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The 7 Steps to a Standout Webinar

You can see these are all sales that are coming through right now that came through during james's speech you sees as authorized dot net that means that, uh I gotta sail come through us you see all these sales coming through and it only shows me fifty for my phone there might be a hundred or more but it's only showing me fifty at a time so there's a fifty sales it came through right there uh, just during my james's speech on when you talk about outsourcing and that's from a webinar that we had set up and done yesterday live that actually I didn't even know I was even on but amy was on because we publish amy through her facebook course. Now I want to talk about the power of webinars when you do them live but also the power of webinars once you've done them once and how to repeat them over numbers so you don't have to show up so you can kind of outsources process. So we did a live long with lisa and, uh, let me see your papal number right now see if you got we're at eight thousand yester...

day after we did the webinar and now we're at fifteen thousand five hundred fifteen thousand five hundred we said we'd probably double it so eight thousand should probably cover more sales you just sent out an email a few few now we're going something so she's getting sales coming in right now probably every twenty minutes right now which is great so congrats so I'm sure you guys that this is all possible you guys are seeing this live happening with a day of a prep time doesn't have to be perfect just has to be done so this is our seven step webinar system we talked a little bit about marketing webinars before the process one of the two days ago we're here for a week now so this is when you're on a webinar here's what to do don't cover really quickly and say this seven steps and they'll break down each one s o before the call we called the meet and greet and call the pre party has called the pre show banter for here but that's the first part and I just want to say something but in really going to go into each part too you know, I I know you are um a lot of people try and reinvent the wheel and this is something where I learned webinars from from lewis and what I had to do was just watch him to eleven are as an attendee and I kept watching him in washington watching him don't reinvent the wheel there's a process there's an experience to take people through it and we do it every single time whether it's amy on a webinar myself for louis alicia it's the same exact process and what's really cool is as loose is going to break out what to do every single minute of the weapon are you for a sixty minute presentation again I like to keep things extremely simple because um why overcomplicate things make it simple for yourself don't overthink this too much so before the calls the meet and greet then you've got the welcome your story again I'll go over each point here a second you've got the content which is the majority of your presentation you've got the pitch you can call it the offer and called the pitch and you got q and a and then final thoughts uh now fun of thoughts could also be a final thoughts on the weapon our there's also final thoughts for you promote the weapon our afterwards so what alicia did is she her final thoughts included and called and follow through where she sent an email to let people know this morning that they should sign up here's a reason why and now she's getting double the amount of sales because she followed up so you can kind of add a couple points here or there but this is the basic off the webinar deccan bird so the meeting greed who is who is gone on to vegas okay do you remember what happened when you were there now just getting now who went to go see a cirque du soleil show anyone or anyone seen searches soleil anywhere doesn't matter for vegas right now when I went to my first sort of soleil show in vegas man, what was it called a mystique? I think steve is that the sexual one right was like pole dancing humanity that's what I saw was like this pole dancer was like swinging around the crazy like twenty feet up lots of crazy stuff but remember as we went into I feel like the bellagio or something we go in there and there's a special room for cirque du soleil and we walk in but before we walk in there's like two of the performers like outside like greeting us tow walk into the door they're opening the door to get exact what they did and the right away there's like some girl performers like flirting with me, some of the guy performers are like flirting with me they're like, you know, getting me prepped and ready for what I'm about to experience they're having me they started the show already right? So I didn't have to go sit down for the show they started it already when I walked into the door and even when I went and got my ticket from the window it's like they have a hold a stick they're basically getting you ready for the show getting warmed up so the mean green is very important because you want to get people excited about what should be covering you want to get him warmed up you want to get from feeling like it's experience and not like okay, I'm gonna log onto my computer must sit here and take notes you want them to feel excited and entertained so with alicia yesterday we got on there about a few minutes before we don't have enough time to really get in there fifteen minutes early because we ran from this session over there and I did some q and a for people who began it was like hey guys, thanks so much for coming on here what I want you to do is type in the question box let me know where you're at in the world um welcome them said no thanks so much for coming on we really appreciate your time and your energy for come going on here and let him know um some of the information about the women are so that's the beginning part that meat greet check make sure they can see your screen that's what these guys were doing before can you hear us? Okay, let us know typing the chat box that you can see us that you can hear us that everything's okay um very important thing is social sharing so what we did not do? Because again we don't have all the time in the world to put this together share less in twenty four hours is usually on the first slide for fifteen to twenty minutes before the webinar begins and it's always important to begin on time even though we don't I don't always do it what's important to try to do this because I do what I say not to write at the bottom of the screen so we'll have like this sly that says like the title of the weapon our you know an image of whoever is presenting some a graphic maybe and then at the bottom always put some techs down here that says police share retweet this or posted on facebook you can say you could give them the sentence to retweet if you want them to with the link to the webinar whenever we do that we always see a spike in attendance on a spike and subscribers so you're leveraging five hundred people that are on their imagine if we had we had six hundred people on the weapon or yesterday around there and what if half of them posted it to facebook live fifteen minutes before the webinar some their friends see it, sometimes you can double the attendants of the subscribers to the webinar you're increasing your list without doing any extra work really you're leveraging the people on here that are already engaged that's important request social sharing because that's going to really help you build your list for free they're going to get the meat greet any other questions there so just have fun with this play for I usually like to play music and I'm like pumping people up I'm like yeah, I tell him like what I did today, I'm like I just got back from work out it was like, really hard that's what we did but block I'll talk about salsa dancing, I'll just be playful, right? Try to be like the searches. Soleil circus girls and guys were like being playful with you, okay, you ready? Everyone good, they're cool. Step over to the welcome. So this is the introduction or the pre framing, as james likes to call it and this is basically just at the top of the hour. Say your weapons at two o'clock eastern standard time. You want to make sure in the in the pre party you're like okay, guys, we're about to get started in ten minutes for this webinar on howto leverage linked in to grow your business you're not gonna want to miss out it's gonna be amazing recovered this system this get ready at the top of the hour then do some more banter then every couple of minutes ok, well, one minute away from the weapon are for thirty seconds away, your reiterating when it's about to start so they could get ready prepared once you start, you want to make sure you go right into it. So welcome everyone to the webinar. Thanks so much for coming on. Here is what we're covering today, right? So you get a frame, some things you could do, some house cleaning our or whatever you wanna call it, but basically making sure that everyone can hear you again and concede because people log in right at the top of the hour so they may not have heard what you said in the first fifteen minutes pre party so again makes you guys can hear me and see me okay, going to type this in the question box that you can and also let me know you where you are in the world type that in then you're just listing off names for about thirty to sixty seconds. Luis, let me ask you a quick question when you guys did your weapon are you introduce alicia at the beginning? I did I said, I'm going to introduce our guest in the second, but I wanna make sure we cover this first. So I said, well, I'm going to use the least damage. We're recovering this right, but when you did, you said everything you bragged about her, yeah, you told her all the things that yes are amazing about her, um we've experienced a huge difference where sometimes I'll hop on a weapon and I just start talking you start going into it first is louis coming in there at the beginning when you know it's toe lewis's fans and they already know lewis and they say this is his mind go to guy this is why he does this etcetera, right? And you've completely changed the dynamic bye prefect framing um yeah building up its your audience and you're bringing a guest on you want to basically reiterate how amazing this guest is you don't have someone who is not of the expert you don't have the person on so it's alicia I I said for party couple minutes I was like least you thomas best selling author she's held dozens of speakers, consultants entrepreneur's business owners take their vision and turn it into reality by helping more people by becoming a best selling author and by doing this in three days or less. So I said it I think a couple times I mentioned that you're on a steve harvey show that you're on twenty first all you'd be a twenty twenty you did a video on twenty twenty so I was pre framing the social proof of how credible she actually is by saying all the media that she had been in uh and then the next thing you wanna do is go over the agenda which we actually do this began the weapon. I was not perfect. The slides were not perfect, but the best thing is to have an agenda. So if I just could say ok, guys ready it started. Here we go and you just start talking. They never know what's gonna happen next. You want to let them know what should be happening next, but more important than that, you want to let them know what's going to happen ng at the very end, so always have the end in mind first, when you do that, you're able to once they influence but you're able to basically keep people hooked every single slide toe wait for what's happening next and what's happening for the end. That makes sense. So the agenda you could say, ok, we have five things were to cover today. Uh, first want to share with you my clique story about how I got involved in writing a bestseller and then I won't tell you how I helped dozens of people do this myself. There will tell you my three step process. Or was it a seven step process? Five step process so much I listen, I know what to tell you. I step process to cake, your idea to being published in a weekend it's gonna be awesome. Uh then what I'm gonna do is we're gonna do a little bit, but I wanna share with you exactly how to do this and work with me on this how to get some one on one time with me and I'll show you how to do this and I'm gonna hold your hand should how to do this at the very end, then I'm going to go into q and a and I'm gonna reveal the biggest secret on how one of my best selling authors did this and also got in oprah and in twenty twenty in sixty minutes at the very end, going to reveal the one secret that this one author did in order to get on all the media press within weeks after becoming a best seller on the sheriff, you guys at the end, now you have this big revealed very and this big kind of secret of this promise of debris and that's what hooks people we're gonna learn a lot of content that they also want to hook them very in this this could also be a giveaway, a bonus ah, free report that you're gonna give away say, I've got this simple mind math, and we give you at the very end for those who stick around so it's given things you could dio and just clarified this is all done in less than first five minutes wear it like minute five right now we clear there okay, so the next is your story now this is very important because you can't like james said you can'tjust unless you're on it's already knows you can't just jump on the weapon and say I didn't teach you about linked and so step one you want to set up your profile step two you want to do this stuff three critic group if you don't tell the story about yourself and how you wire the expert or you don't have someone else who's interviewing you tell you the story about you then you're not going to set the stage of people are going to be related to you yeah sorry I did have a question so should we always have somebody with us introducing us is that you're saying no just say you don't need teo I think it helps a lot because uh if you have it's just if it's just your weapon out to your list and you just run that to your list but a lot of times I bring on other guests to sell other products like james or amy and we'll do that it's just easier when you have someone else who knows how to run a webinar do it would you think you have done as well without me kind of calming things down and make making sure I'm getting the pace and going and like keeping on track yeah so it's easier uh if you have someone who does know um and this is this is somewhere where you two start to get flak because you're around five to fifteen minutes at this point during this part here and you're getting a bunch of naysayers people that derek talk about he wants to he doesn't care about these people that are just going to start chime in and say winning it into the content it's fifteen minutes and you haven't told me anything you're wasting my time this annoying you suck you're an asshole all these different things right so you're going to get this from probably one to five percent of the people because I'm going to really knowing you haven't give me any value this is horrible never gonna recommend you to anyone you're awful presenter you're gonna get this duty at all the worst comments in the world and you have to be able to just say no cat's fine he's not a buyer she's not a buyer right these are the people it does not matter if they're gonna complain because they showed up for something free and you haven't given them the secret to making millions in the first ten minutes then they can get off your webinar and you can approach this however you want to sometimes I'll say okay such such is complaining right now would you guys like me to boot him off so you'll play with it and everyone's like yes, okay, and so you say, okay, I'm booty this person often you can move them from the weapon are so it's, the things you can do to ice, you don't have to let anyone know because no one's going to see this, but for me, I get affected when I see a thousand people a weapon on everyone's like you are a god, I love this content. This is amazing, and the one persons like you suck, or do you remember one person that says you suck? It doesn't matter how much people like you're amazing, I want to do everything for you, you're like, uh, hate this person, that's all you focus on, the rest doesn't matter. You're like, yeah, I do suck man on that's all you focus on, right, and you just can't let it affect what I learned because I think I value relationships so much that I don't want anyone to be mad at me, but I've learned that those people are not gonna be buyers are just going to try to bring me down because they have their own issues because they don't make money, they don't know how to make money, and so they're gonna complain that's what they do, they complain, so my point for there is you're gonna be about ten to fifteen minutes here sharing your story so what I do is I go for my story about how I got into linked in why I got into arlington what it's done for me tell your story why you guys travel the world in twenties and why you want to help people why you want to help young athletes become bigger faster stronger or throw three miles faster why you wanna help people killing bestseller why you wanna help people create cool videos to help him sell products why would I help people with flipping aps why you want to help models feel more confident sex here look ten pounds lighter on camera right get more paying gigs why I wanna help people why you want to do more for talking to people and make their the best memories ever for them from their most important day right you want to make sure that you share your story on why you do this and if you show the emotional reasons why people are going to be feeling so much more connected to you throughout the entire presentation and they will listen to anything you say if you connect with them on a personal deeper emotional level and it's and it's also a great way to use social proof to get people not just to like you but to trust you as well you buy from who we know like and trust and when you have an intention with your story to make sure you know you're throwing you know, when I was first featured here when I've got my first book and in amazon or new york times best seller list you know you're just telling a story but automatically though, when I first met richard branson you know, blah, blah, blah boom social proof credit rations and the best part about a webinar is its hat I forget how you say all these three different types of learning okay, you're modalities of consider hollies yeah, what is it? Audio visual and anesthetic kinesthetic always forget how to pronounce is how you say, oh, I don't have to spell it, but kinesthetic can aesthetic kinesthetic so visual audio and kinesthetic rights what you it's what you see what you hear and what you feel he's good people forget the emotional part and you know I love that you use he's never I've never had to use the cirque du soleil and now into the beginning it really sets the frame for this whole thing because this is not just a class like in high school that you decided to go to this is a performance that you're putting all experience it is an experience yeah, and the beauty here's why webinars work on why they're better than anything else a lot of people coaches, speakers, authors they do what's called tele seminar where they do a live call you've done this before, right? So you're live calls but you can't experience the three modalities of learning saying daddy's learning so they can't visually see it right? They can't do all three of them, but you can people learn in different ways people want to see something maybe they only want to hear something, but they have the option to do all those right um, so you want to add the visual social proof you don't want to say it? Yeah, when I was featured in the new york times when I had a best selling book or no, you know, I had cnn cover me on this you want to add the logo's right? So they can see it when they see the logo's it automatically adds princeton uh, instant credibility to thems on the subconscious mind when we see that we think credible that's social proof it's very simple to do and everyone does it. But this is why you need to have it in the beginning before you get into content so you can pre frame why what you're saying is important and relevant to them and the solution what's going to be covering basically what you learned and why you're the and what's going to be giving them the beginning of solution on how to lose look ten pounds lighter on camera right see to give them the solution point number four is everyone make understand the story any questions on the story and the interwebs everyone's good okay number four the content so this is the meat of the presentation this is the majority of the presentation and this is where you show we like to do a few everything's one backs or research data by backing up our having fax or new sights sharing something that's research and be able to show a screenshot of their research the data where it's from its another form of social proof and credibility backing up your solution so again you're going to add data case studies and the research and teaching and I just want to go over there because when you throw in the data one of the things that I think you still can start to see what we're doing is connecting with people emotionally nothing connecting with them logically exactly because you can't just connect one of the other because maybe some people maybe I only connect on the emotional level maybe I don't care about the research but I want to know how it's going to make me feel when I have the solution right but other people may think I don't care it makes me feel I just want results and I need to know that there's data that this proves that is gonna give me results does that make sense let me talk about the third one teach teach. So, um, I love to teach through case studies myself because it's a basic, biggest, best way that you could just prove, for example, I think alicia has been our greatest case study as we've taken you guys through the whole process this weekend, and a lot of people can sit there and say, I see what she did here, okay? I can do this and it's a fantastic way to teach us instead of just talking theory and what's possible. This is how it was done by a real person, but then I have this third thing here on teaching, I'll let and it's really about like, if we were to do a webinar on how to do webinars, the whole webb garwood would be on. The big problem that people are facing is they have their products, their information, they're not making enough sales. The solution is, do weapon are, and we would talk about some some tips that the what do wean the webinar is the what? And so we would talk about, um, you know, some of the basics of it and weaken you can feel thirty minutes pretty easily talking about webinars, but that will obviously open up a lot of doors to questions, will how do I promote a weapon how do we get people on the weapon or how what do I say on the weapon or what? What kind of products do I sell etcetera etcetera so there's only so much you can teach in about a thirty minute window is what we want you know about the twenty minute mark you're jumping into thirty minutes of content so it's it's enough to give people enough meat to get them excited but then comes the next part so one more example is when I do video my video traffic academy on my youtube training is I give him the three step process you do this to the city's video optimization video value in video the optimization and very often on go ok I see I see the what but then the question is coming well how do I do that and that's really where we met in the magic of how well you do that is really how well you khun cell you want to goto the how is in the training that you're selling a product that you're selling of the solution is you're offering because ultimately um and this is why I forgot we have this one this is something that louis does so well that on his webinars he'll get everybody and I think we've been doing it a lot over this weekend getting people to take action with him on the call and what do we do? Yesterday? We had you guys set up a webinar, set the landing page or the registration page and create that, and we have police here we said, ok, you're going to do it and get results within a day she made fifteen grand in a day what we usually do, you know, you try to figure out a way that someone you can stop the presentation not stopping, but pause what you're talking about and say, I need you guys to take action on this right now, and we're to see the results have come in so it's linked in there's, something I could do that allows me to show results for people within seconds. So I pause and show this example to people when I say, I want you to do this right now take action so you can see the top of results here to get right in front of you when they see results, they're more willing to buy because they believe that's going to happen if they see it for themselves. You believe that this works, right? He's made fifteen grand an hour your believer write for two years, though you didn't know, but now you know you're like, ok, I'm going to webinars every month, right for fifteen grand in an hour, I'll do that every day, right? Uh, yeah so give action items um on that so by the end of this you need to be at that place where you truly have given value and you that shift has started to take place you know, for someone who's first webinar oh my gosh, yes and the line starts running the possibilities they go I see how I can take what I have I could put on that's still of questions I still need to know how there's these a little bit of gaps it's only so much you can give them in sixty minutes really thirty forty minutes of content and so that's where we you're like you're giving him some of your best content your best action items your seven step process here's what it is I'm giving it to you but you really don't know how to implement it all right? You really don't know how to record your audio you don't know how how to outline your book you don't know how to do all these things you don't know how to transcribe it the best way to do it, how to format it you know the systems you don't know how to implement it right that's what you're selling them here's how you do it makes sense does that make sense everyone else you're teaching you're giving them their biggest hips like here's a here's a solution but he's still in know howto follow through or there might be an advanced training or they might be the software that applies it for them easier and faster, right? You teach people how to create these explainer videos yourself you can use camp taser I movie or any of these other things screen flow and you can take you twenty hours to do this I'm gonna show you how to do this or you can use explainer creator that's, right? Right? And it takes twenty minutes. So which one do you want a hundred bucks for twenty minutes or twenty hours and you're wasting your time for twenty thousand dollars have someone make it for you? I think the biggest thing is a z you're james you're saying yesterday you can find anything on youtube, you could find how to write about everything higher ghostwriter, whatever people want experiences, they want accountability, they want community and one from the expert and they wanted from the experts so it's, if you package it in that way, so I think business owners we can't come to a place of fear like, oh, I'm giving away my content for free! I've had people say to me, you gave away everything free gave it and you made fifteen grams exactly because they know like this is the person that's gonna help me, we'll make it happen because during that you're all wearing the clothes you're also talking about the value of the training or the product of the service or whatever the event whatever you're selling we're talking about the value of it the results that people get once they use your product or your service so you're introducing the solution which is your product or service uh when you're talking about the benefits of the product um so what would some of the benefits be of your product last night after he finished the weapon or I went to my hotel room and sent everyone there welcome email with their facebook private group ok eso community is the first thing and and also their pre work okay I received all of that so they get ready for and then all the schedule but benefits writing writing a book learning how to become a best seller on amazon using your book as a way to make more money in your poor business that's something that I teach during the weekend right? Eso there's this from the product benefits okay becoming an authority all these other things right uh this is important testimonials because this is another form of social proof of recommendations testimonials so we had three I think testimonials with felicia's webinar and you want to kiss you have ones that fit for different ranges in your audience so if you have speakers if you have small business owners if you have big business owners in your audience that want to become on author then you try to get a testimonial for each one of those case studies right? So here's a man who's this woman who's this someone who's has no money someone has lots of money right? You're trying to reach all these someone who didn't have any time for had it for ten years that they're trying to create a book someone who you know you're giving all of those examples you're trying t you're tryingto answer the questions and the concerns that they have that you already know they're going to ask you what if I don't have the money one half the time? What if I remember right idea and you're giving testimonials of people who said you know I didn't think I had the time to write a book and I thought about it for years but when it once I got the courage to sign up and took that action and realizing went to lisa's boot camp I realized I did have the time it happened so fast and here's the result that I got from it uh you know what? I never thought I had ten thousand dollars toe to find an editor to edit my book to do the graphics to publish the book I never thought I had all the money, but when I signed up releases course I realize that you don't need all that and she showed me how to do it and now I'm a bestseller in the weekend, right? So you're kind of going over these testimonials that are also talking about the biggest questions or concerns that your buyers or audience they're gonna have about your practice service then you're going of the guarantee I think it's important always have a guarantee for your product if you don't stand behind your product, then you shouldn't be selling it so you can have a, uh lifetime guarantee a ten day guarantee thirty days sixty day with information products it's usually thirty to sixty days that you guarantee because there's some people out there they're just buying and then they refund him if it's a physic product you wantto whatever your guarantee is for your physical product right? If it's a cream or if it's a food it doesn't matter then maybe there's different guarantee days but for the information price usually thirty to sixty days but again we give one hundred percent money back guarantee no matter what they say if they used it all and they got made one hundred million dollars but they want a refund we'll give it to him because we want people to be happy so that's just part of doing business people get a refund I think I'll refund rates around five to seven percent but from six thousand seven thousand sales on though it's not had that okay, what's gonna happen? There's some ways you khun decrease that. Uh, but we're not going to right now. Um, so you got to guarantee and then you got the call to action, so you're kind of you're building people up there's different ways you can do this, but I'm gonna give you the best way we did this actually, not the best way, but it's still worked, so we introduced the price right away. We said go that we give say we gave him a link right away to go and sometimes you want to do that, but I really feel like you should wait to the very end, uh, and kind of build anticipation for what it actually is and how much is going to be you're kind of telling about the benefits what it is, but the called actually wanna wait to kind of reveal the link or the number that their call in or whatever, maybe to take action. You want to wait until the very end to do this? Because people start dropping off here on the web in our bureau start dropping off no matter what. They want to come to the content somewhere to drop off, you can't get offended, they're not your buyers. Well those that are wanting to buy they really want it you built it up and they've had this amazing experience they have all these emotions inside now they're ready to take action you have the call to action uh and this is where you offer the price you can do different strategies for a price breakdown with the least delegated the example for her she said you know usually on my three day workshop live it's sixteen hundred dollars plus you gotta pay for flight post gotta play for hotel in new york city is three hundred hours a night plus food this and that it's around twenty five hundred dollars to come or three thousand dollars to come and do my workshop now the course I'm going to offer right now is five hundred dollars however since this is the first time I'm offering it it's gonna be two hundred ninety seven dollars a limited time only for the next two days so you're offering how much value they're going to get for the price that you usually have to spend how much to spending right now and it makes it seem so it's like a no brainer when you do this price drop down it's a no brainer for them to take action it's much harder to sell that for the sixteen hundred our price and we'll be the two hundred ninety seven dollar price it makes you feel like you have to get it or you're just being ridiculous if, you know, we like to offer incentives to buy right now. So if you buy my linked influence training right now, I'm gonna throw in james widmore's video travel academy, which is a hundred dollar value as well. So you're getting a two for one deal, or I'm gonna give you an additional interview with my friend, who built a million person group on linked in, quit his job and makes six figures a month from a lincoln group. I'm gonna show you how to replicate this. You're gonna give other bonuses that aren't in the course, uh, some type of incentive discount, it can be anything you want, you feel comfortable with that's not going to take away from the course itself, and I want to add something on that just really quick, the reason why we do this if you followed steps a three and you did a good job on them, everyone is going to say logically, emotionally, yeah, this is a good deal and I want to get this is the ice like the last? The last step is really why they should get it right now. As long as they don't know why they're going to get it right now, they will say. I'll get it later how many questions we were like is this only available right now and that's what I'm thinking I could get this late I don't need it and they forget question how do you replicate this for a membership site when that's available all the time you say call tax normally it's ninety nine dollars a month or thirty nine dollars a month for right now you need the first month for ten dollars and then it's going to be thirty nine ninety nine after that we can still do the bonus with this if you're doing this on a live weapon on you order forty today I'm giving something out or you can say here's the price you can sign up for this price at any time but you're not gonna get my two hundred dollar course which teaches you how to lose ten pounds on camera how'd I look ten pounds lighter on camera right you give them an additional bonus that they can't get anywhere else exclusive moments or discount you could make it a discount could make it a whatever for five dollars today and then thirty dollars a month afterwards you give them something to try it out give them incentive otherwise they can't get that off for anywhere else that makes sense was there another point here uh I think that was the last one on this one. Wade get on this money without any questions on the clothes, okay. Before, actually, because this is important because actually even really cover the most important part here, which is how many of you feel comfortable coming up to me and selling me a product without ever talking to me without ever knowing me just walked up to me and said, hand about this product by it. Bye bye bye bye. Would you feel comfortable doing that? How many people, how many people feel like? I don't want to do a webinar to sell something because I'm going to feel to sail z or two like a car salesman or two? Yeah question might out with that is that I've been in webinars word like they're like right there, so sleazy and so desperate that call to action and if you call now, you know, like the first one hundred whatever, oh, and it's so and like and actually really often a lot, and I won't name any names, but there was one particular one. It was like for facebook, like those apse that, um, she was showing before and I'm like, ah, he's, so annoying, like it's just still sleazy to me like you don't know what you want to be, you know why they do that, do you know why they do that? Because it works it does not mean but they're making a lot of money doing that and I'm not saying that's the way to do it I don't like doing that at all because it's not genuine for me now there's a fine there's an art yeah they're selling that was my question like where is that line where you don't sound like that you're still connecting you're still you know it's an emotional thing as well or logical and they're still benefits and reasons to buy there's an art and I think over time you learn how to do this aren't just dance with selling without being sales e now I am pretty farm and confident when I'm on at the end of a webinar and I'm like sometimes I say listen guys, I want you to open up a new browser right now I want you to type and linked influence dot com I want you to go to the page you're going to see uh you see we can enter in your name your email on your credit card and I want you to pull out your wallet I want you to put that number and right now here's the reason why and I give him the reasons why again so sometimes I'm very confident in firm with people like if you're still on here and you're not taking action then get off and just go do it yourself what's the point of listening to me talk about this anymore if you're not going to do this because I don't like to deal with people who are just wasting my time are wasting their time. You got all the information. Great. I'm glad you came on. Thank you so much for coming on. I really appreciate it now either go do it yourself or take action so I can help you do it even better with my training. Yeah. And here, here's if you want to yourself that's fine, I'm you know, doing your do it, something's either way, take action. So we held a little event last night and people drove from up to three, four hours away. Yeah, posted on facebook the day before and it was amazing was first time. I've got to meet a lot of my customers face to face and I had it all told multiple occasions of people saying they went through my program and it like, changes a lot of their business there like I'm on the front page for this. This is how I get all my leads on my business now and what you have to look at it is you are doing people discuss if you don't offer this information that you know, will make a difference for them. And we got these case studies from people who come up to you like you changed my life I just made a hundred grand this year because of this and we've got this experience you know, people can do it then you've got to give them that opportunity to buy so you've gotta offer to them there's ways toe dance around we're not like and what do you know what call it what it is that easy it's not easy ways to do it without like show cheesy yeah and there's no line you know you don't say we only have one hundred copies of a digital product you know we're not never like you when lewis is I have that confidence where I just go go to the website do it because he's he sold even more copies of linked influence and he just knows what it does for people and it's like being that parent where it's like you are going to college young lady on it's that same attitude it's like I care about you you just spent an hour with me the worst thing I could do is let you leave without taking the next right so it's like okay, you can there's a lot of different things you could do this you could have a script for yourself so you feel comfortable and confident and say listen there's two options free today one you can take action on yourself and go implement this stuff that I taught you myself and figure out the rest cause I couldn't cover everything in sixty minutes or two you can sign up for our program, which is going to show you step by step how did this yourself? We'll walk you through it it's gonna give you all the tools and resources and confidence to do it effectively and fast so you could get to where you want to be? I'm gonna have you repeat that again because what he shared was a very specific dialogue that we can all use in our webinars or when we've gone through this, you've introduced that you could even do this before you introduce the product, right? We're after you get done with this great content you khun get feedback on how did you guys like the content? And we've been doing this with creative live how you what's your feedback but it's not how you like what I've been training now you've come to a crossroads, you have one of two choices you have to go ahead and say that again because it's something that no matter what what we're offering, we can all use this word for work remember it? Yes, you can say listen, thanks so much for coming on I appreciate you guys let us mayor feedback there's two options you can take right now one I've given you all the tools you need to do it yourself so you can implement this you can leave the weapon right now, right after we're done. Go and do this yourself, but just take action or two. You can sign up for the program, the course, the product, the service, whatever it is and it's going to show you how to do x y and z much faster, easier quick without making the mistakes thursday trial and I'll walk you through it step by step and you're not gonna have to learn it all on your own anymore. So you want to make it? Sure leaving a lot of extra pain time, energy, sweat failure that they're going to do on theirself, uh, trying to figure out themselves and you're going to relieve that for them with the product of service that makes sense question question from the internet and it sort of starts to get a little general. Do you want to finish up before we get into kind of general finnish person? Well, we're goingto that stuff so really quickly is because people are still writing down here. Anyone have any questions on that? Um and again, we wanna make sure we emphasize this that you don't want to speak sales e you want to be confident and you can even say, listen, guys, I know this is going to help you, all right? No, this product is gonna help you get where we're faster because here's, why I've got seven thousand people who signed up for this and here's a hundred testimonies I could go through, we just go through a few of them say, this is why it works and you want to emphasize that if you don't sell, you're doing them a disservice. So if you have to know that for yourself that you like, if I don't make money if they don't take action either way, then you're not doing your job. Let's take a look at the contrast let's just talk about confidence. You open up that browser, go here, you shared your, uh, your joel calm story with with your first weapon are you didn't really talk about the pitch I did it. So do you do that? We'll talk about that first, and I'll talk about another example. So my first webinar before I deal with my partner, I made sixty three hundred dollars on the web and I was trembling, I was how my shirt off and I was sweating my pits were like, profuse sweating remember vividly, I was at my brother's house for this webinar on his kitchen table um I told my brother and I was paying two hundred fifty dollars a month rent to rent a room from my brother's place I had begged him to let me move out of my sister's place, I really don't have any money, but I had a little bit coming in from doing these events all around the country and just hustling and I was like, can I move in with you? Because I feel like living off my sister for another year and a half is going to just be a disgrace to myself and he was like, yes, you can rent a room, but you have to pay two hundred fifty bucks a month was like, I really didn't know how you will pay it. I remember being that nervous, I was like, what? I have to go out of my sister's place, so I'm there I'm like, ok, guys, I need you guys to be gone because I don't have never been on a webinar I don't know what I'm doing but it's a big deal for me, jill, calm is like a huge name and can you just leave the house? But I was so terrified of like any noise or anything to mess it up so again I'm like is in the middle of summer and so it's, so humid in ohio in middle summer and remember had, like fans on above me and the doors open and I couldn't take my shirt off just dripping sweat over sing at the table there's cats walking underneath me I'm like kicking his casket on the way but no distractions and it took me twenty minutes to get through like the introduction and everything in jewels like okay louis let's just get into linked in because I'm like stumbling over myself after right I hit the zone like I'm in the zone you can't stop me I could talk for hours once I'm in the content and then like shit I just told everything now what do I do like uh so that's what I got for you guys and I hope you enjoyed it I'll see you guys later, right? I didn't know what to do and he goes wait a minute he goes weight of it now you just blew our minds and you should see the comments were coming in and people have a ton of questions. Andi I had what I had sold was a live boot camp because I didn't have a product but I saw someone else did it was like it come to three live trainings and teach people the beginning intermediate and advanced parts of link them and then I recorded that so and I remember our mutual friend barry chandler was like setting up the sales person means like minutes before I didn't have the slides together and he basically did the clothes for me I was trembling he said you know, wait a minute this has been amazing you've blown our minds people are so excited about this I want you guys to go here and sign up and I didn't do any of the clothes myself was just like yeah, yeah, you should go sign up because of this and yeah, I was so nervous and terrified um but he helped me with the clothes, which really helped me I forget why I was you asked me to tell that story well because you went from the least confident closer oh yeah I didn't know I didn't call our office it's another guy clothes for me and it's why I helped the cia with the clothes yesterday um which probably helped a little bit but yeah question mike right there yeah, we can definitely do don't have to be amazing of the clothes has anyone ever, like hired an opener and a closer yeah, yeah so there's companies have people just come on and night just to introduce people into clothes for them. Yeah, so they will have like ah host that's done it before and they get paid really well because I mean, how much do you think you could've made on your own for that weapon are you think you have done is try to take anything away from you I understand your list yeah, creative life I think it was my butt starting again I you know, I have no idea I think the whole the weekend the environment circumstances created a really great energy sure. So if I was at home I mean, I told you about my last webinar I had about forty three people on it and I closed three people for a live event so at sixteen hundred dollars that's good yeah, someone else's list or someone else's list and you know, people that buy airplane tickets and get to this place is but they're really excited that she was probably also helping you think this is what you gotta do you gotta sign up felicia's the woman this is the weekend he's going to change your life right? And her list trust her yes, absolutely. So when I feel like I'm doing it for someone else's list, I want them there and I think it actually makes the whole thing easier and how interaction helps it's in its third party credibility and otherwise I feel like I'm toot my own horn like you because I didn't mention all my media it's on my weapon are you know, what did all this have been on that because it fills dance yeah it's a way to share it with your story and added in and you know I do this with my stories so you know um I remember after my book came out I wrote a book here and then I just remember after the book I got featuring all these great places and I just I'm so blessed and grateful that they were able to find my book and recognize me through these media outlets and that's kind of how I approach it and say it so it's not like I'm a frickin man I was featured here and here and here what's up it's more like I'm just really grateful that you know, my content has been wrecked denies by mainstream media and hear the places have been featured so this different way to talk about yourself um well yeah, I think having someone to help definitely can increase the sales and I got I mean, I got better and better I've done over five hundred live webinars at least in the last couple of years, so I think once you do something you know works you just trying to make it better and I still I'm trying to improve how to communicate more effectively how to interact with people, engage people, get them hooked get the message across that they take action my goals for people take action it doesn't matter if they buy necessarily yes, I want him to buy but I want people to just relieved the pain in their business or their life whatever it is I'm trying to talk about and a lot of the times them taking out their wallet and taking out and purchasing something is the first step to taking action to overcoming the fear their mind. And once you get him to take that little action of paying one hundred bucks, then they're more willing to take more action. But if they don't take that initial step in there, say I'll do this later, I'll use my nose. So how was the side? Let me get back to twitter and facebook and hanging out with my cats, right? So, wow, so the clothes is a dance is an art form and you want to do with helping sales e is kind of the rehab there. Any other questions about the clothes? About any good? Well, I want you, teo, you can if you have time to get a little bit into joint ventures, and I will talk about that next mr salsa thinking things when it comes, tio uh, you know, I hit my lister once a week and and I might list let's hold off till the next session work because I'm talking about affiliate stuff after the break in five twenty minutes question answers next point, so once you've gone through the clothes, um, where you tell people to buy this is the part where you like, you know, and you're telling people each step of the way, all right, here's, the agenda from the beginning, you say the five things I'm going to be covering today and so each point of the agenda, you're letting them know. Okay, um, now the next part of our agenda going to share my story so here's a little story, okay? We're going to the next party agenda, which is the content I assure you about this six principles of becoming a best on a weekend. Now I want to move. You guys want to keep you on schedule and on agenda, so you're basically saying, okay, I promise you there's gonna be an agenda and I keep you on this agenda the entire time. So the next party agenda I want to share with you and how you can take all this information, we've got to take it the next level, you take them through the clothes, then you say, okay, I want to continue on to the new agenda after you close, like, I promise from the beginning, and we're going to the q and a right now until the kuna is your again, a lot of people will be asking how is the product will be delivered how is a refund period can I buy this now can I buy it later they're gonna ask you questions about the content that you covered they would ask you all these different questions so here you're just highlighting the benefits of the products and answering their questions and you're adding people chime in on the chat box just like he was doing creative lives they ask questions live here this is the best thing that you could do in my opinion that's another form of showing social proof when alicia's bone was popping I solve this papal pop up on her phone as I was closing I sought buzzing in the corner there so I grabbed her phone and this is the best thing you can do you say uh josh smith from columbus, ohio thanks so much for signing up angela from dallas dallas texas nice so much, susi from california whatever you're listening people's names the businesses you're congratulating those who take action this is a thing is important those who take action get the most results and make them or sales so you congratulate the people who are fast action takers you say their name you use singer praises you do whatever it takes to let them know you appreciate them for taking action and congratulations you acknowledge him tow a thousand other people that you did something good you took action that step right here is going to help you generate a lot more sales by congratulating calling out people. Now, if you're getting one hundred sales in a twenty minutes, you can't say everyone's name, but just kind of list off a few people's names. Then go to the next question. Answer that question. Answer the next question. Then you may see another couple sails. We've had two more sales come through. Congratulations for taking action again. This is what you guys here to get once you take action, this is how you're gonna get it. Congratulations. I'm really sorry for you guys. So congratulate the buyers. And the real secret here is to spend as much time possible on the q and a yes, a lot of people will like, say, and there's, how you could get my product. Okay. See you later. Bye. And it's done. And this is really the time when people have their own objections and they're going to, uh, submit their objections in the form of a question. One great example is someone saying, you know, do you ship these as a length influences? That shift is a physical dvd, and this is a great opportunity that takes time where someone goes. Well, I want the singing in my house like I want and it's not it's a digital product and you say that's a great question we actually only offer this is a digital format because so many things happen and change only thin we want to make sure that we keep the course is updated as possible in the best way to do that he's in a digital format. So every answer to the question answers there's objection by highlighting the benefit of the product and we noticed that the longer we stay answering questions getting sales continue to come in because people well today they still burns that like they need that one little bit of assurance to say that you understand me right? You've got my my little problem that I have and you're gonna tell me it's gonna be okay you answer you say it is gonna be okay. It might be it might be the price thing it might be like we don't you know, I wish I could afford it, but I can't afford a hundred dollars can I give you half can I give you you have fifty dollars? Because you know, for all the people that don't have the amount invested right now we have to pay so you can pay fifty dollars this month fifty dollars next month, so you're just answering all the questions objections yeah so we didn't have time to answer questions yesterday we did like a couple then yeah and so you put my email address in the damn box and so throughout last night and this morning he's got tons of questions but then I sent the email and then they put the pick the papal went through so you just need that question answer yeah sometimes one one little question that's going to make them take action I mean again think about it if you had a guy try to come to your your house knocks on the door and has a vacuum he's trying to sell to you you're not gonna buy it right away you'd be like well, show me that it works you tell me why can you give me a discount? You ask all these questions until maybe you buy who's ever had a cut co salesman come into their home they have one of the the best sales teams and sales training programs in the world and what they do is they scheduled appointment with you they come into your home, they don't say what they want to sell you the knights they want to show you how awesome these come on we're going to cut up any with these scissors were going cut everything up and then they're like eight hundred bucks for knives should okay, okay five exactly okay, so after we congratulate the buyers final step final thoughts and you realize how many points okay, so give a final action item so do this now it's again you've gone to the q and a you're like okay, we're wrapping things up it's been seventy five minutes thanks so much everyone for coming on you can have the presenters say what's your final thoughts one last hurrah of like why did you sign up or why don't you take action or do it themselves whatever it may be but I would I would say something like you know why? Guys we just went over seventy five great minutes thank you for all the positive feedback you've given in the chap us really means a lot to me I'm glad that those took action are seeing results already from the weapon are and you've got a choice right now you can either go off and do this yourself or you can take action and accelerate your learning with my programme right? So you can do this faster quicker and get the results you want again, thanks so much have a great day so something that's just a sign off there's a lot of cool things you can do here lewis has done things was like we want to hear your feedback how did you enjoy this webinar? How can we improve this content? Put that in the question box I've done things where um well say for all you know thank you for everybody who signed up for those people who signed up make sure the first thing that you do is log on to the members area and click that community tab so we can hang out in the facebook group and when people that didn't bisley I want to do that would be the community you hang out with you guys yeah, another thing a cool little trick that you khun d'oh is that you say let us know what's the best part about this what's the thing you like most about this presentation and people did you guys like it let us know if you like if you hated it doesn't matter tell us how you what you thought about it you're usually going to get just hundreds of comments of people like this was the most amazing thing ever people like exclamation point caps all letters crazy like feedback well, we like to do is screenshot that so everyone can see it and we just post it up on the screen like look at jamie thank you so much, jamie kelly sarah you know jeff, you see, everyone sees their own name and their own comment and everyone else sees yeah there's one hundred other people that agreed with me that it was amazing so I might as well buy it right it's giving me that much help the part of q and a I would think for me at least I would definitely need someone to be just watching over that watching the comments so do you always have someone for that because I think I would be distracted from like I don't know yeah I mean it's the house that someone helped you have someone asks a question for you if you're presenting so if you want to have someone else there that's what we do a lot we have someone asked the question and the other person just sitting there like okay you're asking the question the person you're sifting through seems the best questions are these folks exactly there looking through the best questions and they're asking me is supposed to meet like looking my laptop like okay this person saying this and answering it right so you could do that and once you learn how to do it and you do enough from you khun do yourself but you know if you're just starting out it helps to have someone who can help you uh could be a business partner could be whatever and again my first few avatars were horrible but they still made money palacios is probably a c plus but it made fifteen grand right it's like you don't have you don't have to be perfect to reach your financial goals one hundred fifty thousand dollars one hundred thousand whatever your goals are you don't have to be perfect and that's the thing that holds so many was back it's like it's not perfect someone's going to criticize me someone's gonna accuse me of something they're going to call me out they're gonna make fun of me we have all these stupid fears that is holding us back from freaking taking action and making some money so it's never going to be perfect my slides are still pretty average and I stumble I'm like coughing half the time I'm doing so many webinars I'm like it's never perfect for me but you know why it works and being doing it and getting it done and making money is better than being perfect and not making any money and not having it done boom boom double it didn't half and double um question well I just think I'm getting so many emails and tweets from amazing audience out there people were on the weapon on weapon our people are in creative life and people want to see you succeed and so I sent an e mail because we had a a technology technical malfunction recording and all of korea, so the recording didn't go through and I sent down follow up e mail today I've had I think six people say that they recorded it and I want to drop box it to me or send it to me and that they think if I share it because I didn't share it that it would would help, but I just want to thank everyone out there because that's just so encouraging because at the end of the day people want to see other people succeed because everyone in here succeed you succeed so I right? Yeah and there are some things you want different follow up strategies we hadn't really talked about the marketing to get we talked about the marketing before to get people on a webinar driving traffic having email list we have three four day strategy but really can't do one day strategy you want to follow I want seven should also be follow up and follow through so final thousand goodbye but follow up follow through which is sending an email out it could be one email three days worth of emails to get people to sign up who didn't buy on the web in arms so again not everyone's gonna buy in sixty minutes they may have they may not be getting paid till friday they may have to check with their spouse, their boss, their employer they might have to do so they can't take action in sixty minutes on a three hundred dollars on the thousand dollars on a hundred dollars it may have to get permission they may have to do something actually one of the biggest new problems that we're experiencing is a lot of people are on goto webinar on their mobile devices and so they can get away with it and yeah, they can't open another window on there I pound otherwise they lose the webinar so they're like I'll do it later yes and so now they've got it in email in their inbox and so it's it's not uncommon to see a double soles so she did eight thousand sales yesterday on the women are live but she's doubled it and almost sixty points sixteen thousand dollars would know but she's done double so you can always do almost double sales if not more with a follow of sequence you want to do a seven day follow the sequence you could do that as long as you're giving good content you're following up here the seven tips we covered one tip today by the way, if you want me to do it for you or help you with it mme or sign up you've got the price is good to this until this date or whatever. Maybe so you sometimes you have to follow up the people again you're not going to sell everyone a product that they just met you in the first time in the first hour sometimes go follow up follow through is like seven to ten touchpoints until someone actually buy something from me but they say yeah, you know you could sometimes just for the webinars one being on webinars another fellow female, you know um but a lot of people forget to send a follow up email and sun we don't like doing replace because if people get conditioned that they can sign up and never come on live and there's gonna watch the replay that never gonna buy that never really get the information that you need them to understand because they just skipped through and they're just not gonna watch of the way so what we do is live replays so they have to register again have to shop for a certain time and we'll play the recording this is that forty five thousand dollars flight I had to san francisco someone played the recording at a specific time so they had to watch it all the way through and then the recording was off so you can do that we encourage but you don't want to say here's the video go watch it with your free time there's no reason for them to take action right now and for them to actually pay to do we have any questions we're from the interwebs and they will come back to the way we have interweb questions um from fashion tv in singapore james and lewis you got it you guys saying that we need to be really good at something before we start a webinar? What if we have yet to earn any credentials kind of going back to some of the stuff we talked about earlier in the course all answer then you can answer um it's good to be an expert at something you don't have to be the expert but it's good to be an expert at something you're, uh, winning photographer expert right? You may not be the number one when it photographer in the world expert, right, but you our own expert and in the statement right? Right. Okay, so you don't have to be the expert if you have to have something or you can have the model where you build your list around a certain industry and you find the expert to sell their product so, you know, you could just be the host of the weapon our they'd interviews someone else, they do it if there are bigger expert and you can sell what they have that makes sense or they can sell what you have and you can give them a commission and we'll talk about that affiliate marketing in the next section. Did you want to get different? Quick? Yeah, and it's not differently. It's in it's in concurrence with what you're saying. Um I never want teo say the whole thing which people of her before fake it until you make it so we go take until you make it right? I don't want anybody faking anything or line or anything that however, at the opposite spectrum no one is going to give you permission and one day dubbed the thie experts on lee will so you need to know where that isthe you guys keep switching the camera while doing that that's it that's ok? Yeah. So another question um I'm not sure this is from clare of our eh? I'm not sure how to apply this to a physical product. Can you talk about that? Yes. So again, I did some consulting for a company called board room where they have they have a newsletter on health tips and what they do is they have experts with products they had beauty products and like it was a uh anti aging creams and different planets like that he taught how to do natural therapies on anti aging and at the end sold his products which were creams and other things that helped the skin, vitamins and other things like that would help with anti aging. So give the information on how to do things sell the solution which could be the physical problem. Do you think that if you educated your audience it would be more likely to buy it's a simple is that c education first? All right, a question from col ryan heart one of the best times to host a webinar weekday morning after work and that's a good that's a really good question so there is a secret don't tell him there's a one time this's the best time to do well in ours so I tell the time yeah, okay let's get a guest let's see if someone gets the best time there's one time throughout the week that's the best time it's a specific time specific day so let's give the internet a couple minutes tow mother guesses and we'll come back to the back we'll give you deal in secret at the very end of this call stick around the very same figure and and you guys you guys have touched on this but let's go a little bit how how do you stop from coming across as a snake oil salesman or stop it from or stop it from becoming a free for all? I'm going to make the assumption without being on that weapon with you that you didn't you receive any value while you were on call, but that was a question from the internet wife I know because you you share an example earlier? Yes, I guess but he started sounding desperate to me and that's where like a red flag came on and why he started sounding desperate was probably because he didn't see any sales coming through it was like, I want you guys to take action and do this now whatever may be right, so yeah, he was a little cocky too that doesn't help so there's, I think there's a lot of things that were touching upon whether it's being the snake oil salesman being desperate being o over sales e I think the number one thing is understanding that's your number one goal is to provide incredible value and an experience for the people on the web in art it's a free webinar it's free you're giving them the keys to life basically right with whatever the problem is that you're talking about on the web in r and there's an air of desperation or nervousness if you don't have the confidence you don't but believe in what it is that you're selling and we can't say you're going to have that overnight that's usually why people it takes them time and grow because they get the confidence I mean, I have even more confidence today having four five people run up to me and hugged me yesterday saying how much of my product is change like that makes me go back to my office and say let's, do this let's make it like ten times more confident and and that there won't you will not hear an air of desperation from you know it because because I know with absolute certainty see that it thought so uh it's it's almost like a place of just being of knowing and having that that confidence that you believe in your stuff question from the audience what we've we've got a ton of guesses on your at the best time to do a webinar tuesday at noon thursday eleven am wednesday nine a m thursday five pm six p m eastern standard time on a thursday the best time is either noon or two pm yes tea during the week so kind of a bunch of stuff and then there's yeah people saying it's different in the us in the uk and then there is where did that one go where somebody said the best time to do it is any time that was see photo anytime is the right time to do a weapon blew my mind still your thunder should I reveal it now or should I wait until the very end you should you should reveal it now ok the best time is really any time your audience is ready to receive it so um if your audience is on the east coast and we're just talking about this with christine in the other night it's like uh all my audience is teenage girls and they are school during the day for our audience to pm four p m is usually pretty good on eastern standard time throughout the week so tuesday through thursday ryan's it maybe they don't get home till five or six so doing eight o'clock so anytime that works best for your audience you gotta know your audience and then do it for them terrific question from all the most beautiful people in the room question from chelsea is, do you ever pre record your webinars? What they always yes, we do pre record them, especially for doing a product launch, and we'll do a webinar recorded and then other people will want it for us. We'll talk about that in the next section for affiliate marketing, but we do pre record them, um, because then you can replay them over and over at specific times. Once you have a recorder, once you can use that over and over anything you think doing pre recorded webinars in itself is it's own beast to tackle. And so the biggest thing will say is that it's it's always great to start with live because they were always gonna convert better than because people want to be a part of the live experience. And so the only thing I will say is if you're doing a recording it's not about line or tricking people to think it's live when it's not we don't say live webinar, and we sent him a recording we just say here's, a presentation on how to do linked it. Yeah, but again, when you you should pre record with an audience on there because you're gonna get that energy and excitement will come through, as opposed to like all this a thousand people that aren't on here but I'm gonna act like they're on here when you're seeing comets come people through people getting excited you're like you get excited you get pumped up right question steve s o I can see like multiple sort of media on the weapon are both the slides that you're presenting screen captured if you want show share your screen or live feed if you want to use the webcam is there you know is it best to show your face at the pitch? Do you do people want to see that when you're when you're closing do you only show your face if you don't have curly long hair like yourself now um you know it's funny actually never really show my face never pictures pictures uh sometimes what I'll do in the beginning in a pre party is I will pop the little video camera on my screen so people can see me I was like, hey guys, I'm here yeah, good to see you guys and then I put it away so they can see my presentation I wanted to focus on that supposed to have like a little video camera of me in the bottom right in a corner you know, like amy's video is down there on the screen was a top like it's distracting what do you mean look at video or the presentation now actually tested it that much. But for me, it's just I'm usually half naked and, like my hair's, messed up it's like whatever I just roll out of bed for my weapon are so I mean, in all honesty, I was like, I don't care. I want people to look at me right now, it's, like, unshaven, exactly like it's everything. Yeah, so, um, but I know people who have done it. Carl white, a good friend of ours, who's a great marker. He does it. What will do is set up camera on the desk with him and the person doing enter the weapon arm. So the cameras looking at him looking at the screen, and he'll put that video on the screen like the bottom right of the top right, recording both of them and then send that out there as a live training. So he has that video, but it's, not just his webcam it's like a professional camera off him. So he says that works that connection audience, but I haven't really done much.

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