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Local Citations

Lesson 25 from: Local SEO: Put Your Business on the Map

Alastair Dunstan

Local Citations

Lesson 25 from: Local SEO: Put Your Business on the Map

Alastair Dunstan

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25. Local Citations


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Lesson Info

Local Citations

now that we have our website and google my business listings optimized, we can start the important task of offsite sc. Oh the offsite SEO work you do directly impacts the performance of your website and google a big part of this will be back links and we're going to discuss the most important types of back links for local S. C. O. And how you can go about sourcing them. We will also cover local citations in this section and the important role they play for local businesses, our website and our google my business listing. They are directly influenced by things such as back links and citations. This is the important off site SEO work that we do to boost these important assets. Local citations are mentioned of your business online where your business name, address and phone number are listed on a website directory or even social media site structured citations like these are an essential local S. C. O. Signal citations are like a vote towards your website, they add trust and authority in ...

the eyes of google. From a simplistic standpoint. Local directories are a huge local S. C. O. Ranking factor. When Google sees your business mentioned across 50 different local directories, it verifies that you are irrelevant. Local business and this is the purpose of creating local citations. Social media sites like Facebook are an example of an important citation that you can create for your business. You are able to add your business name address, phone number and you are l here meaning facebook is a great citation that you should include if possible linkedin is another great example too. I'm going to jump into facebook here and create a business page for the business we were using earlier. Peeters bikes. Now peter's bikes is a bike store. Now I'll let you skip ahead while I fill out this form. One moment now that I've completed the basic information in this form you can see there's a box here that asks us don't show my address. Now if you're a service area only business and you set yourself up with google my business as a service area only meaning you do not have a physical address for your business. You need to select this. Do not show my address the reason why. Well you need to signal to google and everything that you do that. You're a service area only business now service area only businesses when creating citations online and directories and facebook and different pages should hide their address. You have set yourself up and google without your address showing. So do that everywhere else. Especially with places like facebook and other citations will create later on. Yeah if you have a physical address leave that un selected. Mhm. We'll skip this step. We'll add profile pictures and information later. Then we'll add a cover photo later. What we want to do here let's jump to the about section and this is where we're getting our citation see we have here our address. Well our phone number when we add one and we can also enter our website address. No what's our website address it is. Mhm. Mhm typing this out for you just to show you that we get it. Exactly right. Mhm Brooklyn. Mhm. Now we've got a facebook page for peter's bikes and as far as citations and the valuable information contained here, we have our business name and address. We'll have our phone number when we add one. Since this is a fictitious business. I don't want to go through the process of creating a fake number here and we're also going to be able to add our business website. Any other information about us. So as far as citations go, that's fantastic. We've got our business name, address, phone number and website U. R. L. Here. And there's also another option with facebook to add a button which is actually the ability to give us um that gives us the ability to place a link to another page on our site. For example, we might link here to the contact us page on our website um or our appointment booking page. So that's another fantastic option for us. We've got our location page or homepage U. R. L. Here and we've got the ability to add a link to another page on our site, potentially the contact us page about us or our bookings bookings page if you're wondering about the best places to go out and create local business citations. There are hundreds of business directories where you can register enlist your business. Some of the most widely known and trusted include google my business, apple maps, bing, yelp dot com, yellow pages, local yahoo super pages, the Better Business Bureau and Angie's list. Your business needs to be on prominent citation sources like these because your customers are out there actively using them to search for companies like yours in the U. S. In particular sites like yelp super pages and yellow pages are where people often turn to for search purposes. The process of creating a listing on these sites is different for each. However, what you will require before you start is a 200 word summary of your business along with essential information such as your business name, address, phone number and website sites like yelp for example require verification by means of a phone call so only create these citations once your business is set up with the website and phone number at this point don't worry about writing these down. I'll provide you with a downloadable list of the top citation sources for local business and the resources section of this course. Creating citations is time consuming and manual work and I don't recommend that you handle it yourself. Fiber is a super cost effective way to source local citations. There's many great sellers that offer local citation building services. So let's jump into fiber and take a look at how to find a seller that can help you with building local citations. There are many great sellers on Fiverr. So we have to decide how we filter through them. If we come over to Fiverr and we search for local citations we'll see that there are dozens of options on the page. Um We can start by checking a few. We just need to be sure that they're offering the following a service in your country. For example some are only offering services in the U. K. The USA or Australia for example. You'll also want to check how many citations you're getting. This person is offering 200. They're offering 60. So the the amount of citations you'll get in, which countries they're offering the citations will differ from cellar to cellar. So if we look at this guy here they are offering Australian specific citations which is great. If you're an Australian local business You'll get 60 citations And for $10 you get 40 60 for 15 and so on. So that looks like a good option. What about this chap here this person is offering $200 for $20. And these are us specific citations. These are local business directories that are orientated towards USA. Um you're gonna be able to provide as much of this information as you want. So everything from your logo, your business number, A description of your business. He'll go away and create 50 directory listings. $5 or anywhere up to 200 for 25. That really is a bargain. You might, you want to be checking how many reviews they have and their overall review score. So five star review from 38. That's good. There are some sellers on here that have filled hundreds or even Thousands of orders and have a five star rating. So factor in all of those things when considering which seller suits your needs. One thing you can do is you can contact the sellers with a list of your own and this is a way to get exactly what you want. You could take the list that I provide you in the resource section of the course, pass them this uh this the spreadsheet of citations and ask for a quote to build them on these sites only. So you really do have lots of options in fiber and that's a quick walkthrough on how to navigate the seller marketplace. In this lesson we've learned a lot about the importance of local citations for your business. This is such a critical part of the offsite SEO work that we need to do and yet it's so easy, essentially you can get someone on. Fiverr to handle this work for you in the next lesson. We'll talk about the importance of consistency when creating local citations

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Alastair is a professional. I enjoyed every section of the course. Even if I am a SEO Professional myself, I learned new tricks and perks to use to my arsenal. Thank you!

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