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Monitoring The Success Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns.

Lesson 21 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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Monitoring The Success Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns.

Lesson 21 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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21. Monitoring The Success Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns.


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Lesson Info

Monitoring The Success Of Your Lead Generation Campaigns.

Welcome to the lesson. We're talking about how to monitor the success of your lead gen campaigns. So we are here on the back end of as manager and I'm going to show you how you can make your own reporting columns because right now we have the default ones up here that facebook gives us, but I want to show you how you can make your own customized view. That'll make it a more seamless experience based on the data that you want to take a look at. So if I click here, I named this one hashtag M. A. This stands for metrics, analysis and action. They see our process of optimizing and you'll see that I'll have status Metrics up 1st. So you see they created that it's active, the budget, the amount spent when it's going to end. So it's status comes first, then I'll have the immediate results columns here. So based on what it's optimizing for this is the main objective and then the cost for the objective. Then after that I'll have the columns break down into three components based on our funnel a...

wareness, consideration and conversion. So if we look at the awareness metrics, its reach or its frequency impressions, which is reached times frequency. We can look at Video views or 12th video views for example, one metric I can look at is our reach 23 2nd video view percentage. We'd like to see at least 50% here. So 70 2000 divided by 108,000 is above 50%. That's like 68, That's doing great. And then for 12th views, we like to see 50% here as well. So 46,000 Is way more than half of 72,000, which is great because on Facebook the average is about 30 between reach 23 2nd video views and then 30% to 3 seconds to 12th video views. So we have 50%. That is a great goal to have and we have more even better as we go down. This awareness Kind of level metrics will go into detail like what's the percentage of the time people watched through the video. So 22% of the time people watch, people watched up to 22% of the video, The average watch time is 21. The average rate of when someone's watching a video on Facebook is six seconds. So we like to aim for at least 10 seconds. The fact that this one is doing 21 seconds is phenomenal. And then you have our post engagement metrics. You can break down into further to likes, comments and shares. Then we have our consideration metrics which is people engaging with ads. They're clicking on it to go to the landing page. We can see how much it costs for a landing page. The landing page views and then finally the conversion metrics, how many people turn into a lead or purchase, how many people in this case viewed this page, which is the conversion goal and then you can have what the, the cost for purchases, how much it costs to get a certain metric. So that's how we like to break it down ourselves with status with immediate goals And then breaking it down to the three part funnel awareness consideration and then converge in that way, it's all in one of you you don't have to keep manipulating it based on what you have. Of course you can make additional views based on your preference as well to make a seamless experience. And this is just going to help you be able to do optimization that way it's less about just clicking around figuring out what's going on. But now, since you're in, know where everything is laid out, you can look at the metrics based on just a couple of the indications that I went through. Another thing we like to look at. So if we go to the asset level here is looking at the relevancy score and the relevancy score is basically a check engine light on how the campaign is doing. So usually I would have the relevance column right in the beginning, right next to the saturday. So I'm going to show you here, in this case it looks like we don't have it. So let's go ahead and make sure it's added. So it's right here a relevant score. It's after schedule. So let's see results going to the AD level relevant score. So we can sort by The top. So 10 is the highest score you can get, which is excellent. So based on the level of the, the funnel here, we like to have at least a six relevant score when it's at the awareness level. So this is at the awareness level because we have a one, so it's a 10, which is great. Then at the second phase of the funnel for consideration, we like to have at least A rating of four. This is 10. So this is kicking knocking out of the park Then for the conversion campaign, we like to have at least relevant score of two. In fact, as the nine means it's firing on all cylinders. So you want to have six for your awareness campaign, four for your consideration campaign and two for your, your conversion campaign because as people go down the funnel, the content will be less relevant to them. But if you do happen to get rare unicorn relevance score number, like nine and 10, that just means your content is relevant and these people are relevant ready to purchase, ready to engage. Now if we want to continue customizing this, what you do, you're going to go to customize column and then you'll be able to move stuff around here. So that's how we're able to make everything. Status Metrics 1st and awareness metrics you just have to drag and drop and if you don't see something you don't have in this case we're talking about our metrics from our late forms are instant experiences. We're just going to type in leave. So lead forms is from our lead forms. So I would click off these different boxes here to attract how many leads we have. What's the cost per lead Then once we click it goes automatically to the very bottom of the form. In this case, I could put dragon these to the consideration level or conversion levels based on your preference based on how you like to set your funnel up. But if I'm doing it at the consideration level, I might want to do it after landing page views right here. Same for the cost per lead form and then we can look for instant experience as to There will be two, it's an experience of you time. The average total time that people spent viewing an instant experience, the longer someone's interacting with that instant experience, the more engaged they probably are rather than someone just clicks on it for two seconds and leaves, then they probably didn't consume the entire experience. And then the view percentage. Another metric to see how engaged someone is and we can move this into the consideration level as well. Or just drag it up here and then you would keep on doing this for all of the different kinds of leads. You have the different metrics you want to track and it's all about sorting it based on your view. So when you're looking at it and you want to optimize, which will show you on the next video, you'll have it perfectly prepared. They'll make it easy and then you want to make sure that you click this box to save as a preset because if you click apply it won't save, it will pop up on your your dashboard here. But if you exit out, when you return, everything will be gone. That's why you want to save it and name it in this case I named it mea but you can name it whatever you want, you can name it, reporting column, you can name it optimization, reporting whatever it might be and then you click apply and then I'm gonna want to replace this column because I saved it under an existing one and you'll see that the ones that we just added lead forms and but we had instant experience, it will pop up and that's how you add these metrics steering columns. Another aspect that's great about customizing columns as you can make reports, you can export this information. It's all laid out already to the comps that you like. So you don't have to go and copy and paste space on these. You already have a report a report based on what you like. So go ahead and implement this custom columns and this will help you be able to track your results with accuracy, all on a single view to make it a seamless experience for navigating the results of your campaigns enjoy.

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