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Delivering Through A Painless Process.

Lesson 33 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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Delivering Through A Painless Process.

Lesson 33 from: Lead Generation with Facebook Ads

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33. Delivering Through A Painless Process.


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Lesson Info

Delivering Through A Painless Process.

painless process is one that's repeatable where you don't have to repeat yourself over and over again. The reason why in lesson one, we talked about having a clear lighthouse is that you know exactly what to do at every stage. And if you work with other freelancers, I don't see any issue with hiring other people on Fiverr to do parts of these things that that I don't want to do, then I know that I know what the, what the questions are there going to have, I know exactly what I'm going to solve. And the perception from the client standpoint is that I know what I'm doing because if I have a portfolio of 10 different, let's say that my, my lighthouses, boutique gym owners and I've got 10 of those clients when number 11 comes along, they'll look at this and say, well, clearly Logan knows how to do this because he's done 10 of them already. The sign of a novice of someone who is cheap, who doesn't make much money and isn't competent is they come out and say, oh, I'll do facebook lead campai...

gns for you. Just like, oh, I'll build a website for you. Well, a website for a mortgage broker versus someone who has a book to promote. Those are all completely different, right? Different customer bases, different goals, different cost per lead, different funnels. And so you, you overcome all this nonsense and you're, you're probably looking at this and saying, you know what, I'm guilty of that I've got five or six clients and they're all in completely different businesses, there's no kind of sharing or overlap. It's like I might as well be running five businesses instead of one business. And if you're a freelancer on five room, you're trying to run five businesses, you're, you're gonna lose in today's competitive age. So you overcome that by having this particular process that we're laying out to you first is that you have your strategy assessment and that's where you collect the goals, content and targeting for potential clients. Guess what? Now the tables are flipped. They have to qualify for your services. Why? Because you need a particular ingredient set for you to be able to execute what you need for a league campaign. That means you have a process. Think of us. We're all bakers or cooks or master chefs and when people come into our restaurant and they say on the menu, I'd like to have the chocolate cake. Well in this particular restaurant, the customer has to bring the chocolate and the sugar and the flour and the butter and the yeast and all the ingredients that are necessary in us as master chefs will take their ingredients, follow the recipe, which is our checklist on our process and then, you know, put it in the oven, do whatever we need to do and then present the customer with their chocolate cake. It's no different than what we're doing here on fibers platform. The customer has to give us the goals content and targeting. You need to set up a strategy assessment so that you can pre filter these clients that would not be a fit for you. The last thing you wanna do is go back and forth with a potential client. You're not getting paid. You're wasting time. You're giving them free advice. Don't do that unless you just want to work for free. Some people do, maybe they're retired. They're doing it just for fun. Not us. We're doing because we want to get paid but your pre filtering the clients to make sure that the right ones now instead of them saying, oh we'll try to convince me what you do or try to sell your thing for cheaper because I, someone else, someone else that can run lead gen on facebook for less than that or why does yours cost so much? You can say here's our process which you take the process that we're giving you in this course and you put your name at the top but give us credit saying that you learned this on the fiber platform from Logan and Dennis. Right? And you can say I've got a proven process that has spent over a billion dollars that will drive leads for you if we are able to collect your goals content and targeting. And so this reverse psychology will increase your client place. We will give you more qualified customers that will pay you more because they see that. Oh wow. They actually require these different things. They're not just going to take my money and make promises, saying, oh yeah, yeah, we can do that. Right. They actually will only take clients on this is you, they'll only take clients on if they have these particular items and if that client is in this particular vertical, so at this point potential customers or clients will say like consultants will say, oh, but well certainly I can make more money if I offer my services to everybody on the planet. Right? I mean, why would I want to service just mortgage brokers? When I could say I service the entire planet? Because after all, maybe I have no clients and I'm trying to make rent and I just really desperately need more business. Don't do that. We see that happen all the time. This is one of the key reasons people fail when they start to offer services on fiber or their freelance doing freelance digital marketing in general is you've got to focus on that one particular niche. You've heard that the riches are in the niches, right? Have that particular process. Do not deviate from the process. You could have a client that comes in and says, yeah, I want to do the process and generate leads with you following what you've learned this course from Logan and me, but I also want to get my website built. Can you do that too? And you say you say respectfully, look, this is what I focus on, this is what I'm really good at. If you want to build a website or get your logo done, then here are three or four other partners that we recommend. Right? Or they say, okay, I see that your list of goals, content and targeting the different items that you need to be successful. But you know, I just started my business and I'm hoping you can just kind of make an exception and get it going. Do not make that exception. Because when you take on a business, this is this should be actually the number one thing that we should teach people on fiber when you have, when you have a potential client come to you and it's a brand new business. And let's say you really want to service that client because you need the money or you know whatever it is, don't do that because you want to take a client that's already gotten some success. They've already driven some leads through some channel because then you've got some goals, content and targeting. You've got some data that's coming through. You already know what kind of content and targeting might be working on another channel and you can replicate that instead of hunting around in the dark trying to figure out what might work or not for a product that's unproven that is easily 50 times maybe 100 times the effort if I had to choose. I know this is our facebook lead ads class, but man it's important you guys need to understand this. If I had to choose Between taking 100 of one particular kind of client, let's just say that I did lead gen for veterinarians and I got really good at it. If I had to choose between doing lead gen for 100 existing veterinarians and growing their existing businesses using facebook to drive leads. That's option A versus option B. One random startup that they're selling their software product or they're launching this thing that they believe is going to change the world which they all say they will I would choose option A over B. Why? Because be so much riskier. They don't have any plumbing, they don't have any money. That might be why they are on Fiverr that's why people are on Fiverr way back in the day when they first started right before five or pro before things were you know, actually more than $5 and all that right, resist the urge to be very clear on what you have to offer. Don't deviate from that packaged process. If you do, you're making so many exceptions, you're never going to make money, clients not going to be happy, you can't have repeatable excellence, you're going to end up having a bad experience as a reseller on fiber and you're part of this is you want to preempt challenges to, we talked about the social amplification engine and how it falls into three parts of plumbing the strategy and scaling, we found and expect that you will find that a lot of problems exist in these areas where getting access is a big challenge, A lot of people content in terms of their strategy, making sure that they can have video assets to give you and then scaling what are the next steps after this initial campaign, we're going to continue working together. Will you pay me more etcetera, pre defining those and pre leading people along. We're going to talk in the next lesson how you can accomplish this and prevent these problems using checklists.

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