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Marketing with Affiliate Links

What is ophelia marketing affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else's products and receiving a commission so all the biggest companies in the world do this and you, groupon does this amazon dot com does this all the biggest come best by walmart? They all do affiliate marketing, right? They have someone else promote their products and get a commission based on sales there's different formats of doing it through clicks through all this other ways. But that's what it's all about? So we do this, um, one of the things we do right now are doing a facebook marketing launch for fb influence, and we have about fifty people sending traffic from their email list to eleven are with us automated webinars, and they get fifty percent of all sales. So it's a way for us you can't sell to your list over and over and over the same product you couldn't do best selling weaken every week day to your same list, they'd be like I'm sick of this, right? You gotta sell them other products things th...

at can help them serve them, educate them. But you get other people to promote it for you, and you can give them a commission so does everyone understand that concept of philly in marketing cool, um the best way we talked about this before is really, uh kind of building authority when you're building authority. Getting press is easy when you're going out and networking events it's the best way to find affiliates because other people that are already doing stuff that you want to do go to the trade events are going to find the people we'll find out all the modeling, trade shows or events were to find other big companies with email list thatyou compartment with to do the women are formed you could say I would love the education, your audience america's next top model dot com I love to do a webinar to your audience and teach them how to do this nous nous I've got a membership side them an offer at the end nearly a fifty percent recurring commission on every sale that you give to me people love to do this for themselves because they don't have to deliver anything you take all of it care of all the work afterwards that's affiliate marketing um and it's just a great way to make more additional sales now actually don't want to cover too much because it's really simple you just get people to promote for you, but you guys have any questions on this? Or do you want to add anything about ophelia marketing for how it's really helped you? I mean, I promote all of james's products and we get free two percent the best part is I know he's gonna deliver a great product, I know what it is and go through it and then we sell it for him and we don't have to do anything else after that. So this what we're saying for you is when you have you may not have a product right now it may not be ready to do tow launch a boot camp, so what do you do? You can keep working on what you love, which is creating cool content on howto flip aps howto build your first act how to do this, how to find developers programs for twenty dollars right? Build an audience through the things that we taught you this whole weekend and then promote someone else on a webinar or just send an email to a different products or linked to a different product just like you would link to an amazon book and get a commission based on that so is different ways you can do this and you don't have to have a product, right? Elaine there's anything one of the ad about it before you know? No, I don't I don't think we really need to add much other than when you're doing your own webinars anyone to approach javy zehr affiliates toe have them promote it, it helps if you've done it first house have you got some numbers? Some numb sales you've got some credibility already right? So you can sit there and say I know that this is not only gonna provide value to your list but it's going to make you money yeah it's easier for them to say yes yeah it's it's easy to get anyone on a webinar to sell them so if you wanna reach out to anyone you like hey, I want to get him to get five hundred people in a webinar on sell your product you pretty much get anyone you want some really big names who want to do it they don't know who you are whatever it may not be worth your time or energy you pretty much get anyone to promote their product you gotta make the money who's gonna turn down free money. So, uh, any questions about this? Because I feel like we do and we do have a number of questions coming in about affiliate okay, cool was to question here and then we'll go to the web. I was just wondering how you manage the affiliates like were there any companies that you recommended? Good question um what we do so when we have our pride page you can buy a product at the end of page we have a link for affiliate sign up if you'd like to be an affiliate if you'd like to promote this product when they click on that link, they take him to another page gives him okay, here's, why you should become an affiliate. Um, you know this this this and this the reasons why they should become affiliated condemning video there and say thanks for coming here. If you're interested in becoming a feeling here's what the deal is you're gonna get fifty percent commission on all sales. We provide all the graphics for you. All the links. All you need to do is give us your email. We'll keep you up to date when we have new products and offers to give to you to promote again. That's what amazon does this? What best buy does walmart dot com all these different sides do this. Um from there you want to get people on your affiliate email list, this is the best thing to dio. So we've got for my company. We have over five, fifty, five hundred people have signed up who are interested in being an affiliate for one of our products now that's a powerful database because I can send an email to that five thousand thirty five hundred people and say, we've got this launch coming up this f b influence dot com lunch and we want to want to get the word out there were even some incentives to promote this give you fifty percent and during the launch we're gonna get some cool prizes to people that hurts hit certain benchmarks we get twenty sales we give you a cool prize you do this cells will give you something cooler right? So by doing that by having them all one database you can just send an email to them and say here's what we're doing and create some buzz around the product you're launching or probably already have now I have all my filling my top affiliates are just right here and something I like to dio it's just I think personal relationship building one on one what I d'oh after I meet someone that I think could be a great affiliate for me whether it be now or in two years I never wanted to be I never want to just reach out to someone it's a promoter right now if I've just met them so what I'll do is I'll take out my phone and I'll do this I'll put the camera on we'll turn around here I'll say just met james doolittle video say james what's up man it was so great meeting you at creative live I really loved your presentation about youtube and driving traffic so cool I want to I want to promote about all your information to my audience and really just send it out there I think it was amazing and it was really enlightened by everything we talked about I appreciate our friendship and getting to know you over the weekend, and if there's ever anything I can do to help, please let me know I'm always gonna be here for you. I got your back and I'm always on the lookout to help you with any challenge in half, so thanks so much more, man, and look forward to seeing you online soon, brother. So I would do a video like that, and I'll text it to james and on senator james and that's how I build my relationships actually sent did that, and he sent me a video on my birthday couple years you remember that I'll do it on facebook, I'll do it on my phone if I get the number, he doesn't do it anymore, of course, but I'll send a video because that's a way to connect with someone on a personal level and it's just something that's easy to do and very thoughtful people remember that stuff? You remembered it, I forgot, but he remembered um but just be sincere and build that relationship and just follow up. It's just coming released shipbuilding one on one that's how I managed my bigger affiliates not manage and that's how I keep in touch with them is through my phone I just I call people all the time or I'll text them if I think about them even if I'm not one of them promote something you know it's just like to stay in touch because I think they'll sense if you're like hey, we've got this product promoted it's like you don't want to be reached out to just to promote something for someone so it was a dance and start with that but you want to make sure you're always with james who I would love him to promote me constantly if I could if he would but he's not to be able to however it's okay even if he never promotes me it's ok, my goal is to make him a celebrity a superstar in the online marketing world that's my goal because whether or not he helps me out in return it doesn't matter I know by helping him I'm going to receive something returned somehow so what have I done for james james done a lot for me. What have I done without asking for anything in return I've gotten um I'm not trying to bribe on anything right now I'm just saying things to answer for it go ahead you've done but time I mean you uh louis originally published me and uh I mean even go back further when you talk to me on skype one day any like you need to do webinars and I'm like, okay you went to lebanon? Yeah, the amount of people you've connected me with, um publishing me and and working together, yeah, never asking for anything, but also what I was going to say anything but that's cool, but I'm always like when when someone comes to me when I'm trying to get an opportunity myself meaning for example, I'm meeting with the editor is an entrepreneur magazine, and they're asking me to write for them and I say to myself, okay, how can I help my network by writing frenchman magazine? So I say to the guy after I'm done, I say, cool, this is going to be writing about every week. Awesome. What other stuff you guys looking for to have experts like myself talk about, you know, we really need someone talk about youtube and facebook like, you know what? Let me call my buddy right now is the number one you to marketing guy in the world, james wetmore he's done this this distance in this I think I did email intro right there, but usually usually get people on the phone. I say, I've got to god for you, I'm going to solve your problems for you through my affiliates in my relationships, we'll give you the guy who's gonna give you all the answers you've written for entrepreneurial ran for social, an examiner from the relationships that I've built and just said you need to be on here this is going to solve their issues, so you're helping two people solving issue and you becoming the champion of both of their networks does that make sense? That's for me that's kind of how just life should be in general is being the champion of everyone's network and making things happen for other people because it's always going to come back to you? What was the quote? Zig ziegler said, uh, you can get anything you want out of life if you focus on getting other people what they want out of life, right? So it all comes back to just being a good person, I think really giving value to people, um designs the questions, all right, cool to the web that we have questions that we dio um let's see, jane button says one of the things I see is many times even with big companies do not make it easy to be an affiliate. They don't explain how it works or how to do it and I'm wondering, do you have a course on that's jane, jane jane but jane's on the call jane button? Yeah, it's tough jameis I like how you call it a gaulle? Yeah, yeah that's um what was the question again? The question from jane was that a lot of companies don't make it easy to be an affiliate. They don't explain how it works or how to do it. So I guess the question is, how do you know how easy do you make it easy for people to be an affiliate? Okay, so for you so again what we do is we have a link that says affiliates or if you want to be in philly, it's not appear, then want creating a page for affiliates that says here's how to become an affiliate. Here's, why you should become affiliate here's what other affiliates have done here's, the success of the fleets give social proof show credibility. Why I'm the number one resource on leaked in and why you should be an affiliate for me and not someone else to give them reasons why on a separate page for affiliates hoping that answers your question jeweller and there's two parts of that to it let's say you find a great resource that you absolutely love ring. I want to share this with my entire list. All my people be nice if I got a little commission and then you go to their web site, you find out they don't even know what an affiliate program is. I mean, I don't want us to be paddling upstream and have to try and communicate with this company, tellme, the benefits of why they should have an affiliate problem it's not really our job, so I'm still a big fan of, you know, promoted for free and then, you know, maybe connecting with them and say, I just wanna let you know, like, I don't care if I'm not getting paid, I'm still sharing your product or service, and just like louis is talking about, it comes back in other ways. Question from chelsea, can you use paper papel to process affiliate payments, or do you use another web payment service? You can use paypal, but it's tricky because if you are using paypal and other people are promoting at the same time and you need to be on track, who is sending that sale for you? And I don't think there's tracking with paper out all so the best thing to do, the easiest thing to do is use a service called click bank dot com, which we have in the resource of page click bank dot com to set up if you have one product, you set up a bank fifty dollars to get that one product set up, and then they take care of all the tracking for you. They pay the commission's toe all your affiliates so if you have multiple people promoting you don't worry about writing checks for people sending paypal payments out they take care of it for you automatically on time every time and that's the best solution now there's other solutions like we talked about which is one shopping cart and future's soft office autopilot that tracks everything as well but then there's manly manually you have to pay them at a certain time when you say go pay them a little more work on your own when you do that get up on dh so that takes care of all the tracking makes it super easy no matter click bank is the easiest unless you know something easier it's done it's like so simple a caveman can do it no it's uh it's easy and you just don't have to worry about tracking everything and sending out commissions but the other stuff it's maur you have more control but it's uh a lot more time on your end ok, another question from coming from london do you think that being a foreigner impacts credibility negatively when it comes to selling to an american audience? I think you should use what you have to your advantage and I hear this all the time when like americans go to australia it's like they have this like allure about them when um people from england come to america it's like, oh, they have this accent like use what you have to your advantage as, like, a gift, not a curse. And I think you can use it however you want. So anyone with a british or australian accent sounds like a genius, right? No matter what, um, how do you get people to promote your list? Uh, if you don't have a list of remote, how do you get people to promote you to their list? If you don't have a list to promote them in return from scott. Yeah, well, it really comes back to what you were saying. The beginning is you find a way to help them the first. And there are people just like people in our audience wanted. Want to see alicia succeed? People are gonna want to see you succeed as you build a relationship with them. He's. Just getting started with this product. I know it's. Awesome. I put so much time and effort into it. And there will be people like you. Joel, calm one of your first webinars. Who said I know your stuff's awesome. Louis, I need to put your stuff in front of my audience. Yeah, for when I started out, we had a smaller list. And we were just promoting other people, but we weren't it was hard to get them to promote us back, right? So it's, like, we're doing a lot of promotion, people, their apartments back, but now we're to the point where we don't really promote anything except for our own products and will promote, um just a couple other people every now and then that were really close with we really trust believe in their products. So kind of the pens uh, in the beginning, it's gonna be a little harder until you can prove yourself. Uh, question from patty, do you ever refuse to accept someone as an affiliate? Yeah, I had an experience where I know if you remember this, you know, go ahead, the guy I'm talking about, I'm not going to say the name, we had a affiliate who was one of our top affiliates for products, and we realized that he was doing something a little shady and basically stealing leads from other customers are from other affiliates stealing their leads, hacked into web in our system and stole the list of everyone else's lists that would have opted in and was tagging his affiliate to theirs was a big mess, and we caught it and called him out it's like, you have to give me all the money and I have to pay it out to all these people have to mainly track all these people whose list was on what we have to this a huge headache and you can never promote our products ever again so yeah that's it I don't think it's really ever gonna happen again but it was weird when I happened yeah um does affiliate marketing water down your credibility to your own list they start senior products elsewhere potential I think it helps if everyone's promoting you then it helps I mean uh I don't know I think amazon is a great example like they allow philly market because they make a lot more money all that you see other books all over people's websites that aren't amazon and it's giving more credibility to those books to buy those books back on amazon so that's my painting any questions here and we'll go back to know you guys are all feeling marketing pros and over here way we can keep going with questions I don't know how long you want to go on unless there's like any big questions is anything else you want to know about philly marketing you any of you see yourself promoting other products and receiving commission or wanting other people to promote you yeah what you want other people promote you right selfish people e I guess I do would love to get your opinion on how big of an opportunity is it for somebody who's looking to just try to make a lot of money by I'm going to go be an affiliate for a whole bunch of people I mean just being an affiliate and promote the other people he could make a lot of money um again, if you've only got one product and you're not creating other products or if you don't want to make a product, you can build a list and just sell other people's products and never have to do any other work you never have to deliver the product in your afternoon customer support you never have to create the product just build your list dr traveling to other people's products people have a friend of mine he's a full time ophelia marketer he doesn't have any products of his own and he's got a seven figure business promoting other people's products so well I think there are a lot of photographers out there who there are a lot of there's a lot of year but there are the photographers by in tow I think it's ah it can be a great opportunity potentially for people when they are have build an audience and a friend of mine darran rouse has a site called digital photography school and he's got half a million subscribers or maybe six hundred thousand subscribers and he is making a killing just selling lenses and deer and lighting and plus, he has information products. He's got digital products he makes. I'm not gonna say much money. I know, because I've done webinars with him for his products. But he is crushing it because he's, being a resource, you could be a resource of people and sell other people's products and also sell your own products.

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