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Committing to Your Goals

All right, so the next step is I wantyou ball identified a smarter goal, and hopefully everybody at home has identified a smarter goal, and if we can invite the chat room to contribute to this part of it, I'd really, really like that because what this is going to do is facilitate some accountability because you're broadcasting to the world literally broadcasting to the world. This is my goal, and this is what I'm going to do this week in order to help manifest that goal even if you if you don't have your gold, maybe your goal is to define your smarter goal that's cool too, or if there's someone who showed interest in your photography and you haven't gotten around to calling them back or you haven't responded to their email, maybe that's what you do by the end of this week, whatever it is for you. Okay, so, um let's see, oh, my goal is I'm going to change the format of my prince online, so you all hold me accountable to that promise by sunday by sunday, okay? Yeah and that's a big under...

taking. So I'm really put myself out on a limb here, but I want to change the physical, the physical layout of them and that teo help generate more sales, so I'm doing it, I did it all right we'll start with tara again go this way go that way and then I'd love if we can hear from people in the chat rooms about what one action they'll commit tio and if they have someone to hold them accountable that would be great okay I'm going to decide on one product to sell on my website and put it up okay do you have different products now? Well my pride I can make my my my design and anything I mean this isn't so do you have a website now you're gonna have any commerce eight were well I set it up I mean this is for the botanical art eh do you have any products for sale now you're gonna have one product for sales after saying yeah I don't have anything so okay great all right you're gonna decide which one yeah are you going to also have it up or you just decide which one well I'm gonna side what to sell this week and then I'll have it up by the following week okay okay okay did everyone hear her everyone on the globe did you hear her? You made a big statement to the world of men do it yes. Okay. All right, everybody. I mean everybody let's see you got my facebook book you a facebook group you can join if you want immediate accountability join up goto artist who thrive on facebook it could meet people there meet other artists go to creative lives site they have social networking sites and the people there were doesn't matter just find someone to hold you accountable and to support you. We're going to do by the end of this week. Sunday midnight yeah, my mind seems very simple, but I have to get back to all the people like all of the e mails all of the block post that I have scheduled all of the blogging about what I learned here be specific let's break it down so we know that you can actually do this one thing one thing by the end of the week you're going to a lot of things by the end of the week but the one thing blogged about my experience here okay? All right, I vote for that a hold you accountable? Okay. That's. Good that's. Very specific. All right. You feel confident? Yeah. Pull that off. Okay, cool. All right, let's, keep it moving when you do. By the end of this week sunday midnight, contact the strategic partner in one of the schools that they work for. Okay? Do you have one in mind in particular? And you have you someone you need to follow up with you that you've been resisting following? I'm actually not they actually wrote we reached out to me, okay, cool all right good everyone here with the bird and said he was gonna dio gonna follow. What does that do to you when you know someone? When you've said it out loud? I know you don't really want to do it would be really embarrassing if I didn't do it have you really embarrassing? Um, I'm gonna contact justin here and sign up to be in the audience for his instagram class coming up, okay, I even know you've having one. It was just a conversation that we had in the lunch room, and, um, I would really like to do that. I'd like a master instagram. I may come with you. Awesome. All right. I live in san francisco. I could do that. Okay? And, uh, and my boss will let me go. Okay, what do you do by the end of this week? I'm going to take steps that will get me closer to my vp. So I'm going to go over my values. Define your book in my book, okay? To find my values. And then I'm setting up a call. Okay, you got a book? A call. All right. Cool. All right, that's. Two things. But you could pick which one you want to dook at a shopping cart, big pick. Hey why me? You're going to dear you may do too but the point is I want you to just pick one and I'm going to schedule a call okay? All right great okay about a shopping cart to my website bad sunday midnight okay and that's pretty easy to do you already have square spaces either you push button really push that button okay a little completion project that has to do with a barter I'm doing with someone okay, what do you specifically what are you going to do? I'm going to complete rob's logos I'm also a desire and complete hiss because once I do that then uh we're getting me closer to getting some things done on my website rob's logo is rob listening? Probably not. Okay, rob concepts for rob's logo need to be done and delivered by midnight on sunday all right and you're going to do it? Did everyone hear her? Okay, last but not least we're going to buy that night sunday I'm going to get a blog's set up you get set up okay and you probably you have enough do you have the resource is do that? You're you're comfortable that you can pull that off yeah except for the content that's okay, you can just say you're just going to the block if that's too much right just set it up is that what you want? Teo set it up is everyone was we have witnesses. All right. Now I'd like to turn to the chat room. Are there people in the chat room that are committing to things? Plenty? Okay, let's hear it and it might excite you to think of what other things you were gonna commit. Tio sure, sure, bld britney says, my goal is to write and send out at least to sail letters to properties who may be interested in buying my shows create a mama I think is on the same pages change, saying I'm going to finish my e commerce shop on my whole cell line sheet for robust shopping experience on my website crystal parker says, I'm going to really look introspectively and drop of making money strategy that will suit me to a t kay is saying I've already started twenty fourteen by painting every day and doing para liminal sze I don't know what that is exciting simply I want to know what apparently is. What is the power? Liminal she's been doing that every day? I'm now on day seventy and we're working on a mastermind group as we text. Yea ok. Wow, that's awesome! How about you, teo? Copy one of these out pretend it's mine. My smarter goal is, teo really commit myself to the things we talked about in here when I have the space, the mental space to do it? Yeah, we talked about that. Yeah, yeah it's hard for you guys to do that and host a show at the same time state is saying I will make my first draft at my unique proposition by sunday of this week. Now that's a small step, but that's a very important one. It's actually not a small stuff. It's actually a big step because what what's the name steed? Steve? Because because, steve, before you can actually articulate your unique value proposition, you have to be very clear on what your mission is if you go back, if you go to the making money plan, you first have to determine your mission, and then from there you're going to define your unique value proposition, so it maybe he already has that, but I would encourage him if he hasn't completed that step to do that step first or to consider that step may go back and revise it and that's okay, all right, how does that feel to actually commit to something? Doesn't it feel good? So you doesn't it almost itjust energizes you, right and it's a step that's bite size enough that you can actually I believe it's possible and you know you've got people who are going to hold you accountable you said it out loud and so thank you for sharing here in the audience in the chat rooms because when you share something or you ask a question in something that someone else can identify with or we'll learn from and so this is a really wonderful collaborative process again I go back to you don't succeed alone this has been really great I feel like it's been successful for me but it's tattoo on leaned up because not because I'm doing it myself because of this extraordinary we're all working together on this great so it's a man and I emphasize that because I think that sometimes that's a new perspective for a lot of artists it's about them they think it's their alone couldn't be further from the truth I hope you took that away all right? So we're rolling in teo the last section and I'm going to talk about I'm gonna ask you the question and I'm gonna ask you to name names you don't have to name a last name but I'm gonna get to you to commit a bit further um and I'm also going to ask you the one thing that you learned this past two days the one big idea that you grasped the one shift in your perspective that that happened what was that um so but I want to give you one thing actually one more thing and you could take note of this all right before you name the people who are going to actually be your accountability partners before you talk about the one thing you learned, I want to give you the a tactic that works really well toe organize and focus your mastermind, so when I coach artists they're required and it is a requirement that they send a weekly e mail update it hasn't cheryl's laughing because she had to do this weekly e mail update and it has these elements that has the stated smarter goal okay? And you want it when you have rather than making your smarter goal in the form of a statement, what would be really good to dio is toe actually take that smarter goal and shape it in the form of a question because what's gonna happen? Is your brain going to start answering that question? So will I complete that prototype by march fifteenth of this year is a much more powerful way to approach this than just making an affirmative statement and relying on positive thinking positive thinkings great, but if you ask it in the form of a question you're going to think, you know, I don't know if I will because I haven't done x y and z or yes, I think I will and here is why all right, so that's the first thing that's going to go in your weekly update to your mastermind buddy, this ongoing mastermind buddy, all right could be one person it could be too. You can have a mastermind of two people you can have a mastermind of many people, but this is a format that I recommend masterminded. This whole concept comes from napoleon hill's thinking grow rich by the way you're wondering where that comes from, the the second element of the update, and also this also creates your agenda for the meeting is no sense in having a meeting without an agenda, or you're just going to sit and talk for a long time. And this oh, this is very structured, but she want to do, then is name the top two winds are the top two accomplishments that got you further to that goal? Top two things you're gonna have, what you have accomplished more than two things, but this will allow you, teo, solidify the top two things, and then you're going to state the top two action steps they're going to take in the coming week and that you're going to commit to you're gonna do more than two things in the week, obviously this is about forcing you to focus on your priorities the top two priorities, then what you're going to dio is the only difference between who grammy dan wass or who kate wass or many people where they were and who they are now is they think differently and therefore take different actions are they act differently and why they're thinking has changed they have shift, their perspectives have changed or they've gained insights that they didn't want to possess. So the third part of this is where you were going teo actually share with your mastermind any insights you've gained or any shifts in your perspective if you share that on a weekly basis, I promise you it's going not on ly going to meet your goal is going to change the way you think and the way that you relate to yourself in the way that you actually accomplished things I think did that do that for you, vernon bye oh yeah for sure it shifted your perspective yes uh, one thing that my accountability partner and I have started to do is we have a google document that, um that lists are our winds and accomplishment ok? So at the end of every call we do want acknowledgement of ourselves okay, one acknowledgment of the other person and we write them down so that when we go to do our year end review it's easy man, you're on it, you're on it so great that's a great structure yeah, so and if that's working for you keep doing it if you want to integrate some of this, then that's fine to whatever works all right, so does that make sense to everyone howto actually put that together the weekly update and here's the other thing that the other piece of that this is really important is if the weekly updates come in late for the artist that I'm working with its in my agreement it's in my contract that I will but you and I will keep all your money you know that holds you accountable or what? Yeah, because that's business not forgiving necessarily these cameras have to go on at a certain time I can't wait until you've had your coffee cake can't wait for you to get back from lunch when you feel like it this is time is money and that's the principle I'm trying to reinforce with that I've only done it once, but I would do it again I didn't enjoy doing it, but it actually she came back to me and said thank you I learned a lot from that I really was kind of just joking around sloughing off so keep yourself accountable and pick it it doesn't have to be sunday at midnight, but just folk, you know, keep your commitment that's the point of it keep your commitments not just to your mastermind keep your commitments to yourself that's really, really important because you can keep your money miss your collectors or your reputation's gonna go self all right, so what? You're gonna name names and maybe in the chat room you can name some names we don't need last name is we don't need street addresses but what I'd like to do is talk about who it is you're going to have in your in your mastermind group so tar you already have somebody and so is she going to continue to be in your mastermind group do you think are you thinking about expanding it and or are you good with who's in there now I'm good with who's in there now and the the one thought I have about that is to have people from that aren't artists I thought oh it's such a good thing I promise you it is yeah different perspective yeah yeah I yeah I would like to incorporate that maybe expanded a bit. Okay. All right, so you don't have another party of your friend and then you may name someone else accountability partners mastermind whatever you wanna call it. Who else? Who's in your circle what's their name I have a couple at home but actually over the break I received a few e mails from our online audience who would like to connect even some from canada oh, when that ice to expand the group yeah and includes a new connections okay great. So so have this perspective of taking this course oh great so you share the perspective that's wonderful sir building a community already your community's expanding okay. Name a name vernon think of someone you can invite into mastermind or ask them if there's something they're interested in painting is there someone my friend jason jason yeah okay. All right great. My friend laurie your friend lori okay all right. I'm gonna make her necklace of course and she will drop a house on me if I don't okay who's gonna help who's going to be in your who's gonna be in your mastermind room my friend amy your friend amy have you made contact with amy? Yes. Ok, so amy knows about this and he knows about this okay if you don't have anyone in your immediate circle don't feel bad I sure didn't. So you've got an online community through creative live a facebook artists who thrive you confined somebody I'm sure your people watching this this class have hung in there susan quinn oh, wow. How cool is that? Okay, jane and um I'm trying to decide between barbara and um faith okay alright, maybe both they're neck and neck maybe both. Okay, last but not least okay, so I'm thinking of a co worker that okay yeah, creative life yeah, well, look at that, ok, all right, so what I want to end with is I want to ask each of you and then maybe we have some time for the chat room teo just say what was your one big takeaway hopefully taught you more than one thing but what's the one thing that you really resonated with you that you think you can use moving forward to build your creative enterprise is she okay? Alright murder what were reversed order thank you. Um community community is huge I really tend to feel sorry for myself when I'm alone too long and thinking that I don't have anybody to talk teo so to be able teo be in community with a mastermind group or you know other people that's your big takeaway yeah that I know that it's necessary it's necessary yeah, yeah, it is necessary. Okay, one big takeaway both through follow through. Okay, if you have a accountability partner that's easier to do right and relying on our own willpower and discipline which sometimes is there and sometimes that's okay what's your big takeaway my favorite quote our topic that you touched on where it was relationships, equal revenue and success is shared that's big that's true one of my favorites tio you're ready when you need to come back to you yeah please okay, I haven't making money and the u s and your mission mission missions underneath all that right okay that's great, but it's not about me but that was driven home by grammy dance like that he's a musician, but he just knew he couldn't do that anymore. That's. Why, I swear, I brought them on so that you didn't just have to take my word for it. That was, yeah, okay, uh, I had an epiphany about my subject matter and why I chose three different things that I've shows chosen to paint about, and, um, it's, helping me to validate why I do what I do and who I am, it's gonna help me with that usp and then help me with a sorry the mission and in the u s okay, great. All right, that was your big takeaway. Your big takeaway. Um, a lot of ideas for marketing. Okay, okay, that's. Good. What is it? Step into my power, my magic wand.

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