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Have Something To Offer

Lesson 29 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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Have Something To Offer

Lesson 29 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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29. Have Something To Offer


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Have Something To Offer

occasionally going to run across clients that their leads don't convert and we talked about quality leads, how a lot of it is the contents and their expectations in the beginning it's sometimes up to you to be able to educate the client, help them. The biggest thing is legion, right? So you want to show them what might work well and be able to have some examples. So there's some case studies, A few basic legion practices or tips is to provide something of value. Solis tickles worked great. Here's the seven things you need to know If you're buying a home for the first time or here's the five tips, two Making meals with a $ budget or here's the three things you can't forget, you know, if you're going to the movies this summer, whatever the businesses, right? Some mystical that incentivizes people. Okay, yes, I want that video training can work well or videos. Here's a video from our last event, here's our Ceo, talking about such and such are founder, here's what our specialist Daniel has...

to say about plumbing. Right? So again, providing value, since remember when you collect the weeds there in the middle of the funnel awareness is the first touch, middle of final consideration, bottom of funnel conversion. So they're considering your brand or your client's brand as well as other brands are wondering do I need this service or Yes, I need running shoes, but should I get under armor or Nike or Adidas, what's the difference right there, kind of scouting out these different variables. So anything you do to provide value for them, you got lipstick, als videos, you can try and accelerate the path to conversion with a promo or discount this weekend only buy one, get one free. Those work well as blasts of course. Or If you want this coupon code on your email below, we'll send you a coupon to get 25% off your first purchase. You know, Dennis talked about, you know, the trip wire will be one of things we've been discussing and then updates are series. Right? So if you're going to be sending them constant information, if you want to receive our weekly emails or be able to be a part of our weekly podcast, weekly webinars or once a week we do a giveaway or once a month, you know, entering below to qualify. So the last one is not necessarily something they get, right, then the first three, ideally they sign up and you deliver it to him, right then the last one could just be, you have some value to be giving them overtime, Right? So there's some others but be familiar with these practices and be able to teach clients is so that if the client has bad legion, if they have weak content week video, you can kind of help give them some ideas that will help them, which of course helps you right? Because if the content can't set the expectations, then the quality of the lead, right? Then is going to be lower. It's gonna be tougher to convert them. So this initial transactional step where they first become your lead, where they first give you their email address is really crucial, which is why we've talked about this a few times. Just make sure you understand these principles and how to teach this to clients. We want to show you guys a few of our favorite examples. I think we just have three or so examples below and then the screen share will show you guys just so you can kind of get some brainstorming in place. And I think hopefully we have some templates to share with you guys as well. And then again arming you guys to go the better, give value and education to your clients. So you just learn the principles of what goes on into a lead magnet. So let's dive in and show you some examples. So first one here is our standards of excellence course and this is a lead magnet we like to offer whenever we're at a conference and event we'll do some speaking. And then towards the end we tell people to shoot one minute videos and then they shoot a one minute video. We'll give them a unique link where they can just click this button and get the code. So I click the button here and then I'm going to get a messenger code right into my inbox. So right here it says Tada, your coat is monkey time. Just click on the button below. Use your code to get access to our Standard of Excellence course. So then people would just click on this and then get access to our lead magnet our Standards of Excellence course. It's just a good way of introducing one of the material we have as a lead magnet. So that way they see right away that our lead magnet is our guide that shows the benchmarks on the numbers that we like to use when looking through campaigns. And this just gives a quick an easy way, a quick introduction and a strong introduction into the value that we can provide because this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we have to offer next is lead magnet to one of our webinars. So it doesn't always have to be a digital pdf or a guide can be a video. So in this case this is a live webinar and we're telling people, hey, if you want to learn how to become a public speaker come join and this is a lead magnet so people can get on the webinar and they get value there. So don't be limited by just text or documents. It can also be through video. Another example would be maybe dripping out a three day or four day video series where you have video, one video to video three and you can just test between what works for you. Whatever your niche vertical is maybe having a a pdf or a video works better for you. Then we have an example here from our friend Jeff Hunter. He gave out this worksheet as a lead magnet for people to join on his weapon and he talked about copyrighting. So this is a lead magnet to incentivize people to get on that webinar and it's just a worksheet where people can fill this out, they can figure out what their client avatar is completely free and just offering value at the beginning. Lastly, this is our social amplification engine and this is of course we like to, to offer to people who are interested in becoming clients. They want more information. So rather than trying to pitch them, we like to educate and offer value first, letting people understand our process on what we do. So it's less of sailing and it's more letting our processes and techniques, our strategy all documented out our checklist and is educating people about exactly what we do. Hey, here's exact checklist you would need to do and this is what you can do yourself or you can hire us and we'd be happy to do it for you. So this is also teaching through providing education on our processes and this is just another form Elite magnet. So go out, prepare your lead magnet whether you're repurposing it, creating it. Having a lead magnet. That's the first impression that's going to help you educate and give value to your potential customers that way, when your prospects already they become customers.

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