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How to use Attributes with your Chatbot

Lesson 24 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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How to use Attributes with your Chatbot

Lesson 24 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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24. How to use Attributes with your Chatbot


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Lesson Info

How to use Attributes with your Chatbot

Welcome to the lesson where we're talking about how to use attributes. Webster chapa to send up follow up messages. So earlier of course we talked about how to set up attributes and give some examples. Now let's dive in how to use these attributes these audiences we created to send out messages and there's two ways to do this. We're going to click on marketing automation here at the mobile monkey dashboard and then there's going to be chat blaster and drip campaigns. These are the two types of messages, the two types of content that you can send out to your list. So let's go ahead and click on Chat Blaster 1st and a chat blaster is the equivalent of if you have an email list is equivalent of sending out an email, you own it, you own the assets, you own the emails and in this case you own the often the people on your list, your chat bot list and you're allowed to send out messages to these people. So we're going ahead and click new and then you can name the type of audience you want. So...

let's just use an example, let's say I'm a chiropractor and I qualified people that they had back pain in an earlier attribute. So let me just write back pain right here. Maybe I'm giving a tip on an exercise exercise whatever the exercise maybe. And then I have a list of audiences I can choose based on the attributes I set up earlier. So let's just pretend local business that was back pain. So I know this person has back. Pain and there more likely than to resonate with content that's talking about back pain. So then I would choose a dialogue that talked about back pain Before you even set up a chat blast. It's like before you send out an email, before you click that send button, you want to write the email first. So in this case the dialogue is that message that you're writing. So let's just review real quick by growing a bodybuilder and then clicking dialogues. This is where you're going to make your chat blast messages. So in this case we have a folder chat blast pages. So dialogues used to be called pages but now it's called dialogues and we can add the dialogue this case back pain exercise. And then whatever that info might be, I might have text and image a gift, whatever it might be abc as a placeholder for now. And then let's go back to marketing automation and chat blaster and click new chat blast. Now I made that piece of content. So let's scroll down to locate it and we can even use a search tool here. So let's just do that back pain exercise. So now I create the content, I have the audience and we are going to choose what kind of content. There are three types of promotional subscription and notification. So you want to click through each of these and make sure you learn based on facebook's policies because they're always changing for example to send out a subscription message later on. You must be approved for subscription messaging. But right now facebook has been more relaxed on this. So by the time you receive this training, this might have been updated. So just check on what the most up to date policies are for each of these and then notification updates. This is like if you're an e commerce business, you can give shipping updates or payment updates. Now in this case this would be a non promotional message. It would be a subscription based message because you're trying to add value to people and then we can choose if we want to send out the message immediately or schedule it for later. So in this case we can click save and then we can either choose one of these and I'll send it out. Now second option of sending out messages is drip campaigns. So let's go back to marketing automation, click on drip campaign. And a drip campaign is sending out a series of messages. It can all be arranged pre accordingly. So you don't have to set it out. So in this case maybe we're still on the back pain topic. Let's say I want to send out a non promotional series. It's going to be a series about back pain, what medicine you should take, what exercises you should do. What can you even eat for back pain and the audience would be that back pain audience I qualified in this case it says local business, but pretend it's back pain and then I can add messages. I can say, hey, over the next couple of days, I'm going to send you information about back pain. You can expect to get x, y and z. And also at the end also, you always want to let people know that they can opt out of the message or your subscription. You can say stop at any time if you don't want to receive these messages. That way, the rate of people opting out of your chat bot and marking us spam goes down because you don't want to get in trouble with facebook. That's why you always want to give people the type of content that's most relevant to them. So giving them the option to unsubscribe is very important. So let's see on this message, we can say, hey, today we're talking about what to eat. If you have back pain and the next day, what kind of exercises you should do if you have back pain here, whatever it might be just giving people value through a drip campaign. And then we want to edit the time frame of when these messages goes out. So for the initial one might be one day after they saw the first message. Same with this 11 day is a good, good way to drip. Just taking the principles from best practices from email marketing and taking it emoting it into chat. But of course, you also want to consider that chatbots are more lightweight kind of approach. Think of it as you're missing your friend, you're not going to give them a long essay in the message, you're just going to give a quick tip. Hey, you know, thought this, thought this article was cool, I just thought I'd share you want it to be that kind of, that kind of links, very friendly, very quick when formative kind of content and you can drip this kind of content out indefinitely. Of course, I wouldn't do it for like 100 days. You'd want to be methodical about this that way, the content that you're making is relevant to your audience. So those are the two ways on how you can use attributes to an advantage by making the content relevant and by using attributes and these custom audiences, you're going to get better open rates, better engagement rates. And this is gonna be much more of an effective tool for your overall chat marketing. Hope you enjoyed the lesson. See you on the next one.

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