached to any ads that you set up and you'll see in the new ads dashboard you can remove the sponsored stories now, which is a great thing. So that's one thing I want you to look at to make sure you're targeting is pure and it's actually doing what you want, but also I think, you know, it sounds like you are getting this person size of targeting as you can, you know, I don't know many stories of I targeted an age in the country and whatnot, I got way different information that I don't hear that often, so it's such a bummer, your experience experiencing nash, I don't experience that often but I do think that promoted post and paige post ads were promoted post you're on lee showing to your fans so if you're tracking the right type of fans and that adds on lee going to be shown to people that really matters or if you target other facebook pages that you nearly pilar rooming with what you're doing on your own those airway sometimes to get around it but I will say you bring up a great point everyone's gonna have some random in that mix, but you shouldn't have a lot, so I want you to check out deleting those sponsored stories okay cool let's do another from the studio, then we'll go back to the internet right after this one any other questions? If not, we'll go right to inter webs right to the interwebs so if you could take us back to the very beginning and assume that there's a small let's say photography business with with less than four hundred fans, what are the first steps that you recommend for them to get started with? Great question. So the first step is to set up shop on facebook you want to make sure your pages optimize everything you see here you want to create a custom application with the legion opportunity you want to brand your timeline cover photo if your photographer I create a custom map and show some of your work on it often opportunity if they want to seymour learn more about you so showcase what you d'oh facebook's all about becoming that authority and that go to source and you could do that you're feeling them do so first you want to set up shop and I'm gonna interrupt you right there if I could how much will it cost to quote set up shop that custom application that you're talking about what would what would that cost someone to set up just the basic version basic version if you did it yourself around twenty to thirty dollars a month you'd pay to house that or if you want someone to do it with you and you don't do it for you and you don't want to pay monthly probably one hundred fifty bucks one hundred sixty dollars on the on the high end have someone do it for you okay great thanks great so once you do that, then you want to make sure that you have a profile and a page so you've got your page here but you also have your profile you want to add your subscribe button to your profile and on your profile you can actually add a link back to your facebook page your personal profile page right your personal profile underneath your profile image you can add your facebook page so people can go back and forth and this is a great way to build your legs because a lot of the people on your pro personal profile likely will become a friend's well, are a fan as well, so you want to leak the too so now you have a connection between the two because most of us have a bunch of friends on her profile, but most of us struggle to get fans on our facebook were really quickly, so if they click subscribe on your personal profile, you can have it so they automatically like your fan page or you're connecting the two someway okay, so because I can't show it right now. It's a little hard to explain, but the bride button basically means that anybody can subscribe to your profile. They don't have to ask to be your friend you post something publicly, it could sound into the new speed, so I kind of confuse things. The subscribe button is just to get more people to see what you're doing on facebook into that on your personal profile. You want to go into the about section and under work and education type in the name of your facebook page, it will come you click on it, and that way you make sure that anybody who clicks underneath your profile photos you can go directly to your facebook page. So if you're just starting out like the photographers just starting now hardly has any fans yet you want to make sure that the foundation is built people confined you add a link to your facebook page in your email email signature, put it on your business card tell people about it, you've got to get the word out and then start using those like statement as click like if whatever it is related to your business to get people to click like and build up your fan base quickly, I feel like for me, I feel like the tarver's have the easiest opportunity toe leverage facebook over any other business because you can create awesome images I pay someone to create cool images for me for ten bucks and then put a cool quote on right? You can create inspiration, let me just just like cool visual all your images that you take post them on their edit them however you want but make something really cool people share pictures more than anything like crazy and especially if you're like a wedding photographer, you can tag all the people in those weddings by posting up there making a really cool put a little nice little quote, put a touch on it and they're all gonna share in here to get more customers that way I feel like that's the best business to be in his photography when you're using facebook I do too I totally agree. Okay? All right, well we have some more questions go ahead. Yes uh I have two questions if that's okay um would you think that it's important to create a like campaign before a opt in campaign, a quick question I want and what they're saying in the light campaign you can create those ads it's a click like like I have one of my students is a meditation she teaches meditation and dizzy mom's kind of find balance and so her life statement ad was click like if you'd rather be in the lotus position been staring at your computer and so the busy moms that we're also in business for themselves they could totally relate that was a great click like ad they become an instant fan of her page but here's the deal a lot of people when they start seeing your post in their news feed for the first time after they click like they want to see learn about you a little bit more and they'll come to your facebook page even if it's just once they're still going toe kind of investigate a little you want to make sure that you have a legion on that page just in case that does happen well happen a lot in the beginning when they first click like on your page so I would I would have your often ready before you do the light campaign great question. Okay, awesome and quest number two is you said the post between two to five times every day where are you pulling your content from what do you what? Yeah, yeah I usually use a aggregator which is like google reader or there's a bunch of other different sites out there that will aggregate or pull content for me so I'll fill out a form for that site whatever it might be and say I want articles about facebook and twitter and google plus and lee generation and online marketing any great articles I want all the articles, so basically we'll pull it in daily for me and then every morning I could just look over and think that's a great article all post about that later today or oh that's a good one for thursday or whatever it isthe so this makes me like ten minutes a day and I use the scheduler on my facebook page go on facebook and your status update there's a little clock in the lower right corner that you can click on it and schedule any of your post that's sweet third party tool as well. But that scheduler is really easy so all scheduled some post but then and then all schedule my own content and other people that don't give out a shout out or spread some of their great content and I jump on facebook usually three times a day once in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening probably for ten maybe fifteen minutes a day so I don't spend a lot of time but you try to do a little of it in real time because that's where you'll make those really relate japs and maybe could outsource all that and say ok, virtual assistance I want you to find these articles for me every day and in post five women day and do that and you could just jump on to creating the products to doing webinars and other stuff that makes her money but this is something she likes to do and it's not that much time so she's gonna do it? Um that was awesome that was asking thank you very much. Yeah, another question to the interwebs I actually a question so, uh, photography obviously very important topic here on creative life is and wedding photography in particular is a way that a lot of our photography's make the bulk of your income. Is there a way to target specifically to people who are engaged and might be looking for a wedding photographer says there I no like my friends who have got engaged is a status update can you target specifically to those people is interesting I love this questions that two answers for it first yes, because on facebook in your profile you khun say if you're engaged and so I would run an ad in your local area so you use it and then you'd go into advanced settings when you're setting up your ad and chews on ly people that have said they're engaged right now that is a great way to target ads on facebook I'm jealous that people could do that with my business, but oh my gosh, I love that type of targeting for sure, but so oh, go ahead and just make sure that that that I understand this so that everyone at home understands us so you target to your local area but with zip code targeting and so you probably to find out what other zip codes are in your area except we know the one that I live in on and then you enter advanced settings you target two on ly people who are engaged that is that correct? Yes, great so that it's the cool way to target but I'll tell you this we did. We highlighted a case study in one of our webinars lewis and I did a webinar on facebook and this wedding photographer he basically in a long, long story short he didn't have much money me and he was doing wedding photography as a hobby while he was putting himself through school and so he would go to these weddings he would take pictures of all his friends at the wedding and then he put it on a space book page and tag the bride and groom and so the bride and groom would then see it and has all their other friends and through tagging people were like going crazy because people love to see the pictures of themselves on the web so through the tagging they were able to get some amazing word of mouth marketing out other people then would book them and this is the only way they marketed on facebook tagging after wedding vote after they took all these wedding photos and they grew one hundred thousand business that first year. So it's a great way to use thes wedding photos online what if you offer products or services to businesses and not consumers what's what's the best way to leverage facebook as opposed to linked in forgetting those leads great so when you're talking business to business, you actually have a huge advantage because facebook's all about the conversation in the relationship building and when it comes to business to business usually it takes a little bit of more relationship building it especially if the products is a higher and product in order to bridge that relationship. So what I would do there is either you find out who the people are inside of those businesses that you need to do business with in order to sell and you connect with them through facebook you khun friend them on their profile you can find that company's business page anything you need to do in order to find out who you need to go after the bread bridge, those relationships. But in addition to that, I would set up a facebook page that's primarily for support and a way to answer questions because with business to business, like I said, you should. He takes more relation egypt building and usually it's a higher and product where you need to more hand holding for people to finally make that decision. But this the sale cycle is longer, so fill the facebook page where you become that central hub to answer quick shins and let people know you're there in case they have concerns or frustrations. Or just let them get to know you and your product for so it's a little at sales and promotion and more relationship built support. If you think of it that way, be to be tends to work really well on facebook. Questioner what do we have any more questions in the audience? Yes. Is this all helpful so far? Is this making sense information? Yes. Good, I guess. Kind of so much of the question that was just asked, so what if you have two different kinds of businesses, or what if you sell to consumers and you also sell on to other businesses for example I'm a wedding photographer so obviously I have my wedding photography page but it also offer a ceo services for photographers which is more you know, business to business so and my name is a very unique name and its associated with both things I'm some having hard time thinking like oh do do I do another page that's the you know more work I'm not sure how to exactly do that okay, so this is a great question if you you different business going on which many of us dio rarely that sense to have one facebook page however if it were definitely you do not want a bunch of facebook pages if you could just have one but the way it is is it the same audience it and you talk to the same audience about both of your products on one facebook page and in your case I would not so you definitely want to facebook pages you want to keep them separate and you want to make sure you do different types of communication on both even though they might have around the same name or similar names definitely that sounds like a very different audiences you market very differently and you keep them separate because the second somebody thinks that you have multiple businesses and you're doing a bunch of things, especially as a wedding photographer they might think you're too busy to focus on what they really want you to dio. So you've got to do a good job of keeping him completely separate and talking to the ideal audience for each.

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