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Leadership Skills for New Managers

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Class Recap

Cory Caprista

Leadership Skills for New Managers

Cory Caprista

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18. Class Recap


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Class Recap

So this is what we covered today. Influencing is the last thing that we do as a manager because we do it all the time, right? We wanna have our impact. But we started this day talking about mindset. So, really, what does it take to be a manager that's different? Okay, because you have to think differently than you do when you're an IC. Then we talked about how to bring yourself to the table. Who am I? How do I show up? Because I'm the only one that can be me, right? So how can I be the... Be the you-iest you you can be. That was that part right? And what would be maybe scary about that? Then we talked about mindfulness and emotional intelligence. How do I stay attuned to what it's gonna take moment to moment, day to day, to get where I wanna go? And how do I connect to people more on what's happening in their emotional experience or in their experience that's gonna give me power and ability to have the kind of impact I want and to help and be in service? Then we talked about setting ex...

pectations and boundaries. So how to we really step into an authoritative space of, "Here's what I expect. What do you expect?" Negotiate that and be clear, so when we go forward, we can coach and navigate based on, at least, a common understanding of where we're heading, yeah? And boundaries, how do we personally uphold the things we need to be at our best? So we don't get overrun by to do's and distractions and we don't actually show up the way that the team deserves and our company deserves, right? Then we talked about one-on-ones, we got really specific on this thing that we do a lot, that where we can do a lot of the things like coaching and have a lot of impact and influence. And the last is, we gave you some specific tools and practice doing some influence. That's gonna really help you, hopefully, when you go out there you think through, "Okay, what's one or two things I could do here that would really, if I carry forward would be useful." So great work, you crushed it. Round of applause for yourselves. (audience applauds) And I just have a few more things I wanna leave you with. The biggest ideas are understand the game. There's a big game out there we're playing in the world of business or professionalism and especially in the world of management and leadership. So understand it and play it intentionally. Really be clear and get clear over time. Explore what it means to be a leader and a manager for you. And, the last thing is don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Just get a little better every day. You're not gonna be able to do it all at once. So pick the things, order of priority that's gonna have the biggest impact for you and go after it. And with that come to a close and I just want to thank everyone online and everyone in the room for sticking with us for that course. I had a really good time being with you. Thanks for being with me.

Class Description

You’ve been a successful individual contributor at your company for years. Now you’re starting to feel like you need more. The logical step is to become a manager—taking on more responsibility, making more of an impact and getting higher compensation.

But how should you go about making such a major transition? Will your company and team be able to see you as a manager? Do you have what it takes to succeed in that new role?

This course is all about taking the momentous step from individual contributor to manager. Experienced consultant and coach Cory Caprista will highlight the differences between the two positions and what you need to do to successfully move into a management role.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop the habits of great managers and apply them to achieve performance improvements.
  • Discover the areas of growth you’ll need for continued improvement over time.
  • Employ the elements of great management.
  • Invest the right amount of time and energy in each area of management.
  • Understand what high-quality management looks like.
  • Surmount a lack of formal training.
  • Overcome your own negative or limiting patterns that create resistance to success.
  • Deal with low team engagement, negative team culture and high employee turnover.


Mandy Hamilton

I absolutely love this course. Cory is such a good speaker/teacher. He seamlessly pulls in useful frameworks and how-to instructions throughout. I highly recommend this program to existing managers or aspiring managers. It will benefit those who have been in leadership for years or those who are just stepping into the role.

Sylvie Leroy

Super interesting. Clear explanations on the process to become a manager. Lot of useful information and exercices. Highly comprehensive. Thank you!

Tatie Diallo

wow amazing class and content and Cory is making it sounds so easy. Thanks