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Learn a Language

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Playing with Tongue Twisters

Matthew Youlden

Learn a Language

Matthew Youlden

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15. Playing with Tongue Twisters

Lesson Info

Playing with Tongue Twisters

So this takes of that now to our next one in this you can actually find in the language workbook on page and now we're going to look at different tongue twisters in four different languages. Now we have the 1st which is English, which shouldn't be too much of a problem. And then we have French and then Jim and then Maltese. And I'm going to say these to you in English, in French, in German and Maltese. And I would like you. I would like to say them first and then for you to repeat them. I will say them again so that you can say them as well on Just just just give it your all. Just go for it. It doesn't matter where. I mean, we're them being tongue twisters. This is the best activity because we're gonna get them wrong in any language. We're gonna get the wrong in English. I mean, I was doing these before, and it's not like there was there was one. They wanted to take English. It was even worse. And I always stop that pack because it's pepper, pepper and then pick up. But we're going t...

o do them anyway. Andi, I'd like you to the viewers. Please recall it. This do you don't have to stand in front of a mirror to do this, but recalled it and see how how you did. Because sometimes we figure out how how good we actually we're doing him. So are we ready for the 1st 1? Yeah. So let's try the English one on, then. That's Peter Piper. Picked a peck of pickled peppers. Exactly if you say a bit faster. Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled a pack of the top pick. Cosy little Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled. That's not now. What about the French one? So in French, you would say Just re secretary three assiduously. Security. Very, very, very philosophical. I am when I am on, If I am what I am, what I am, I So we ready? Just a seizure circle. Just brilliant. Now a bit faster way have one of my favorite sounds, and this is so a German. They have a lot of shared a lot, sir, and you also have this beautiful letter, which isn't a with a nominal on it. It's one of these funny sound funny and we saw this actually before this. This one is faint, so air thanked and it means catch. So here we're talking about the fresh, fresh fish that the fisherman's it has been catching. So Fisher's Fritze thanked fish Official Fresh official affect vicious fitzer way It's my gun fast, vicious, vicious, Thankfully visual push Official This one is nicer because there are more of ours in it. So it is much more as much is not as sure thing. This one is Maltese on this is more This is more Oh ah, another lefty So the element this with these t So Tony Tanaka Hannity Talita took the Taiba totally Tyto Thai baht 20 Tana Tana Tina Well, I thought so. Yeah, it wasn't that hard. A Z money far is actually if we do this regularly and we actually have a very nice for Bible language if you actually very nice course on here, which is also tongue twisters. And then you can learn all the tongue twisters in all the different languages. So, uh, yeah, that's something we can definitely check out as well

Class Description

We all know learning a new language to be a daunting prospect. It’s hard to identify where to get started, what elements of speech to focus on, and how to get organized. The fear of making mistakes can be particularly crippling, preventing us from leaving our comfort zones and talking to native speakers.

Matthew Youlden is a world-wide famous polyglot from Babbel language. He speaks 14 different languages, and has the belief that these anxieties can be turned into a toolkit for learning a language quickly. Once we’ve placed aside the fear of failure, we can jump right into putting our new skills to the test - because conversations in a new language leads to fluency.

Join Matthew to develop a cohesive plan for learning your new language. 

In this class, you’ll learn:

Build a language learning foundation
Matthew believes that if you practice 10 minutes a day for a month you will be conversational in any language you want. Matthew Youlden of Babbel will teach you how to create a blueprint for learning, map your goals, and use your time effectively. He will give you a number of different tools to use to practice your language skills and give you the basics of pronunciation and having conversations. Matthew will show you how to build on established skills by practicing conversational language and acquiring an authentic accent. Also, with this class you get access to an amazing ""Language Workbook for Beginners"" designed by Matthew to help you start to learn the language of your choice which is in addition to the in-class excercises that help you put what you learn into practice.

Improve Your Language Skills Fast
Do you feel like you have plateaued in your language learning and need to take it to the next level? Matthew talks about strengthening your writing, grammar and syntax through language exercises. He will also teach you to enrich your language vocabulary through hands on and easy to implement techniques. He also gives some tips and trips for language fluency.When you purchase this class you get a specially desinged, ""Language Skills Workbook"" to help you take your language learning to the next level which is in addition to the in-class excercises that help you put what you learn into practice.

Raise Bilingual Children
Lastly, Matthew will touch on how to teach others a language and raise a young person to be bilingual. He will explain the benefits and reasons for raising someone bilingual and how to create and define roles for the bilingual environment. He will show you how to ensure and measure exposure to language by laying out a strategy for creating the most successful bilingual setting. 

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Cris Merton

Matthew has a beautiful voice! It's so easy to listen to him and this lends a great deal of authority to his already clear and lucid content. Bravo!