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Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

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The Gold Is In the Difference

April Bowles-Olin

Make Your Creative Business Uniquely Irresistible

April Bowles-Olin

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Lesson Info

10. The Gold Is In the Difference

Lesson Info

The Gold Is In the Difference

The gold is in the difference let's get excited about being different what makes you different, your personality, your strength, your experiences it was is what differentiates you from the competition we've been talking about this stuff through the past he and full of modules so let's bring it together when you build a business based on this you can charge more, you can market less and you'll earn more and I guarantee it I can charge more money because I am who I am and people want to work with me so when people come to me to come speak somewhere I can make more money because they want me to come and speak right or when somebody wants to work with me individually I can charge more money because they want to work with me they're picking me as the business consultant to work with and you market last because people are drawn to you word of mouth half happens they start to tell their friends people talk about it on social media they want to help you succeed because they like you. All right...

? You guys have gotten to know each other in the audience and you probably like each other and you want to see each other succeed, so I guarantee it that after this course happens when you see each other come out with different things, you're going to help each other you're you just are that's the way it's going to be because you've gotten to know each other you don't have to change who you are you have to become more of who you are this is a quote by sally hogshead and if you guys don't know who sally hogshead is you need to know who sally hogshead is she has amazing books one of them is called fascinate and if you haven't read it read it you'll think me a promise now this does not translate to just letting it all hang out wait we want to share ourselves and be ourselves but you're running a business and people have to trust you so you're showing the best parts of yourself but this does not mean that you're not sharing weaknesses and setbacks right? It's just editing what you're sharing and deciding this is what I'm going to share so before posting something on facebook you're thinking this is something that I want to share instead of just telling everybody everything that's going on and also thinking about is this cluttering up people's lives or is this actually helping my target market? So when you're sharing things about you is it just another thing that's getting in their feet and that they don't really want to see or is it something that is helpful or valuable or entertaining in some way that makes a difference what's one thing about yourself that makes you unique that your audience doesn't know some of you guys might not know I think most of you would know this because I've said it before, but some of you might not know that I'm an introvert. I am not an extrovert at all and something like this I've talked about I have to go home and decompress and have me time afterwards, it's the same whenever I I'm in a group a large group of people if I go to a conference, I have to come home and decompress, I have to have that kind of time and it's not easy for me to just go up to somebody and say hi and introduce myself it's much easier if somebody comes up to me and says hi and introduces themself first, so you might not know that about me because I'm up here speaking, but it is true I'm an introvert at heart and I like my me time. I like to build my business around the fact that I can do a lot of it by myself. What's one thing about you that your audience might not know well, anybody share something about yourself that your audience might not know yes, age, I'm stage grayson at sage grayson dot com and when I'm on a client col and I do video calls, I always hear them say, wow, you look really happy and excited to be here on this call and they don't know that before every call I have a playlist that I listen tio it's it's mostly disney songs on taylor swift mixed in there and I am singing at the top of my lungs I am dancing around the room of dancing with my dog before I get on the video call, so I'm in this like great mood right before I talked to my clients, but they don't see that part of it is fantastic. I love that anybody else anybody else willing to share something that people might not know about them it's not as good as that but I love I love red obviously, but I can't eat any food with red food coloring because I'm a super taster and I can taste red food coloring you can taste red food coloring what does it taste like? Terrible taste like poison like yeah we'll give you a taste of boys and you know this I wouldn't know that that's why I like red velvet cupcakes that's my favorite I know well that sorry my another exercise that actually my content producer thought of so let's all think brian for this one is finding three pictures of yourself that you that show the real you and what do you like about them? What do they say about you now these are pictures that you have to share with your audience however it can tell you a little bit more about what makes you unique in you this is one of my favorite pictures of myself I'm hysterically laughing at something that my husband has said and this happens all the time in my life he makes me laugh all the time I think he's hilarious and this's our life together, me laughing and him making me laugh and this is just a clear representation of who I am I'm also a laugher like if you spent a lot of time with me, you will notice that I laugh ah lot and I'm pretty much a happy person I'm a very happy or angry and you don't want to see me when I'm angry is there anything you do within your business that you just do because it's the norm in the way it's always been done? This is the stuff you don't want to do and I think we all do this in the beginning we pick things that it's the norm and we do it just because that's the way it's been done does your brand have a distinct point of view and two people know what that might be and it goes back to all the stuff you have already written down that that's all in there already from your answers does anybody do anything because with the norm and that's the way it's been done, I at first I was like updating like three times a day and I had, you know, more likes but no interaction and now like I stopped for a while for a long while because I'm like I just don't know what to do and then now I'm like I don't know what to say and then I update like a picture of my husband and I um and you know, saying that he encourages me and my creative work and then I lose people's I'm like I don't know so I'm kind of at that place where I don't want to do it just because I have tio I want to do it because it helps my audience so that's one place where one thing that I found within social media in particular is that if you pick one thing from your day from your work day to share with your audience it's kind of like that behind the scenes kind of thing it's this is a work in progress, a picture of a work in progress or something that you did that day something that went right something that went wrong, that kind of stuff works really well on social media and it's very easy to dio to just take one thing from your day to share I would not worry about it when somebody unfollowed you think get out of here go on oh well because you want the right people that means that you're when people run follow you it means you're doing something right because you're showing people who you are and the people who really want to work with you are going to stay I was a little bit sad that people one followed I mean it was like back to back to back and I was like, you know what if there not happy that I shared a picture of my husband and myself and I don't want them around because you know he's a part of my life and that's just not cool yeah yeah yeah of course every time I send out an email there going to be because of the size of my list there are going to be people who unsubscribe and for whatever reason we don't know what it is that they are choosing because I don't have those notification emails I say turn those off do not even read them when people say why they do not why they unsubscribe for me because that's just the downer so I know that sometimes they no longer have a creative business sometimes they aren't the right fit for me they don't like my big red balloon and that's okay, you know and at first it used to get to me and now I know that it's because I'm actually doing something right when I haven't email that goes out and there are no unsubscribed I'm thinking this this didn't work as well because my right people are going to be the people who are coming it's usually followed by less comments on the block post, all less shares as well, because you're kind of segregating who's gonna follow you and who's. Not so, I say. Put more of yourself in your business and see the impact for yourself. It's. A beautiful thing. How can you bake more of you into your business? That's. What all of these modules have been about is putting more of you into your business.

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Whether you’re trying to stand out among thousands of online sellers or a hundred fellow crafters and makers at a trade show, the ability to distinguish yourself from the competition is a required skill for every creative entrepreneur. April Bowles-Olin will show you how to make your business unique by differentiating yourself and making your business a magnet to your target customer.

April will help you cultivate a deeper confidence in your product through developing a more nuanced understanding of your brand. You’ll explore what makes your business original, how to “bake” that uniqueness into your brand, and how to use it to inspire customers to choose you. You’ll learn how essential it is to understand the stories of your customers, and how to motivate those customers to broaden their stories to include your company.

If you’re ready to be the one customers excitedly and confidently choose, no matter how many other options they may have, this course is a must.


Christine Aseka

Thanks for this awesome course with all these useful tips, a great workbook and an amazing April Bowles Olin. I simply love the way she shares her experiences in a natural, lovely and authentic way. I'm absolutely connecting with heart and mind.

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This week I watched April's course and was riveted by her presentation and the volume of content she provided. She is a true professional in terms of her knowledge and experience and yet her presentation skills are fun and enjoyable to watch. This course is chock full of valuable and much needed information, and it is well worth your time and money to watch and invest. April does an outstanding job in all of the courses she offers, and once you become a fan of hers you will be a fan for life.


April, I purchased your class and I love what you have created. The workbook helped me to identify key points that I needed to think about. I have had a business for a while now, and I wanted to give my shop and blog a fresh look. I certainly got exactly what I was looking for in your videos and most of all with your fabulous hand-outs and workbook. Your style is A-dorable and although I am 66 years old, I am never too old to learn something new. April, you will always be successful in everything that you do because your passion is contagious. Thank you. I am sitting here this morning with a notebook and your workbook. You have helped me identify points about my business that I was overlooking. By going through the process, I feel wonderful about my products and have a new outlook. You are amazing! Karen