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Tracking Success With Your Chatbot

Lesson 13 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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Tracking Success With Your Chatbot

Lesson 13 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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13. Tracking Success With Your Chatbot


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Lesson Info

Tracking Success With Your Chatbot

Hello everyone today. We're gonna talk about how to track success for your chat bots. So whether you're using paid ads or organic, you're gonna want to know how different parts of your chatbots are doing where you can improve, where most of your traffic is coming from to your website and we're gonna cover all of that in today's video. So right now we are in mobile monkey and here is a test Dialogue. So mobile monkey actually changed from pages two dialogues recently and we're going to pretend that we're giving someone a free lead magnet and we want someone to go to our website and right here we have a button here. But some alternatives is you can have a dialogue which is another dialogue component in mobile monkey. You can have a phone number because most of people who are on your chat bot will be on their phones or you can take it to a website. U. R. L. So if you're going to send people to a website from your chat bot, we want to know how you would know they came from the chat box and...

there's no real way to say that's why we use something called it U. T. M. Parameters, which is really useful to track where the traffic is coming from. So here I am at google analytics you are L builder and to get to here we can simply google it, you type in facebook U. T. M. Builder and it will be the first one that pops up. So I outlined some of the different components of U tien parameter here. I just stuck with our website that's metrics dot com and for the campaign source, let's say they're coming from Messenger if it's coming from an instagram and you can write instagram ad if it's coming from twitter, right, twitter and so on and all this to keep track of what is what you can look at this key down here which covers what is what campaign medium Some of the default is CPC CPM. I'm going to write cost per message based on our goal here and then the campaign name you can type especially if you're running a maybe a facebook campaign name it after your facebook campaign. In this case we can call it chatbots underscore lead underscore magnet. And then for campaign term that is the source that is your audience. If you see down here they said car owners in this case we're using a list. We already have messaging out to our chatbots list. So we just write chatbots list and then campaign content which is basically the creative or the copy. Typically if it's a facebook ad, you can just write the name of the ad. In this case it's a dialogue which is this right here. People are clicking on it. So we probably name it after the name of the dialogue or the campaign of sand drip campaign. In this case chatbots, Messenger lead magnet underscore page simply click create your L. And this populates you can go ahead and copy and paste that. So the first part of the link is the normal link. So let's say this is where a lead magnet lives. Everything after the question mark is the U tien parameter. Everything we listed up here follow. So it is coming from messenger or tracking costs per message and so on. A great way to see this in action is just go ahead, go on google. Try to find some U tien parameters. So let's type in the products Patagonia, it's an outdoors kind of company, closing company and here we got the gulag. So let's say click this at the top here. We're going to see the U. Tien parameters. Again, normal link is here everything after the question mark is the unique beauty and parameter. So the source is a google. The medium is a cost per click content to text that and so forth. And it's just a great way to track where your traffic is coming from in an organized manner. So let's say we set it up right here, I copy this and I'm going to paste it here, then can update the button then to see where this is all going. I can go on the back end of my google analytics so we're going to click on acquisition, then you're gonna click campaigns than all campaigns and you'll come to a page like this and then you can see that it's broken down into campaign source medium just like we did here when we set up source medium. So you could have your source is from facebook or instagram or twitter this way you know where most of your traffic is coming from. Maybe most of your traffic for chatbots can be from facebook ads and is doing well. So run more traffic there. Now another component after google analytics to track the success of your chatbots is going within as manager to the native platform that you are promoting. So this of course would be paid ads. You'd go to your ads manager and then here you're going to go to customize column and they have some default columns are illicit out but for our purposes we want messenger only. So I would just click all of these. You can see it's as new messaging, connections, messaging, replies costs for messenger reply all data that we want to know when it comes to determining the success of our chat about campaign and we can't even save it as a preset. So chat bot metrics click apply, then you'll be able to see it here. We can refer to it time and time again and you'll see that these metrics will pop up so messenger replies cost for new messaging And that is how you want to set up your tracking using number one U Tien Parameters two looking at it in google analytics or your native platform in this case facebook ads & 3rd and finally is we can look within the mobile monkey platform itself. We can go to audience insights and then there are bot analytics of course you need the pro and you can look at data like total contacts, new contacts campaigns and there's even conversions and this will be able to help you see the numbers. Another option is if you're running a jerk campaign you can click the drug campaign and you can see on the back end how your campaign is doing, how many messages are queued up to be sent out, how many have been delivered, How many people will subscribe all that good stuff because if you don't measure your metrics you're only able to know what you can improve on. So that is how to determine the success. You're trapped bot by determining the metrics and keeping track of your metrics.

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