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Habits & Stories

Lesson 21 from: Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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21. Habits & Stories

Lesson Info

Habits & Stories

Habits and stories and this is a really fun one to start thinking about an experimenting with the easiest way to become a part of your customer story is to become a part of her habits, because when you infiltrate your customers habits, you've struck gold when you're a part of her habits on a regular basis, you've done it right. Warby parker is a part of my habits on a regular basis. I have a mug that I got from being a part of b school that I use a lot when I'm drinking a cup of tea, so it's become a part of my habits. So makes me think of marie for lee out and makes me think of b school whenever I use it. My has sent me these to do list bookmark things that I use all the time, and it makes me think of her every time I'm using it, so if I'm using it as a to do list or if I'm using it as a bookmark every time I'm pulling it in and out of my book, I'm thinking about her she's become a part of my habits, not just because I love her so much, but because of the things that she creates, so s...

ome examples sending a bookmark with your book let's say you have a physical book you could send a bookmark along with it that can be used when people are reading any book, not just your book or sending a coffee cup with your logo or posting the same day every week so your readers know in tow look out for new content great! So people look out for my content on wednesdays because they know that that's when I post blogged posts and they're looking out for it it's become a part of their habits not daily habits but weekly habits especially my really like die hard, loyal readers iphone ipad cases this is a great one for photographers if you sell iphone or ipad cases or for other types of phones android I don't even know if they have those kinds of cases because I'm apple girl, but for photographers if you have your photograph on somebody's phone that they used all the time, they're going to be reminded of you always and people are going to ask them about it to people who love it are going to say where'd you get that because they're going to want one as well and then it turns into a story we're b parker glasses, right? I've been talking about my warby parker glasses throughout this course and that's because it's a big part of my daily habits one of the things that we send out my and I for connecting the gaps to our winners who have participated in our course are connecting the gap stickers and no pads so they might put the sticker somewhere that they see it on a regular basis or they might be using the note pad for a while and it becomes part of their habits so they're thinking about connecting the gaps on a regular basis or blacksburg bell worksheets I have mentioned charlie from the female photographer's association a couple of times and she when she emailed me to tell me about the down payment on her house she said listen I see that you have a course coming up in january and I really want to update my testimonial because I've done so much more since I gave you a testimonial before she said also one of the things I think you need to know is that I moved and we wanted to really start over so we barely took anything one of the only things I took for your work she's from that course and I thought that is one of the coolest things that anyone has ever said to me I thought I felt really special but to know that that's a part of her habits she says that she looks at them often that she goes back through them because she's gotten success from using them and so it's become a part of her habits to use those so I want you to brainstorm a list of ideas that work for your brand in business. What are some things that will become a part of your customers? Habits? There are tons of options there, there really no limits for this? So get creative and you'll come up with the right things, consider physical and digital options so let's say you want to send bookmarks, but you don't want to physically ship them to people. You could send them digitally, have them printed, maybe half of the people print them off and half don't but that's okay, because you're becoming part of the habits for some of those people, for the people who really love it. Or maybe you offer some sort of print that people can download and print themselves and put up, and it has, like mine would have blacksburg belle dot com at the bottom so that they're seeing it on a regular basis. There's so many ideas, and sometimes your products are the habit, like these glasses, or we shall just rule re it is the habit, basically, you know, they're reminded of your jewelry in you because they're wearing it on a regular basis. What are some of your ideas that work for your brand in business? Anybody got ideas of how they can become a part of their customers? Habits, yeah. I have from my often um I'm living with you dot com I have ah printable grocery list for a year round sales and I think you know, people probably put this on there refrigerator's they play look at this green went to see what's on sale so they probably reminded of me every month when they look at it. Yes, exactly that is a great example and fannie, where can we find you online? Living richly on a budget dot com perfect friend, new ways doctor come and my podcast, which I'm launching in a couple weeks it's so exciting to hear because someone could be listening like on their morning commute or while they're doing their chores and I really look forward to hearing how where when people are actually listening in I think that'll be really fun to share those stories. Yes, and a podcast can absolutely become a part of your customers habit for sure for the longest time, the unmistakable creative I was listening to that podcast all the time when I was walking my dogs, I still listen to it ah lot I usually listen to it now and I'm sewing or doing something like that, but it became a part of my daily habits and I looked forward to it all the time and I think about it because of that reason and because I was doing it on a regular basis how often is your podcast gonna be coming out once a week once a week that's a great that's a great amount of time well we're looking forward teo tenant everybody anybody else? Yeah product from the last course is a daily planner so if someone uses that it would be in their daily habits yes yeah. So planner anything like that that people were going to be using on a regular basis or seeing on a regular basis and then also if they're using it or seeing it on a regular basis that probably means that other people are to their friends their family people who are coming to their house maybe people who they're just hanging out with if that's something that they take with them and so stories come up from that that's another reason why habits are so important anybody have any questions on this one? Are you having idea an example? Um I was thinking maybe like inspirational desktops or for mobile that would go well with my brand amanda out of me in a crate amanda creek creative dot com and I was thinking maybe add like an inspirational quote because that is a part of I want to inspire people so yes yeah maybe I can use my photos too instead of just doing cause I d'oh photography and designed so maybe I could do a little bit of both yeah yeah absolutely because they're going to be seeing it on a regular basis on their phone on their computer and the people who love your stuff or going to download it and it's going to become a part of their habits and especially you want to include your website on it somewhere small, but somewhere so that they're seeing it over and over again. Yeah, that's a great example. Do we have anything coming online? Yeah, we have a couple examples here. Sisterhood of the traveling stamp says that sending holiday I know that one always gets a giggle out everybody it's a good name, its a good screen name. But she says sending holiday cards to customers is a great habit that she's trying to create, and we also have some examples of different digital products that people are looking to build a habit on three eighteen media is looking to do some custom graphic designs as posters and kind of get those going as another product launch. So people are just full of ideas were now in the chat room, I think all of this knowledge is sinking in, and now they're thinking about how can I apply this right now and start building on this? All right, perfect, so that is the end of this module, but we're not completely done yet. I want to know what's the first thing you're going to do to make your business more uniquely irresistible so out of all of the things that you have written down that you have brainstorm that you've thought about, I want to know the first thing that you're going to dio because it's really important to take action this is the most important is not just to let it sink in but take action every shelf um I'm going to share not only my stories but jennifer kennedy suggested that I share stories of people who buy my jewelry because she had a great story about her necklace and jane's got a story about her necklace and how it makes her feel and if people read the customer story I think that would resonate it would absolutely I love that first way that you're going to take action what's the good word jennifer's idea jennifer you're genius anybody else first thing that you're going to dio it doesn't have to be big well, I think the tablets I think being top of mind for people and then also it it's that you know, just letting them be inspired and just letting them feel good about themselves and or whatever the quote I may use ii want tohave that effect on people so it will be more it'll be like a part of their life and not just like oh it's pretty yeah yeah exactly and knowing that first up is so much easier when you're done with something like this because then you don't get overwhelmed by all of the things you could do you know exactly what you're going to dio or any big ah ha moments or this really resonated with me or I'm feeling really good about this topic or something that you it was kind of your favorite part jennifer I think I might start with that and I wrote a note about this like an atypical business plan where I just take all the information that we covered today and just lay it out and sort of like a design book where I just really want to start infusing more myself into my website so starting their starting with the uh pieces that I enjoy get the colors down including the customer service plan so I always have this like document or guy that I can refer back to when I'm posting on social media when I'm thinking about customer service and wanted to give out you know rewards or lord loyalty gifts and things like that so I think my first step is to kind of pull all this together in one location so I can constantly refer back to it and really say this is what I'm trying to do when I put out a block post when I update social media stuff like that so yes, all right and remember that if you have any time access and you guys will have access to this e book, it is the module tips where everything is really clearly laid out for each module, so you could go back, thrill and kind of skim or scan through it, and you're going to get the main point, so if you feel like thiss was a lot of different things, it's all right there and it's going to be really helpful for you guys to go back through and on many pages, there's a little space at the bottom so that you could add any of your big points to add to that. And if you're super overwhelmed due one module a day, completing three to five modules a week, or even just one module, weak, until you've worked through him, do the work, it is worth it because imagine if you do all of these things, if you put yourself more of yourself into your business, if you step into your customer's shoes, if you make sure you're part of their habits and that they're telling stories about your business, imagine what your business could look like in one year from now, it could be in a completely different place, right? So do the work and make it manageable, that's why we broke it down this way so that it would be be easier for everyone to go through and actually do the work and thank you, thank you, thank you for spending your time with me because I know that you are taking time out of your lives to spend with me and I really appreciate that wonderful people I want to share some comments that people have here talking about the big things that they want to do right away scavenger and he says first thing to do is change my copy of my about paige also changing my sales description so that there our leading to my ideal customer, another best says I need to get some testimonials right away kelly he's also gonna work on her about paige, it'll help her focus on who I'm trying to gain as a customer, gino says you've inspired her to go ahead and write any book sisterhood of the traveling stamp says the first thing is the one page business plan awesome, yeah that's really exciting yeah, it's been a fantastic session here. Any final thoughts before we wrap up? I know we've learned so much. Everybody here is eager to put all this into motion looks like yeah, a lot of shaking, a lot of nodding heads I would say final thoughts are to make it so that it's not overwhelming for you just pick one thing and even if it's just one tiny thing each day over time that stuff really adds up at sage talks about putting things into really bite size pieces do it make it if you only have sixty seconds that day that's okay, you can do something with that and so don't make it overwhelming do the work and in a year from now seriously your business will be in a completely different place. All right, wonderful. Well, thank you so much. Everybody out there has been watching we really appreciate you doing this. We cannot do it without you again thanks to our students here let's give a huge round of applause april balls it has been a pleasure to have her here again for another course and we're gonna wrap things up here. I just want to read a few more comments that came in. People have just been enjoying this throughout the entire course. Now we had a common that came in from acorn crafts billa she says I can't keep my eyes open anymore this has been a great course I've been watching from south africa and she says it's eleven thirty pm right now enjoy this course so much but she's saying good night thank you so much for being here to watch cabin says I feel like I need a pocket april in my life to motivate me I need her to motivate me like she's been doing in these classes and time capsule says, you know, sometimes you buy a creative live course, you think you're going to have time to start, but you find other things to do it's important to make it a priority to pour some effort into this course that we've worked on today, I have a feeling it's going to absolutely worth it to put the effort into this course, but we really enjoyed this course, thank you again. So much for tuning in. This has been make your creative business uniquely irresistible. With april boles olen once again, my name is chris jennings. Thanks for being here. We will see you next time, but for right now, that's a wrap.

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