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Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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Create a Sense of Belonging

April Bowles-Olin

Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

20. Create a Sense of Belonging

Lesson Info

Create a Sense of Belonging

Create a sense of belonging brands that we love create a sense of belonging, they make us feel like we're a part of things, not like outsiders. So I've been touching on this throughout the other modules, but I really want you guys to think about this one during this. One reason we buy is because it says something about who we are and where we fit these are some examples for me. I know that when I am maybe in the airport and I have my mac laptop open and somebody else does, you do like the cool like we've got mac nod, you know what I mean? Like you feel like you, you're the same type of person or I'm sure if you see somebody else with the vans on, you're like you and I we we've got something in common, right? Yeah, so the really good brands, they they make us feel like we belong. Do you guys have any brands like that that make you feel like you're a part of it? And that if you snow that somebody else is using that brand that you feel that instant connection anybody wanna share bradley w...

henever somebody sees I have ofher bradley, though, like asked me, you know, which patterns do you have and say we can have a whole conversation, how our bags or wallet and it feels like it's a conversation starter but it also feels like they're something that you have in common right away it's something that they see because you're right you've got your hand back anybody else have a brand like that yeah I'd say lulu lemon they do a really great job of building community anyway so I think even walking into the store you feel like you're a part of their brand and the lifestyle but just walking around the steep street of course you see someone else wearing it and you're like hey yeah yeah how do you think that they do that in particular because it's like it's like workout clothes right and so how do you think that they do that in particular manifesto is a really strong element to have as a brand and if you read that and identify with it than you even without buying the clothing you feel connected emotionally so maybe maybe that's one way yeah and then also they've got that little symbol okay so you're always going to know that that's what you know it confirms yup that's the brand I think kind of that's the same thing with the kate spade stuff that easily identifiable you've got something that you can tell everything that someone has shared is you can see it and you know right it's also for service based businesses if somebody brings up your name and somebody else recognizes that name you feel that connection as well so if your service based business and you're wondering how does that work for me I think it's yeah chris um I think one of the things to that you see is just is just participating in the community you see other people you meet other people there too so for service based industries you see you know particularly and blog's and that sort of thing if people are commenting and then having conversations inside of the comments it's like I've done my job here you know they there is enough community here that I no longer am necessary for the community to live is there any brand in mind that you specifically think of you you ah you know really you in my do an amazing job of that and this the whole experience has been a testament to that and it's like we've create you've created family and then you can just let us continue and we've got this huge support because of what you've started and that's because of the interaction you don'thave there's no symbol now like on my head there's always going to notice in the street but we're going to find each other you've made the watering holes and we just go there to drink all the time together you know water to drink water come on so how do you create a sense of belonging among your customers? Some examples for my business in particular is the block tour that I've brought up a few times I wanted to create this sense of belonging the sense of community among people who wrote blawg posts and I wanted everybody to feel included I'm feel a part of it and I wanted them to feel like they were helping me with my course and not just like not just by promoting it but actually the structure of the course I wanted everyone to feel like that because that's truly what happened private facebook groups this is how I've also helped people within courses in particular kind of connect with each other and have that continued interaction involve your customers more we've talked about this before involving them in the process so do you like you book cover a or b moore just something as simple as that makes them feel a little bit more involved how do you guys make your customers feel like they belonged to your community? Anybody wanna share how they do it? Sage I feel like people in your community feel a sense of belonging I think that they dio how do you why do you think that that is? Well they're all type a personalities so they don't get each other okay profound we also have a private facebook group um and then once a month I do ah free webinars on ly for people who are part of that tribe part of our our private facebook group it's not open to everyone it's just for them just to, like reward them for sticking around and sharing their ideas that that's pretty cool that's pretty cool I haven't heard of something like that before and I really like that that would increase the sense of community in the sense of belonging absolutely anybody else how you create a sense of belonging among your customers I think that automatically we shall with your jewelry people have this sense of if they were to see somebody else wearing it, it would feel like they belonged. Yeah, and what about with your other business? What about with a tiny with time three of them adventures? Um, well, tiny trailers are like a colt when you were looking at me and you said bands, I thought you're going to say tiny taylor because if you see somebody, if you're pulling a tiny trailer and you see somebody with sandy trailer, you honk our way yeah, it's like a club like your club that you're a part of were not a part off, right? Exactly. All right, so it's already built in yeah, it's already built up. Ok, wonderful. Yeah, yeah. So one of the things I do is that if a customer sends me a photograph of them using their product when I highlight on facebook, erinn instagram I'm even thinking now that I have a block, I'll do, and of course I ask him and tell them, thank you, but I'm thinking that I could do even just a separate post like, hey, look att such and so with her engagement banner and everything, and then maybe provide her with, like a discount code for next purchase or something like that for letting me kind of build some content. But I think it's cool because on facebook and instagram, they like to see the comments and likes and things like that, and everybody is always really supportive. So, yeah, I really like that idea. I would see how that could create a sense of belonging and yeah, I something really similar to that I just started rate before on the trip here. Actually a hashtag on instagram hashtag me with a k and I brought red k with me and was taking pictures of it in all the random places along the way, and then encouraged folks here to kidnap the k and take pictures of them with the k and I'm thinking that what I could do is that people I work with. Even one on one or people who come to see me when I speak or people who download you know my digital book later on could create their own k or I could even have a page at the end of the digital book that's a large k that they could hold up and then they could tag it themselves and become a part of that hash tag so that there's a whole whack of people doing funny things with the k or setting it up like I set the k up there sitting in the hot seat by itself and, you know, doing silly things like that so that and then any of the funny ones the cute ones I could highlight and share them too too just like to make it feel even more special and tell us why the k is a big deal the case they're big deal well, it's it's kind of funny your husband's name is chris with the chaos well, ah, and anybody who's got a sp name with a slightly different spelling any time you go to starbucks and they're like what's your name kris with a k I'm not chris I'm kris with a k also you know like that not just chris because that doesn't even I always have to tell you how to spell it and my best friend when I was in universities name is chris as well but he's with a c and so and his wife his poor wife is also a really good friend of mine says she's just like her husband and her best friend had the same name. The only difference is the k so really that's who I am is kris with a k so it's and it's just kind of funny because that everybody could be with a k tell us how you use it in lots of different ways because I love how you translated it to social media ok? Eso like with my names and stuff like tweet with a k on twitter and tweet with the k and sta graham I'm right with a k and on whenever I replied to comments on my block I just right okay and on dhere in creative live always kris with a k and it's like that entire thing is who I am so that and then I mean because my business is called with a k writing services that's a little bit more dry feeling. So if I connected to that kris with a k character almost it feels kind of more fun. Yes, and I know that from the first time that I taught it creative live and you were interacting in the chat room and asking questions and I remembered your name specifically and then when we connected in another way I don't remember if it was from social media or leaving a comment on my blog's or whatever automatically recognized it. And then when I saw it on twitter, I automatically recognized it, and it is caught on and it's something that I just think about all the time when I'm thinking about your brand. So it is one of those pieces everybody's nodding their head on, I think it's so fun like tweet with okay, I think that's adorable, I I love it e I don't know what it is about it that's that's sort of becomes such a thing, but yeah, basically started with, like, starbucks spelling my name wrong all the time or my, you know, great five teacher spelling my name wrong. And I got in trouble for it and stuff like little things like that. Yeah. So now I'm really adamant about it, but it's one that can wear little temper tantrum. Thank you for sharing that. Anybody online questions or sharing well, lots of people were just identifying with different brands that they associate with. And I think you touched on a little bit. When you see, like the makris is pc, we have people talking about how they like to use. Lennix versus windows and mac, and then it goes into the whole mobile device things, the apple people versus the android people and how they connect with people when they pull their phone out. It's, like, oh yeah, you've got the same phone, is me. Now we have something to talk, yeah, it's, a great examples from the chat. Yeah, alright, wonderful. Why do we like to shop, but hate to be sold, because shopping is ours and selling is theirs, and that comes from the business of belief as well. So think about that why we like to shop, but he to be sold because shopping is ours, and selling is theirs. And when you create a sense of community in a sense of belonging, it feels like yours.

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Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

user 1398898075234654

This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


April, I purchased your class and I love what you have created. The workbook helped me to identify key points that I needed to think about. I have had a business for a while now, and I wanted to give my shop and blog a fresh look. I certainly got exactly what I was looking for in your videos and most of all with your fabulous hand-outs and workbook. Your style is A-dorable and although I am 66 years old, I am never too old to learn something new. April, you will always be successful in everything that you do because your passion is contagious. Thank you. I am sitting here this morning with a notebook and your workbook. You have helped me identify points about my business that I was overlooking. By going through the process, I feel wonderful about my products and have a new outlook. You are amazing! Karen