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Mentor Agenda

Lesson 8 from: Lead and Attend Effective Meetings

Jason W Womack

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Lesson Info

8. Mentor Agenda

Lesson Info

Mentor Agenda

Now at the beginning of the course, I promised that we would get to this point of, not just group meetings, not just what you want to be known for meetings, not just the four kinds of meetings with the three kinds of conversations. But, I wanted to make sure that you walked away with some tactics you could use about mentor meetings, coaching meetings, For those of you that have a team or a staff, for those of you who will have a team or a staff, how do you get more out of those one to one, or small group meetings? So let me spend just a couple of minutes on this concept of building what we call a mentor agenda. The mentor agenda for us, it has five parts. And, what I did is I went ahead and I made you an example so that you could see this unpack in real time. In your handouts that you have is the PDF. You can go through this, you can download it off the website, or you have a version of this there with you. So, behind me you've got the five prompts, and this is how I've run our coachin...

g sessions for about eight years now. That when a client books a meeting with Jody, or I, or one of our coaches, they fill out a mentor agenda, coaching agenda. I always want these 24, 48, if I can get this two or three days ahead of time. Let me give you an example, show you how this works. So, for me, by the way, this is a real agenda. I built this for Dan. Dan, if you're watching, this is comin' towards ya. Dan is a speaker, he's a ultra runner, he's an author, he has helped his business clients earn 17 billion dollars in sales. So, his claim to fame when you go to his website, Dan does this. So, I think back to myself and I go, "Okay, what would I want to sit down and talk to Dan about?" Well, first of all, I'm gonna share what I think I need to change based on my intuition, that I know Dan would have some ideas about. One of them is, I know that Dan is great at his follow-up. So, I'm gonna put as the second thing, I'm not gonna go through all of these, I'm gonna spot check these. I'm gonna put as my second thing, "Hey Dan, if you had time, and if we could get a meeting together, I'm gonna ask you some questions about how you do follow-up because I wanna get better at that." And then I just keep on going through the process. I write down what three things frustrate me about this change that I'm trying to make. I'm booking my client coaching calls, I'm doing the client coaching calls, but I'm not following up as powerful as I want. You know what frustrates me, is that I have client notes all over the place, anybody else? I got some client notes in my notebook, I got some client notes in my head, I've got the client note that I emailed to myself because I put it in my inbox, I didn't have time to put it in my CRM. I've got stuff all over the place. Next, what do I need to do more of? See, what I'm tryin' to do is, I'm tryin' to get Dan what I've already figured out, but I either need a realist or an accountability buddy to push me along. So then I'll put something like, "Hey, I need to update my client documentation portal weekly." I hope what you're getting here is I'm giving my mentor, I'm giving my coach what I've already thought about so that what we do is we dive in and I get as many recommendations that are on point from him as possible. I'll go through these last two. What are five things that I think I need to do less of? And you've heard me say this, and you'll hear me say it again. This is you holding the mirror before you look out the window. I am tellin' you, it is so easy to buy another book, or to subscribe another magazine, or watch another talk online about how to be effective, and organized, and efficient. Hold on a second, what about my role in being inefficient, what about my role in wanting to move on that goal? So again, I'll just do this one. Schedule assessment and developments. Schedule that time after each coaching session. And then, in three sentences, five sentences max, how do I think Dan can help me. Now as you're processing this to yourself, as you're thinking to yourself about the kinds of meetings that they're having, the kinds of meetings you wanna be a part of, you're reflecting back on your ability to use the TRO triangle. Hey, I'm sending an email, is this a transactional email? I'm on a phone conversation, are we deepening the relationship. I'm face to face with somebody, are we creating an opportunity? And then, when you get that chance to serve as a mentor, or to be mentored, how can you show up to that meeting as prepared as possible? Anything that I can help with before we call it? In your research and studies, what would you say could be some useful resources or tools for getting better at communication? So as far as resources or tools out there, my immediate answer to that is, listen, listen. If someone were to say, "Hey Jason, what's the number one leadership skill that you want more of your clients to strengthen," it's listening and asking questions. And, I know that sounds a little bit backwards because I've been talking the whole time, but I know for me my learning development, my engagement and understanding happens when I stop talking. And so, I will, I always say I will fight or pay money to come up with a new question. I will do anything I can to come up with a new question so that I can get that other person to talk. So, out of the gate I'm gonna say listening. You had one pair meeting, where you got to meet with the colleague sitting next to ya, you got to capture a couple of ideas, you wrote some things down. My hope for you all is that you'll take these ideas, and some time within the next 24, 48 hours, you will use them, and then maybe with 72 hours you'll share some of this with someone that you work with, you live with, or of course, you love with. Thank you for being a part of this Creative Live course, Attending and Leading Effective Meetings.

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Deb Boone

This was a wonderful class that completely delivered in content coupled with the strategic tools that have helped me to start the process of creating a totally new infrastructure for the meetings I facilitate. All of the steps that Jason focuses on for this class are easy to implement and I know will promote positive results on many levels of my professional business and my personal life. This class is a must take for anyone who wants to me an effective and efficient meeting master!


Fantastic class! Highly recommend- Jason has such positive energy and enthusiasm, all his courses have been fun to watch and very informative.

Riva Robinson

This class was AMAZING! I went into this class not thinking that it might not get as much out of it because I'm not a part of an organization where meetings are a regular part of my day. But I left realizing that SO MUCH of my day, I'm in meetings: at the gym, coffee shop, co-working name it! Knowing how to direct meetings to expedite getting what I want is going to be a game-changer for my business!

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