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YouTube Marketing Strategies with James Wedmore

I'm gonna write some numbers on the board because I haven't gotten to use this yet I'm really excited. Okay, so I absolutely love youtube because when I told you guys my story yesterday about when I got my first sale april eighteenth, two thousand eight new order for james one more in my inbox most exciting experience still to this day when I read the order and figured out what it actually wass you know, someone purchased my product said, how did you find us? You two and that was that was it for me? And I think that's part of this whole experience in journey for everyone is trying a lot of things taking action and then seeing what works? And for me it was you two and that started that journey of discovering, you know, that was two thousand eight of how I can use this everyday in my business. I told you guys briefly, I I found I connected with a really cool guy become a really good friend of mine. His name is dave powers, and he has one hundred million views on his channel of him flying...

remote control airplanes and just blown away what he's been able to do with it, I've been able to go on and help other people, different businesses in different markets on we were even talking about it this morning with christina and a couple others about the makeup tutorials these girls that have a hundred million views on their channel their sixteen, nineteen years old and they're showing people how to do makeup on the webcam and it's been so fasting the opportunities that have that have rose from people who are using it so so I love teaching it love teaching others because it it can provide a fantastic platform and getting to know all you guys and your businesses I see how each of you can be using youtube so I'd like to be able in the next sixty minutes we can use some specific examples of how we can make you to work for you guys uh, so I have these two numbers, which I can't even read that eighty two percent and eleven percent ah few months ago, luis and I did a little webinar with a packed house we're gonna put a thousand people on a line on a webinar and we did a poll the beginning in the car on we asked to really important questions the first one was and I love the internet audience to teo answer this question is won't interact the first question we asked everyone on this call was have you seen a youtube video in the past seven days? And we had all these people actually was like an actual pole where they could type in yes or no and if you guys air you know, participating most people say yes they've seen a video in the last seven days on that call eighty two percent of the people so like eight hundred twenty people I said yes it's kind of a no brainer like like who hasn't seen the youtube video passivity that probably you haven't had internet if you haven't seen one in a minute then we ask the second question and this is the more important question how many of you have uploaded a video to you too in the past seven days and that's where all the virtual hands come down and we only had eleven percent and eleven percent is high um eleven percent is uh is high for for us because I'm already teaching it so these are people that already already knew me and we're already going through my stuff so we've actually had audiences that like no one's uploaded a video and I share these two numbers I share this because as opportunity seekers as entrepreneurs we see the gap we see the demand of of of an audience that is craving the content, the craving something new, different and unique and original but so few people are willing to take that step, get in front of the camera and be a content creator and to really drive that point home and to prove just how powerful that isthe about a year ago youtube shovelled out one hundred million dollars two hundred original content creators saying, here's, all this money, please make us videos, please make us content because we need more of it. We have the demand, and just about a month ago, I believe they shoveled out another two hundred million dollars, so they're giving all this money saying, please make us content there begging for it and some of the stats which I'm waiting for them to be updated because even like six months old, their outdated ah four billion daily views, eight hundred million unique users and seventy two hours of footage is uploaded every single minute of every single day on dh. So for me, it's been it's been super easy to get results, and I'm going to show you guys a very simple strategy for it. What we want to understand youtube is for you guys, as business owners is the traffic generation tool um, if you guys ate up derek's content yesterday on blogging and content creation, it's the same thing, but it's in a video format, and for me personally, my my personal confession, I'm a huge introvert. I'm extremely shy, I had the first time, the first time I know I I mean, we'll tell you how I got over it, like the first time I created a video was I was that I was at a marketing event it was two thousand seven and they told us it was a three day event day too they go all right tomorrow we're going to ask you guys for some testimonials s so we're gonna have the camera guy over there in the other room and you guys are gonna give a short thirty second testimonial I went back to my hotel room that night sweating, shaking and I wrote down what I was going to say I memorized it and I said it to myself a hundred times in the mirror before I could show and I'm holding the mic there the next day like my name is james and this program I mean it was it was a nightmare on dh so a lot of people don't get started and don't do what they say they have to sit on the video sidelines because they don't want to be in front of a camera there camera shy they're too old or too young, they don't like how they look they have a face for radio uh there's other excuses as well I don't have the technical experience it's the time, the money, all that stuff and excuses is very are all excuses you don't have to be in front of the camera to make videos steve wright we don't uh the same guy who did the rc airplane guy that has figured out youtube, he knows how it works and if you guys ever heard of myers briggs personality types no, I'm a big geek with that stuff he has a channel dedicated to that and you got over a half million views in three or four months with it and built a list of twenty thousand female subscribers and their power point videos of him talking about personality personality types he's not in front of camera no one knows who it is, you know he can't see him he I mean he's like in his underwear when he does it so I'm in a lot of videos I do are like that as well, so we need to get over those excuses as we go into two thousand thirteen it has never been easier to make a video and uploaded and broadcast it that's the easy part, the challenging part of what we're going over today is how to actually get those videos viewed and what we need to understand is when we get him viewed we get the traffic and when we get the traffic we can do what we want with them, but the magical thing about this is we can I can give you a hundred different traffic generation strategies, but traffic from youtube tends to be some of the highest quality traffic you can get we've done studies we've done split tests where people send traffic from from from google from facebook from twitter and from youtube to a squeeze page to a page where you often etcetera and the highest converting traffic comes from you to bond it's a really simple reason why if someone is going to watch your video and then click on your link what happens when they want your video? They get to know you they like you they trust you they build a relationship with you and there's a lot of magic there just a quick question from the internet we're talking pretty much exclusively about youtube and yogi preneurs wants to know your thoughts on youtube versus video and why bye you two cool so for me I apply the eighty twenty rule or the ninety time rule really when it comes to you two there's all these different video sharing sites and for me for the last four five years I've been doing you two and and video uh get the most results on video um I use video for different reasons uh we'll put like promotional videos on their stuff, but when we're looking for traffic generation youtube is a great place to start because um oh gosh, I can't remember if it's one hundred million views a day on mobile devices you know, people have the youtube app on their iphone youtube videos air getting ranked more and more inside of google I believe it's you have a fifty three times more more likely a chance to get a video ranked in the first page of google than you do an article the same exact content so I can do a block post about how to do x y z and I could do a video about how to do x y z the video has a much greater chance today to get ranked so as far as a traffic generation strategy I always recommend starting with you two and we can go from there there's tons of other video sharing sites that we can put that same video on but we start there so those are some reasons why I love you too but I want you guys to love you too uh let's hear also got so we're not gonna play video but I do want especially all of our people out there on the internet to find this a great study this is the case study there's a great video I'd love for you guys watch it I like to be the guinea pig for my students my audience if I can make more mistakes be more ridiculous and goofy on camera it lets them know that if I'm having fun doing it you guys can do it as well this is a case study that actually did for one of my boot camps that actually reference yesterday and it was one video uploaded got over thirteen thousand real organic views were not gonna buy views that's all don't want to do that and then was able to convert those using two, eight hundred forty forty nine new email address names and addresses lead subscribers to my list that I can now mail to build a relation too and get him on a webinar which is why we're doing this um so we're going to talk about how I did this um and I don't know is this is this is this exciting to you guys I mean I I like to do these videos every week and it can it's kind of one of the thing worry it's a it's a very if when you're consistent with it you can get results so alicia do you have a question? How long do you see results on videos like if we did a video about my webinar that's happening at noon when we have any traction from that um we can because it's eso you've and it's a great question because um there's a few different strategies that will go over with youtube so for something that's happening like today and we're putting a youtube video we've already tweeted we've already facebooked you know we've we've shared it and so now if we kept doing it now we're kind of like there's almost like an air of desperation like please you know we still more spots available but if we did a video if we stopped and did a video right now real quick and just talked about some of the things you're going over now, you have another excuse to facebook and tweet and share, so it gives you another reason to use socially and share the same message and give the same called action. But instead of go click the link it's, go watch my videos so you can click the link, and I love to do that all the time, but what I love more than anything, and this is how I was able to get thirteen thousand views really quickly, I mean video's less than a month old, um, is because of video, audio, video, ceo videos, search engine optimization and it's all about understanding the simple concept that if youtube is traffic, youtube itself is a search engine. I mean it's much more than that. It's, a platform for hosting your videos, it's a community, but it's also search engine understanding that people are going straight to youtube toe to find the answers to their questions, and then we can come up with your stuff. This is the top results, the top videos, and like I said, when they watch your videos and they like you or your content, they take them, they take action, they take the next step with you, so as well go through, I want a reference this case is so I'm kind of leaving it up here for a second. I want you guys to remember this. This is a video I did on the topic of royalty free music, and I came up with the topic because on all my webinars, all my e mails on my facebook group I have everyone is asking questions about royalty free music, and so listen, being able to listen to your audience and what it is they want that's the real key with all this stuff is figuring out what they want, providing valuable content for him. I said, I'll do a video on how to get royalty free music free bronte for music, and I did a video on it, gave some resource is and tips and even gave gave away some freak songs at the end. Um, so so eight hundred forty nine leads? Uh, we're gonna kinda break down this as I go through, um, I'd like to share this uh, this is just a list of people in some of the most obscure haven't included some of the weirdest stuff that people have, and we're talking about the makeup tutorials these are people that are there are my students or my groups I mentioned briefly yesterday, michael griswald we built a two million view channel of his uh we got it to a million views in the first six months and now it's a two million which is really exciting he does videos on how tips on how to get your ex back uh from his webcam on his laptop doesn't know how to use a video camera and they love him uh everything from health and fitness um teaching photography is a super popular topic and photo shop another different type of tutorials like that we have ah great friend mine alejandra costello she did her first video in a well two thousand eleven her business was she would go to local offices and homes and organized we're going tow the pair to organize and clean up her out their office for so she goes, I'll use this youtube thing and to promote my business more her videos went viral and now she she just hit a million views she shut down her her local business and now creates information information products in training so she can reach people globally. She's been featured on hd tv and several print publications and she's like the only thing I do today is youtube and create content to sell people that's fantastic all about how to organize your home in your life people didn't do financial planning marie for leo is a fantastic channel to go to go check out her stuff is awesome I think she just hit two million views as well. On we did the makeup tutorials. We have a lot of people to do real estate. I got a guy how to be a psychic and that was really cool or how to use your psychic ability. Um, I told you about the arse, airplanes and even how to be like derek halpern. Uh, you haven't seen derek's videos yet? They're they're awesome. He does social triggers tv it's really worth checking out so there's a lot of people who think it it won't work for me. My audience isn't on you too. And when people say that to me and say, well, are they searching google? Because you could get your videos found there and that's and that's a real trick and that's why I want to be ableto share with you guys today one quick point is that's how many of you love to write all the hands come up so I mean, how many of you have a fear of writing articles? Because it takes time and energy and for me it takes like eight hours to an article and it's it was to get grated in english class should be like a c minus d plus, right, so it's, like a fear of looking ridiculous or, you know, misspelling certain things are just whatever it was video, you can have the same, so james never really writes articles from my when I remember, right? Not not that much, yeah, he'll do a video actually like right now, but that's, another story, but the point I'm getting at is that you can focus just on video once or twice a month or once a week like a lot of people do. Derek does a video once the most every week now thinking he does, and he is seeing that video is actually adding more value than a rain article if done the right way. So even though he talked about writing an article once or twice a month and promoting it, you can just do one of two videos a month and then just work on promoting that eighty percent of time, sort of the point that out because it has a lot more benefits, and then you can connect with your people much, much better, little so well, and what you have to understand is just to kind of bring it, bring it home and connected is that when you're creating block content, that's on your your sight, you own that. And when it's on youtube video it's on youtube and so they're different platforms and different ways to reach out to people, and I'm always a fan of getting people back to your own stuff as quickly as possible. I mean, as you're going to quickly see, your goal is to get people off youtube as quickly as possible that's our goal really get him off of there, they're on their and they're spending hours on there a day I get to chalk it up as market research, but, you know, that's part of my mind, you'll have what you want to get him off of there, so I like to keep it simple. This is how I do it myself in my business, and this is how all of our students do we've had over six thousand people go through the program video traffic academy, the amount of testimonials, results, feedback, people that have gotten picked up for things like, you know, news coverage, and and, you know, book deals and and magazines it's been absolutely incredible in rewarding, um and obviously it's helped me as well, and it gets you tow, build the community and become unauthorized e in your marketplace. So it's three steps really like james, yeah, how many you guys are currently doing? You too, like on a monthly basis, I see the hands I'm going teo skinny chicks so one of those exciting thing for people because I don't want you guys to think that this is like just basic newbie training for someone who's like what's a video. Ah lot of stuff we're gonna go over it stuff that, you know, if you have, if you have ten, twenty videos out there, you can go back to those videos now breathe life back into them by making some small tweaks and changes and see results with them. We've seen that many times I need a video six months ago is not doing anything for michael let's change this, this is boom. Now I can get results so don't feel always lost don't feel like you've to start over don't feel like you're back to the drawing board. Little those little millimeter tweaks commit a huge difference three steps video organization video value no, I messed up eyes it's ah, video aftermath is the last one I apologised s o c this just don't look at that. Theo optimization video value and video aftermath remember that number three's video aftermath three simple steps our goal is not for our videos to go viral. I would never recommend viral video strategy because I don't think there is such thing because it's not replicated strategy is something that you can put a step by step format and you can replicate and duplicate and everybody that's created a viral video I mean, I look at the old classic examples like the old spice campaign you know, with the the ladies they have done fantastically well with those videos tons of views but they were never able to get another video get more views in that original one they put other videos out had other campaigns but nothing ever beat beat their original one. So a proven strategy is something that we can replicate duplicate and grow so the opposite of a viral video strategy which kind of goes off like hope and luck right? It's putting too much into the other hands of your audience is video audio getting your videos ranked at the top of youtube and inside a google that's the ultimate goal on dh that's how we get the views people type in royalty free music and they find my video because they typed it in so it starts with this first step video optimization the entire idea here this is and this is little shift for a lot of people the mistake people make is they go I got all these ideas for videos I wanna make I wanna make one about how long I've been in business for and why you should hire me and why I'm the best little make constant anyone cares about and when you start to discover exactly what your audience is searching for, which is really easy to dio, you could make content all around that which is like for the example, I found out people were typing in royalty free music. But the trick is we used some research tools like the google keyword tool, and we're not gonna go into detail today on how to use that. But it's really simple. It's easy. I just go to google on type innkeeper tool. You can play around, and I I went in there and I typed in ok, route. I said, copyright free music music for you to, you know, all these different keywords, and I found royalty free music. It's ninety and you see down the bottom ninety thousand searches a month like that's, a lot of searches. So I made a video about that. So step one is really easy. It's just to take a minute to plan your content and planning around what's your audience wants. So if I were to give you an action item for this first step, it's before you press the record button and film a single video it's to find an identified twenty relevant keywords that your audience your ideal customers typing in to google when they want to work with you. So and then there's a there's a range there die like that's my sweet spot some people can go lower some people are able to go higher fifteen, two hundred thousand searches a month fifteen thousand fifteen thousand you're not fifteen fifteen thousand I hope that's clear sorry about that. Um so for modeling a keyword how to become model I'm sure get some searches and I guarantee you if we were to go to youtube dot com and type in how to become a model there's someone there is a number one result and they've got a lot of use it's a simple that great there's one video how to become a model and then it's how to get a call back you know or something like that is you know one of you is um how to walk down a runway I don't know these ideas I'm coming off the top of my head but these are the type of things you want to look for um yeah and then we can we can make it out um you know, a huge ah ha moment for me because I've that's something I've never done you known always posted something wondering why isn't it getting why in a lot of you and and just a quick testimonial for you because I found your video on youtube you know about a month ago and it it works because it led me to your website and it led me to sign up for your newsletter no, I'm being serious and you have such an amazing newsletter that that got me so psyched about youtube and led me back to upset again so I mean, you telling me all this is like, wow, I did it you told me until now that you saw video but did you feel like you already? You knew me when you exactly you walked in way back in your way or you? Yeah, so for a lot of people that's a big thing. So any video asked me do you guys have on youtube right now? Okay, I guarantee if you guys go look and you look at your staff where you can play the eighty twenty rule with them with no matter how many views you have there's going to be twenty percent of your videos are getting eighty percent of your views there's going to be like two or three like yeah, this one worked I don't know what is because you accidentally and this is all bold assumption cause I've been your channel yet um accidentally used the right key worked and that sometimes what people do and it works for them uh that's exactly what my rc, uh, airplane but he did he just used the right key word without even thinking and showed him this tool change his life, which is a simple tool most people news is that this isn't like supposed to be like this mind blowing concept, but for some reason it iss for some reason, people just say, I want to make a video about this like no one cares about that, so so so stop doing that. I didn't want to make a video about royalty free music. I'd like that's not an important that's, not what I want to talk about yet that's one of my most viewed videos in the shortest amount of time it's been like, um, because I stopped, you dropped the ego and you you take care of what your audience once, um, that's it for step one, it's it's the most basic thing, but what I was saying is you can go back to every single one of your videos, you know, back to everyone that isn't you're not happy with, and you can change the title and we'll get to this in the third step, but you can change the tire and change the description so that it matches a key work and we're going to get to that, but I'm just letting you know, if you're sitting there with all those twenty videos going, oh, did this all wrong back to the joint board? Quick changes um can we ask you a couple of questions on that step one before we go to step two awesome right? So a question is regretting yourself the google keyword tool and you're targeted numbers is that local global and broad or exact search results from so I do I balanced beep I play between the and for people to donate this is it might go over their head but I play between the phrase and the exact searches okay? Those are two different options so you can write down phrase and exact um I don't do local unless I'm doing a local geographically based business like a real estate agent would want to focus on a local so I go with global and as far as the competition column which a lot of people asked for it you ignored that there's a column about how competitive this keyword is don't even worry about that um and that should be it should be good for that. Were there any other questions? A couple of questions from the web fashion tv in singapore asked do we need a certain going to possess a certain type of personality to make youtube videos that's a great question do we need to possess a certain type of personality to create youtube videos? Um like I said, you don't need to be in front of the camera but there is that but the people that are the most successful with it are the ones that have something extra, but I'm gonna give you an example of, uh, it's it's almost like it's like it's a no because you don't, but when you have it it it could do wonders so it's like, if you if if if you're building a personal brand where you're an author speaker coach but you don't want to be in front of the camera it's kind of this truck's position it's like anybody who's building a personal brand like needs me from the camera, but I'm actually working on ah was actually telling lucy off said I'm working on like a side project to prove to people that I can completely outsource a channel and the goal is to get two million views in less than six months without me being in front of camera without me even doing one aspect of it other than just choosing the keywords and then finding people to do all the work for me and I found a guy on five or dot com to do the voiceover for five bucks a video and he's got one of those like really incredible voices through this video you were going thiss right way soon and I was blown away but I got chills listen to it and so I don't have it's it's so it's so soon these like came out a week ago so I don't have uh fantastic numbers to share with yet so that there's no personality there it's um it's the content so ever since even before launching my my wedding blawg you know, I had noticed a lot of the wedding blog's didn't have video so that's on my little business plan like oh instead of showing how did you do this invitation will be really great oh show a video but what has stopped us maybe it's see excuses is like oh, but you know, I really want to set up or maybe it's the photographer and videographer in us that we're like oh, but you know, I want a background and you know what? Lighting and like my partner mary who's awesome and watching she she lives far for me and we're like, oh, how we're going to get together how we're going to do these so it's like all these excuses that you need this elaborate set up or you know you need to be in a pretty place or something so well just about perfect segway for step to creating your video um which which I called video value because and I have something I didn't include it what I call it it's a little vein you know you guys know maslow's hierarchy of needs, its wed most hierarchy of video needs and it's the fallacy of where what we put in order of importance when creating our videos and some of those things you mentioned are the things that people value is the most important things and content is always gonna be the most important thing, so I've seen videos with hundreds of thousands of views and it's like how to install wordpress and it's like a twelve year old kid like you know amazingly still is a stuffed up nose because he stayed home from school it's like first we want to go up here it's like, right? Exactly of course you've seen because they're at the top of youtube when you typed it in so the content is there wisconsin is always most jordan first you want to go up to that? Uh so so it's it's always constant first, but yes, but then we get to layer it with all this other stuff and what I'd like to help you from a technical standpoint. And like I said earlier, we will get stuck in the sea of overwhelm and never take action if we get in our head about well type of camera two I need what type of lighting, how do we need to set home? You make that work with a skype video chat e cam recorder and you can have both you guys split scream on on a thing and you you record your videos and you've got it I do plenty of those little video interviews we use our webcam laptop cameras, you know, you can make stuff happen where you mentioned that linking it what the resources, the resource I just, like shouted out too quick for anybody to capture grab that was e cam recorder works in conjunction with skype so that you can do, um, like webcam interviews with someone on the other side of the country to ems? Yes, and its two m's e camp today. And it's like the best twenty dollar software you it is like the best twenty nine. So anyways, before we go off topic, okay, the second step, if you did the first step properly, you have now a shot list what's a shot list it's a list of key words or videos that you're going to make, how to become a model, how to get a callback, how to be a hand model. Ok, great. I got twenty videos I'm going to make you want to make them all today, but I know what I'm going to make. I got my plan now you need to make him you need to make a unique, relevant video for each one of our key words. So how to become a model was video number one um, big question people, though what if you don't know how to make videos? One of the greatest things that dirt told me which I just was so funny because he calls me he's like I'm gonna make my videos we come over and just help me and he had to get his own videographer you know he has the luxury of hiring someone to help him he's like I am never touching a camera ever again in my life it's like being able to just take care of this I mean, I'm not holding the cameras, you know when you have to worry about that, you can create better content um most people don't have that luxury when they're starting out uh but cameras are inexpensive iphone you know, cameras at a best buy for a couple hundred bucks we won't go into the specifics of which cameras but uh something that that works in that you'll use the trick I tell people is get a friend a loved one little billy down the street the twelve year old kid that knows everything have them come over on dh help you with your video so you're not doing it alone that's the problem that's what I'm getting at is when you're trying to do everything yourself like did I take the lamp shade off properly so it's lighting and all that stuff that's what you like? I hate this I'm never doing it again it has to be fun that's billy um I have done videos where like I put a lamp on a chair so it faces because I thought I was supposed to have some type of lighting on my face it's just like blinding one I um and then of course do we want to be on camera? We don't have to be I've given you guys some examples of people that that aren't, um software screen capture software like screen flow if we're on a mac kim tae zhaan a pc we mentioned it yesterday are great for doing on screen tutorials people see your computer I do all the time I wake up and I'm like I have to do a video this weekend so I'll just do like a tutorial and people don't realize that uh I'm unshaven andi haven't dressed for the morning so you don't have to be on camera um but the rial big thing here is understanding that it's the value you're providing your audience weaken spend an hour talking about cameras and technical stuff which will hold you down and it's irrelevant because all you need is something that compressor record button and start making videos you always make your video is better and improve the technical quality of them so when I say video value I don't mean production value I don't I don't mean the value of your camera I mean value that you provide your audience jane starts there and this is uh this goes along with the theme of kind of launching your boot camp in your webinars a lot of you have been paralyzed and not be on the move forward because you think it has to be perfect you have to have perfect slides were to see today that lisa slides are not perfect but hopefully we'll get results anyways and james when he first started out on youtube, the cameras were not that good he's done you know, I've done a number of videos without my iphone like shaky walking like reverse camera so I'd look like weird like my face is like flipped around but it's still people comment on and they like to engage with your audience and you build your list so I think the most important thing just tow talk while he's getting the next step is that you just got to take action is really the most important thing and drop all the b s excuses that always hold us back on the fears I'm afraid to be in front of the camera and make mistakes and it's like I get in the habit sometimes of this take isn't good enough and that's why I usually go whenever I'm doing something with james now it's one take on ly and you go with the mistakes otherwise we try to make it perfect you're you're doing thirty takes and it's never perfect so one take go with the mistakes people going toe appreciate your authenticity and get it done just lonely and the irony with lewis saying that is I include my bloopers and all my videos and that's the number one thing people comin they love the bloopers and it's not about whether you make a mistake or not it's it's how you take that mistake when it comes you know with grace and and a little bit of laughter yourself or are you embarrassed and freak out and freeze and the stress out says yes, I'll do it I'll just tell you people are looking for you to mess up they are like you are too if you guys go watching my first year like what is it about and then when I mess up and laugh at myself like there's nothing you can do because I beat you to the punch you know I did it before you did and that's why I really love to be as fun as possible on camera I said a quick comment because on our youtube channel like the ones that we've spent the most money on the nicest ones the ones I'm like oh this is gonna be a home run you know and we have like three hundred views and then the stupidest video that like I went and got spray tans like in an afternoon has like two hundred a thousand years and I'm like are you kidding me like and it's like the video I don't want you going to wear at a conference a few weeks ago and I had my buddy come since james there just talking the whole tables talking about your youtube video oh cool which ones like like it wasn't in the video they said you were you were feeding a squirrel or something in the video and at the end of one of my videos when I film that I was visiting friends out in colorado and I had my iphone you normally use the nice fancy camera but I had my iphone and we went to a place we give feed squirrels and I was like feeding my first school nothing comes up on like or having him and that's the thing they're commenting on like here they are to learn about how to use video and it's like yeah, this guy with squirrel like just couldn't get enough of it so it's you know we still need to be there is a real person on the other side of that camera and they want to be entertained they want to see real nous and they want people to be able to connect with you so I think it's the same thing with uh with webinars we're talking about it is all the same you can get by with just educating and just like thing okay, step by step here you go but you're gonna get more out of it if you entertain them as well same thing was video so so I mean I could go on and on about this this second step uh most importantly to give you guys another action step and to give all you guys want is well scheduled day put it in the calendar for a filming day the big secret because it's not a one and done on youtube you don't just put out one video walk away with the fingers crossed and hope it works you put a siri's of videos out and so I tell everyone scheduled day to film block out a day or an afternoon where you're going to film a serious videos because we all know multitasking doesn't work, so if we can lock out our lock ourselves in a room and just start filming content, all those mistakes, the arms and the odds start to disappear and we we improve very quickly and that's why I did it that's mean that's the only reason I can even talk to more than two people at once is because I just kept making videos and you get more clear you get one sinks in your language, you create more on that stage presence of people are asking about, you know, how do what do I need to have that person that you create that as your as you're doing it now imagine how many of you have the fear of creating contents or like, you just don't get to it because you think it's a lot of time and energy and work is that the fear? Yeah, now imagine spending one day the entire month get all your content done and then the rest of days you just promoting this is what a lot of yes some of our friends do is they'll spend one day and shoot for two, eight videos, and we're done for two months of content not to worry about it at all, then come back in a few weeks and do some keyword research about their next ten videos but really just getting them all done in one day and then working on promoting and send him out week by week and if you create, if you were able to do ten videos in one day, it's ten weeks or the content you've got ready to go that's me has me excited. So, um, this is an area where I see we could have the most questions on and so I will definitely come back if we want to. I want to move on to step three, which is not video optimization when he did that it's video after and stupid, uh, we'll cut out the bloopers on this, right? Uh, step three is video aftermath and this stems from the fact that ninety nine point nine percent of business owners and marketers who to say, hey, I'm going to do youtube, I made a video. They think that as soon as they upload it to youtube, their jobs done. You has already learned this from derek, it all comes down to promotion, it's all the same. So video aftermath is everything you do with your video after you upload it to youtube so that it is not a needle in a haystack. If there are seventy two hours of footage uploaded every single minute, every single day that's a lot of content, your video is a needle in a haystack, so we need to do a few little tweaks to make sure that it's seen and gets views. Most people upload their video and the title, says m o o v o o one dot mp for and that's where they leave it on, then they wonder why they don't have any views so that's a good place to start step one. We had our key word how to become a model step two we made a video about three things you first three steps on how to become a model now we've uploaded it to youtube, we need to tell youtube and google what your video is all about your key word phrase goes in the and I have another image after this, so really clear. Clarify this, but we'll go through this first. Yeah, how to become a model to the title, to your description and to your tax. When you're uploading the video to youtube, they're gonna ask you all these different things like what's your title what's your description, one of your tax you need to make sure that your key word is there, even if the video is how to become a model if you don't put it in a title you're not gonna get ranks for well, we'll get to that in a second that summer, too get there. I know where you're going. So the other trick, though, with the title is it's, not three steps or three tips on how to become a model it's how to become a model in three steps the keyword goes, beginning, always immediately at the front because it's the most, whatever is at the most, the beginning starting point is the most relevant that's what they're looking at for it, they read left to right, same with the description you put your key word in there at least once you put your girl because this is the whole presentation is called video traffic, we're trying to get people off of youtube. And one thing I didn't mention and step two, which will mention right now is all of your videos at least your new ones should have a call to action telling people why they need to go to your website. Um, I end all my videos, I say thanks for watching my video to get your hands on my free report on how to generate more traffic leads and sails with youtube, head on over to james weber dot com or just click the link right below this video and you get your hands on that free report right now. Go ahead, click that link right now. We'll see on the next page I just had I decide that's the animal videos and hey, what do you know often go up for that day when I unleash it, unleashed the video and then as it gets ranked, you more often called action everyone your videos okay, does that first step makes sense. I know this is kind of like the left brain technical stuff, but this is the stuff that you know really makes a difference to your video gets ranked, putting your key word and as many places, we can't hide all the description attacks and here's a fun thing I love doing this, you have the ability to upload a transcript now youtube actually creates the transcript auto generates a transcript for you it's it's not a perfect jumbles the words, but you can get someone on fiber for five dollars, five or dot com to write out word for word what you said in your video and it could be uploaded and integrated with your video. Now the coolest thing is when I was doing some test videos, um, I did some for a a fitness program. I was really excited about kettle bells if you guys know what edibles are there, big cannon balls with a handle on him swing around, get in really good shape, and in the middle of the video, I said, I'm passionate about kettle bells. I just said that once in the video, if you were to go to youtube and type and I'm passionate about kettlebells, my video shows up at the top. Why? Because I uploaded a transcript and youtube looks at the transcript, and they can now read everything that's inside your video question sorry, I'm not following where you do that. Yeah, well, you didn't teach you how to do it, and I'll do my best because then we'd have to geek out a little bit like, well, first, we want to go up to your browser on dh that's, where I struggle, where it's like you can literally go to oh you mean this is the big thing we're going to keep teo tell you guys is like google it like we're here to give you a clear strategy in action steps and there's a difference between the strategies and the tactics of how to write the first video was not like uploaded in the description box this is not a coded inscription box there's a separate setting okay for how to upload an integrated transcript with each so it's good I mean I wouldn't want teo to teach you because it would take five years that's okay just wasn't sure if it was in the description or if it was a separate video everything okay? Thank you because they actually read line by line what your transcript is and it's amazing so if you said hey in this fee we're gonna talk about how to become a model and then set a few more a few steps and like so if you want to know how to become a model bubble and you say it three times now you've told youtube and google exactly what's in your video halt action thing is like what? I've never done it and so must travel you're losing I have like one hundred fifty videos like you and I've never done like thinking that they were magically going to get your sight so my sight so now the question is m e o now allows you to re upload without losing your views like so, but youtube doesn't know, but our change and you can add there are still right, so not the actual video. Correct. So what? We can dio and this is important, anyone? Who's uploaded a video and they realized I didn't do what james said, and I don't have a called action there's no reason for people to get off the youtube it onto my website. Blocks squeeze paige sayles patient there's some little tricks that we can do well write this down. I kind of talked about the next slide there's something called the call to action overlay, so just write that down because you can do a google search how to install it called act actually have a video on it on youtube call to action overlay, I'll show you what it isn't a second on the next line, we can use annotations, and you could do annotations there you can say, click below to get my free report or something like that, and then obviously we can use and you need to go back having assistant or somebody go through all your hundred fifty videos and make sure that you have a clickable girl in the first line of your description of every video so that they can click it and go to your website. Step three action item, though however, is created consistent schedule for broadcasting your videos once per week. So if you have, if you go in the filming room and you film five ten videos you had now have five, ten weeks worth of content, you could put out one of video week how I doubled my video. My video views not once but twice in two months consecutively was when I actually finally sat down and said, I'm going to practice what I preach and created a very strict, consistent schedule with my videos. That was one of the biggest game changes to me that dramatically people look at it like a tv show, okay, your stuff is like a tv show, it's not this one and done it's it's weekly thing. I know that can be a little intense for people, but you'll see the results and the traffic are worth the effort. Um, so I want to show you guys this little fun graphic for you guys and I know we'll be able to have this for customers to download and whatnot, but, um, so if you guys can see it all right, this is kind of a little bit of going over more of what this final step step is a video optimization thes six steps uh, on the right are things that you could do toe optimize your video so that it gets ranked the goal. Remember, as we said, the beginning get your videos ranked at the top of youtube and ultimately we can get videos ranked in google. Um, optimize the title by putting the key word in there. We already went over this. This is a video. I did, uh, kind of a routine. My keyword is right here. Credible routine actually put the key word in there twice. There's kettle bell. Um, it's in the description it's in there somewhere you can't see it and it's on the tax when you upload a video to last for those options, then I have floated the transcript. You can actually see the tax from the haihe. All right, in this video, I'm going to do a cattle ball routine looking how I said kettlebell routine was sean's beginning, right? So we know those were pretty easy. Always add your you are all in the description so people can click and go to your website because that's the goal and here's the thing I mentioned just a minute ago the call the action over like this is a banner ad that you have full control over, that you can put in all of your videos and people can click on that and go to your website, um I put the image here I'm doing the text and I can control where they go. There's a good case study? Actually, I don't think I told you about this, but a friend of mine, tim cites, went through our video trapper academy, and he was like, I want to get a couple tips he's probably got a couple hundred videos on youtube, it's like, I want to get a couple of tips and see if I can learn anything and increase my sales, and he saw that one thing we can add the overlay, and he said, this is interesting. Let me test this out and he said from one video he made thirty three thousand dollars from that video by adding the overlay, just getting more travel to website that was, ah, squeeze page and people often and went through sales process from that one video link to be you had fifty thousand views, so it had a decent bit of news but thirty three thousand dollars in sales from just going to have all the views but no one's click. And so once he added that he was getting more traffic getting out of sales. Now there's, there's two other things I want to share with you guys that are really cool tricks that I've done you, too. Ranks your videos based on a few factors things like keyword relevance, which is why we put our key word you know, if I type incredible routine we're going to find this video um they're also looking at the quality of the video in terms of our people to people like it which is why I told you guys create a video value if you said if I said kettle bell routine and this was a commercial for me like why you should hire me or why should buy my cattle bell and they had nothing to have credible routine what happens everyone leaves in ten seconds you didn't contract that and they push your video down so you just means create videos of value we already know that but there's some other fun little tricks and stuff that we can dio and one of them that we've seen and tested it works is adding video responses, comments, engagement, any type of and interaction like that the more you make each one year videos like an interactive community inside of youtube, the more they liked that they push that up. So one of the things we dio is is you know, what my students don't do is we create video responses for each other like hey lewis great video and then I upload that to his video and he has a few other people doing a video response and it pushes his video up, we encourage all all of us, you know? And as you guys network with other people comment on other people's videos like him share me, etcetera, that tells you tube okay, something's going on with this video, people like it, so we need to get other people looking at it as well. So adding video responses and encouraging and increasing interaction one great way to do that is in your video they make sure to like my video make sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already tell people what to do if they've washed your video they're gonna listen to you, they're going, they're going to do what you tell him to dio so um so that's it I'll take questions let's, just review your action items s so that you can actually get results with everything I've been talking about because it can be really simple and notice that has nothing to do with like I'm not saying you're saying like what camera to get you can do so many camera do this with the webcam on your on your laptop step number one is to find twenty relevant keywords we want to find more that's fantastic royalty free music was my example step number two is a schedule filming day so you can get a minimum of half of those keywords turned into videos and the number three is you wantto create consistent scheduled start broadcasting mills three simple steps to get results with you too the internet is lit up with questions and ready to go good the place that I that I want to start off with is really the a lot of questions about constant insecurities about how to get started and I do it beards be dcs james how did how did you get over your introversion from that first fearful moment in front of a camera to super confident in front of the camera today so how did you go from zero to a million miles an hour? Yeah um and some people don't believe me when I say I really am a big introvert uh I really was really nervous and shy um and I think they're two components number one I was you know, it sounds a little cliche but I was I was really fueled by that passion that that willingness to do whatever it takes and that was that was a quote was actually over my desk for some time, whatever it takes and so when you have that desire when you have that push you're willing to do whatever ever everyone but that's that doesn't give you an action steps so what I did was I just started practicing I already had I mean, I one leg up on most people because I went to film school but I want to film school to learn what to do behind the camera and so I knew how I could start making videos um really easily so I had that confidence but in order to get the conference the confidence on camera I just had to keep doing it and I'd have to repeat it so the first I think I saw it was it was my rule ofthree or the magic uh ofthree her through turns a charm whenever we want to use here where I would literally sit here on this video like I started with barton videos showing them how to like make a martini like start the camera saying this video we're going to show you howto make a martini here here's what you're gonna need bottle blonde I'd be stumbling and always would say these like cheesy like it's that easy no really I have like these ten years in a row we're like it starts sounds like hey what's up guys and and every video says hey what's up guys hey what's up guys and then it is that easy on it wasn't easy but I would do the video three times I said no matter what even if it's perfect on the first time I'm going to do the video three times and it was always better every time and that's I think the big c cooked everything is that when you have to do it so that you can have ah place for comparison to make something better because everyone knows I want it to be perfect or I want it to be better, but it's like but what are you comparing it to your comparing it to nothing? You haven't done it yet, so you have to do it. No one has to see it. There are hundreds of videos I've done that no one's seen and it doesn't take that long. If you want to make a three minute video, it takes three minutes, you know, press the record button and talk between minutes. Eso, itt's, repetition, it's practice and it's a it's, a desire it's a willingness to overcome it. And, uh, the more you understand that it's just about being you about being real and about being unique because we are all unique. That's what people want, the professional videos that are all polish don't connect with the audience the way you opened up a flip cam, same today I'm going to go get a spray tan, come with me, you know, like that's what they want, they want to connect with a real person and that's what we're providing them another. Another question from the internet is from eyes right about what you're talking about, maybe or mafi asks, I have a latin accent do you think people would accept it or hate it? It sounds like your advice and love be who you are love crank it up like three notches and that's why it's always something like whatever it is that you're saying it's like crank that up like what I like to say is you know how people say like that that fear like the camera adds ten pounds I don't know if that's true some people say I look a little that's a using radio christina but how to drop ten pounds on camera is a model that's a great yes because that's a big fear like write that down does the camera adds ten pounds? Well I say that the camera whether that's true or not I don't know but the camera does takeaway like fifty percent of your energy and so it's like there's a filter because we've been desensitized so much tv like I've seen things like on a tv show someone like being a restaurant will stand upon the table and be like yo yell something I would never do that but when you're watching on tv it's like that's not even a big deal it's like that okay whatever and so there is definitely a filter and so the more weekend night like just like if you wanna watch me on a video like I look weird like my arms are flailing way welcome to the video like you looking here would be like what the heck is wrong discover that people watch the video on so I'm always going to say crank it up yes deal length of time for the video to one is it too long when is it too long was into short youtube and google are tracking time on paige and this is a big ship that they've had in the last few months where people don't like your video and they leave that's going to hurt you the answer isn't necessarily a shorter video but I'm always going to urge people to be succinct one of the things we do is new visas we is we ramble when we talk a lot so when you're doing a few takes it's all about getting clear and to the point if I'm going to do a video on how to get royalty free music I'm not gonna talk for five minutes about hi I'm james women I've been doing videos for five years now and I love youtube and blah blah blah I'm just going to say here's where you're going to be royalty free music right here and it's a three minute video because of that so I think there's a sweet spot for most of us between a three to five minute mark but as long as you're being succinct and you're keeping people engaged you khun go longer and you're good like the makeup videos that are ten eleven minutes long and people are still watching. I loved us any other questions you have so many questions and great question thank you, fuser, because about twenty people had asked that online as well. So awesome thank you so nothing that people are interested in knowing I know we talked about this a little bit, but trent size more says I'm interested in creating video content, but my email is's about twenty five, people my facebook pages around four hundred, people again, how do I start getting beauteous? And this is what I'm talking about step one was about video optimization you don't need a list to get the views you just need your videos to get rain if I have a key word that's getting searched ninety thousand times a month and I get my video to the first place, it doesn't matter if I don't have a list, I don't have anything people are going to find that video and now I have a list because I'm going to get them too often so that's why I that's why I love going that route of video uh another interesting question from steve hamilton or steve handled dot com uh, once you create upload to youtube content, how do you generate income from it? So the next step of the process? I think that's what we're really talking about this this whole weekend is how do we generate income I want to be careful with with how I answer that question because it's going to depend on everyone's business models and beginning I said that youtube is traffic as business owners and marketers we need to look at youtube is a source for traffic generation. What we decide to do with that traffic is up to us. I do not recommend people as a business owner marketer monetizing their videos on youtube for those people who know what that is, that means you can put ads on the side everything that's we don't want people clicking on ads we want people click into our website, we don't want to clutter and distract everyone. We want them going toe one specific thing our landing page website block so I think that's, what we're really going to be talking about, um from here on out is now that we have these great resource is from derek myself on how to get traffic. What do we do with that traffic so we can monetize it? Like I said before, the goal is to get people off the youtube, get him on your list and we can do some magical things with them once they're a fan and subscriber of yours. So this is really just another technique for generating that initial traffic that you direct to your website and then you convert them on your website? Yeah very similar stuff that derek was talking about yesterday it's exactly the same except it's we're talking blogging versus video blogging it's just a different platform and in different medium with the same strategies and the same principles terrific one about sort of brand image here from st len I have I have an office which is projecting luxurious interiors for flats and yet would amateur video cut down on the professionalism so I would say yes, ok, I mean that zit always an important thing like I love to be able to tell people film with webcam do with webcam, but brandon is something to always pay attention to and if you're someone who's selling a half a million dollar yacht, you're not I don't want you doing a webcam video and you can afford the budget of of something nice. Okay, so I'm not gonna lie to people in however you khun get a film student on craigslist for a hundred bucks to come out and film a beautiful video I've done that before and they look amazing so you can still do it on a budget, but at that point I wouldn't have way have dollies and cranes here today I mean, I want to see the strange and sixty degree image of the yacht and you know all that amazing camera work that you can do if you're selling these expensive items all right, james so let's say you have five, ten videos in the backlog that she created before learning all these great tenor up online yeah, they're going on already what type of suggestions would you kind of recommended to go back and have more people viewed so we already have videos up on youtube but they're not doing much for us. What do we do now now that we know this stuff number one is you're going to go to each one of those videos and you're gonna look at how many views it has let's say has a hundred views and you look at the key word at the top and it says, you know, it just says like my my latest video well that's not really a key word and then you you know, no one's typing in latest video so we need to change we need to start with the video so what's the video about they say, well, this is actually about some great things to do in police so we go to the google keyword tool we go thanks to doing believes oh my gosh, I get ten that thing gets ten thousand views a month so you'd go in and change your title things to do and believe you go and you work on your description of it things to do and believes you make sure there's a clickable h t t p earl at the top of the description things to do and the lease is also in the tax, so we're adding the keyword thanks doom believes to your title your description and the tax so now you're optimizing video but there's some other things you can do it I think we can always re share it we can turn it into a block post on we can share the block post, but what I love to dio is with great videos, videos that I really enjoy and like that was especially a good one put it in my auto responder like day seven like hey thinking about going to believes here's some great things to do while you're there this great video I made about a year ago but check it out still great content so now if you're getting even just a few people added to your list every day when they had day seven or whatever, they're going to see that video and you're gonna continue to get those views. So I did a video recently on how to get our was just stat of youtube video statistics put that right in like day two of my own a responder gets to use consistently now it's a really good question yes, alicia, I have a question about the titling of the video because we're using keywords and you said that you want the keyword to be up front can you title it too like with the colon just like you would do a subtitle titled the subtitle of the book like it was the things to do in police colin you know travel guide for traveling in police or just really keeper yeah I I don't think the colon is going to hurt you as far as I know you're fine with the colon and if not you could do a space and a dash and at least is actually in a great uh kind of mish because you have a good case study with a dear friend of mine who does book marketing and we did a video a year and six months ago and I we went in and we did the keyword research and we found the keyword was write a book and get it published it wasn't that many views like eight thousand of twelve thousand searches a month write a book and get a publisher I would think that if she's a book marketing coach that that's what her ideal customers searching for so she goes on vacation in florida she's on the beach and her husband takes the shaky flip cams like with the wind like theo hat flying off and she does this six and a half minute randomly video of her saying how to write a book and get it published in ten days we got it rang to the number one spot in youtube two weeks later ranks in google you go there today a year and a half later he type in how to write a book and get it publish the video is still there in youtube and google at the top spot we beat out of video by the way that had been there for like four years and has thirty thousand views and get in ten days um I followed up with their one week later I said okay, you know, just like derek said, you know you can't we can't spend views you can't technically on youtube but for like a paint ten cents for thousand uh not a lot of money assistance what does this turn into for you sit in first week that it hit the number one spot I got eighty for new often to my list was able to convert one of those often sze into a customer into my v I p coaching program have you been coaching program is a ten thousand dollar one on one program not bad for one video she got the traffic and she knows what to do to convert that traffic. That was a year and a half ago I video still there so I love that when I first started out a lot of people were using two to mogul and other sources tio go on to lots of different so you suggest that I really don't if you're gonna upload to youtube you go directly to youtube don't try to use any lazy software when your when your deal with you two it's like I said we can you know I would recommend all the other a sites you want but I'm a prime like a machine to efficiency so I'm going to look at the ninety ten rule and I'm going to spend ninety percent of my time on youtube and I don't want to do anything that's fake robotic or manufactured there if you want to then go to to mogul and take that same video uploaded to all those other sites or have someone else do that for you fantastic but you're still going to see ninety percent results coming from you two all right question for you from the internet couple people orchid in tepp tech rod are asking about you said find a keyword that is being searched on are there different keyword searches for google and youtube or is it the same if they're different and I'm still always recommend the google keyword tool versus youtube that's a really good question I'm just not a fan of the youtube keyboard to let people think that doesn't make sense because I'm making youtube videos uh but my end goal my end result just like with uh her name was kristin eckstein with getting a video ranked in google that I mean that's that's when you hit the jackpot when you can type into google your key word your customer can and they find your video number one spots that's always the goals that's why I used keeper to google uh harvey wire man asks, does it matter if there are already a lot of videos on youtube covering your material also great question um obviously if there are a lot more videos for your key word then it's more competitive and it's gonna take more work uh so what I like to do is see if I can find uh keyword that doesn't have as many so when we have ten keywords in twenty years I'll sit there and actually type of men and see how many videos come back for this result and then I'll look at the number one two and three videos and I'll say did they optimize as good as we did we could do here did they put their title right at the beginning? Did they do three steps to become a model or did they do how to become a model like like we're using a video so I look at how well they know what they're doing and most of time that's the that's the magic thing that most people don't like they got lucky they just happened to use the right key word but they didn't do anything else right like they have no description they have no link all that stuff beat them out so quality of how other people of optimizer videos ninety nine percent of time you could be the way we have several different questions about branding on your youtube page and so just say, a couple of them, brian is wants to know do you use multiple youtube names if you have different niches? But then also step gordon is asking, I'm confused about how to set up my own channel. I want to brand it in line with my business, but it seems like it's branded by the gmail account name I select or plus okay, I'll talk, I'll talk with them in that order. First I get this question a lot about I have multiple businesses, brands, niches and do I have multiple channels? First thing I'll say on that is that you really wantto limit how many youtube channels you have as much as possible because it's a lot of work trying to manage more than one is is a lot more work, and I don't want people working mohr um, when they don't have tio, however, if you're doing to completely polar ups things, so you have two completely different audiences that don't intersect, and they can't see the connection, you probably want different channels, so the rc airplane guy created another chance when you want to talk about myers breaks because it kind of started bringing it up for these remote control kids a twelve year olds and they're like my wood so he had to create a separate channels if your fitness professional and you have fitness for women and fitness for men sure you can create separate channels but I wouldn't because the guys who see the videos for girls they're just like oh that's for the women like they get it they'll make the connection he's the fitness guy or fitness gal of course he does videos for men and for women but if you're doing something like business coaching and you know how to do paper mache a probably should do separate channels the second question was and I get confused by this google recently and youtube decided let's merge google plus profiles with your channels and now a lot of people are confused me one of them frankly because all of a sudden you wake up and your google plus profile and I don't use google plus nothing you're my google plus profile is my youtube channel so um I don't necessarily know if I have a simple solution to that because if you don't want your brand name to be um what you're cool pluses and it's already tied you know you might just have to create a new channel and use a separate gmail account that's specific to that so um I don't I I feel like that stuff's always very confusing with how they're doing that because they're always changing something every six months but the most important thing to realize people get really in their heads about branding their channels and just like you know creating a fan page and brain in your twitter profile but the thing about you two is that it's really still much more of a video centric place where there's a lot of people that will see your video and will never go to your channel and so I say if we can always focus on the video first channel could be secondary and so don't get in our way we don't get in our heads too much about what our channel looks like a cz much I mean it's important but it's it's secondary to having great videos that are ranked another question here from m cherry junior I love this one because you can see that our audience is starting to put together the links in the process that you and louis we're talking about the question for m cherry jr is should the videos that you do on your youtube channel mirror the content you provide in your free webinar? I mean the answer is obviously yes and I think that just means that it's a smart question from a smart person that we want to be smart with our marketing where I don't want to you know teach something that contradicts itself or is like call it, you know, a squeeze page here, but then a landing page there, you know, when there's a lot of continuity with your marking what you'll notice. Is that the same thing as you described, where people you see the person on multiple touches and thatyou takes a few times? Tto learn something could always set it here in his video, and there it is in the web and are all in here. It isn't it course that I just purchased, and so absolutely continuity and all of your marketing all of your content on different mediums and formats, because some people like to learn two minute youtube videos and people hate youtube videos. They like articles, and people want audio. Some people on transcripts, some people like the left live within hours. Some people hate life winners, so being able to have that same content in different mediums is is very wise.

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