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Putting it All Together

I want to take everything we've learned and simplify into what really matters to you, and break down what action you're going to take. And of course, the rookie mistake here is trying to do too much at once, overwhelming themselves, and slipping back into old habits. So, most people that leave, whether they're watching live, or they're watching replay, or they're...or you guys are here, they're going to slip back into old habits in a couple weeks. So you want to focus on developing these habits to where they stick with you, okay? And if you want to do any questions or anything, let me know. Or we could just keep going. So, complexity, guys, is the enemy of execution. What that means is if you're complicating things, you got to get rid of all the noise in your head. If you complicate things, it's really hard to take action. If you think about everything we talked about today, you're going to do nothing. That's why you got to simplify what matters to you and your business. You're all at ...

a different spot. Some of you guys need to delegate, some you guys need to build, some of you guys need to go take action on what you already know, some of you guys need to work on leadership because your team's already crushing it, but you want to go to the seven figure level. Only you know what you need, right? Simplicity is beauty. So, here's what I want you to do, when you leave or right after. Pick three of the most important actions from each segment. How many segments were there? Four? Four. Yeah. I forgot. Okay. Three from each segment. There's the productivity, there's the building the six figure team, there's the creating the culture, then there's leadership. Three of the actions that are most relevant to you, write them down. Then, you're going to write all 12 down. Now remember, 20% of all your activities yield 80% of your results in income. So now what you're going to do, is out of those 12, pick two, two or three, that are most meaningful. I'm literally telling you to ignore everything else you learn for right now. Because most things don't matter. My number one goal is to get you guys real results, so when we meet up in six months, or I connect with you in four months, you're like, "Oh my gosh, the results I got have been amazing." Right? Most things don't matter, okay? And remember, doing something unimportant well, doesn't make it any more important. So, pick your top three. Now, order them in order of importance. So, you got your 12, then it breaks down to what? Three, then label them in order of importance of what's most relevant, and what's going to help your business the most in the next six months. Now, block off 60 minutes of your schedule within the next 30 days. Love that you guys are writing this down. You guys are engaged. I love it. I'm excited to hear these success stories, by the way. So what this means is block off... You don't need to worry about it now. But block off in 30 days, 60 minutes. Then go back and ask yourself these questions. Did you master the first one you said you were going to master? Have you seen results? And what is the next one you're going to master? I'm telling you, most people that watch courses, they get fired up, and they try to execute seven things. And then what happens is they don't get results, so they give up. And then they trick themselves, "I got to get another course." No, you should probably master one first, okay. Has everyone got this? Figure out what you're going to master next. The 14-day momentum challenge. Right? You got 14 days to go all in. Here's the challenge I want to challenge you guys with for the next 14 days, because you have to have the habit stick. Am I thinking and acting like a world class leader? Are you thinking and acting like a world class leader? You can't get world class results not thinking and acting like a world class entrepreneur. Here's my challenge. Get addicted to outcomes and results, not information and knowledge. So, when you watch this, when you purchase the class, and you watch it over and over again, get addicted to watching the outcomes and results of your business grow, not just the information. Because mastery versus overload is one of the biggest keys to developing a successful life, is focusing on being a master not someone that overloads himself. Next, five days of sparking your body. So, do something to get your body engaged five days a week. Something. Walk around the block, do push ups, something. Say no to everything that isn't congruent to your vision. This will be hard for some of you guys. Say no to everything that's not congruent to your vision, specially if you're not at a level that you know you could be at right now. If you're already crushing it, making half a million plus, then you don't need it, you can pick and choose. But if you're in the process of building, you got to say no to certain things. Prize Fighter Routine. Now what this is guys, is a morning routine. The whole purpose of the morning routine, is to get yourself in a better state of mind, and to be very strategic on what you're doing that day. So you need to know exactly what you're doing for the day, and just have a morning routine that's congruent to your vision, to where you're doing the hardest thing first, and you're working in 60 to 90 minute increments. So, four days of 60 minutes of your toughest task, take a 20 minute break, like Chris asked earlier, to do tasks, chores, walk around the block, shoot some baskets, watch a YouTube video, go back and work on your toughest task again for 60 minutes uninterrupted time. If you do this four days a week, you do a Prize Fighter Routine, and then four days you work on your toughest task. Sixty minutes, take a break, Sixty minutes, you will not believe what you can get done. That'll build you enough momentum to take on the rest of the day, and be as effective as possible. And then lastly, make sure from here on out, guys, you're analyzing versus being emotional. Like, when something happens or your business isn't doing what it's supposed to be doing, don't get emotional. Analyze. Why is this happening? A leader analyzes, and bases everything off what's best for the business, and they take their emotion out of it, okay? So, this is the 14-day challenge. And, I don't fully believe in self-discipline because it's more about habits than self-discipline. It's more about habits and inspiration. Self-discipline sometimes is just short term, but habits trump inspiration, okay? So, consistent habits and daily rituals, it's what is going to get you guys to the next level. So, the action steps. Pick your top three actions from training. So simplify, pick your top three actions from training. 100% commit and sell yourself. If you're going to build an amazing business, if you're going to become an amazing leader, 100% commitment has to be on your end, and you have to sell yourself on why you're doing it, okay? Focus on the benefits, and on the end result of building an amazing business that impacts a lot of people. Map out everything, and pick the exact days of when you're going to do certain things, when you're going to spark your body, when you're going to hire your first employee, when you're going to go back and look at the training again. Find an accountability partner, which is huge, and then start on the 14-day challenge. And what I would do, after the 14-day challenge, I would create an inspiring reward for yourself. Something that makes you feel exceptional. Maybe it's a trip to somewhere. Maybe it's a new car. That's a pretty big reward. New house, right? But there was a study, guys, of 5,000 of the top entrepreneurs. And this was a couple years ago. And they wanted to know what separated the five... This was already the best entrepreneurs. And they wanted to figure out what separated the best entrepreneurs from the 5% of the best entrepreneurs. And here's what it was, how fast they implemented what they learned. That's it. Speed of implementation was the biggest differentiator. So, how fast can you take the information you're learning, and then execute it in your business, so you get real results? That's the key. If I could tell you anything, I want you guys to make sure you're focused on implementing what you're learning as well. And, with what I've learned in the last 15 years, 14 years of entrepreneurship, it's yes, money's important, flexibility's important, but there's nothing you should put above being a world class human being. If you could just be a world class human being when you leave, just be a world class respectable person, that's all you can ask for. Of course, you can do things based on your ambitions and what you love. But there needs to be more people being world class human beings. World class in every area of life, not just business, not just families, but in general, world class in every area. And the number one thing I've seen hold people back, is they never tell themselves, what? Now matters. Most people spend the first half of their life saying they're too young, and the second half saying they're too old. Now matters. So the second you guys leave here, the second you're done watching this, now matters more than ever. And if you guys can tell yourself now matters, and figuring out what you want, figuring out what you're willing to give up to get what you want, that's when you're going to become an exceptional leader as well. So by the way, and if you want to learn any more about me, you can go to PeterJVoogd.com. And then on my social media, I'm pretty active on that. So, I'd love to connect with you guys. Let me know what you learn, what you gain. And I'm excited to really help you guys take your game to a whole new level, and I hope you guys got some value. And I'll tell you, I'll do one last thing, write down on the back of that piece of paper. Everyone watching, write down your ideal income goal in the next six months. Maybe money's not that important, but still you have to make money, to make more money. Write down your ideal income goal, if everything went right. And then we'll end there. If everything went right. Maybe we'll do some questions if we have time. What is your ideal income goal in the next six months? You guys watching, you can write it down. Everyone got it? If everything went right. Look at that goal, look at your income goal. Now double it. That is called human potential. I'm telling you right now, don't sell yourself short. That is human potential. If you really understood how powerful you were, if you really just took these things seriously, and you understood the importance of mastery, of taking action, that's what's possible. Even more than that, but you got to make sure you tell yourself now matters, and you're all in on success and on leadership. I appreciate you guys' time. Thank you.

Class Description

Peter Voogd, labeled the world’s leading authority for millennials and entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur.com, believes that many entrepreneurs suffer from ‘Superman Syndrome’ and don’t know how to delegate–or how to attract and keep good employees. This often leads to 80-hour workweeks and quick burnout. Remaining territorial about work also means missing out on revenue opportunities because it’s impossible to scale up the business without a team.

It doesn't matter if you manage a team of two people or a team of two hundred, being a leader is a skill you can develop to inspire people every day. If you are feeling burnt out, if you are spending your time on the wrong things, or if you struggle to convey your mission to your team, this class is for you.

Leadership is a skill you can acquire and a muscle that needs to be strengthened. If you are running your own business and feel like you are spinning your wheels on parts of your business that you do not love or do not know how to motivate those that work for you, you can change that.

After taking this class: 
  • You’ll understand the importance and benefits of building the RIGHT team.  
  • You’ll be able to attract and retain A-Players to your business consistently 
  • You’ll have a long term roadmap and strategy congruent to YOUR most important goals. 
  • You’ll have clarity on what activities yield the biggest results for your life & business
  • You’ll be able to grow your reach and revenue without putting in more hours
  • Peace of mind knowing you’re as productive as possible for your family, friends, customers, and team.
Join Peter Voogd to start being the best leader you can be. 



Peter has such a great energy! Changed my thinking and motivated me to be a successful leader. I also liked that this class wasn't too long which is perfect for busy people.


Mixed. Why on earth the focus on millennials?? Why not also focus on attracting people with years of education and experience? People with wisdom, confidence, strong work values, a long perspective, less self-absorption? People with staying power? Way too slick and self promoting for my taste, though he may know something. Not sure if he knows anything that hasn't been said better elsewhere, without the arrogance.


Wow, what a great class, I'm interviewing right now, so not only did it help me for interviewing, it also helped on the leadership that I need to work towards, because I lost it a while ago, and I need to get it back. Thank you for such motivation.