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Launchers - act without doing

Lesson 21 from: Make More Time in Your Day: Become a Speed Demon

Jonathan Levi

Launchers - act without doing

Lesson 21 from: Make More Time in Your Day: Become a Speed Demon

Jonathan Levi

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21. Launchers - act without doing


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Chapter 1: Introductions & Foundations


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Where most people spend (or waste) their time


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Launchers - act without doing


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Chapter 7: Conclusion


What we've learned, conclusion, and congratulations


Final Quiz


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Lesson Info

Launchers - act without doing

So now that we know how to use gestures, we know how to use some basic shortcuts. It is time to learn how to act without doing. And I'm talking of course not about telepathy, I am talking about app launchers. These are a sort of search engine for your computer on steroids and then slapped up a bunch basically what an app launcher does is it allows you to launch apps but it allows you to do much, much more than that. Now there are a bunch of different options I like Quicksilver, there's Alfred out there. There are many options which I will share in the pdf syllabus for pcs but here's how it works. You know how most people normally search their computer by going up to the top right and clicking on this and getting to the spotlight. Search or using the Windows search. Well, that's kind of a pain because even if I do find the file there and that search isn't very, very smart. Let's say I'm looking for a contract. Well the search isn't really, really smart and it's not sorted according to t...

he things that I want and all I can do is open it. Whereas if you use an app launcher, I can not only find the contract easier because it's sorted according to how frequently I look for those things, but let's say I have this contract right here, I can't just open it, I can hit tab. I can move it to a folder automatically type the folder and punch it in. Or I can email it to someone such as my mother and hit enter and it will automatically go. I can do all kinds of things. In fact, if you look you'll see, I can move it to trash and these are all configurable. Say for example, I want to find a person such as my mother. Well there's her passport, there's her contact. I can edit her contact info and it will just open right there as easy as that. If I want to say find a file such as starting shortly, which is on my desktop, I can resize that image and say 50% as PNG and you will see that it has resized that image and giving me a PNG version. And the truth of the matter is is that this is another one of those tools that is limited to how creative you can get. You see when you go in and it will take you time to configure this and set it up the way you want it. You'll figure out that you can use different commands, you can change appearance, You can set up thousands of different actions. Look at all these different things that you can configure it to do so that you never have to use your mouse again. I mean of course if you want to move a window, you will have to use your mouse. But for the most part, when I'm using my computer, I'm searching for files such as the challenge guidelines and then I can email a link or I can copy it to, I can go through my clipboard contents. I almost never have to use my mouse. And so I'm not wasting time going around the screen looking at things. This goes far beyond just file management. As you'll see, there are all kinds of plug ins and upgrades that you can put on it. So for example, you can set it up to work with one password so that you can copy and manage your passwords automatically. You can set it up with a calculator. You can set it up to work with Male with Evernote with Facetime with your Gmail or google chrome with itunes. I mean there are so many things that you can set this up and despite the fact that quite honestly that the person who built this software went to work at google and started developing an app launcher for them, I believe called Alfred. It's still developed by a community and Alfred is also very good and you can do all kinds of things and it still works with all these different services, which I think is just phenomenal. It works with Microsoft office So it really takes some time to learn. I'm not going to tell you that this is a quick and easy one and it takes time to configure. For example, what do you want to scan? How deep do you want to scan into your folders? What folders do you want to ignore for example and it takes time to also set up the triggers that you want because this will go a step further and allow you to create keyboard triggers that you couldn't do with better touch tool all by itself. So you'll see. I launched my zoom room with a very very simple one click of the keyboard. I show my contents for the keyboard history and you can set up shortcuts for anything that you can find in this app launcher, any program on your computer, any file that you use a lot. You can set up a keyboard shortcut. You can even set up a shortcut to do a multi step action which is incredible. So there's a lot here you can even here's another example, let's say that I want to take a whole folder that has a lot of photos in it. Right? So my studio photos, there's a ton of photos there. I can compress it. I hit enter. It's done. I never have to deal with it. Then once that is compressed it will pop open again on Quicksilver and I can just email that compressed file or I can move it into google drive. Once it's in google drive, I can get a link. So I can do all these different things without ever having to use my mouse. And by doing this you can save probably hours a day that you spend mousing around searching for files? Right clicking, going to the menus. Where was that menu? Was it under file or was it under edit? No, you don't have to do that. It's all done by invoking one keyboard command for me. I used the function button hitting it and then typing what you wanna do, tab typing what you want to do. It's incredible and it will save you a ton of time and I really hope you enjoy it.

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